4 Obstacles I Overcame to Blog from Paradise

Author : , Date : September 9, 2014

blogging-from-paradiseDon’s introduction: It’s my first time ever in years of blogging hosting a blogger on my site. When I made the decision to introduce you to a weekly blogger I immediately thought of my friend Ryan Biddulph. As a business owner and blogger who’s goal it is to help business owners achieve success online regardless of the business you’re in, you are in for a treat with Ryan’s article.

He will share with us how he overcame some extremely,maybe even crippling, challenges to create a blog that makes him money so that he can enjoy a lifestyle of island hopping.

Be sure to connect with him at his website or check out his new book at Blogging from Paradise

With that said… it’s time to turn it over to Ryan.



“Boy Ryan, you’re so darn happy all the time.”


I’ve heard that one thousands of times since I became a blogger 5 years ago.

Hey, I am happy most of the time. I blog from paradise. I also own the blog Blogging from Paradise. I’m an author, blogger, freelance writer and internet lifestyle junkie with a new book that’s taking off pretty quickly.

I’m living in Savusavu, Fiji now. I’ve spent months in places like Bali, Costa Rica and Thailand over the past 40 months of traveling the world.

I mean, I SHOULD be happy, right?

How about if I told you that many years ago I was depressed and suicidal? That may cause you to think twice, before you think that I am always happy, or that I’m “lucky” to be living in paradise.

blogging_from_paradise-_RyanandKelliCostaRicaKelli, my fiancée, and I get a big kick out of the “lucky” comment. Some use the word as a formality, like, wow, you’re lucky/aka blessed but a fair number of folks feel that Lady Luck picked me up in New Jersey 4 years ago – when I was $50,000 in debt, had 4 pennies in my pocket, and was so angry that I literally wanted to pound prospering people into a bloody pulp – and dropped me in Savusavu, Fiji.

Don graciously asked me to submit a guest post explaining challenges I’ve overcome to Blog from Paradise. I’m so grateful, honored and humbled by his request because he’s an uber successful business owner and blogger who’s overcome all types of obstacles to prosper.

I am beyond blessed. I’m living my dreams and have a platform to take you with me. If you want to blog from Bali, or Fiji, or if you want to blog from the paradise that is your hometown, because that’s where you most want to be, I can help you do that too. But reaching this space required me to get through some hairy situations.

And now…..as Paul Harvey would say….here is the rest of the story.


Depression and Other Mental Issues


My self esteem was so low many years ago that I didn’t go on a date until I was 26. I was terrified of rejection. Then after I broke up with this individual I went into a deep, dark depression. I contemplated suicide. I was medicated. I would spend hours in bed each day and night, hopeless. Keep in mind that this is years before I became an entrepreneur, but if I didn’t deal with my crap back then, no way in hell I’d be here writing these words from Fiji, today.

Both sides of my family have a history of mental illness. One of my aunts committed suicide. My down moments felt like deep, dark pits, which I would never escape. I felt that I was following in the footsteps of a few of my relatives.

I pulled myself out of this dark episode some 13 years ago. Then, 5 years back, after renewing my faith in self, moving on to a new life overseas, believing in a Higher Power, accepting my divine heritage, and yes, doing loads of uncomfortable, *traveling* and *business owner* things, I simply revealed all of the poisonous, toxic beliefs that needed to be faced, embraced and released before I could leave my depression behind.

I uprooted my mental demons with a combination of meditation, prayer, and wonderful tools like EFT tapping.

The change has been nothing short of miraculous. I’m smiling and jolly 95 to 99 percent of the time – ask Kelli, she’ll back me up on this – because I did the hellishly uncomfortable things that one needs to do to purify their mind and body from the inside out.

No recreational drugs here, or liquor, or anything from outside of me, healed me, or dulled my pain. Just The Universe, the wisdom of experienced folks who’ve helped me to love myself, and my persistent mental science changed my life for the better.


Financial Difficulties


I recall the nasty, angry man threatening me with a law suit. I felt worried, anxious, and then….I laughed. What does he want to do? Take my last $100?

I laughed, and laughed. What else could I do? I was $50,000 in debt, being sued by creditors, and my business prospects were sucky at the time because my mindset sucked.

I declared bankruptcy. At one point I had 4 pennies in my wallet. I would walk 3 -hours between trips to and from the library, in NJ, in sometimes –10 degree temperatures, because I sold my car to eat. I lost 30 pounds because I was living off of heat peanuts that cost 25 cents.

Doesn’t sound too lucky to you, does it?

I moved into Kelli’s mom’s house. Eventually, we bumped up our savings a bit before the trip. We ran into some tough spots early during our travels too, but that’s for another guest post.

Long and the short of it, I learned, again, that working on your mindset is the key to overcoming obstacles. I also learned that creating really helpful, thorough content, and connecting with leaders is the way to prospering.

After a few years of working intelligently I began to prosper more greatly. Kelli and I saw a ton of online success, for sure, then when I released Blogging from Paradise things REALLY took off.


No Business Knowledge


I was taught to believe that entrepreneurs were “wheelers and dealers”, or less than honest folks, before I started my online business. I had no idea how to network, or how to create value, or how to create a product.

I was clueless; a broke, laid off security guard who had only worked a few simple corporate jobs before my pier guard days. These were jobs where folks told you what to do, so you did it, and was rewarded with a paycheck every Thursday.

It took me years to uproot and replace entrepreneurial limiting beliefs, along with a ton of other beliefs about business, like:


  • Rich business people are lucky
  • Successful entrepreneurs are born talented or skilled
  • You have the entrepreneur thing in your blood or you don’t

Figuring out why I wanted to be free, and that I wanted to help you be free, gave me tremendous clarity, helped me develop my entrepreneurial chops and inspired me to move into business-building actions.

Of course, good old personal development, from 30 to 60 to 120 minutes on some days, helped me uproot many of these insidious core beliefs I carried regarding running a successful business.


No Tech Knowledge


What’s a blog? It was bad enough I had zero entrepreneurial bones in my body, and now I had to learn about blogging, and internet marketing, and SEO.

Overwhelm set in. But then I thought through this idea: if time will pass, I may as well spend that time learning skills that will free me, instead of honoring my fears and excuses.

I’m a fired security officer who learned how to become an island hopping pro blogger.  Do you know of anybody else on earth who took this path? From security guard to Savusavu, Fiji? I had to learn a completely new tech skill set to make this quantum leap, one moment at a time.

I went to school to learn these skills. School was my blog, my businesses, my mentor’s blog posts, and my online experience.

I acquired technical knowledge by studying how to run a blog, and then I put my knowledge into action, so now the blogging bit is second nature to me.


Success Lessons


Get clear on why you’re running an online business. Tie the reason into some form of freedom, and purify your intent by bringing other folks along for the ride.

I am free to travel where I want, whenever I want. My office is wherever there’s Wifi. My tools consist of a laptop, tablet and gobs of imagination and creativity.

I am free, and I want to take you with me. That’s my why.

I teach folks how to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. That’s my clear duty on this earth.

Holding this intent accelerated my success like you wouldn’t believe.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Being free is worth a few moment’s worth of anxiety, or anger, or embarrassment.

I’ve been embarrassed and humiliated for minutes to hours, collectively, over the past 5 years of my entrepreneurial career, and going back 12 years, when I had to conquer my dark mental demons, I went through hell and back for more than a few days.

Guess what? Being happy most of the time, and learning how to see the good in all moments, and living in Fiji for 4 months, in a home with a million dollar view, and traveling the world for 40 months straight, and inspiring others to do the same, was oh so worth it.

Embrace a few moments of sadness and anxiety, or of humiliation, and anger, and possibly a few months or years of some highs, and lows, and you’ll live your dream.

Don, thanks so much for sharing this opportunity with me.


Want to connect with Ryan and learn his tips, ideas or how he can work with you? Visit his website at Blogging from Paradise.



If you have a comment or want to ask Ryan a question please leave a comment below. Remember, when it’s morning on the east coast of the US it’s evening in Fuji. Ryan will get back to your comment.

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67 thoughts on “4 Obstacles I Overcame to Blog from Paradise

  1. Ryan, I’ve heard bits of your story before, but this is the first time I’ve heard all of it. Wow, you’ve been through a lot! I’m so glad you were able to overcome those obstacles, and are now willing to share with us your insights so we can get a handle on how to deal with our own challenges. And EFT is a powerful tool, isn’t it!

  2. I actually remember Ryan when he was first starting out blogging. On Facebook, I recall seeing post after post after post from his website back then a few years ago…and I actually STOPPED following him because I would see his posts so often – too often. I used to remember seeing his updates every hour or so. LOL!

    I distinctly recall telling myself that his was the same path that another VERY successful marketer took, and I reminded myself to check in on him every few months. I knew he’d make it because he was one of the most consistent and persistent marketers I had ever seen.

    A few months ago, I was perusing some of my favorite blogs, and I saw a comment from Ryan. Naturally, I checked out his blog…and I was blown away. Of course, I’d forgotten to keep up with him…and the growth was amazing. I have to say…I am exceptionally happy for him!! His is a case of doing the internal work that made the external results possible…and I love to read stories like his.

    Thank you so much, Don, for having Ryan as a guest blogger. I pray that you do more of these! Ryan…you deserve ALL the success that you’re having, now, and I pray that more and more of it comes your way!!

    1. Hi Christi,

      It was a joy to have Ryan contribute this powerful article. He has been living an inspirational life that reminds anyone going through hard times that they can overcome it.

      I love that he works so hard to be everywhere and he has done a masterful job of marketing himself.

      Thanks so much for sharing Christi!
      ~ Don

  3. Wow! what a true inspiring piece. I have heard stories of bloggers who made it from rag to riches. Infact stories like this is what actually inspired me to start http://www.sureblogger.com though less than a month now but i have learning so many things.

    My begining might not be one totally similar to yours Ryan, but i have being of this believe that i can do this (i mean Blogging). I know i still have a lot to learn about content development and most importantly traffic.

    And speaking of traffic which through my research i have discovered is the backbone of making it online. I was made to understand that the paid traffic works best and the free ones will only give you mediocre result. One question always come to my mind when i read stories like yours, how did this guys manage to generate enough traffic to have such a result in less than a year? I have read stories of guys who claim to start raking in 6 figure income from blogging. Hype? i can really say.

    Ryan i won’t mind if you can check out my blog at http://www.sureblogger.com like i said its less than a month. Maybe i might be blessed to have some advice from you on how to improve and monetize it.

    Once again Ryan nice post, i must say i enjoyed reading it.

  4. Hey Ryan,

    Like I’ve been said on many comments, I feel like I grew up with you. But yes this is an inspiring post and I thank Don for having you as a guest.

    The one thing you pointed out is that you have to get back in touch with your higher self, or as I call it your God Self. From that you figure out the real reasons why you want to do the things you want to do and get yourself aligned with that. Usually the case is that we want the joy and freedom life has to offer. The tools to get to that point is to figure out what we’re passion about to create that road back to our higher self. Only we can do this!

    The problem with a lot of us, especially those that go through depression is that we get disconnected with our higher self. We try to do the things that’s already been “pre planned” for us in this matrix but yet for a lot of us we don’t get fulfilled and we then to feel that we’re inadequate. But once we find the ways to get us reconnected to that higher self then all that will matter to us is the positive aspect of life whether we run into obstacles or not. There’s always something we can gain from each!

    Thanks for the share and you have a good one!

  5. Wow Ryan!

    I (and I’m totally sure) so many others really had no idea, just how far you truly have come! And what tremendous mental focus, determination and courage, you needed in order to do so!

    As I was reading your incredibly courageous story, I literally thought to myself, “you’ve got to be kidding!”

    There has certainly been nothing in your personal journey thus far, that would cause me to use the words “luck” or “lucky” in describing your meteoric rise my friend!

    “Hard work” and extreme “dedication” and “perseverance” yea, those would definitely be my terms of choice! Your story is truly past inspiring!

    And now, after having you pull back the curtains and share your truly inspirational story!t really makes me even more in awe of your fantastic (and still) unfolding journey!

    Bravo and hats off to you Ryan! And thank you for personally demonstrating and proving once again, what’s truly possible, once we get focused and clear on our intended purpose and mission!

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thank you for contributing such an awesome comment! Ryan has been through some amazing things and he’s a great inspiration for entrepreneurs and business owners going through a challenging time. Hope is in the air my friend!!!!

      Have a great week.
      ~ Don

  6. Hi Ryan, so pleased to hear the EFT helped you get out of depression, I know others who’ve benefited from it as well. You must have a lot of fun living on different islands – hope you’ve had the chance to take up scuba diving also, in those beautiful clear waters.

  7. hi ryan,
    it looks like i am going to find you in every top blogposts i am reading these days. man what i like about you is that not a wee bit negativity i have seen anywhere in your post. you are so full of enthusiasm and energy. great going man.
    keep inspiring others man.

  8. Hi Don, great guest post. It’s good to see Ryan here. 🙂

    WoW Ryan. Every time I read one your posts, I resonate with you more and more.
    Mental health problems and other demons held me back for many many years. Generalized social anxiety disorder still holds me back today.

    Blogging for me is a way to ‘design my own destiny’, not live the life I’ve been handed – and I guess that comes down to being free and finding inner peace.

    Another awesome guest post Ryan. Keep pushing forward.


  9. Hi Ryan,

    What an inspiring story. You have shown the importance of persistence. As I read your story I realize that luck has nothing to do with where you are at today but instead persistence and passion for helping others. We can all learn a lesson here from your inspiring story and all that you have had to overcome.

  10. Hi Ryan and Don,

    Well, my dear Ryan you are everywhere for sure. As I was telling you on your own post, I remember you from a while back and I can say that I’ve seen at least some of your progress, and when you totally twisted your blog to the niche that you have now, the transformation in you was obvious.

    Wow, I’m so glad that you’ve been practicing EFT. I do too, for years now, but this year as I was going through a lot I made a point to do one to two sessions every single day. Yes, this stuff really helps.

    It’s very noble that your goal is to help others do what you do and be as happy as you are. Congratulations on such a successful venture after such a tough beginning.

    Excellent post!

  11. Hey Ryan,

    I’m pumped that Don took this road and decided to have some guests on his blog because as I had told him, they can add to the mix of how things can be achieved from a different perspective. What better way to start this series then to have you share your story.

    I didn’t know depression ran in your family or that you at one time thought about suicide. Isn’t life beautiful my friend? Look at where you were compared to where you are now.

    I am always telling people that I don’t want to hear their sad sob story. It’s not that I’m not sympathetic to their situation but if they want to change they’ll take those uncomfortable steps to do it and if you don’t they’ll just have more excuses. We all have a story but it’s what you do with your life that matters. You are living proof of that Ryan and I 100% believe that by you sharing what you’ve been through and where you are now will help so many people who had those doubts as well.

    It’s a lot of work and sometimes it’s no fun at all but I think that since it’s moving us in the right direction instead of the opposite than it’s worth it.

    You are another person that is living proof of how they can change their lives if they want to bad enough. I just so appreciate you sharing your life and struggles here with Don’s audience and I know it will give them inspiration as well.

    Rock on Ryan and thanks Don, great choice my friend.


  12. Hi Don and Ryan,

    It’s wonderful to see an appearance by Ryan here on UnVeiltheWeb.com awesome!

    You chose a wonderful candidate to be your first guest! 🙂 I got his eBook which is awesome – I highly recommend it to all. I appreciate you sharing your depression and mental issues as I am sure that is going to help folks, Ryan, so thank you. I’m very glad that you were able to get out of it to become the person you are today.

    I’m glad you emphasized mindset because it does begin there. Having no prior business knowledge is where we all usually start and having to release old incorrect thinking and reprogram our minds is a challenge but definitely doable as you are an excellent example of this. Yep, figuring out the ‘why’ is so critical to moving forward. You are innately knowledgeable in business, as evidenced by your quick success.

    Love “get comfortable with being uncomfortable” and that’s my mantra these days. You are an inspiration – I know you’ve heard it a million times, but I say it because I am sincerely thankful for you and how you share your story of hope!

    Thanks so very much for sharing!

    Take Care,
    – Carol 🙂

  13. Hey man,

    I think Ryan had shared something very important. If you want to be successful, make sure you are really into it. Success doesn’t come overnight.

    It takes tons of patience and determination.

    Can it work? Of course!

    Have a great week guys!

  14. Ryan, so happy you were able to overcome your depression. Have seen people castigate people who are depressed and don’t understand why someone would just get to that point of wanting to commit suicide.

    Have felt depression and know what it means for one contemplate suicide but I thank God for the grace I was given and today I can say am free from its poisonous venom.

    Great article by the way and happy that Don allowed you to share your story to motivate us to do the uncomfortable in order for us to drink from the well of success

  15. Don thanks for hosting Ryan here!

    Ryan you are such an inspiration 🙂 I knew you were a security guard – but I didn’t knew you had so many mental challenges.

    And overcoming those mental challenges, darkness etc. from within, without any external influence is a beautiful thing! You didn’t let the darkness take you forever. You fought back and you overcame it – AND you are leading a life that is totally the opposite of it!

    This is NO luck. I DON’T believe in luck at all!

    Thanks SO much for sharing all the obstacles you faced and telling us how exactly you overcame them.

    I’m so happy for you and Kelly. Be blessed!

    1. Hi Jane,

      I couldn’t agree more! Ryan is very inspirational. His story is the story of every entrepreneur in one way or another. For those going through a hard time or haven’t yet but will, his story will inspire the entrepreneur to keep pressing on and overcome their adversity.

      You are so right, luck… no such thing. He just went about overcoming and persevering. What a story!!!!!

      Thanks for commenting Jane!

      ~ Don

  16. Hi Ryan,

    Good to see you here at Don’s blog.:)

    I am really touched with the personal stuffs you have shared in this post.
    You know 2 years ago I was also like a shy type guy who never talked to any girl and couldn’t even stand in front of any high profile person.
    But as you with the passing of time we all learn a lot.

    Depression is common for most of people because in our life we all have worries about our future and money. But giving up is not an option. We all need to work hard for getting success.

    Happy life is what we made.:)
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Have a happy week.:)


    1. Hi Ravi,

      What a story!!!! Ryan’s experience reminds every entrepreneur that no matter your circumstance, situation, trial or struggle you can overcome it!!!!

      Thanks for you comment!

      ~ Don

  17. Ryan,

    I’ve loved the opportunity to get to know you better here on Don’s blog. Don, what a fantastic idea. Leave it to you to do the generous thing and welcome other awesome voices on your blog.

    It’s funny how so many people make judgments about other people’s success based on their limited perception of that person’s current state. More than usually there’s a deeper, more challenging history that led them to their success, and clearly Ryan’s story is no different. That’s what makes your success even cooler!

    Props to you for getting your mental demons under control in such a big way!

    Can I tell you my secret dream now, Ryan? You already know that I’m not really all that into travel, but my “paradise” dream would be to replace my husband’s income with my blogging/business income so we can work from home together. That’s all I really want, to be with him all the time. He’s my best buddy.

    So now you know. I’m releasing that out into the world, or however the cool kids are saying it. That’s my dream. And you’ll be the first to know when it comes true!

    Talk to you again soon,

    1. Hi Brittany,

      I couldn’t agree with you more!!!! People think they see a success story and that this person was “lucky” or had a “break”. It’s so much more than that!

      There are trials, struggles, hurts, losses, and great pain on the way to success. It takes a special person to overcome it and persevere through the challenge.

      Ryan’s story is powerful!

      I’m looking forward to introducing more entrepreneurs over the coming weeks Brittany. There are a few huge ones in store.

      I hope you have a great week and I appreciate your kind words!

      ~ Don

  18. Hi Ryan,
    Great to see you here on Don’s place!

    I see why you are so enlightened now my friend. You had to go through those dark days in order to triumph and get rid of those darn demons. I know that well. I came from the same family background and did suffer deep depression years ago. It was so bad that I couldn’t get out of bed. Now many people cannot understand how this is unless they have been through it.
    But the fact that you did is amazing. I know very well that dark wave that comes to you unexpectedly and tears you down and you have to fight your way through just to get out of bed and take a shower.
    When conquered, it is a blessing! You never go back and that is what makes you so happy. You appreciate the light days and know that you can push away those triggers if they do come up.
    As for financial stuff….I went through that phase too and it prompted me to climb and climb and never give up. Another blessing.
    Now you blog from paradise! You have found a way of life that makes you happy and can share it with others. You found how to pull yourself up from the trenches and make things work.
    I love the story you shared because it really hit home for me. And when I look back, I turned from victim to victor and that sure is an uplifting feeling. So much so that I feel I can move mountains. I’m sure you feel the same way.

    1. Hi Donna,

      Thank you for sharing a glance into your life through your comment! It’s breathtaking to learn of each entrepreneurs story and the challenges and adversity that each one overcame to find their way.

      I’m so blessed for knowing Ryan’s story and for connecting a bit with yours!

      ~ Don

  19. I’m always amazed and inspired by Ryan’s story. I didn’t realize how deep the depression was before. That really amazes me even more how he has come back from it and prospered. I love his quote to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. They say to do what you are most afraid to do, I believe Ryan achieved that and much more. Thanks for sharing more of your story Ryan! Great guest post Don. Thanks for having Ryan share the rest of the story with us.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Get comfortable with being uncomfortable! It is a fantastic quote that really elevates us to an understanding that entrepreneurship is about creating, advancing a cause, and living our life mission. What I learned is that you do expect the uncomfortable and you learn that it is freeing when you come to the place that there is little that is uncomfortable with time and experience.

      Thanks so much for commenting Lisa!

      ~ Don

  20. Hey Don,

    Great of you to have Ryan over here.

    Ryan, pretty compelling story. I know you shared bits about your past before but I don’t think you went into such detail before.

    And after overcoming all of those things, you’re where you are today … that speaks to one thing my friend … persistence.

    Even through the depression, mental issues, financial issues, no tech knowledge and no business knowledge, you knew you wanted to have a better life and that what you currently were living in, wasn’t it.

    You story is a true success story not only for blogging but for EVERYBODY … really. If you want something bad enough and no matter how down you are, if your’re persistent and determined, you can rise above it all.

    Great great great stuff.

    Thanks again for having him on here, Don.

    Hope the both of you have awesome weeks.

    – Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew,

      It was my highest blessing that Ryan accepted. I think all who read this an experienced entrepreneurs can identify with at least one thing Ryan shared; and new entrepreneurs can find hope and know that they are not alone when they go through their own challenging times.

      I appreciate your comment!

      ~ Don

    1. Ryan,

      I am so honored and blessed that you were willing to write such an open, honest and transparent article. I have no doubt that those entrepreneurs who need to be inspired will be encouraged to persevere because of your story.

      Thank you again. Your article was everything I could have hoped for!!!!

      ~ Don

  21. Hi Ryan and Don

    It is wonderful to see a good friend of mine at the blog of another good friend of mine. Thank God I am not here between devil and deep sea and lucky to get two wonderful friends here.

    The concept of blogging from paradise itself is so refreshing and whenever I read this phrase anywhere a smile creeps onto my face even if I didn’t want to let come.

    The second hurdle you mentioned is the biggest hurdle I think. If you face financial crunch your productivity, creativity and imagination stops and the biggest worry you have to get out of that fix. With that feeling how come one creates a thing to compete with millions of things already in the market and everybody is vying for quality over quality to touch the skies.

    Once again thanks a lot Don for getting awesome this man from paradise and Ryan you know the regards I have for you and especially for your blogging passion.

    I found this post at Kingged.com and also kingged it there.

    Hope to see you around; both of you.

    Have a great week and awesome blogging journey ahead.

    Keep rocking guys!

      1. Hi Mi,

        I was so blessed when Ryan agreed and his article was everything I could have hoped for!

        Entrepreneurs at all levels of experience can identify and be inspired by his choice to take a risk in the midst of adversity. His risk was rewarded as he stepped out to live his dreams is making it happen.

        What a blessing!!!!

        ~ Don

  22. Don,
    thanks for having such an awesome host!

    My friend, Ryan!
    What a fantastic story to follow and to be inspired from.
    I appreciate you sharing your personal life experiences, albeit unpleasant.

    But all this has served you to get where you are.
    Now you can be the inspiration for others.

    Happy to have you both in my circles.
    Keep up the great work! 🙂

  23. Hey Don
    Thanks so much for letting Ryan share his story on your blog. As someone who has lived this journey with him, I can attest to everything he has said here. No exaggerations at all–he really did go through a hell of a lot on many fronts to get where he is. I couldn’t be prouder of him, and he truly is an inspiration to anyone who wants to be a successful blogger and use their blog as a means to live life on their own terms, whatever that means to them, whether it be travel, spend more time with family or whatever other desire.

    He truly is a source of inspiration for me, and I try not to take it for granted that I have up close and personal access to someone who is so wise on many fronts, both in business and in life!

    1. Hi Kelli,

      You guys are really living the dream, but I suspect you guys have a lot of dreams left to fulfill!!!!

      I identified with Ryan in so many areas, especially around finances. I started my entrepreneurial journey ten years ago after facing a medical crises that led to a bankruptcy. I’ve also had a few years of real struggles in business as I got going, changed my ideas, got going again.

      I had so many failures. But, without them there would be no successes!

      I’m living my own dream right not, but I’ve only just begun.

      I love the pics you guys take and the stories Ryan are sharing on the blog. While we may not all want to live in Fiji, we all want to live our own dreams. It’s inspiring to find someone who took the risk to do it and live it.

      What an inspiration!

      Keep on living the dream Kelli!!!!

      ~ Don

  24. Hi Don,
    Its really good to be the first commentor here.
    Though I have been to Ryan’s place several times and read many of his post and know a bit about him. But its really good to read a bit more about this wonderful personality in your pages, that too the first one in your blog page on this line.

    I think many here in this blogging field can very well relate to those obstacles in their blogging life too. The fact is that the way in which Ryan overcomed those obstacles are really worth noting.

    The Success Lessons/Tips Ryan shared here is worth notable.
    I am book marking this page for our further check and study.
    Thanks Don, for introducing and giving such a lot of information in this field to your readers here at kingged as well as at your page.

    Waiting for the next wonderful blogger personality in this line or new series.

    May you have a great week ahead.


    ~ Ann

    PS: Hey Don, I found this wonderful post today at kingged.com and I kingged it and posted the above comment. Thanks again for sharing about such a wonderful pesonality to your readers. Keep up the good work. Best ~ Ann

    1. Hi Ann,

      Welcome to being the first today. Thank you!!!!

      Ryan has impressed me as one of the most genuine, transparent and friendly guys on the web.

      As I read his story I identified with him in so many ways. Overcoming challenges and adversity is the sign of an emerging entrepreneur who is on the way up. I have a feeling that while Ryan is living the dream he hasn’t even come close to fulfilling his dreams!!!!! But, he will!

      Thanks so much for stopping by from kingged.com. I really appreciate what is happening over there!

      Have a great week Ann!

      ~ Don

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