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"The #1 Reason people leave your website immediately is because of a lack of message. The clearer your prospects are about how you are relevant to them the more they will want to buy from you!"

Don Purdum Founder/Owner, Unveil the Web

Is Your Website Interviewing Well?

Your website is many times the first introduction someone has to your business and guess what?They are interviewing you.Learn in this video what they are looking for and how you can win the job.

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If you are struggling with what to say about your business or how to differentiate yourself from your competitors, then do yourself a favor and take the time to work with Don.

Matthew Crofoot

Hiring Don is one of the BEST decisions and investments that I have made in my business and I could not be happier about the launch of my new brand. If you are unclear about the business you are “really in” hire Don. He is an excellent business coach and consultant.

Kim George

Don helped me understand what I was doing wrong and how to make my message much more clear so that I would start attracting that particular crowd.

Adrienne Smith

What are the Challenges for Business Today?

There is a big difference between what a business thinks is their problem and what the real problems are. For example:

In a recent IBM study, 90 percent of marketers agree that personalizing the customer experience is critical to their success. Despite this widespread agreement, nearly 80 percent of consumers stated that the average brand doesn’t understand them as an individual.

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