Increase Sales by Discovering the 80% Customers are Not Telling You

Increase Sales by Discovering the 80% Customers are Not Telling YouTo increase sales and build your business from this point forward you must discover the 80% of what your prospects are not telling you.

Your prospects and customers only want you to know 20% of what’s on their minds, yet they want you to give them what they need, want and desire.

It’s a paradox.

What are you to do as a business owner who is trying to grow your business and you need more customers or clients in order to increase sales in greater number?


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Increase Sales: Discover the Secrets Your Prospects Aren’t Telling You

Increase-Sales-and-Discover-the-Secrets-Your-Prospects-Arent-Telling-YouIs increasing sales important to you?

What do you do? What are you selling? Why are you selling it?

More importantly, do your prospects care?

If  you blog for your business, does it exist to merely give away your ideas and promote good will or does it exist to enhance your reach to new prospects, build credibility and trust, and ultimately serve to increase your business through new and repeat sales?

Over the last three years I’ve read at least a thousand blogs written by businesses who believe sincerely that they are creating content that will bring them more customers, … Read the Full Article

Do You Feel Unfulfilled and Asking if There Has to Be More?

Unfulfilled Business Owners? Do You Feel There Has to Be More?Do you feel unfulfilled as a business owner? Do you ever feel that there has to be more?

Do you ever feel that there has to be more?

Are you playing the game, building your business and doing it really well while at the same time feeling feel that there has to be more?

Have you ever thought to yourself that no matter how much work and time you put into your business it just doesn’t feel right and you can’t put your finger on it?

I have spent the last four to six weeks thinking through my business and … Read the Full Article

Taking a Break to Create Our Course

Hi Everyone!


I’m getting a number of messages about when new articles and podcasts will start rolling out again.

Currently, I’m aggressively working on creating courses that will help businesses like yours discover your message, what business you are “really” in, and how to leverage your message both online and offline.

I’ll be back really soon.

Until I do, be sure to read articles on my blog that are as applicable today as there were even two years ago!

I’ll be back really, really soon with some interesting and applicable insights for you and your business.

~ Don

Value Proposition: How to Create One That Inspires Sales

Value Proposition: How to Create One That Inspires SalesDo you have a value proposition?

Do you struggle in your marketing either online or offline?

Does your website get consistent or growing traffic that results in more sales for your business?

If not, the foundation of your business either may not exist or it may have serious cracks.

Your value proposition is the foundation of your business; it’s the cornerstone and the most important thing you will ever do to ensure your success.

It represents that you know what business you are “really” in and that you are relevant, competent and different from your competition.

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Influencer: 6 Ways You Can Become an Influential Industry Expert

Influencer---6-Ways-You-Can-Become-an-Influential-Industry-ExpertHave you heard about the strategies and ideas behind marketing to an influencer in order to get one to promote you in their content?

Maybe you want a link, sentence or an endorsement from an influencer? Or maybe you want to contribute to their website so that you can get that all elusive opportunity to really reach their audience

The question is why should an influencer do that for you, and the many others constantly asking them for the same things?

Is this even the right way to go about building influence in order to increase traffic to your website, … Read the Full Article

Target Marketing:  Discover the Keys to Hidden Markets That Are Costing You Money

Target Marketing:  Discover the Keys to Hidden Markets That Are Costing You MoneyTarget marketing is one of the least understood and most underutilized tools in digital marketing.

Many businesses are focusing more on how their websites look over what they say, and more specifically who they are saying it for.

In fact, if you’re like many business owners who have made a significant financial and time investment, you’re probably wondering why you are putting all this money into a website that doesn’t make much money or have much traffic,

The reality is that you are likely leaving an incredible amount of money on the table and don’t even know it.

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Content: Why a Beautiful Website Doesn’t Equal Sales

Content: Why a Beautiful Website Doesn’t Equal SalesIs creating content a challenge for you, even though you have a stunning website?

Did you spend a lot of time or money on your beautiful website but it isn’t making your business any money?

Is traffic low and sales hard to come by?

Don’t waste money redesigning a great looking website when that’s not the problem… the problem is that your content may not be relevant or appealing to your audience.

Learn how to create content that is relevant to your prospects and customers and will inspire more traffic and sales.


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Content Marketing Success Secrets for Small Business

Content Marketing Success Secrets for Small BusinessHas content marketing success eluded you?

Have you tried content marketing in the past and came to the conclusion that it doesn’t work?

Are you researching content marketing as an option for your business but you’re questioning if you should do it or not?

Have you talked with other small business owners who said it doesn’t work and that you will waste your time?

The statistics all say the content marketing success is within your reach, if you deploy it properly.

If you’re ready to learn the unhidden, but little talked about, secret to content marketing success and why you … Read the Full Article

Video Marketing: How Animated & Personal Videos Drive Sales

Video Marketing: How Animated & Personal Videos Drive SalesVideo marketing can be very powerful and persuasive, especially if used properly in your website, social marketing or as a follow-up tool after a sales meeting.

But what kinds of video marketing best drive sales?

Should you focus on animated videos or personal videos?

Both of them have their purpose but many misunderstand their application.

Find out in the podcast or article below how to capitalize on both animated and personal videos in your video marketing to drive more sales.


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Video Marketing is All the Rage! How Can You Capitalize on

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