About UnveilTheWeb

Unveil the Web focuses on four primary service areas:


  • Marketing Strategy - Hire one of the countries best experts to help you discover, or re-discover, your message and vision and how to communicate it relevantly to your audience.
  • Speaking - Don Purdum is a passionate, exciting and extremely informative subject matter expert and speaker. Hiring Don guarantees your audience will love you for it!
  • Live Bootcamps, Trainings, and Workshops - Discover, or rediscover, your message and learn how to put it into action.
  • Marketing Transformation - Transform the way your business is seen, received, and understood by your audience. The web is no longer just about keywords and metrics. Without a relevant and consistent message, your web presence will fall flat. Don's unique background positions you to see your business the way your consumers do and speak their language.


Don’s Vision in His Own Words

My vision is not to teach people, consult or coach or show people how to be successful in their marketing and messaging.

That’s what I do to fulfill my vision and I do it very well.

My vision and passion

My vision and passion is:

  • To help communities be vibrant and great places to live because businesses are healthy and growing and fulfilling their vision in their communities.
  • To educate, empower and enable small businesses owners and entrepreneurs to make a difference in their communities through their business.
  • To help small businesses learn that they can compete with anyone at any time and be wildly successful because of whom they are not because of what they sell.

When small businesses succeed, we all succeed together. America was the first country in the history of the world to embrace entrepreneurialism and build wealth through business ownership.

No country before it was ever able to do what our great country has done!

Want to learn more, I encourage you to “Begin Here” and learn the process of achieving high results and business growth.

About Don Purdum

Don Purdum is the Owner and Founder of Unveil the Web. He is an avid blogger, video creator, and author.

He has owned seven businesses since 2005. All of his businesses were offline businesses that had strong online components. They included:

  • Director of Development (Fundraising) for two national non-profits raising millions of dollars (2001-2005)
  • Local community-based website that provided information to the community about happening around town (2005-2007)
  • Local freelance web design company (2005-2008)
  • Local, online newspaper (2007-2008)
  • High-end web development company (2008-2013)
  • Online networking website for businesses (2013-2014)
  • Personal Marriage Coaching for business owners, their spouses and couples in business together (2013-current)
  • Unveil the Web (2014 – current) –  Don is a sought after Strategic Messaging and Marketing Consultant and coach, Award-Winning Blogger, Author and Speaker.

Don is an enlisted veteran of the U.S. Navy and a former Chaplain in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. If you want to learn about his military service, click here to read this article (opens in another tab).

Don has recently written several eBooks.

Don loves the New England Patriots, military aviation photography and he enjoys spending time with his wife of 23 years, their two boys and two precious Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s named Samson and Delilah.


About Andrew Purdum

Andrew focuses on web design, SEO, and content marketing. He has his SEO specialist certification from ClickMinded, and has studied under teachers such as Brian Dean and Tommy Griffith. He's passionate about helping businesses create a strong SEO presence by first establishing a message and working in alliance with Google to provide the best possible solutions for their needs, wants, and desires.