Value Proposition: How to Create One That Inspires Sales

5 Value-Proposition-How-to-Create-One-That-Inspires-Sales

Do you have a value proposition? Do you struggle in your marketing either online or offline? Does your website get consistent or growing traffic that results in more sales for your business? If not, the foundation of your business either may not exist or it may have serious cracks. Your value proposition is the foundation […]

Content Marketing Success Secrets for Small Business

3 Content-Marketing-Success-Secret-for-Small-Business

Has content marketing success eluded you? Have you tried content marketing in the past and came to the conclusion that it doesn’t work? Are you researching content marketing as an option for your business but you’re questioning if you should do it or not? Have you talked with other small business owners who said it […]

Video Marketing: How Animated & Personal Videos Drive Sales

0 Video-Marketing-How-Animated-Personal-Videos-Drive-Sales

Video marketing can be very powerful and persuasive, especially if used properly in your website, social marketing or as a follow-up tool after a sales meeting. But what kinds of video marketing best drive sales? Should you focus on animated videos or personal videos? Both of them have their purpose but many misunderstand their application. […]

Social Media – What Impact is it Having on Business?

2 Social-Media-What-Impact-is-it-Having-on-Business

Is social media having an impact on your business? Is your business struggling to gain new prospects into your sales funnel and are you closing them? If you’re like most businesses, the answer is probably not and there are good reasons for poor social media results. Find out in today’s podcast and article how some […]