The Buying Process is Reversed but You Don’t Know It – Learn How You can Increase Sales

Author : , Date : May 26, 2015



Back in the old days, which wasn’t so long ago, the concept and process of selling was in many ways much easier than it is today.

I can remember sitting in training classes in 1994 when I worked for the New England Life and Investment Company selling life insurance, mutual funds, stocks, bonds and more. We were not a traditional company like Metlife or State Farm and the way we prospected was very different because of our wealthy target market.

I had to learn my audience and attend events where they hung out, get to know them and schmooze them. I was good at it. I learned not only how to work a room and earn trust but also the products so well that I could communicate them with relevance and give people a reason to buy.

Of course, it was a process that took weeks or many times six months or more. It wasn’t instantaneous. I think we’ve lost a bit of that in our hurried culture. Don’t you?

It was fun and in my first year I made nearly $100,000. Not bad at all for a 24 year-old who had been married only a year?

Over the long Memorial Day weekend I spent some time reflecting on the last year. Yes, this week marks the one-year anniversary of’s blog. YEA!!!!

Reflection is always a good thing.

What went right?

What went wrong?

For all the right things that happened and the new relationships I’ve made some things went very wrong. Don’t misunderstand, I’m extremely happy with my blog and my life, but it’s only been one year and there is room for improvement and new products. I’ve made some good money in consulting and coaching, but I want more and I want to help more people.

Part of wanting more is realizing what is changing in our culture and learning how to adapt to it to meet the changing needs of our prospects and customers.

I came across a very interesting quote attributed to Gary Vaynerchuck:


“The problem with marketers is that everyone wants to be a hunter, and nobody wants to be a farmer.”


b84875c7667f779eb68043df5d8a1045_f767Before discovering Gary’s quote I actually wrote an article two weeks ago on Andrew Warner’s blog titled “What Farming Can Teach Us About Content Marketing.” In it I talked about the process of blogging and content marketing as it relates to the farming metaphor. I hope you’ll take a moment and check it out!

Sales as we know it has changed, and it has changed for every business. It doesn’t matter if you’re in manufacturing, retail or a service industry.

The old model was advertise, advertise and then advertise some more. Over a defined period of time gauge the revenue versus expense and determine if you made money or lost money from the advertisement. Then repeat or scrap and start over.

It’s very much a hunting mentality. Go out and find those who might want to buy from you among the masses.

Well, that is changing rapidly thanks to technology as I shared in my eBook on Amazon titled “The Shift – Making the Fast Paced Transition from Mass Marketing to Context Marketing.





It’s now become much more about farming. Check out my article on Andrew’s site to learn what I’m talking about because I really want to get to the point and help you in this article.


Sales is No Longer the Domain of the Sales Person


On Sunday mornings my wife (Nicole) and I like to get up early and head out to adventurous places for long and challenging walks. It’s not like a walk around the park, it can be pretty intense exercise sometimes.

don-and-nicole-at-suqehanna-riverThis weekend we found a location about 20 minutes from our home near Lancaster, PA on top of the Susquehanna River. We found not just a beautiful view with massive hills but also a long a beautiful trail at the bottom.

We hiked down and then enjoyed a long 4 mile walk before coming back up to the top.Yes, it is challenging. But, I’m up for the challenge with our health kick since January.  I’m in the best shape of my life to be honest and it’s getting better every week.

While on our walk I was sharing with Nicole how much the sales processes and cycles have changed over the last twenty years.

She said something very insightful.


“Your customers don’t want to see the food being made?”


I admit I wondered where she was going with this?


“Think about it, we go to a lot of restaurants where the kitchen is no longer hidden from view. They want to see the chef, the preparation and the environment the food is being cooked in.”


Isn’t that genius!!!!

I couldn’t imagine my life without her. She really is the genius in this marriage of almost 22 years.

She is so right. Today’s consumers want to know all of the facts about what you do, how you do it, why you do it, and for whom you do it.

success-secrets-of-the-online-marketing-superstarsI did some research and found a report in 2010 from Google called “Zero Moment of Truth” in a new book I’m reading called “Online Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars.

I was shocked to find a variation of Nicole’s quote needless to say.

In the book Jay Baer talks about self-serve information which is really nothing more than the different forms of content marketing with a focus on the audience instead of the business. If you’ve read my blog long enough you will find that is a point I make in virtually every article in one way or another and on the “Begin Here” page.

Here is what Jay said about the Google report:



“Google’s landmark Zero Moment of Truth research provides mathematical evidence of the beginning of this shift in information consumption, finding that in 2010, Americans needed 5.3 sources of information before making a purchase; but in 2011, they needed 10.4 sources of information. Think about that: In ONE year, the amount of information we needed before parting with our money DOUBLED.”



The conclusion is not that we need more information to make a buying a decision, but that since more information is available than at any other time in world history we are taking our time in making decisions.

I’ve experienced this first hand on both the business side and the consumer side and I bet you have as well. But, I didn’t connect the dots until Nicole brought it out and then the book confirmed it.


Is Impulse Buying on the Decline?


Is impulse buying on the decline? I’m not sure it is for everyone, especially if your target market has a lot of discretionary money. But I do think most people feel they have less money than at any other time since World War II. Just watch the consumer index reports and economic data it’s pretty clear to me that people still don’t trust this economy and they are showing that in their spending.

The value of a spending dollar is not what it once was just a few years ago and while prices on items have gone up, pay raises have not followed for the majority of working Americans.  In fact, due to increases on things like taxes and health care you can make an argument that their wages have gone down.

When people don’t have money or much discretionary income it’s amazing how priorities change. What they might have spent money on in 2005 is no longer what they are willing to spend money on in 2015. That’s not just true in a business-to-consumer environment but also in a business-to-business environment.

From 2010 – 2015 many businesses have held off on spending money in critical areas and are trying to make more things last longer than they would have in the past.

That doesn’t mean businesses aren’t spending any money, it means they are being smarter about where and when they spend it.

All of this has a profound impact on sales and sales cycles.


The Old Versus New Buying Process


In the old marketing and sales processes, businesses would spend a lot of money in mass marketing to reach a very few number of consumers who were able, ready and willing to buy. They might spend money on mass marketing opportunities like:


  • Direct Mail
  • Newspaper and magazine ads
  • Radio Ads
  • TV Commercials
  • Door hangers
  • Door-to-door sales
  • Websites
  • Etc…


The sales processes were pretty straight forward because once the ads were out there a real person would call or show up in the store when they wanted to talk to a person to make the buy or if that had a question so specific that only another human being could answer it.

That has all changed with the internet.

The power is now in the consumers hands thanks to the sheer amount of data and information on a product, service and business.

This is why your marketing and sales must be friendly, responsive, engaging, compelling, relevant and inspirational.

Have you heard this quote before?



“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in & be what people are interested in.  ~ Craig Davis”



Think about it…

Have you ever been to a website and were interested in the product or service from the company but you did NOT fill out a call-to-action form or contact us form because you didn’t want to be emailed or contacted by a salesperson?

You might have just gotten my point.

I am seeing a lot of conversations and blog articles these days about email marketing, opt-ins, squeeze pages, landing pages and forms all with a goal of getting someone on your list or to buy something they are not yet willing to buy from YOU!

One more point from the book that I think bears mentioning here and this is really important.



“In 2012, Sirius Decisions research found that in B2B, 70 percent of the purchase decision has been made before the prospective customer ever contacts the company, meaning that whether or not people buy from you in B2B is based on self-serve information.”



As I said early and it deserves repeating; self-serve information is basically content marketing. I’m not sure I like the phrase content marketing anymore since the point of it is to establish competence, trust and ultimately give people a reason to contact you. It’s point isn’t to sell, it’s to inform and educate, and establish competency, credibility and trust.

That’s where marketing and sales has changed.

A few months ago I wrote about the difference between marketing and sales and their relationship to one another (opens in a new tab or window). I encourage you to take a few minutes and read it. It may clear up a few things.

Today, sales no longer about reaching and prospecting. Instead it’s about attracting, influencing and giving people a reason to buy.

If people are not buying from you then you are either:


  • Attracting the wrong audience?
  • Selling instead of educating and informing?
  • Not giving people a strong enough reason to buy from you over your competition?
  • Encouraging people to buy strictly on price (in some industries or in retail this may not always be avoidable)?
  • Are strong arming people into buying through forms and email subscriptions, etc.?


I want to make something really clear. I’m not saying don’t offer people a reason to join your email. But, in the same breath don’t force people to do it either. That’s just my opinion and I’m sure there will be some who disagree heavily with me and will say it works and maybe it does.

My contention is that if you’re creating extremely useful and helpful content your audience loves, they will join your email.

Let me give you a personal example.

In December 2015 Nicole and I made the decision to get into shape. We are in our early forties and would love to be healthy enough to do whatever we want into our eighties. We can’t do that on a “sit-on-your-can” lifestyle.

Nicole has followed Dr. Joseph Mercola for at least five years now. He puts out the absolute BEST content I’ve ever seen on nutrition and exercise. His content is so good that we joined his email but it also took us three months of visiting his site several times per week.

He just has a on opt-in on the sidebar or discretely at the top in the banner. He doesn’t force it and he doesn’t even mention it in his articles. But, his content is so good we wanted more and his email delivers what we want a lot of times because we trust his education, research, experience and communication methods that make a difference for our health.

Now, that is very different from joining the email list of our favorite retail places to shop who send us upcoming offers, coupons, etc. Retail has a very different application to email.

I’m not trying to make this a conversation about email. I’m trying to ask you to think differently about marketing and sales and why someone should join your email other than to get something from you and if they do are you going to continue delivering or are you going to give them a strong reason to unsubscribe?

Remember, email is a form of content.

How about your content on your website, social media, podcasts, videos, etc?

Is it so good and valuable that people want more or do you have to manipulate people into joining your email or buying your product or service?

If so, that may be why you’re not getting the sales you need or want to grow your business.

The sales economy has changed and yet most of us have not changed with it.

Maybe you need to go back to the drawing board and re-think through your business and discover:


  • “What business you’re “really” in?”
  • What difference in the world you want to make?
  • What are you “really” selling?
  • Why someone would buy from you?
  • Who will buy from you?
  • How do they want to buy from you?


Too many businesses are skipping straight to strategies before there is a foundation for the strategies. Hopefully I’ve done a good enough job of explaining why your sales is lacking and have given you pause to think about why your audience is either not attracted to you or isn’t filling out those forms?

Here is what I encourage you to do. Lucky for me after this article there are no forms required… lol.

Visit the “Begin Here” page and learn the process that you can go through to really learn your business, prospects and customers. You will learn on this page what it means to gain the right clarity and then focus on the strategies that will help you attract the right prospects and customers.

Your sales might be struggling because you’re working under a old pretense of how sales used to work instead of the way it really works today.

Click here and learn the right stages to grow your business. It’s never too late!




Do you have a comment, thought or question? Please, jump down to the comments section below and share and extend the conversation. I promise, I respond to each and every comment!

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28 thoughts on “The Buying Process is Reversed but You Don’t Know It – Learn How You can Increase Sales

  1. Hi Don,

    I loved the post. Not only was it super informative, I also feel as though I got a look into your personal life to.

    The marketing game sure has changed and I think there is a clue in the title of this post. ‘Buying Process’. It’s a process now where each step has to fit like puzzle and fit the right audience too.

    Also I think there needs to be balance. I used to be scared to promote because I was scared people was thinking I was to spammy. But as I had already given so much and I market in a constructive way… it always pays off.



    1. Hi Naomi,

      Thank you so much! I appreciate you noticing and sharing that you got a glimpse into me personally. Something I plan to do more and more of is share a bit of me with my readers. I think that’s important.

      The funny thing about marketing is it’s always going to change and that means we have to learn how to really use this tool and evolve with it as the buying process changes for consumers. As I shared, it has changed so much in just the last few years that it’s going to become even more competitive in the years to come.

      Thank you for the vulnerable moment and sharing your fear. It’s one many have and even I am getting more comfortable with putting myself out there in my blog with CTA’s and asking people to buy me.

      I’m really good at sales in person and I learned 20 years ago if you don’t ask they rarely will buy. Why aren’t we asking on our blogs and websites? One word… fear.

      Great comment Naomi. Thanks so much for contributing a valuable comment!!!!

      Have a great day!!!!

      ~ Don

  2. Hi Don,
    The inbound marketing process as we know it today brings about the trending sales process that marketers should embrace. It surely affects the buying process even if it is reversed.

    Hence, for a marketer to truly grasp the power of sales conversion at every process, it is important to push on with delivering value to every marketer!

    I left the above comment in where this post was found.

    1. Hi Sunday,

      I agree with you. When you have a sales process upside down as many do today it limits the ability to earn more sales.

      Mass marketing is a very limiting format and when you spend a lot of time hunting it becomes highly inefficient and unproductive.

      I appreciate your comment and I hope you have an awesome week Sunday!

      ~ Don

  3. Wonderful, clearly researched article with facts and quotes to back it up. You are right about the shift from the old ways of advertising. Years ago, companies hunted for customers, now you attract customers. From my own personal experience, screaming about your services from the rooftops is less effective than educating people and bringing their attention to needs your services/products can fulfill.

    A few of the entrepreneurs I have worked with know this but they don’t practice it because targeted content marketing takes time. In today’s fast-paced world people want results in the blink of an eye. I was discussing with a dear friend whose spicy rice meal drags me to his restaurant countless times. He told me that in his business, he had learned that there was no fast or shortcut to overwhelming profits. That success in business depends on the relationship you build with your customers.

    And I think that is what you are trying to say as well. Before one can succeed in any business, they must first understand the business, who are their customers and how to relate with these customers. As described in your article, “What Farming can Teach Us about Content Marketing” business owners must be willing to think like their prospective customers, create content that specially helps that customer, prepare specific and measurable goals for their campaigns and execute these goals.

    Your blog is a wealth of information Don. Thanks for sharing this valuable insights. i look forward to reading more from you.


    1. Hi Chioma,

      Thank you so much for the kind words and for another fantastic comment!!!

      I couldn’t agree more, it definitely takes time. As I share in today’s blog article it also takes vision. Your friend is a smart business person! He is so right that there are no fast or shortcuts. It is all about sustaining and building a great business over time that attracts the right audience through great messaging and then through even better delivery and customer service.

      Thanks so much again for sharing and for the very encouraging words. I hope you have a great week Chioma!

      ~ Don

  4. Very nicely explained Don!

    I have seen that change over the years. I started with sales training around 1998 and oh man, things definitely changed over the years and it’s changing faster over time.

    The ZMOT technique was a “so that’s what it’s called” moment to me when I first read it back then. I kinda knew it was a “thing” since I noticed that in myself so Im glad you got to read that.

    1. Hi Dennis,

      It has been a massive change and I think it’s going to change even more over the next 5 – 10 years in ways we cannot comprehend. I am reading all kinds of mainstream news articles on the rise of artificial intelligence and it’s impact on lawyers, pharmacists, transportation, etc…. and of course it’s already hitting web design with The Grid and it will eventually hit every industry so it’s going to be an interesting ride as it affects business, marketing and sales.

      The numbers are really interesting as we sit back and really think about what they mean to our businesses. I’m sure you agree?

      Have a great week Dennis and thanks so much for stopping by!!!!

      ~ Don

  5. Hi Don, I hopped over from Donna’s blog and so glad I did. You’ve given me a lot to think about. I really don’t like those opt in pop ups on so many blogs. I refuse to do that on my blog. In the same token my subscriptions haven’t grown much but my site’s unique visits have. I always get mixed messages when I start analyzing my stats. However, your discussion of marketing and how people decide to buy is so valuable! Thank you for this mini education and I’ll visit some of your other posts you mention.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      WOW! Thanks so much for stopping by. It’s a joy to have you on my blog!!!

      I couldn’t agree with you more. In fact, I leave immediately when one pops-up. I really believe as I said in the article there is a better way to do it. It reminds me of the old cold calling days… I once reminded a business that while they got 1 customer for every 100 calls on average that means you made at least 50 of them angry for the interruption of their day. That’s terrible branding!

      I really appreciate your very kind words and I do hope you’ll check out some other articles. Just want to let you know that if you liked this blog then you might really love today’s podcast. I hope you’ll check it out? It’s the pre-cursor to a free live webinar I have coming up soon, but I didn’t say that in the short podcast.

      Have a great weekend Lisa!

      ~ Don

  6. Hey Don,

    I had to read this one and as I was reading it made me think about what I was taught when I use to be in network maketing. I learned that it takes an average of 7 exposures before your prospecs join or buy from you.

    You tool it even fit her and showed that people want a certain amount of resources to learn from before they make a purchase. I have to agree with this because before a purchased some software I do my due diligence and do the research.

    So yes marketing has changed I believe for the best because now customers have the resources in the palm of their hands. Thanks for the share Don! Have a good one!

    1. Hi Sherman,

      There are so many things that business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers can learn from network marketing. In the end, the principles are the same. It’s just a shame that a few have created a bad name for the many in that industry.

      Unfortunately, they may have been a little generous with the exposures. I read an article in Harvard Business Review back in 2010 that was fascinating. They said for traditional marketing in the early 90’s it took 7 touches, in the early 2000’s it was around 20 touches and in 2010 it was over 100 touches. It is probably higher today.

      Now, translate that to content marketing… it’s hard to get on person to see 3 pieces of content for the average business owner let alone ten.

      As you and I know that is where networking online is powerful and for example; blog commenting is a form of content. That’s why it’s so important.

      Thanks so much for commenting Sherman!

      I hope you have a great weekend.

      ~ Don

  7. Hi Don,

    I do see that there are many hunters out there instead of farmers. Love that quote and am a great fan of Gary V. To me it is a mindset. We do have to be clear on who we are, what can we offer and why we want to do it.

    We cannot be out there as a sales person. Instead, we need to be the forerunner. The person that has the guts to try new things. See what works, and what does not. Share it with our readers honestly. It’s all about attraction. And it gets down to people buying people in my opinion.

    With so many marketers out there, we need to stand out with our own unique qualities and be transparent about it. Some will be attracted to you and that’s all you really need.

    I rather have people coming to me that to chase them down any day. I’ve worked with many coaches and some I have learned from, others wanted me to follow their way of marketing which is not me at all.

    I love Nicole’s quote. I rather be in a restaurant that has people cooking where I can see them, than hidden behind closed doors. The “look over my shoulder” technique of marketing is a great thing to do. Some will resonate with it and others won’t. We want those who do.

    This is why marketing goes beyond blogging itself. We can have our blog, but then do other things like webinars, Q&A’s more advanced teaching and so on.

    OK…I’ll end the novella here because I’m passionate about this subject!

    Thanks for all you do and share Don,


    1. Hi Donna,

      I know you and I see eye-to-eye on this. I personally love sales but it’s because relationships, listening and communicating come natural to me. I don’t force it, I just let people buy. It’s funny, most will talk themsleves into it if you let them.

      Now, on to the subject, lol… we absolutely have to start standing out as marketers and sales people; and yes if you’re a business owners you’re both. I know many business owners don’t want to be or don’t like it but that’s the reality.

      I know that a few of us have learned how to use our knowledge, experience, skills and talents to separate from those who don’t. I really believe it’s going to get easier for us over the coming years and harder for the majority who are just “winging” it.

      Attraction is as much about competence as it is our foundation that I pound continually that most will not take the time to do. It’s good for us and not for them.

      Nicole has such a way of bringing out the obvious. I’m such a blessed man!!!

      In today’s podcast I actually talk about the need for a marketing system which you hit on. Marketing does go beyond blogging and it’s a big deal to now have ways to create content so that people find those 10.4 sources that help them make the buying decision before they ever contact us.

      You can feel free to keep the novella going anytime you want!!!! I always learn something new from you!

      Have a great weekend Donna!

      ~ Don

  8. “The problem with marketers is that everyone wants to be a
    hunter, and nobody wants to be a farmer.” Very true! That really makes sense. I
    must say that all life demands struggle. In today’s age, farming is way
    effective rather than being a hunter.

    Work and let your hands get dirty, in the end of the day;
    you’ll harvest the best fruit/veggies ever and satisfy yourself for the result
    of your endeavor.

    I also want to mention “We need to stop interrupting
    what people are interested in & be what people are interested in. ~ Craig Davis”, this reminds me of Steve
    Jobs, he was fired at Apple. He came back and changed the world. He created a
    product that people are interested in.

    All in all, the article is loaded with great information and
    mind-opener topics and takeaways. Thanks for this, Don.

    1. Hi Metz,

      Absolutely, it’s time we learned how to attract instead of how to hunt. It’s more efficient, profitable and helpful to both the business and the prospect / customer.

      Great word picture with Steve Jobs!

      I appreciate your kinds words and I hope you have an awesome end to your week!

      ~ Don

  9. Hey Don,

    Had to stop by here and read this one.

    The more I work with you the more I “get it”. I think for those who have come from corporate America but in the capacity of employee instead of employer don’t quite get how this all works. Sure, we’re consumers and we buy but we all go about this differently. As you said, I’m sure there are still people who will buy on a whim and they don’t care from who but if they do that a lot and the products are horrible, they’ll start doing more research before their next buy.

    That’s where our blogs come in and that’s why we have to over deliver our content to help them make those decisions without being pushy. That’s an instant turn off for me, my Dad was a salesman so I know how they can be at times. I’ll run the other direction so fast they won’t see me leaving. LOL!!!

    Love what Nicole said and thanks for sharing your experience as well with Dr. Mercola. That is a great example of not putting all that in our faces and because of what he’s shared you were able to make that decision on your own. I’m sure it’s one you haven’t regretted making either.

    Really great share, thank you so much Don and I hope your meeting went well. Been thinking about you.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      I had a great meeting with my client and the best part is it turned into a referral for both a prospective new client that owns a top 5 real estate agency in Maryland as well as a lot of extra marketing for my upcoming webinars. I guess that means I really need to get to work, lol…

      New business owners really have to be indoctrinated into business. We are not trained how to be business owners; high schools and universities are training people how to be employees and get jobs. The skills required are so different.

      That means we have to learn our foundation and we have to learn as much as we can about the marketplace and how it’s changing so that we can meet the needs of our prospects and customers.

      Like you said, this is one place a blog can be really beneficial, especially in light of the quote I put in the article about the number of content pieces a person sees on average before contacting a business for a sale.

      I’ve been thinking of you as well with all that rain down there. Stay safe and I hope you have an awesome end to your week!

      ~ Don

  10. Hi Don,

    So glad I caught up with your post here, and while I missed the one at Andrew,s I will be sure to get to it.

    First I want to mention that like you I’m seriously challenging my muscles these days. Yesterday I went on top of Arthur’s Seat, which is the mountain that was created by the remains of an ancient volcano some 300 millions years ago, in what is today Edinburgh, capital of Scotland. The top is at 822 ft high and I went to the top. My gosh it was something.

    I love Nicole’s quote here. Yes, people want to know how the food is made. Literally and metaphorically. That’s why when we see REAL people, we tend to trust them more. And if we trust them more, we will be more tempted/willing to by from them.

    I guess it’s time for everyone to understand that by now.

    Not long ago, I had a discussion with a co-worker just few weeks before I finally left that dead end job of mine. We had noticed how that company had basically not raised anyone’s salary for the last two years, while our bills kept on going up. So, yes, the wages have gone down, in more ways than one.

    People want to make sure they’re not wasting any money, plus they may have been burned a couple times (at the very least), so they are more cautious now.

    When it comes to online products, for example, I’ve purchased many things that were not worth my money, so for sure I’m way more cautious today. But I’m not the only one for sure. If I can say this, I’m sure few more thousand people out there could say the same thing. Yes, we are harder to sell to today than we were 3-5 years ago. So you do the math and you understand the process, in short.

    Thank you for this great info. definitely agree with everything you said.


    1. Hi Sylviane,

      WOW! Thank you for such a fabulous comment!!!!

      Getting into shape is my thing now. It’s become a hobby and a passion. I’m loving all I can do as it gets easier each month.

      A lot of people are really experiencing the power loss of their dollar. It’s frustrating to so many and yet we hold an opportunity for them if we take the time to sell them properly.

      You’re not the first person I’ve heard say now disappointed they were in by a product they bought online for training purposes. I’m creating one now and I intend to give a lot of value. To ensure that value I’m giving it away to some people who can give me feedback on it to help me ensure that it is worth more than they paid.

      I would love to have you be a part of it as your experience may be really helpful.

      Thanks so much again for an amazing comment Sylviane.

      ~ Don

      1. Hi again Don,

        Sure I would love to be part of that experience.

        I can’t remember the last time I paid for training or knowledge that I didn’t feel that I didn’t waste my money. I like to think of it as part of life, you try things and see, but still, not a nice feeling.

        So, sure I would love to give you my honest feedback.

  11. Don,

    Really insightful post…I also read your post on what farming can teach us about content marketing and it’s so true that in order to build the right following, people need to get the right processes in place and not divert from those processes. Just getting visitors to your site isn’t what your business needs to achieve sustainable growth. You need qualified leads. Otherwise you’re like a circus…lots of people will watch but few will actually participate.

    I think that is where the value of ebooks, whitepapers, free reports, etc. comes in. By offering something of value to the right people as they are researching (in order to improve their business or quality of life) without expecting a sale, you are offering the ultimate customer service. Not only that, by targeting the content to fit their needs based on what they have subscribed to, you aren’t wasting their valuable time marketing them with a “one size fits all” approach which can very quickly alienate your subscribers.

    I completely agree with you about the importance of not forcing or manipulating people to opt-in…I myself have never been a fan of the subscription pop-up. It is very disruptive when you are in the middle of reading something and it blocks your view. I feel that the point of getting people to subscribe is to give them something that they are interested in, not disrupt them with something they are not. Isn’t that the point of content marketing…that it’s not disruptive like direct marketing?

    Great post, good luck with your health journey! I look forward to reading more!



    1. Hi Andrea,

      Thank you for stopping by to check out my post and my site. I’m happy you’re here! I don’t know about you, but when it comes to business and my site I’m not a big circus fan, lol… I love your illustration!

      I agree about the value coming from the different sources you mentioned. I’m also looking into webinars in addition and I think it could be a great fit… there is a time and a place for sales, but don’t ask me to marry you on the first date. Right? It seems like common sense but these days so few have it.

      I get so annoyed by pop-ups and I’ve stopped visiting sites that employee them. It’s just another form of intrusive marketing. Yes it gets my attention… but it also makes me angry when you disturb my thought processes with them.

      Thanks so much Andrea. I do hope to see you again soon and I appreciate your very kind words!

      ~ Don

  12. Hi Don,

    Gay Vee’s quote and your post on Andrew’s blog both sum it up; we are farmers. At least the good entrepreneurs are 😉 We sow seeds, which grow, and then, we reap. You build your good name through offering all types of free content, then of course, you offer paid services too, and the more you focus on giving the more detached you are from getting, and the irony is, the more getting you do.

    Love the message of course here.

    Kelli is taking an online course from a personal development guru who is making millions, easily, based on some quick calculating we did, and it makes perfect sense because this woman sees herself as the Queen of Overdelivering, which is like the farmer who sows the best seeds in the most fertile soil and patiently irrigates over the growing season, and then, watch out for that reaping!

    This is also why I am do a podcast and 1080 HD video and 5000 word post weekly…oh yeah, and a $2.99 eBook which is 8 K to 10 K words too 😉 Over deliver, to the right market, and as you give freely, wow, things take off pronto.

    Thanks Don, power post as always. And awesome work/play on those walks!


    1. Hi Ryan,

      Indeed, farmers and not hunters. No one wants to feel like they are prey. Cold calling and direct mail made us feel that way and the backlash was huge.

      That’s really cool that Kelli is taking the course; and over delivering is a BIG, BIG, BIG deal.

      I will have to check out your podcast. For some reason I missed that you were doing one now. So cool!!!!

      I’m headed off to Maryland to meet a client and I hope you have an incredible day!

      ~ Don

    1. Hi Rodney,

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I sincerely appreciate it! Triberr is a great place to meet new people and businesses that blog. I have enjoyed my time there.

      Again, I so appreciate your comment!

      ~ Don

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