Are You Wasting Time Doing Content Marketing or Blogging?

Author : , Date : January 26, 2015

Are You Wasting Time Doing Content Marketing or Blogging?


Do you feel that blogging or content marketing is just another way of wasting your time and energy on something that won’t work or hasn’t worked in the past for your business?

Maybe you’ve been talking with fellow business owners who had negative experiences or had ideas around why internet marketing was an overblown waste of time and they are convincing you of the same?

But let me ask you; is doing something that could be profitable for your company over-and-over again a waste?

Perhaps you or the people you are talking to tried it or heard of someone who tried it but you didn’t really understand what you were doing? Wouldn’t it make sense in that case that blogging or content marketing wouldn’t work?

Think about it for a moment. Did you ever play a new sport? Without learning the game were you very good at it? Or how about a video game you played for the first time. Did you know what to do and beat it the first time around?

Of course not, so why would we assume that if we don’t have the skills for blogging or content marketing right now it would just automatically work for us because someone told us we should be doing it?

I was recently speaking with a local business owner about the struggles his business was facing regarding marketing. All of his energy was focused on the one off pieces that he hoped would bring new customers quickly who would spend their money. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t working for him.

We talked a bit about incorporating both short and long-term strategies that might help his sales and cash flow both now and in the future so that he didn’t have to keep chasing after cash and the wrong customers.

Unfortunately, his mind was made up about what to do and not do and blogging was not going to be it.

You may or may not be in my new friend’s position, buy you may feel that blogging is a waste of time just like he did.

You may feel like blogging simply takes you away from your business and what you think ought to be done. Maybe it’s completely out of your comfort zone?

I want to say that if you’re feeling this way about blogging and content marketing it’s for all the wrong reasons.

How can I say that? Why would I say that?

Because of the hundreds of personal interactions over the last ten years I’ve had with business owners just like you who time and time again didn’t like the results in their business they were getting but refused to change what they were doing; and they paid the price for it in one way or another.

In turn, each business just kept getting the same, or worse, results from their marketing which was only hurting the business.


“The fast cash, the fast cash… that’s what I need!”


I get it. We all need that at some time in our businesses and there are strategies that can be addressed to help with that need. But that doesn’t mean you forsake the tools that are going to help you for the long term; and make no mistake about it content marketing is a long-term tool that will be a massive game changer for your business.

But there are a few things you will have to do for it to be successful and knowing these things are the real issues. It’s time to learn what it really takes to be a successful content marketer!

Today’s article is going to be shorter than more normal articles, but I hope in my conciseness it will be a lot for you to consider.


How Do I Keep Blogging from Being a Waste of Time?


There are a few things you have to consider if blogging and content marketing is going to be a worthwhile adventure for you.


You have to have a right mindset

Up until know you’ve probably not had a lot of training or long-term experience or successes as a business owner or as a marketer. Over the last eight years a lot of new businesses have been started and that’s AWESOME!

But the mindset around business has forced many to struggle.

Maybe you came out of a corporate environment and you started a business because you couldn’t find a job and this was your chance?

Maybe you are really good at what you do and you thought you could do it better than the guy you worked for?

Maybe you’re very entrepreneurial and you just hate the idea of working for someone else?


Many business owners start their business unintentionally with the wrong mindset, meaning they are negative instead of positive. Even though you’re excited today once you figure out that you don’t know what you don’t know many new business owners get frustrated and ultimately decide it’s too hard and quit.

It’s also the same in blogging. It is hard but it’s by no means impossible to break through and be highly successful and gain new clients no matter what your business is or how competitive it is.

It just takes a positive mindset and attitude and a willingness to learn something new. You will have to learn in your mindset primarily that it’s not about you or your sales.

It’s about your prospects and customers, their needs and problems, and how to solve them!

Your mindset has to be taken off of you and your issues and put on customers exclusively if your marketing is going to be a success.


You have to be willing to learn something new



“In a world of change, the learners shall inherit the earth, while the learned shall find themselves perfectly suited for a world that no longer exists.” ― Eric Hoffer


Online marketing is much like offline networking in my opinion. If you have taken the time to learn how to network offline well then you will be very successful networking online.

In either case:


  • You have to learn to think like a business owner. What is your dream, vision, purpose and mission? How do you create marketing strategies that help you get there and goals that are measurable and specific to fulfill each strategy?
  • You have to learn how to create really inspiring, meaningful and helpful content (ie blog articles, podcasts, videos, social media posts, etc).
  • You have to learn how to find influential online people in your niche who serve the same audience you do but in a different way and connect with them.
  • You have to learn how to network online the right way through proper commenting and social sharing that is uniquely you.
  • You have to learn how to involve people in and through your blog articles.
  • You have to learn how to make friends and have influence with them.
  • You have to learn how to COLLABORATE!
  • You have to learn how not to chase cash. Remember, there are strategies to help with generating short-term cash flow and long-term cash flow. If you run in scarcity mode, your prospects and customers will notice and you will likely do more damage than good to your cash flow.


You have to be willing to gut it out


Here is the truth; it’s not always going to go your way.  There will be challenges. There will be days that you think you nailed it in an article and it’s the best you’ve ever produced, But your growing audience doesn’t feel the same about it and respond the way you had hoped.

There will be short stretches of time where it seems suddenly no one is reading or commenting or sharing your articles like they use to.

There will be times it seems new prospects aren’t filling out those forms, subscribing to your emails like they used to or they aren’t buying from you.

It’s not the time to quit. It’s the time to evaluate.

Are your strategies aligned with your vision, mission and purpose?

Are you meeting your goals?

Do you need to change some strategies and goals or is there another cause for the hiccup?

Don’t get discouraged and don’t run from the challenge. Face it head on and be determined. If you don’t believe in your company or ideas enough to stick it out, neither will anyone else.

Sometimes, you have to lead by example in order to get the results you want.


Blogging doesn’t have to be a waste of time. In fact, if done right it’s the best thing you will ever do for your businesses marketing.

What blogging does for you is establish that you’re competent, capable, that you understand your prospects and customers.

When done right blogging will create a community around you that will read, comment, share and even send your business referrals both directly and indirectly.

There is one other benefit… you do the work once and people still keep coming back to it. For example, there are articles I wrote in June that are still heavily read and commented on. Your blog articles, podcasts and videos actually help you as they age.

Articles like these from May and June of 2014:


If Content is King, Why Isn’t Anyone Reading My Blog

What is Target Marketing Really? Help, I Don’t Understand

Why Should I Visit Your Website, Stay On It, or Buy From You?


Isn’t that cool that I am earning clients and money from the work I did six months ago?

I have personally met more people, earned more website traffic, and earned more prospects and customers through my blog than in any other form of marketing I’ve done hands down!

If you don’t have a right mindset, aren’t willing to learn something new and you’re not willing to gut it out then you may be right. Blogging will be a waste of your time.

But, if you are willing as I said earlier in this article to master the art of being a business owner and a good marketer you can build a business either offline or online through your blog that will be the best time gainer you’ve ever had!


Let me give you one more reason this that content marketing and blogging is powerful.

Your goal as a business is to find and connect with your prospects, ie those who are ready, able and willing to buy from you.

By doing everything I mentioned above it has earned me an opportunity to be a regular contributor on websites like and now in Business 2 Community (coming soon).

I’m also working with several major business journals on the east coast to contribute regularly to their publications.

And, for example, I was mentioned in two awesome blogs just today. Adrienne Smith and Sylvianne Nuccio both included, mentioned and linked to me in their articles. That happened nearly 150 times from June to December of 2014 by great bloggers such as:


Ryan Biddulph

Sarah Burke

Donna Merrill

Andrew Warner

Enstine Muki

Mi Muba

Deborah Tutnauer

SEO Techy World


Just to name a few…


Do you think I might have met some new people? Earned some new customers? Made a few new friends with other influencers?

products---foundations-of-internet-marketing-success-largeMaybe the real issue is that you believe content marketing can help you but you don’t know where to start or what to do. You have to start at the foundation!

That’s why I created the “Foundations of Internet Marketing” so that you can learn with me one-on-one exactly where to start. It’s cost effective and the program will change your business forever.

Want to learn more and get a free one hour session with me? If so, click here to learn more about the Foundations of Internet Marketing or the image to the right and fill out the form today on the Foundations of Internet Marketing page.



Do you have a comment, question or just want to add some value to the article. Please share with me and all the readers below and let’s have a great conversation around the article.


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Don Purdum

Don Purdum

Don works with businesses to help them discover who their customers are and what business they are "really" in. He is an award-winning blogger and branding / marketing consultant.
Don Purdum
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45 thoughts on “Are You Wasting Time Doing Content Marketing or Blogging?

  1. If content marketing or blogging is applied in a way that brings value to the readers then it would not be waste of time for the online entrepreneurs.

    Frustrations usually set in when expected results are not forthcoming but change in strategy embedded with positive thinking can go a long way to make blogging work for anyone.

    There are right and wrong ways of doing things. If the latter approach is promoted then it would just be sheer waste of time.

    The willingness to gut it out should be resolute resolve which every online marketer must make consistently for success.

    So, with the right goal, right plans, right tools, and realistic expectations, content marketing or blogging will never be a waste of time. 😀

    I shared this comment in as well.

    1. Hi Sunday,

      I agree 100% with your assessment. I also think frustrations set in when people have unrealistic expectations combined with no plan. That’s a major recipe for disappointment. Would you agree?

      Gut it out… sometimes we just have to do it.

      Thanks for your comment Sunday and for extending the conversation!!!

      ~ Don

  2. Great Post Don

    The answer to your question is a definitive ‘no’ – but in your own words ‘you have to be willing to gut it out’. What a fantastic way of putting it.

    Aside from a coherent strategy and sound practical execution – the value of simply sticking things out is often overlooked in content marketing. People give up to soon but there is no rite of passage to be heard, you have to work at it.

    If you have a good strategy, your tactics will be solid too – so keep gutting it out!



    1. Hi Loz,

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my article!

      Gutting it out… It’s just a fact of life isn’t it. The great ones have a way of maintaining clarity and focus and they just continue to execute. They push the distractions out of the way and push forward towards the prize.

      I agree so much with you… people give up way to easy. It’s kind of like the person who gets a puppy and brings it home and after a year or 18 months gives up on the dog.

      Then, someone else inherits an awesome dog that is beyond adolescence.

      The point… people give up and quit too early before the maturation or breakthrough and then they lose the enjoyment of their labor.

      It’s all about the right strategies, goals and objectives… keep gutting it out!

      Thanks for an awesome comment Loz!!!!

      I hope to see you again.

      ~ Don

  3. Hi Don,

    That’s indeed a valuable post and you are really good at what you deliver Don.

    I think you are absolutely right that if we have the right foundation and we know what business we are in, then blogging is not a waste of time but if otherwise, it will seem like it is a waste of time because we will be taking the wrong actions which will lead to the wrong results.

    Thanks for a wonderful and high value post Don. You got me thinking as I am changing my business and in a cross road at the moment and I better put the right foundation to have the right message delivered through my content. Mmmmmmmm

    Have a great rest of the week.

    Be Blessed,


    1. Hi Neamat,

      Thank you for the kind words and for the inspiration!!!!

      That foundation is only as good as the quality of thought and work we put into it. It can be challenging but the rewards are immense. I applaud you for your sincerity and honesty with yourself!!!

      If I can be of help or a resource for you, please let me know. I would love to help!

      ~ Don

  4. Don,

    I couldn’t agree more and I’m so glad you took the time to remind us. Blogging can sometimes feel like a waste of time, but it’s really about the connections you make as a blogger, like you said.

    So really, it’s about more than just blogging– it’s about promotion, engagement and giving. This is something you’re great at, Don!


    1. Hi Brittany,

      The connections are amazing! Not only directly but also indirectly. Those indirect relationships and my content and engagement have created the opportunities to write on major sites like SEMRush and soon on major business journals.

      Our blogs are amazing tools when we use them right to open us up to the world!

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts Brittany!

      ~ Don

  5. Hi Don,

    Another great post from you!! 😀

    I don’t think blogging is a waste of time. I think it a great real estate to establish. It takes time to develop your business here online. That’s one thing I have been finding out. You know I have been a freelancer for over 20 years now but I’m not sure I have considered myself as a business owner until I started blogging. The Graphic Design industry have changed so much and it’s not like where it used to be. So now, there are more competitions. Every 1 job there are 100 applicants.

    For me, I think we have to be versatile and guess it is a never ending learning for me. I’m always learning…learning…and guess PATIENCE and DETERMINATION is quite needed when you’re blogging your business. Blogging is time consuming, that’s for sure. And so this year, I just got to target the right people. I need to concentrate on putting out my product…that is my goal this year. Also, I’m planning on getting more on doing tutorial videos on YouTube and eventually put a course on Udemy. That’s the concentration for me. We know that YouTube is the 2nd largest SEO plus it is Google’s and so you can never go wrong if you go that route.

    Anyhoo, I enjoyed your video so much. Have a nice week!


    1. Hi Angela,

      I agree, it’s not a waste of time IF you’ve done the work in your business and you have a plan and execute it well.

      I don’t think most freelancers see themselves as a business either and in that regard you are not unique. That’s why I started business coaching for web designers and developers, graphic designers, social media and search engine optimization companies.

      They don’t think about themselves as a business and therefore fail to gain the exposure and money they would like and end up struggling from month-to-month and year-to-year many times. All unnecessarily.

      It is competitive and it’s only going to get more competitive. I’m doing a video this week on artificial intelligence with new websites like The Grid and how they are going to put even more pressure on designers.

      It’s going to be even more important that we know who to message our businesses and offer exceptional content marketing and blogging value.

      I hope you’ve had a great week and thank you so much for commenting and sharing Angela!

      ~ Don

  6. Hi Don, this was a fantastic read. This post really got me thinking about why I got into blogging in the first place almost 6 years ago, and you know what? I won’t lie, I was motivated by the prospect of making money.

    I didn’t have the slightest idea about blogging generally. What I did do is follow the rest of the crowd and sometimes the wrong advice. It wasn’t until I had a handful of blogs and failures behind me until I finally sat down to think about what I really wanted from blogging.

    Yes I absolutely agree with you, there is the steep learning curve faced from a complete newbie, but even then, after you think you’ve mastered blogging, and have found your blogging objective, the learning never stops in any case.

    Blogging and content marketing are the two dominating forces in todays online marketing efforts in my opinion, when done right, it’s a powerful force, though I’ve tried to convince many of my friends with their businesses to look into it, usually I get an empty stare or worst still, a ‘meh’ as if to say yeah I’ve done that, tried it and it hasn’t worked.

    But like you say mate, we’re not born with any of these skills, we’re not born and suddenly know how to build website or how to post stuff on Facebook and Twitter and what not, it comes with time and learning. Unless someone really hates learning anything new to start off with, and yes, I’ve come across quite a few people who actually do, those are the kind that just want to know everything straight away… in those rare cases, there really is no hope in my opinion.

    Anyway, amazing and motivating post as always Don, enjoy the rest of your week.


    1. Hi Fabrizio,

      I have run into that mindset so many times over the last month I want to jump out of my skin, lol….

      Tried it, did it, didn’t work… That’s right, it didn’t work and it’s not going to work until you take care of the foundational things in your business:

      * What business am I “really” in?
      * What problems do I “specifically” solve?
      * Who do I “specifically” solve them for?
      * How are my products or services “a” solution?

      Then… what strategies, measurable and specific goals, and objectives will you create? If you don’t have clarity and focus, there will be no execution that has any results other than frustration and it won’t work.

      I have a client right now that is just AMAZING!!!! They are about to light up their world and it’s exciting watching the changes in their organization and how much they’ve grown in just a few months.

      I’ll be by soon Fabrizio. I hope you’re having an amazing week thus far?

      ~ Don

  7. I’ve always found that when people stop chasing the fast money and concentrate on relationships and becoming an expert that the money flows faster with less selling. So if you write posts to position yourself as an expert or opinion leader it will give far better long term results.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      I agree 100%! It’s not about the money, the money will follow when people believe you’re in it for them and you’ve created enough value and demand that they are willing to pay top dollar for it.

      But, that can take a few years to establish. It doesn’t happen right of the gate.

      Thanks for your comment Andrew. I appreciate you taking a few minutes to add value to the conversation!!!!

      ~ D0n

  8. Hey Don,

    This was a question in mind right before i started blogging. Would I waste my time and what would be the benefit of me blogging. When I was in network marketing my sponsor told me it would be a great thing to do, so i went ahead and did it.

    I didn’t know how much of a challenge it could be, but the real fact of the matter is that I learned through the challenges. But more importantly, I learned a lot more about online marketing than anything.

    But it’s true that a lot of people get advice that are pretty biased. They get one perspective of blogging or any type of strategy before they really learn the scoop of how to leverage these strategies successfully. This reminds me of the reaction when I use to tell people I was in network marketing at the time. You don’t know how much negative feedback I got from it. But through it all, when you take on something new like this on, you’ll go through a learn process, no matter what it is!

    This was a great share and it really hit home! Take Care Don!

    1. Hi Sherman,

      There are a lot of stories that business owners share of I tried this and I tried that and it didn’t work type of conversations.

      It was the mindset much more than the tool! It was the unwillingness to learn something new and expand their mind around their business… Who are we? What difference do we make in the community or in the world? What are the real problems people are struggling with and how do we help solve them?

      It’s not anywhere near as easy as it looks most of the time.

      It’s funny that people give network marketers a hard time. Unfortunately it has more to do with bad strategies and execution.

      The truth be told, we are all in network marketing. People network and do business with those that are competent, they like and trust. It’s a relationship, right?

      It doesn’t matter if we are talking the biggest companies in the world or the smallest. There was a very valuable education you received through that experience, I’m sure of it.

      I hope you have an incredible week Sherman. Thank you for commenting!!!

      ~ Don

  9. Great post Don! I loved that you mentioned have a positive mindset – people totally underestimate it’s importance!

    PMA – positive mental attitude.

    It’s so funny, and I’m a little embarrassed to tell this story, but when I was in secondary school I was in higher level applied maths and it was SO hard, and we had this teacher from Galway (I’m not sure if you’ve heard the accent before, but it’s as Irish as you’ll get) and she used to always say – and sometimes yell – PMA – POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE to us. At the time, being teenagers, we just laughed so hard. But to this day, I repeat the saying over and over again. It’s funny how one teacher drilling such a simple saying into my mind has changed my life so much! If I ever find myself drifting into negative thoughts, the saying springs back to mind and I’m set to go again!

    In relation to the rest of your blog, I think it’s the foundation to ensuring that your blogging activities stay on target. If you believe what you’re doing is worth your time, then it will be.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Mindset is probably the single biggest determiner of success and that PMA is so important, especially when times are challenging. You have to weather the storm knowing you will escape it. Right?

      That’s a great story!!!! Nothing to be embarrassed about at all. I would have personally love to hear that accent. I’m sure it rolls much better than some American southern accents?

      That’s my goal, I’m trying to help people understand that their lack of success or the place they are stuck today is because they haven’t laid that foundation that is so important and critical to a business. I feel at times people are hearing but they are in the distance, lol…

      Lots of great opportunities are coming, but it’s because of clarity and focus that lead to strategies, goals and objectives that I’m executing.

      Many business owners have never had the training or experience in this area. It’s exciting to watch the lights turn on when they get it!!!!

      Thank you so much for commenting Sarah. I’ll be heading over to your website soon!

      ~ Don

  10. Hello Don,

    Another great post! Like you said you have to learn how to do something. Also, I think with blogging you have to like to write. Many people don’t really like to write then on top of it they have the mentality that blogging will bring quick cash. Those two combinations will have your ship sinking quicker then you can say,”Ahoy there!”

    I think every business should have a blog. It’s a great way to connect with your customers. However, it does take time and it’s not an overnight process. With anything there is a learning curve. I, myself am still learning and growing. I absolutely love blogging! I wouldn’t stop no matter what.

    Another point is I think people have to do what’s right for them. I see a lot of people stress out about small things. The most important thing is just to get started. You can learn as you go. Don’t procrastinate because that can lead to so many excuses and you won’t get started.

    I found this post on and Kiinged it! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    1. Hi Maketta,

      I think you are absolutely correct about the writing part. Many hate it and see it as a waste of time. That’s why copywriters have filled an important role for business owners.

      Yet, most just go on ignoring the reality of the changes happening in marketing and refuse to do anything outside of their comfort zone to their own detriment.

      I agree, get started and shift your comfort zone. But, one thing that will help build confidence is to seriously lay your foundation. Know what business you’re “really” in, the problems you “specifically” solve, who you solve them for and how your products are a solution and then one day it will quickly catch up.

      It’s amazing how that happens. So yes, do something but start at the right place if you can.

      Great insights Maketta!

      ~ Don

  11. Hey Don,

    Excellent post here.

    I like your analogy of playing a sport and a video game. It’s so true. We don’t know these things right away and have to work on it. Same goes for blogging and content maketing.

    I think your point about learning something new is beyond accurate. You know, an old mentor of mine (who’s passed away) always use to say “The only way I’ll grow as a business person, is to continuously educate myself. I don’t know everything, so why would I stop trying to learn new things?”

    I’ve taken that approach to blogging. I don’t know everything about blogging but I spend countless hours listening to webinars online and reading books on copywriting and business. Being an entrepreneur and creating a business is a never ending learning process. One that I’m willing to accept.

    Excellent post here and thanks for the mention.

    – Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Practice, practice, practice… When I was an all-state soccer player in High School I hated practice. But now I get it as I’ve personally been exposed to numerous NFL athletes personally and gotten to know a few.

      Practice like you play so that when you play you’ve already done it a hundred times.

      It’s the same really. It’s the mindset of learning so that when we see things our minds go…. BOOM! There is a problem, story, solution… and that turns into a blog article that gives people a reason to buy you.

      Education is the study room and the practice field is your blog. There is no difference for us from practice to the game, it’s all the same. And, we are always becoming more prepared so that when the opportunities come we are ready for them. Right?

      Awesome comment Andrew!!!!

      I hope you’re off to a great start this week?

      ~ Don

  12. Hey Don,

    Excellent post here.

    I like your analogy of playing a sport and a video game. It’s so true. We don’t know these things right away and have to work on it. Same goes for blogging and content maketing.

    I think your point about learning something new is beyond accurate. You know, an old mentor of mine (who’s passed away) always use to say “The only way I’ll brow as a business person, is to continuously educate myself. I don’t know everything, so why would I stop trying to learn new things?”

    I’ve taken that approach to blogging. I don’t know everything about blogging but I spend countless hours listening to webinars online and reading books on copywriting and business. Being an entrepreneur and creating a business is a never ending learning process. One that I’m willing to accept.

    Excellent post here and thanks for the mention.

    – Andrew

  13. Hi Don,
    This is eye opening message to all the new bloggers like me, who want immediate success and reward for their blogging, as a newbie we should have patience and we need to know rules of the game first.
    Continuous writing and marketing that content, building community all these things will not give you results immediately but in long run these things will help you.
    Thank you for increasing my confidence in content marketing.

    1. Hi Siddaiah,

      There is no such thing as an overnight success is there? Sometimes it appears like it but almost always there were months or maybe even years of laying the foundation and getting a business ready so that when it’s time for an opportunity they can meet it.

      It is a lot of writing and knowing the foundations of your business and marketing that lead to a solid community. I was so grateful a few weeks ago when my community rallied around me on Partially as a result, I’ve asked to be a regular contributor so that’s exciting.

      Thank you for the kind words Siddaiah!

      ~ Don

  14. Hi Don,

    Well put my friend, well put.

    The problem I’ve found with people who come into blogging is that they are given the wrong information about how to have success. They’re motivated to succeed but we both know if you’re doing it all wrong then you’re not going to get the desired results therefore it isn’t going to work and you’ll get frustrated.

    Given the right information though, people can start seeing massive results just like you have. Of course you’re very good with networking in the first place so that helped coming online but this is something everyone can learn. If you have the will there is a way.

    I believe blogging is a must for any business. Your customers have a problem you can help them solve or they need something you have. By helping through your content, you’ve showed them that you care about them and that’s the first step to forming a great relationship which we all know lead to becoming a customer and repeat customer. Who doesn’t want that right!

    Let’s not forget the people who will share you fabulous content and help spread the word about you because word of mouth is the most fabulous form of advertising that there is.

    I appreciate the mention here Don and was thrilled to share your wonderful content. My readers are singing your praises too, they can’t help themselves.

    Thanks again as always Don and have a fabulous week.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      You’ve definitely exposed one problem for sure. There is a lot of bad advice out there and the truth is that too many are trying to teach the “how to’s” before the new blogger has even learned the foundational things about their business like the “real” business they are in or the problems they solve.

      If new bloggers (especially for business) would take the time to work on that with someone like me (I really hate to put it that way but I don’t know how else to) they would expand their horizons and opportunities have more to blog about than they could ever imagine because they would see their company and how it fits into the world differently.

      My results came because I had clarity and plan so therefore I was able to focus. That’s the difference! I know who I am and how the world see’s and needs me.

      That makes it so much easier to communicate and create strategies, goals and objectives.

      Word of mouth… it’s my best friend!!!!!! lol… I just love it when I get a referral, but to be honest I love giving them even more when it’s applicable.

      Thanks for such a great comment Adrienne. I hope you’re off to a great start this week!

      ~ Don

  15. Hi Don! I can’t believe nobody has gone first on this article but a lot of what you write makes sense. I know that probably at this time of year there are going to be some bloggers who are nervous about how they are doing because January seems to draw out a lot of new bloggers.

    You are totally right in suggesting that it shouldn’t be a fast cash grab. Blogging is definitely a long term engagement rather than a short term exercise. I personally have been blogging for over a year (2 on 14th June) and I have had my share of challenges. The worst part is having seen people make good starts only to get disheartened and give up. Sticking with it is definitely key in winning the battle.

    I have found that statistically the posts that do the best are those that answer a need. It is undeniable. Helping somebody out is the best way of making the connection. Solutions have a great power, are search worthy and have more mileage.

    Best wishes Don!

    1. Hi Jackson,

      Thank you so much for commenting! I’m honored you would take a moment to engage with me.

      Well, you weren’t the first as you can see. It appears the link you have didn’t have “/” on the end of it so I moved it over. My apologies!

      I bet you are right, many are probably already giving up having not really researched what they should expect based on their entry level and experience.

      To your point, the absolute best blogs do solve a problem or meet a very specific need. It’s really interesting to see that when people know what business they are “really” in, it changes everything!!!!

      It’s hard when you don’t know how to identify with your audience, or who your audience even is. That’s why I created the Foundations of Internet Marketing program because I know how it will change everything if they just take even a few weeks and master their knowledge of their business.

      Thank you again so much Jackson for stopping by and furthering the conversation. I do hope it won’t be the last time!!!!

      I hope you have an incredible week!!!!

      ~ Don

  16. Hi Don
    Excellent post. I think the inability to think over the long-term can be a major saboteur for success..we want everything now and totally lose sight of the big picture. Like you mention in the post, it is so fascinating how some people are struggling so much yet are so reluctant to move away from what they are currently doing to try something different. There is this total disconnect that they are not fully aware of.

    I remember when Ryan first started blogging..he knew nothing about working online, blogs or any of that stuff, and look at him now. We just need a bit of patience.

    1. Hi Kelli,

      Thank you and congratulations on your big day! You and Ryan make a great couple and I love that the two of you support one another in your dreams. That’s what it’s all about!!!!

      It really is fascinating to watch people know they have to do something but are to afraid to change. I have always been the opposite. I’m too afraid of not getting where I want to go and will change what needs to be changed to get there.

      Ryan is a great example.I can definitely see your positive influence on him and the changes happening in his life through his blog. It’s exciting to witness.

      I hope you have an incredible week Kelli. Enjoy the snow before the heat of Bali, right?

      ~ Don

  17. Hi Don,

    Well said.

    I would say that if you’re not ready to embrace the challenges of blogging to promote your business, then blogging is not for you.

    Since 2006, I helped or tried to help many people starting their blog, but for the most part I could see pretty quick if blogging was for them or not.

    A couple of those people were authors (writers) yet, they sucked at blogging, because they couldn’t bother dealing with weekly posts, or networking, or even learn the ins and outs of this whole blogging thing.

    Now, as a life coach, I can tell you that the mindset is everything. A good 80+% at the very least. The person you mentioned at the outset of your article couldn’t be successful with a blog as he had already made up his mind. I’ve worked with someone like that not long ago. Once that negative stinking thinking is on, it’s hard to turn it off 🙂

    Love for what we do, and extreme motivation are essential for blogging. That will be the theme of an upcoming post of mine.

    Thank you for the mention (that was a super fresh one).

    Wonderful post!

    1. Hi Sylviane,

      I love it! Your first line in your comment spoke so much truth to me!!!! If you’re not ready for the challenge, don’t do it. No matter how many people tell you that you have to or should. Period! (well maybe exclamation point, lol…)

      Before you venture out that is exactly why I created my Foundations of Internet Marketing program so that businesses would be much more equipped and ready for blogging.

      Until you have your foundation set, it will only expose the cracks and cause potential chaos in a business.

      Your experience as a life coach in so valuable! Thank you for adding your valuable contribution to this discussion. You’re a breath of fresh air!

      Thank you for the kind words and keep up the great work Sylviane!

      ~ Don

  18. Don the mindset bit is just the most critical aspect of blogging from my experience. Loving this post of course!

    I learned all that I needed to learn by first reading that Hoffer quote about 9 years ago. I was listening to a Bob Proctor CD and he quoted Eric, and the idea stuck with me in all that I did, almost like magic. At that point I made personal development a priority in my life because I would only go as far as my mind would take me.

    I let more of Me out with each post because I’m stripping away limiting beliefs and am replacing with positive, inspired and uplifting beliefs, and with that, I am growing my businesses and my community.

    As within, so without.

    Hey thanks Don and thanks for mentioning my blog too!!!


    1. Hi Ryan,

      Mindset is definitely up there!!! Without it you cannot succeed long-term or weather the storms that will come.

      The quote by Hoffer is really inspiring… I made it my personal mission a few years ago to always be learning and testing the boundaries of what I know and understand.

      Your articles just keep getting better and better my friend. Your business and community is powerful and there is a lot to be excited about!!!

      Always happy to mention the great work you’re doing and share your blog.

      I hope you’re enjoying the snow today!

      ~ Don

  19. Hi Don,

    I loved reading this and found your video talk very interesting.

    Blogging is definitely a long-term strategy but it can also bring some great short-term results. Creativity, so vital for good business, is a skill which is quickly honed when writing blog posts every week. It’s impossible for this creativity not to carry over into the rest of your work and life.

    Many people underestimate the power of blogging. Some think it’s a hobby type thing that teens and stay-at-home-moms do whilst others assume it’s pointless as they see blogs littered across the internet with zero comments and shares.

    Both understandable viewpoints, especially the latter, when you consider all the impersonal boring announcements a lot of businesses use their blogs for. However, as we both know, blogging when done well can really do wonders for any type of business.

    It’s definitely all about mindset. It’s also definitely about solving the problems and needs of your prospects and customers, as you point out. I think 90% of businesses get all this wrong and that’s why the whole endeavour seems pointless to those who witness these types of blogs crash and sink into obscurity.

    Great post Don. Always a lot to ponder after reading your blog posts.


    1. Hi Edward,

      I’m so honored by your comment and the value you gave through it!!!!

      As I was reading your comment it dawned on my that you’re absolutely right about the potential short term benefits of blogging as well. I think I stressed the long-term aspect of it because for many it doesn’t happen fast and I wanted to make sure they understood blogging and content marketing is an extension of themselves and their businessmen and that they shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations.

      But your point is spot on and I couldn’t agree more!!!!

      That creativity creates clarity and focus and when you have that you are able to communicate and be very articulate in business and social settings both online and offline.

      Clarity is so important and to your point, that’s why most fail is because they don’t have it. They don’t understand the tool, how to use the tool or even why they are using the tool.

      Without clarity and focus one cannot write or share persuasively and without a plan they are stuck at always talking about themselves, the product and price.

      I know I didn’t address this directly in the article but I think I may have a future article here addressing the need for clarity and how that clarity can create the right mindset for success.

      Thanks for extending the conversation and challenging me to think about a few things a little deeper. Now I’m excited and ready to go again!!! lol…

      Thanks again Edward. I hope you have an incredible week!

      ~ Don

  20. Hi Don,
    Another grand slam of a post!

    I liked the part of
    your video when you talk about how others perceive our business vs how
    we do. We perceive our business like looking at an impressionistic
    painting up close. You can’t really make out what you are actually
    seeing until you step back and see the entire picture. Now we cannot
    step back by ourselves We do need another person to do that for us!
    This is why when I first started product creation I did spend the money
    to have someone not only coach me, but to see what I’ve done and
    critique the heck out of it until it was seen properly. Yes, I did
    spend the money to do that a while back and will still do it over and
    over again.

    This is what people need to know. We see our
    products/services one way, but it sure helps to hire someone (like you
    my friend) to punch those holes as you put it, and bring out what is
    going to work.

    Then comes the part of scaling business so it
    sustains the test of time. It is business and needs to be treated as
    such. If one thinks of competition, they are in dead waters. Sure the
    competition will always be there weather one is selling off line or
    online. But it is with passion, persistence and spending the necessary
    amounts of money do we have a successful business.

    I leave you with my favorite saying “You gotta pay to play!”


    1. Hi Donna,

      To be honest, the idea of thinking about our business from the customers point of view instead of our own was the one thing that really helped my mind be clear about the companies who are great from those who are mediocre.

      Mediocrity talks about “me” while being exceptional listens, learns and proactively helps “you.”

      Your experiences are so valuable Donna!!! You’re the kind of business person who not only lives and gets it, but wants to make a difference for those just coming up as entrepreneurs and I think that is absolutely awesome.

      Pay to play… I first heard that in a commercial for the Connecticut lottery 25 years ago and I’ve never forgotten. That’s good marketing!!!!

      Thank you for your inspiration and for your comment Donna!!!

      ~ Don

  21. Hi, Don,

    I like your analogy of playing a new sport because this is absolutely true. Learning a new skill anywhere, online, offline, business or personal, all requires getting in the trenches and just doing it much like going to football practice every day to learn how to play a particular position on the team.

    Yes, I have come across folks that make up their mind before hearing all of the information as well, and it’s quite frustrating when you know you can help but they’re closed-minded and narrow in their viewpoint.

    You’re absolutely right, it does start with the correct mindset. Love your points about being willing to learn something new and to be willing to ‘gut it out’ – awesome! It amazes me that some folks just don’t get it.

    Blogging is a waste of time for some, and your point about not being able to do it alone, is spot on, my friend, and those that fail are the ones that go it alone and can’t be told anything.

    Your video was good, and my takeaway and my favorite phrase was mentioned by you, thereby connecting me even more to you and that is: sustainable and scalable! Decisions I make for my business are based on these criteria – has to be sustainable and scalable in order for me to build big time. 🙂

    Enjoyed it, Don, and thanks for the mention – I appreciate it.


    1. Hi Carol,

      Practice, practice, practice… right? Practice is what creates the conditions so that when opportunities come we know how to handle them.

      It’s a challenge when someone has their mind made up, but I have found with some if I just ask them to have an open mind and then look at the facts not their preconceive notions and ideas they will come around.

      If not, well I’m not going to avail myself to them and waste my time or their time. It’s really not fair to either one of us.

      Mindset is everything!!!! It’s the difference between someone who as a good idea that become mediocre or exceptional.

      Sustainable and scalable… two of my favorite subjects in business. Any business can achieve sustainability and scale-ability, they just have to be open minded enough and be willing to learn.

      Great comment Carol. I always love your ideas, thoughts and feedback.

      Have a great week and keep inspiring us on your site to excellence!!!!

      ~ Don

  22. Hey Don

    Give me a chance to avoid shouting “you came, you saw and conquered”. 🙂

    Never expecting that much awesomeness this post would have and was just thinking it would tell a few myths people have about content marketing and blogging. You flabbergasted me man. Get slow to let me keep pace with you. 🙂

    Become Your Own Publisher. That was the basic idea when in the beginning free publishing tools like GeoCities were introduced in the market. At that time competition of content writing in online publications was rising and it was a big opportunity for those who could not have published at A list publications to become their own publisher.

    As every newly explored opportunity is fully availed by businesses in every era so free or easy publishing option was also grabbed by offline marketers of that time and they started content marketing by publishing their contents to promote their products.

    Every thing was fine and there was no any misconception regarding blogging and content marketing till the competition was not much stiff.

    Soon after skyrocketing cut-throat competition it remained a big opportunity for those who did have mindset of blogging and those who just dived into it to make fast cash were so desperate to see much hard work and consistency as its requirements.

    Afterwards opinion was completely divided on both content marketing and blogging. Those who took it as an ultimate end to earn money despertely failed and mongered rumours that now both of them have lost their potential.

    Those who just used it as a tool to achieve their online marketing goals are still doing wonders – and surely you are one of them – and are not ready to listen anyone who says they are waste of time.

    Thanks a lot for sharing a very insightful post and it did reflect your extensive and practical knowledge on the topic.

    1. Hi Mi,

      So you want to keep up? LOL… I think you’re doing a fantastic job on your blog Sir! I look forward to visiting your site each week to learn something new from you.

      You make an excellent point that blogging and content marketing allows us to become self publishers and if we do it right not only do we get to share our thoughts and ideas with others, we also may get the opportunity to publish on other highly credible blogs and websites that can avail us to new opportunities.

      Another great point you address is the issue of competition. In my opinion, it’s a wonderful thing. I love to compete and show people that I’m worthy of their trust and dollars. Competition only makes us better!!!!!

      Thank you always for your encouragement and your friendship Mi!

      I hope you have an incredible week in ahead!

      ~ Don

  23. Hey Don,

    Oh wow! I am the first commentator here.

    You are really a good researcher of content marketing ad blogging.

    You are rocking. You really deserve the mentions at others blog. I am very honored to have you as special guest on my blog and my readers are really liked your article.

    Yup, the right mindset is really needy in blogging world. Without it, we can’t become successful blogger. Learning new things is a prior role in blogging. We never stop learning. I am still learning and implementing new things from the day, I was started blogging.

    Blogging has teaches me lot and connected me with lot of wonderful and experienced people like you.

    Thanks for the wonderful tips. Have a nice day!

    1. Hi Nisha,

      That’s so cool. Thank you for being the first and kicking off the conversation! I appreciate your kind words. I enjoy learning and experimenting with blogging and content marketing and over the years I’ve just learned the principles and I’ve blessed to expand upon them.

      I really appreciate that you offered me the opportunity to be a special guest on your blog. I enjoyed the interaction with your audience!

      Learning is one of my favorite subjects and I tell my sons all of the time that the key to success is now what you are learning but that you are continually teaching yourself how to learn.

      That really is our focus isn’t it? Especially as people who are working to make a difference to others.

      Thanks so much Nisha for your kind words and for sharing your thoughts.

      ~ Don

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