How to Ensure Your Content Marketing is Effective Before Increasing Your Budget


Is content marketing as effective on your bottom line as you had expected it to be?

There has been some recent research that says businesses will be increasing their budgets in content marketing in 2017.

At the same time, many businesses are not sure or confident of how effective content marketing actually is on their bottom lines.

It’s an interesting dichotomy.

If you bother to create content into 2017 and beyond, why might it work or not work and help improve your bottom line?

As Mark Schaefer shares in his book “The Content Code”, so much content is … Read the Full Article

Is Creating Content on Your Site and Sharing It the Best Strategy to Gain Traffic?


Is creating content for your website or blog and sharing it with your audience the best way to grow your online influence and increase your revenues?

Are you wondering why it’s getting harder and harder to reach your target marketing through your website?

Is traffic harder and harder to get?

Have you fallen into the trap of thinking that your content is too short, too long and that it’s some kind of quality issue with your content?

The reality is that it probably has nothing at all to do with you, assuming of course that you are creating useful, … Read the Full Article

It’s Not “What” You Sell, It’s the Story Behind “Why” You Sell

For many businesses, “what” is sold is the central message behind their marketing over “why” they sell it, and it’s costing them sales.

You may have an amazing product or service, but if:


  • You’re struggling to connect with your prospects
  • You feel pushback from your prospects
  • You can sense they are not interested even though they initiated
  • You get readers but no takers


It is likely because you are giving them information overload without the relational connection required to spur an emotional connection.

In today’s short video, I am going to share with you how to start the … Read the Full Article

Text Blogging No Longer Breaks Through the Noise


After two and half years of blogging, receiving numerous blogging awards, and meeting some amazing people along the way, I’ve determined that it’s no longer worth breaking through the noise and continue text blogging.

As with all things, one must constantly test, measure and evaluate what is working and what is not working.

Text blogging is no longer working in terms of generating conversions and sales for me.

But, what is working is video.

When I create videos there is an almost immediate response.

I get emails from people asking questions, and my reach is much higher on video … Read the Full Article

How to Powerfully Utilize Interactive Marketing and Explode Your Results

How to Powerfully Utilize Interactive Marketing and Explode Your ResultsInteractive marketing is changing the way businesses attract their prospects and customers.

If you need more traffic to your website, social followers, higher engagement and most importantly more people in your sales funnels, it’s time to get a step up on your competition and learn how to shift from static content marketing to interactive marketing.

Internet marketing is no longer just about creating content, optimizing it for Google and sharing it out to social media.

While extremely important and you should be doing those things, the old static way of content marketing is quickly being replaced with a form of … Read the Full Article

3 Astonishing Ways to Stand Out From Your Competitors and Earn More Business


3 Astonishing Ways to Stand Out From Your Competitors and Earn More BusinessDo you want to stand our more from your competitors?

Do you spend time wondering why you keep losing money to businesses that are not as good as yours or as well positioned to deliver as you are?

One opportunity after another seems to slip through your hands and for what reason?

You may be doing all the right things… you’ve hired a company that takes care of your website, search engine optimization, social media, marketing strategies and you’re well positioned for growth.

But it’s not happening the way it should. Your competitors still earn more business than you … Read the Full Article

Is Content Dead or are You Just Missing Something That’s Promising?

Is content dead?Is content dead?

Are you told that it’s not and that you just need to be patient and one day it will all turn around?

If you look at the vast and overwhelming amount of content being created you would have to say it’s not. In fact, it’s thriving!

But that may just be the problem.

There is so much content being created that it’s choking out what used to be a competitive advantage.

Maybe the problem isn’t that content marketing is dead but rather the problem is deeper?

You can become successful at content marketing!

In fact, you can … Read the Full Article

Success is Like a Roller Coaster and I Lose a Little More Hope with Each Loop

How Discovering the Secrets Behind Your Business is the Key to True Success



Success… how many business owners and entrepreneurs are eluded by it? Many of us wake up and look in the mirror say to yourself:  “I’m better than this!”

Success, it comes for a short time and then it’s gone. It may come back but then it’s gone again, and the pattern repeats.

success-is-like-a-coasterHave you experienced the roller coaster pattern?

The slow climb up and the fast, steep and frightening ride back down, then there are twists turns and more violent up and downs.

The ups … Read the Full Article

Increase Sales by Discovering the 80% Customers are Not Telling You

Increase Sales by Discovering the 80% Customers are Not Telling YouTo increase sales and build your business from this point forward you must discover the 80% of what your prospects are not telling you.

Your prospects and customers only want you to know 20% of what’s on their minds, yet they want you to give them what they need, want and desire.

It’s a paradox.

In his book, Questions That Sell, Paul Cherry writes:


“Research has shown that during typical business interactions customers reveal only 20% of what is on their minds… It is your responsibility to get to the other 80%.” 


What are you to do … Read the Full Article

Increase Sales: Discover the Secrets Your Prospects Aren’t Telling You

Increase-Sales-and-Discover-the-Secrets-Your-Prospects-Arent-Telling-YouIs increasing sales important to you?

What do you do? What are you selling? Why are you selling it?

More importantly, do your prospects care?

If  you blog for your business, does it exist to merely give away your ideas and promote good will or does it exist to enhance your reach to new prospects, build credibility and trust, and ultimately serve to increase your business through new and repeat sales?

Over the last three years I’ve read at least a thousand blogs written by businesses who believe sincerely that they are creating content that will bring them more customers, … Read the Full Article