3 Truths To Understanding Successful Internet Marketing

Author : , Date : January 19, 2015



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be successful in internet marketing? Have you ever felt that if you could just get that one big lead from your marketing and if they bought from you that it would change your life and your business forever?


No more struggling…

No more waking up in the middle of the night worrying about the rent or mortgage payment…

No more fights with your spouse over money or the business…


Back in 1995 I was blessed with one of the best jobs a young man could have. I learned what it would one day be like to own my own business. Isn’t it funny how our lives are always preparing us for the next thing?

I was with the New England Life and Investment Company. In those days, people traditionally marketed through expensive TV, radio, newspaper and other print media.

Or you would be leads from a lead service that collected names and phone numbers. You had no way of knowing if the leads were qualified or not so one expect to spend a lot of time on the phone playing the numbers game and burning through “no’s” hoping to get one yes.

But, that’s not how the New England did it. I was hired to meet and sell investment portfolios to people with net assets of $20 million dollars or more. These weren’t people interested in $100,000 life insurance policy or a $50 a month deduction from their checking account to invest in a mutual fund.

I learned quickly that I had to identify my prospects through strong relationships and networking, by knowing how my products helped my audience and being able to communicate it in such a way that my prospect felt excited and inspired to buy from me.

That requires great marketing and salesmanship. I had a mentor at the New England who was the BEST teach me how to do it. I became so good so quickly that I made almost $100,000 in my first year. That was almost unheard of in 1995.

What I learned looking back on those experiences and all of the experiences owning six different businesses (all offline businesses that were marketed online) taught me over time how to see, understand and become successful.

I run into business owners every week who tell me that they know their traditional marketing isn’t working, they know they have to get online, but they don’t understand the internet.

The goal of this article is not to give you a list of “how to” items. For most of you those are meaningless without understanding the three basic principles of online marketing that I’m about to share with you.

So let’s get started…


#1 – Know What Business You’re “Really” In


If I were to ask you right now… What business are you really in? How would you answer it?

The first thing that might go through your mind is:


  • Panic… what do I say?
  • Really? He’s asking that question?
  • Oh, that’s easy… I do…


I can really appreciate that some panic because they are really not sure and they are being honest with themselves.

I wish I had a dollar for every business owner that was dismissive of this question, and that is for one reason or another what’s happening with the last two responses.

But you really ought to consider the validity and power of that one question that seems so simple on the surface.

Here is why…

When you can really understand the answer to the question “what business am I “really” in?” you will become a powerful and inspiring person to be around!

People will get your business, understand your business and be more moved to think about you because you spoke to their business and needs; not yours!

They will be much more inclined to buy from you because they feel you understand them.

Let me give you a few examples.


Business 1 –  Warehouse Academy


Warehouse academy trains moving companies on how to be safer, more efficient and more profitable as a result.

We came up with: I’m in the business of transforming moving companies by helping them become safer, more efficient, customer friendly, and profitable.


Business 2 – Merle Fisher


Merle is a graphic designer who creates high end logos. He could simply show his work and compete on looks and price without really understanding what makes him different from his competitors. But that’s not the direction he has taken.

We came up: I’m in the business of radically changing the way companies view themselves through the identity that I create with them.


Business 3 – Crossroads Freedom Center


Crossroads Freedom Center is a recovery ministry for addicts whose lives have been severely affected by addiction.

We came up: We are in the ministry of working with people who have little hope and introduce them to hope.


Defining what business you’re really in is not a simple task and sometimes it takes a lot of listening for the passion and then defining influence that a company wants to have. When you understand all the problems you specifically solve and can find the commonalities in them you can create an understanding of what business you’re really in.

Words are carefully crafted and chosen because this foundation will serve you in every single thing you do moving forward.

We can identify the problems that Crossroad’s solves when we start asking why people feel they have no hope? Why do they want hope? Who is feeling this way? How do we help them?

From there the messaging opportunities are powerful.

Every presentation, fundraising opportunity, volunteer need, etc… is built around bringing hope to those who want to recover from something but don’t know how to find the hope to do it.

This is the beginning of really learning your business, it’s not the destination so don’t think when this is done the work is completed. It’s not.

Here are a few other resources to read that will help you with this idea of learning what business you’re “really” in:


A Real Reason Your Marketing is Not Generating Business

Businesses Succeed and Fail Based on Their Marketing – You Can SUCCEED!

Will Your Real Target Audience Please Stand Up? Mass Media vs. New Media Marketing


After you have tightly defined what you business you’re “really” in then you can understand the problems you solve and who you solve them for.

Once you know these foundational principles you are ready to connect, resonate with and engage with your prospects online in the following two ways in order to be successful in internet marketing. But, I caution you, if you skip this step you will not be ready for your audience.


#2 – Pay for Access to Your Audience


If you don’t have time or you don’t want to invest the time in building relationships and an online community you can pay cash for access.

Those methods might include:


  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook advertisements
  • Banner ads on influential websites
  • Paid links on websites
  • Paying for search engine optimization and social media services
  • Public relations campaigns that give you access to large audiences


Paying for access to an established audience can help you meet a lot of new prospects quickly. But, it can be expensive and you will likely not gain a lot of new prospects who come back over and over again which makes knowing your business all the more important so that your first impression is extremely sound and inspires the new audience you’re attracting.


#3 – Earn Access to Your Audience


What do I mean by “Earning Access”?

semrush-com-2015-01-19In a recent article I wrote on SEMRush.com, I shared that if you want to attract Google you could build an online community.

You earn access to a targeted audience of prospects and buyers when you know what business you’re really in and you choose to use your blog and social media in a strong, interesting and compelling way.

This is an important distinction from paying for an audience… you don’t necessarily have to create ongoing content in that model.

What does it look like to earn an audience?

It starts with writing over the top helpful content that makes a difference for someone or a business, or solves a real problem in their own language and in a persuasive way that they understand.

That takes some time to develop and energy to initiate and follow-up on.

But you can’t leave it there, you haven’t earned it yet.

You have to engage with influencers who have access to your audience but serve them in a different way. In the offline world we call this good networking.

We want introductions, but we have to be willing to first provide value to an influencer in exchange for that introduction.

That means you have to read their content (blogs and social media), engage with their content meaningfully and share it.

It means including them in your articles when it’s appropriate via links to their articles inside your blogs.

It means taking the time to get to know them personally. Send and email or perhaps find out if they would be open to talking on the phone?

You just have to get to know and benefit them before you should ask or expect them to do anything to help you. Remember, they have people coming at them all of the time asking for something. Instead of asking, consider giving.

Let me share some people that I’ve been extremely blessed to get to know, share and network with who serve the same audience I do but in a different way and who absolutely get it!


Adrienne Smith

Deborah Tutnauer

Donna Merrill

Harleena Singh

Ryan Biddulph

Sylviane Nuccio

Enstine Muki

Sherryl Perry

Andrew Warner


Earn your audience and you’ll never have to look back! I guarantee it!!!!!



There you have it, the three ways to be successful in internet marketing:


  1. Know the foundation of your business
  2. Pay for access to your audience
  3. Earn your audience


If you keep it in perspective the reality is that the “how to’s” will make more sense and be more helpful to you, and you’ll see much better results in your marketing.

The real truth is that you’re always paying for your marketing. You just have to decide if you want to pay cash for performance that results in more immediate results or cash for time which is slower but more deliberate; or how about both at one time for a one-two punch?

If you’re not sure how to understand what business you’re really in, my Foundations of Internet Marketing will help you solve this problem. It’s critical as I said to get this right before you even think about accessing an audience. If they don’t get you then all the money driving traffic to your website won’t make you money.

To take advantage of my free 60 minute consultation and learn how you can build a lasting foundation for your marketing click here or on the image below.


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Don Purdum

Don Purdum

Don works with businesses to help them discover who their customers are and what business they are "really" in. He is an award-winning blogger and branding / marketing consultant.
Don Purdum
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37 thoughts on “3 Truths To Understanding Successful Internet Marketing

  1. Finally back here! I missed your posts Don. Trying to catch up now.

    I really have to go back and ask myself what business Im really in now, especially since Im working on workflows and streamlining. Everything start with that so I can convey things successfully to my team members, and clients.

    Im still working on gaining main audience, both earned and paid. It’s a totally different beast when Im working on client sites vs my own blog. Im more aggressive working on client sites haha.

    Thanks for this Don, I needed this today as Ill be finishing up my assessments today. I needed a reminder

    1. Hi Dennis,

      Good to see you back and I’m glad all is well!!!

      It’s hard question to answer, but you’re a smart guy and I have no doubts you will discover the answer. If you feel you need help, please don’t hesitate to call upon me.

      I hoe you have a great weekend!

      ~ Don

        1. It’s a full, but fun and productive schedule. I have an article to write for SEMrush for this month and it looks like I may do a webinar with them. I appreciate you. I’ll be sure to include you post in my article next week. Somehow I overlooked it this week. Sorry about that!!!

          ~ Don

  2. Hey Don,

    This is very simple and straight. I love the principles you laid down on understanding online marketing. The only reason why so many internet marketers fail in marketing is lack of knowledge and in most cases laziness to learn.

    I picked “Earn Access to Your Audience” and really believe so much in that. The only way we can let the marketing process flow and pay out is when we have access to the people we target. When I was marketing with one of the commercial banks in country, I was told that there won’t be any marketing if there are no one to market.

    What that made me understand was that people can only be marketed when we have them looking at what we have to offer, then they can let us in to do business with them.

    This is a timely article to resonate with especially as the year is still at its fresh stage. I think better marketing decisions can be made at this time.

    Thank you so much for an awesome article Don!


    1. Hi Jackson,

      So good to see you my friend! I hope all is well? I need to stop by your site soon and pay you a visit.

      I agree with you about the knowledge issue; but I also think there are a lot of people out there teaching others “how” to do it but those who need the help haven’t learned their business.

      Therefore, it’s harder to pay for an audience that will pay you or earn an audience that will pay you.

      It’s always a real challenge without that foundation.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing with me. I appreciate it and hope that you have a spectacular week Jackson!

      ~ Don

  3. Hi Don

    I am surprised how I read this post lately; maybe I could not have saw it at my FB timeline because of my absence on social media for two days this week.

    So impressed to know your deep insight into the field of marketing and today it’s great to know your vast experience and how you were first hired in a big company as your first job.

    Your point “Pay to access is your audience” is the biggest reality. Many internet marketers try every magic trick to access to their right audience without paying a dime. In this age of stiff competition expecting this will be nothing but a flight of fancy.

    Yes, it is equally important to pay for building a community. Maybe it is not any direct payment but never shy to avail any kind of premium tool to offer best value to your readers to make them loyal to your blog.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post.

    1. Hi Mi,

      There are a lot of advantages of having a mentor as a young man or someone who is just learning entrepreneurship or online marketing.

      In working for the New England all those years ago I would have never learned many of the things I know today. I remember when I first started I was nervous and a little afraid, but with one success after another I proved to myself I could do it and my confidence just grew!

      The truth is, there really are only two ways to access an audience; pay for it or earn it.

      I don’t think it should ever be one over the other necessarily ,but every company and need is different so each one has the responsibility to know and understand the benefits and drawbacks to both.

      I’m confident you agree?

      Thanks for adding value to the conversation as always Mi!

      I hope you have an incredible week ahead!

      ~ Don

  4. Hi Don,

    First up, I had to come and comment today on your latest post because I had a dream last night featuring Don Purdum and rats! Its not often I remember my dreams so heaven knows why I remembered one featuring you? And just in case anyone has the wrong idea, I don’t consider you to be a rat! Actually, I think its because I read an interesting article yesterday about some research into drug addiction which featured a ‘Rat Park’ – a brilliant environment for rats with all the best runs and nibbles, plus a temptation on the side of heroin laced water. Long story short they preferred rat company to drugs. And I prefer your articles to rats!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing these tips and they follow on nicely from your post on SEMRush last week. Its tempting to go for the quick fix sometimes and head for the paid traffic building options. But unless you have some strong foundation it does not seem worth driving traffic to your site.

    I’ve been blessed to network with some of the names you mention, especially Carol, and the others are on my list of people to visit and network with.

    Thanks for keeping us focussed on our marketing efforts Don!
    – David

    1. Hi David,

      Hum…. well it’s good to know you don’t think I’m a rat. LOL… And, what a compliment that people are including me in their dreams, I think… lol.

      I really appreciate that you thought of the article on SEMrush because you’re right, it is a parallel article that might help people understand the three ways you have to reach your audience.

      I agree, it’s tempting to go the quick route and there is nothing wrong with that unless you’re ignoring the organic, relationship building side. They ought to compliment one another at any given time.

      But you know how I feel about it, that foundation is critical. Without it you are not going to reach your potential and efficiently maximize your opportunities.

      Thanks so much for sharing and commenting David!!!

      ~ Don

  5. Don,

    You know I’ve learned a lot about these concepts from you already, but what I really liked about this article in particular were the examples you used. I feel like the more I read, the more things solidified in my head and I’m still musing about what we discussed the other day about my business. Thanks for that!

    Looking forward to chatting again!

    1. Hi Brittany,

      I actually had a new client tell me last week that he completely understood everything I was saying and as powerful as it was, he felt it could be more powerful with real examples.

      So, here some are. I will be trying to incorporate more into each article to try to pull it all together more easily. Thanks for recognizing that and saying something!

      You will be musing for the rest of your life in some ways Brittany. That’s what makes this all so exciting!

      Looking to talking again today with you during our recording of an upcoming podcast on my show.

      Have a great weekend!

      ~ Don

  6. Hi Don. It was interesting to learn about your background in insurance. I have done secretarial work for a number of insurance companies, and the most successful salesmen were the ones who really knew what they were offering and felt it was an important product.

    I also like the idea of earning your audience. I know you work very hard to do that. Thanks so much for sharing this post.

    All the best,

    1. Hi Leslie,

      It was a long time ago, but the learning experience was INCREDIBLE!!! It really created the framework for my future.

      I learned it’s not about the product but about a solution to help someone with a need or problem and offer them the best solution available without fitting a square in a circle.

      Isn’t that we are really doing is creating opportunities to earn an audience? If we don’t offer a reason for someone to consume and engage with us and our content then they won’t.

      Thanks so much for stopping by Leslie. I appreciate your comment!

      ~ Don

  7. Hi Don,

    Great tutorial and post. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ll definitely try to implement these methods and in case of any confusion I’ll be asking you via this blog.
    dog Treats

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Hi Mukesh,

      Thank you for the kind words and the encouragement. I so appreciate you reading my article and taking a moment to leave a comment.

      I hope you have a great end to your week!

      ~ Don

  8. Hi Don,

    I enjoyed this post and learning more about your background. No wonder you’re so passionate about this subject having learned early on how to really reach the people who need what you have to offer.

    I agree that it’s hard to be clear on what it is that we do but it’s a necessity if we want to have success in our business. I remember being taught early on about the elevator pitch. I was tongue tied back in those days but I also didn’t have a clear direction. I’m much more aligned now than ever before and you have been an inspiration to me in that area as well.

    I appreciate the mention here and I agree with all your points. I think for businesses they do need to invest in some paid advertising in order to get more traffic to their sites. At the same time you need to build your audience. We both know how beneficial that can be right!

    So glad your guest post at SEMRush has done so well and you are already checking off that list of things to accomplish this year.

    Keep up the great work my friend and thanks again for the mention. You have a great week.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Oh yes, the famous elevator speech. I loved it and worked hard to master it. In truth, when I ask what business are you “really” in it’s a variation of the elevator speech (which I don’t recommend anymore) in that I want to hear a powerful, persuasive, concise statement that really tells me how you make a difference in the world.

      Thank you for sharing the very kind words with me. It’s my goal to help as many business owners as I can learn how to start being more clear, focused and able to execute because of it.

      I’m always honored to mention you!!!! You too are an inspiration to me and I’m so grateful for your friendship and that you choose to read my blog Adrienne!!!

      SEMrush is just the beginning. They have asked me to come back and be a regular contributor and I have an opportunity with business 2 community as well because of them. That’s an even slightly larger platform than SEMrush.

      Thank you again Adrienne. It’s all about helping one another, right?

      I hope you’re having an amazing week!!! I love the pics of your Mom on Facebook. She’s adorable!

      ~ Don

  9. “Earn you audience!”
    Isn’t that what we do in “real life” all the time Don? Even with our friendships, they develop from initial introduction to casual interaction to sharing thoughts and feelings. Our closest friendships grow into a solid caring with give and take as each requires within the course of day to day. People speak often of their friends being “there for them”. This is what it’s about.

    Yet often in business (particularly sales – particularly online) people have erroneously decided that you can just pop up a few links, share a couple of tidbits and Voila!, your audience will love you and follow you to the moon and back! Maybe years of easy SEO and inexpensive PPC set up this mindset. Maybe people forget that real business is no different than real friendship – it requires a commitment to see the other and be their for them. Maybe people are just lazy! LOL!

    I love the simplicity of this article Don. It clued in your readers to the most crucial points and clarified them with ease!

    Another winner my friend.

    1. Hi Deborah,

      You are exactly right my friend!!! We do have to earn our audience and an opportunity to show people that we can make a difference for them!

      I still am shocked that people think you can just spam links and think people will love you for it! LOL…

      I actually do believe it’s either a form of laziness or just not being informed of how the internet really works and how to leverage it the right way to connect with people and mutually benefit one another.

      Simplicity simply shows clarity and focus and the ability to execute doesn’t it Deborah? No need to complicate it, lol…

      Thanks as always and I hope you have a great finish to your week!!!

      ~ Don

  10. Hi Don

    It was interesting reading your background and how far you have come in internet marketing. Each time I read your post, the same question hits me all the time and that is What business are you in? This question isn’isn’t only a million dollar question for business but can be applied in blogging.

    Like everyone else, I resonate with earning access to the audience. I believe that building a relationship with your audience grows bonding which will help a business . ThiThink you for such a wonderful post. You have shown us a success recipe for business.

    1. Hi Awazie,

      It’s been a fun ten year process for sure with lots of downs and a few ups. But, that’s the learning curve. The faster we learn the less painful the curve is.

      Well, I suppose that’s my favorite question of all time. It gets to the very heart and soul of your business and who you are and why you exist.

      It changes everything when you really get that message and it’s driven home! It infuses passion and creativity in a way that makes your prospects and customers stop immediately and think; “WOW! That’s a great company!”

      Thanks for your kind words and encouragement Awazie.

      I hope you have a great second half of the week!

      ~ Don

  11. Hey Don,

    Honesty I wasn’t able to answer your question when you asked what business I’m in.It seems like such a fundamental question. I’m thankful that you asked. Example three gave me a good idea to start with.

    Earning access to my audience is what I’m doing but I never looked at it that way.You’re giving me a business perspective and changing my thinking about how I’m blogging. What started out as a hobby now may become more if I learn to apply these tools.


    1. Hi Vernon,

      It’s an extremely difficult question to answer even though on the surface it looks so simple. In some respects it’s always evolving as your business matures, the marketplace changes and you both you and your customers start to see you for who you really are.

      I have had some businesses that have had to go through the coaching process and discover it as they went along. It’s always awesome to watch the light turn on in their mind because once they discover it they never go back.

      The passion, the conciseness, and the attitude changes completely and so does that of their prospects and customers.

      That’s so gratifying!!!

      I’m so happy I could offer an alternative way to see your blogging experience that will help you. Thank you for sharing that with me and encouraging me!!!!

      I hope you have an amazing second half of your week Vernon!

      ~ Don

  12. Hello, Don,

    First off, thank you for the kind mention – I also consider myself blessed for having crossed paths with you, Don, and am grateful for our friendship.

    Loved hearing about your background, Don, and how far you’ve come. Congratulations on your success, it couldn’t have happened to a better guy. 🙂

    Knowing what business we are in is the foundation, and anyone visiting your blog knows this. Your message is loud and clear and to the point, which is excellent!

    Your point about earning access to your audience is an excellent one, and I can resonate with this principle. From the beginning of my online business I set out to treat others the way that I want to be treated. This paves the way work earning trust. Yes, giving first is the precedence for all business that’s worth doing.

    Appreciate you sharing these three truths for understanding successful Internet marketing, and I will definitely be sharing with my friends.

    Have a blessed day.


    1. Hi Carol,

      It’s been a fun and interesting journey, that’s for sure.

      It’s funny, because I’ve had a few people recently say to me that they can figure it out on our their own when I ask them what business they are “really” in.

      My response is always the same, if you couldn’t figure out it in the last 3 minutes how will you figure it our on your own? lol…

      It seems like such an easy question yet it’s the hardest one for a business discover. There are so many factors and since many businesses have not through who they even are outside of what they do or sell it’s impossible to answer.

      So, of course I let them figure it out for themselves. It’s never a good thing to push someone who doesn’t value what we do, right?

      Like you, I’ve spent my time right now earning access to influencers and others in my audience. It takes longer but the many rewards are so much deeper and meaningful to me.

      Eventually, I will start paying some money for access as well.

      You can never go wrong with doing both, but have a set of strategies and goals is was my guiding factor and so far my plan has worked perfectly.

      Thank you for sharing Carol and I’m grateful for your friendship and your contributions to your audience and community. I’m happy to be a part of it and I’m better off for it!

      Have a great rest of your week!!!

      ~ Don

  13. Hi Don,

    You’re right, that’s the way to go in Internet marketing. Networking and relationships are as important as in any other business. And of course, you need to know your product or service inside out. 🙂

    The good thing about blogging is that every blogger learns how to be a good salesman and a marketer. Without these skills, it’s difficult to make the sale, or to be successful in blogging.

    Experience is the best teacher, but if you have a mentor, that’s even better and easy. I liked the exercise you mentioned to define your business. The more clarity you have about your business, the better will be the outcome and the process. It definitely does matter how you define your business.

    I’d say there should be a mix of paid and earned audience, as both are different in everything. They serve different purposes. But then having a community over at your blog is essential. You’ve beautifully mentioned everything about it in your SEMrush post and here as well.

    It doesn’t strike many, but time is money as well. It’s value depends on how much you earn or the potential to earn. In such cases, to derive the best results, an expert advice always does good.

    Thank you for this post and for making things clearer about Internet marketing and how to go about it. Have a nice week ahead, and I appreciate the kind mention as well 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Great reply. I have to agree with you that having an experienced mentor makes all the difference in the world!!!! If I had a mentor back when I began 10 years ago in my first business it would have saved me so much heartache.

      You just don’t know what you don’t know and you don’t even know sometimes why you feel the way you do. Having someone there is a really big deal!!!!

      Clarity is one of my favorite words. I interviewed Ande Lyons yesterday for my podcast which will come out in a few weeks and she brilliantly said that for many understanding what business you’re in comes with time and experience and help from someone who can expose it for you.

      Isn’t that the truth!!! I know the last six months has been a real process for me and just in the last few weeks was I able to change my home and about pages to really reflect my business and what I do.

      Oh boy, time is absolutely money and in some cases it may cost you more to use your time than hire someone else. I’ve been through that one in years past being cheap, lol…

      You are so welcome on the mention Harleena. What you are doing is phenomenal and thank you for allowing me to be a part of it at aha-now.com.

      Have a great week!

      ~ Don

  14. Well said Don because #1 is where it’s at! Folks have tough times growing business because they can’t clearly explain what their business is to others…..AND they can’t explain how the business benefits their audience. We buy after buying in to a person and to a business, in our cases. We buy in after knowing how someone can help us and wow must that reason be specific.

    I’ve patiently drilled down more and more after reading your posts over the months Don. I had my niche down pat but am sharing more freely and more transparently what I do so I network with folks who resonate with my offering. It’s all about clarity, and getting more clear on the business you’re really in – and your audience holds the key here – helps folks spot you as their guy or gal.

    Thanks Don, and thanks for mentioning me!! Congrats to your Pats!!


    1. Hi Ryan,

      I couldn’t agree more! Yet, it’s the most neglected part of any marketing program among small businesses to be honest.

      There tends to be a desire to rush straight to the “how to’s” and make money immediately and skip this foundational step.

      You are exactly right, you cannot explain the benefits but more than that you cannot connect the “why” and when you don’t connect emotionally you leave the prospect feeling disconnected and instead of offering them a reason to buy you’ve given them every reason not to buy.

      I’m delighted you’ve been drilling down more and more and thinking about your business. Any ideas I can help you with that improve your business are a win-win for us both!!!

      Clarity is your friend! The clearer you are around “you” the clearer your audience is as well.

      I can ‘t wait for Feb 1st now!!! lol… I’ve been a Patriots fan for nearly 25 years and I can tell you that it never gets old… but it’s all just fun in the end,right? To me sports is a word picture for life and business.

      I hope you have a great week Ryan and again congratulations to you and Kelli. I’m very happy for you guys!!!!

      ~ Don

  15. Hi Don,

    Here I am again. I was just here like an hour or so ago, and found your last post. Now I’ve also commented on your last podcast, but didn’t see my comment the last time I checked. Did you get it?

    Excellent post and the more I read your articles, the more I’m convinced that really know what business we are in is so important and should be the starting point of all businesses.

    I agree with you, that we always pay for promotion, if not in cash it’s in time and time is money. I am going to start paying for blog post promotion more. I am going to start paying for my major articles – meaning the ones that are directly speaking to my clientele.

    I’m honored to find myself in your list here, and many other lists you’ve mentioned in the past. I guess I’ve done something right LOL!

    Great points, as always, Don

    1. Hi Sylviane,

      YEA! I love it when great bloggers and business minded people such as yourself stop by for any reason and comment.

      I did get the comment, if you follow the menu to the Podcast and click on the podcast article link your comment is there. Thank you so much for engaging with me through the podcast!!!!

      I’m so thankful that you have given me the opportunity to share my ideas with you and that you’ve benefited from them.

      I’m excited to hear what you’re doing! I have a feeling that 2015 is going to be HUGE for you!

      Keep going, you’re awesome.

      Have an incredible week Sylviane.

      ~ don

  16. Hi Don,

    I would first like to say that I enjoyed reading about your background. Sharing that had pulled me right into this awesome post.

    To be able to understand successful internet marketing, one does have to know what business you are truly in. I like the examples you have given here to illustrate that point!

    When it comes to accessing an audience, and I want to be selling something, I do like to pay to play. Different ad campaigns are so much fun, not only for the ROI, but all that tracking and tweaking. I think that keeps my brain going lol. There are many ways to do it for a sales promotion and when done well, it works!

    Besides the investment of money, one has to be aware of all the tweaking that has to be done. All the split testing and so on. But, that is one sure fire way to put cash in your pocket immediately.

    I also love the slower way, by connecting with others. Building my own community and earning that audience. It takes a while, but in the process, we get to engage with others, share their content and so on like you have explained above. I do enjoy making relationships with others. Sometimes it grows to a real friendship.

    By having this kind of community, some in fact, can be part of your “team” If I have to farm out some work, I rather call one of my buddies that I know well in my little community and give them a referral. It is like one big network working together. And certainly a win win situation!

    Thanks so much for the mention,


    1. Hi Donna,

      It’s so refreshing to read your comment!!!

      I love that you play in both arenas of pay to play and earned access. It really doesn’t have to be one over the other and it probably shouldn’t be.

      The split testing is really a big deal for marketers and something that business owners ought to pay attention to.

      You know what, I’m so impressed and grateful for my community and I’m really excited about the way people came around me for SEMrush’s article last week. It was just huge for me to see everyone come around me and real soon a big “Thank You” will be in order.

      I love the way engaging with people gives us opportunities to get to know one another and build a relationship to the prospective opportunities to referrals just as you said. I was so blessed to have this happen with me with Adrienne Smith.

      You are so welcome for the mention and I’m looking forward to posting your article this week!!!!

      I hope it’s a great week for you!

      ~ Don

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