Dare to Be Different and Reach More Prospects, Buyers, and Earn Raving Fans

Author : , Date : October 8, 2014

Dare-to-Be-Different-and-Reach-More-Prospects-Buyers-and-Earn-Raving-FansThe internet is full of articles by different people that all say the same thing in a slightly different way. Just browse the marketing blogosphere and you will discover titles that have similar headlines like “7 Ways to…” or “Five Ways to Gain a 1,000 Twitter Followers?”

After a while, it all starts to look the same. It’s as if we are taking other people’s content and just re-writing it as our own. No originality, thought or uniqueness.

Yet, we wonder why we are not connecting with influencers or audiences and we are certainly not getting noticed, not getting new loyal readers or people that are buying from us.


Be Different, Stand Out, Get Your Own Voice


Let’s be honest, it can be easier to watch other blogs and see what people are sharing and commenting on and then write on what they are writing on because it must work. And, it’s easy to get lazy and re-write other people’s ideas without experimenting and discovering how you are unique, relevant and different.

I also see infographics that are sharing what types of titles and information people are clicking on the most. There can be value in that, but the problem is everyone starts writing over each other. It’s like the stock market of bloggers… you know at the stock market where everyone is in a frenzy yelling to get there information in and it looks like and is utter chaos.

Here is my problem. Who cares!!!!

My job is screamnot to gain massive readers. Do I want that? You bet I do.

But what do I really want?

What is the real purpose of my blog?

I hope you’re starting to ask yourself those two questions if you are thinking of blogging for business or you already have a blog?

What I really want is to be thought of as original, different and unique. I want to be considered a thought leader who offers a different perspective and ideas that are unique and sometimes even out of the box. Other times the ideas are just common sense but we don’t see it because we are too close to our businesses.

I want to bring ideas to the table that are fresh and interesting in order to help my readers.


I have a firm philosophy that if you come to my blog and read it and don’t come away with one idea you can use to help your business, I’ve failed you!


For example, in my recent article “One Over the Top Idea To Help You Grow Your Offline Business Online” I shared four ideas to help an offline business connect with their customers in the store and move them online. The ideas I offered are unique, fresh and mine and I have NEVER seen anyone do them before. But if they did I guarantee it would be a success!

Can you imagine the excitement around a business that is fun, entertaining and engaging all at the same time both in the store and online?

Your job is to find who you are and what makes you different. Then, drive it home online. Be yourself, stop being someone else.

Your experiences, passion and unique personality ought to shine through in your blog and social media posts; and your personality ought to jump right off of the monitor!


Stop Being Boring


When you write the same type of articles that everyone else is writing it’s boring and to be honest it’s a waste of time. I don’t want to read the same subjects over and over again.

Do You?

That’s boring and we all know it.

So let me share some people who have found their own voices and are anything but boring!


Ryan Biddulph








My buddy Ryan Biddulph is about as unique as they come. Ryan blogs from Paradise and I have to tell you that his blogs are interesting and fun. Here is what he says his purpose is on his blog:

“Blogging from Paradise – our community – is the place to boost your blogging income and generate more traffic. If you really work at blogging you can retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.”

Check out Blogging from Paradise


Adrienne Smith








Adrienne is one of the most unique people I’ve come across in my blogging travels. What I love about Adrienne is in a personal phone call I had with her recently she was the most genuine and caring person I’ve come across in a long time. But that is also her blog! Her personality shines right through it in every paragraph. She just says things the way she sees it in her own unique and interesting way.

As a result of just being who she is, she has learned all there is to know about relationship marketing because she is a relationship building person. Her articles get comments in the hundreds. Why? Because people connect with and we just cannot help ourselves. LOL…

Visit Adriennes’ Website


Kevin Duncan








Kevin has created an amazing blog at Be A Better Blogger. What makes him different is his unique way of taking a serious subject and making it light-hearted and fun. He’s memorable and everyone who follows Kevin knows when he’s writing or commenting. We don’t need to see his name to know it’s him.

He has his own unique style and way of sharing that is witty, humorous and draws us in until we get his point. And we do get his point it’s powerful.

Visit Be a Better Blogger


Andrew Warner








Andrew is one of those writers that after you read his work you’re left wondering what just happened?. You feel this thing in your gut and you just know you have to follow his advice and direction because when he writes as if he’s writing to you.

His articles are very detailed, thorough and most importantly helpful. He makes a difference for his readers with his candor and how to’s.

Check out Shade of Info


Donna Merrill








Donna is one of the most social people I’ve come across online. But, she has taken her own special view of online marketing that is relationship driven and branded it as attraction marketing.

Her articles and viewpoint always come from the context of how are you attracting those who really need YOU! She too is fun, interesting, and easy to read.

Check out Donna Merrill Tribe


Brittany Bullen








Okay, here is a person that has just flat out interested me through her writing and her style. But I can’t tell you why? I just resonate with her content around blogging and marketing. Her perspective is very different and eye opening to me.

She is a playwright, composer, actress, singer, Mormon, DIYer, entrepreneur and aspiring vegan. Her various talents and artistic way of sharing is so different to my style of thinking that I learn from her each time I read her blog on how to engage with those who are different than I am in the way I think and interact in the world. Brittany is just refreshing.

Check out her blog at Brittany Bullen.com


Traffic Generation Café with Ana Hoffman








If you read blogs at all on marketing you’ve probably come across Ana at one time or another.  Her blog is fascinating and isn’t just another one of those “how to” blogs that tell you what to do.

Nope, she tells you like she experiences it and what the results really say about marketing. For goodness sakes one of her recent articles is titled “Why Traffic Generation Café Is Not Making as Much Money as It Should.”

Does it really get any more real than that?

Check out Traffic Generation Café


Being Different Will Bring Results That Will Speak For Itself


It’s hard at first to figure out how you’re going to be different. The reason is that too many are fabricating themselves, they are forcing themselves to be different or trying to take on a celebrities personality instead of just realizing that you’re already unique and different.

You have a unique personality, experiences, training, and a history that is your own. Use it to your advantage.

I’m often asked why does one person turn into a star and another who writes for years struggles to get any real traffic on their site. Are the successful just lucky?

Not at all!

We’ve heard the saying attributed to the Roman philosopher Senneca; “Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity.”

When your opportunity comes are you ready to seize it?

Here is a few ways to figure out how you are different:


  • Define what business you are “really” in. Ask your best customers or readers and a few you just met how they would answer that question. Ask as many as you can and get a solid random sample. The point of this question is to learn how your readers, prospects and customers view you and your business. In their eyes what makes you unique and different.
  • What problems do you “really” solve? Again, this isn’t from your point of view. You are probably too close and never even thought about this question. It isn’t about you, it’s about your readers, prospects and customers. You learn here how you are different and how you can communicate with them based on what they need and want; not based on what you do.
  • Who do you “specifically” solve the problems for? Again, this is important because you will be talking and writing directly for them, not for everyone. This will help you be perceived very differently when people feel like you’re writing for the one person who’s reading the article.


When you’re different, people will naturally gravitate towards you. When you’re different influencers will want to learn more about you and connect with you. But, you have to figure out how to be unique an different and then be… DIFFERENT!

You’re blog will love you, your readers will love you, your prospects will want to buy from you and your customers will become raving fans.

If you’re a regular reader on my blog, I would love for you to tell me in the comments below how you think I’m different. Tell me how you think you’re different.


If being different and unique is something that is holding you back in your blog and you’re not getting the growth you need or want in your business, I would love to chat with you. Do you remember when I said that your job is to find who you are and what makes you different? I realize how hard that is to do by yourself. In fact it’s impossible.


Are you ready to be different and distinguish yourself from your competition? If so, click here to learn more on the Begin Here page.


Again, if you’re a regular reader on my blog, I would love for you to tell me in the comments below how you think I’m different. Tell me how you think you’re different. 

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Don Purdum

Don Purdum

Don works with businesses to help them discover who their customers are and what business they are "really" in. He is an award-winning blogger and branding / marketing consultant.
Don Purdum
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60 thoughts on “Dare to Be Different and Reach More Prospects, Buyers, and Earn Raving Fans

  1. hi don’ sounds like we are in total agreement on this one. but there are still so many people out there who refuse to ask for help because they are afraid of being seen as weak stupid or silly. and i can’t forget the other side of asking for help and that is being ready to offer what help you can when it is your turn. take care, max

  2. I really enjoyed your posting on being different. I am a fashion blogger and when I started I felt as if all odds were against me because when I thought of what I thought was a cool idea for my blog that I thought was unique I would later see that idea somewhere else. It seems as if every single topic in fashion blogging has been touched upon that it is quite hard to be different. Every trend or style that I identify myself has been touched upon but I just stay true to myself and blog for the love of it and hope that my readers see that I am original in my own way as my style is what I like and not what I see from other people. Thanks for this informative blog though.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and for commenting on my site!

      I think long term you might surprise yourself? While you’re finding your uniqueness you may feel like you’re writing on the same topics, but you can put your own unique spin on each topic and share from your own perspective.

      As you are out there and you grow in knowledge and experience, you may start to see things differently and have a different point-of-view or emphasis than other fashion bloggers.

      Just stay with it, be patient and allow it to happen. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. I don’t and shouldn’t either. Just be you and write from your heart with passion and intelligence.

      Best wishes! If there is anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

      ~ Don

  3. hi don’ well after working midway games for years I’ve heard that one and used it myself. it worked very well on games where they won a prize every time. some others are it only takes one to win. and the all time classic line is the only way you can lose is to die or quit playing and you look healthy to me kid. 🙂 but i find the whole idea of asking for something really makes sense when you let people know that there are people out there just waiting to be asked. keep it going, max

    1. Hi Max,

      I couldn’t agree more! People want to be asked, they want to be validated and they want to feel they are needed. If someone can help, then asking is a really good thing and I find that people always rise to the occasion and contribute.

      ~ Don

  4. Great post!

    It’s really great advice to differentiate from the masses. It’s easy to fall into the game of sounding like all the rest and not standing out. I believe often the reason that people follow and copy others is that they lack the self confidence to be themselves. It could also be that people don’t want to offend others when saying what they think. It’s funny though, but when you begin to speak as the “real you” you begin to attract people much more easily.

    You highlighted some brill bloggers there, all with unique and memorable styles. Its excellent to mention this vital tip. Thanks for sharing, will tweet this out. Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew,

      As you know, creating really good or great content that is unique, relevant and different is hard work. But it’s also a learned skill, don’t you think?

      I agree that sometimes it is lack of confidence. I also think there are a number of opportunistic people that are taking shortcuts in order to achieve results.

      I couldn’t agree more… be the real you and you will attract the right people. I love that you brought that up!

      I appreciate you sharing!

      I hope you have a great week!

      ~ Don

  5. hi don; yes if you don’t ask then very little will happen. on the back of my business card for the midway marketplace it says if you don’t ask, they can’t say yes. looking forward to hearing your opinions after you read it. enjoy your weekend, max

    1. Hi Max,

      Years ago I Connecticut used to have an ad for their lottery that said; “you can’t win if you don’t play.” Well, you can’t get if you don’t ask…

      I like that! LOL…

      ~ Don

  6. Hey Don

    I remember reading a while back that we shouldn’t be worried if we write about something on the same subject as others. The reason being that we all have a unique voice. I think it was Jon Morrow that said it.

    I remember reading it and thinking, that’s a very easy way out.

    Don’t get me wrong I sometimes see great ideas for articles on other blogs and make use of them but from my own perspective. That in itself isn’t necessarily unique enough though.

    I’m away after the weekend for a few days in Ireland and I’m going to give some thought on how I can dare to be different going forward!

    1. Hi Tim,

      The thing is there are many different ways to write and share. I was just thinking if you want to increase your readers, why not come up with a unique article and title and then include quotes and ideas from other and link to them.

      Let them say it and then you can give your own opinion on it.

      Just a thought. Great perspective you offered and I appreciate your comment.

      Have a great trip in Ireland and an awesome week!!!

      ~ Don

  7. Hi Don,

    People need to learn that following others is not the perfect approach if they want to get success.
    Uniqueness is the key. We all are unique and have some special quality.
    The main thing is to show it to your readers. Get more customers by your extraordinary approach is needed.
    Like all the successful bloggers you have mentioned in this article bloggers should work hard.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us.

    Hope you are doing great this week.:)


    1. Hi Ravi,

      I’ve always believed there was value in following others if you’re figuring out what makes you unique and how to incorporate their ideas into your own way of thinking and doing things.

      You are so right, uniqueness is the key and since we all are why don’t we take advantage of it?

      Some don’t pursue their uniqueness out of fear, insecurity and worry of what others will think. But, if we can show them it’s okay and it doesn’t matter what others say then we are better off for it, aren’t we?

      Have a great weekend Ravi!

      ~ Don

  8. Hi don; well we only recently started exchanging posts and messages; and you have to get to know someone a bit before you can expect to be included like that. Its really about time I wrote a post thanking some of the people who have mentioned me or outright helped along my way. I left that comment about being unique really more for myself than for you. I thought to myself I belong on the list so why not say so. and you are right about adrienne. she is an amazing lady. we both live in the houston area, but the city is a sprawling one; so we haven’t gotten to meet in person. although I know we will eventually. I’m thinking it might happen after she gets through with her new online product. she is one of the people who helped me realize how special i am and got me to the point that I could read all those other names on your list and know i belonged in it. and as I’m sure you know one of the biggest leaps we have to make is knowing that we have something to offer that is important to others. for me its sharing how anyone can do what i do if they work at it every day. as its often said about me. if I can do it then what excuse does anyone else have. don’t know if that’s a hundred percent true, but I do hope to motivate people to take action to make their lives better. thanks for your generous offer to read my ebook. and I too am looking forward to getting to know you better. If there is anything i can help with, just ask. have a great weekend friend, Max

    1. Hi Max,

      I love that you see it as your mission to make other people’s lives better! It just doesn’t get any better than that.

      We get what we sometimes ask for Max. Years ago when I was a fundraiser I learned that if you don’t ask, people cannot give. Like you, I believe in myself and I know exactly what strengths and weaknesses I bring to the table to help others.

      If I don’t make the path, no one is going to make it for me. Right?

      I’m looking forward to reading your book next week. It’s going to be a busy and exciting weekend.

      Chat soon.

      ~ Don

  9. Hi don; thanks for setting people straight on this subject. like mike robins says you need to be yourself because very one else is already taken. by the way I hope to be included in this type of post sometime soon. I mean it doesn’t get much more unique than max aka the blind blogger aka mr. midway. People seem to really be drawn to my open honest style of writing. I was pleased to find out that every one you did mention is someone I respect know and consider a friend. I have learned a lot from them especially adrienne. take care my new friend, max

    1. Hi Max,

      I was reading your blog earlier and I was just thinking the same thing!!! You’re posts are really unique and extremely helpful. I really enjoy your writing style and how you bring your readers into your world.

      I will be including you in the very near future, I can assure you. I’m looking forward to getting to know you more and interacting more with you as well!

      Adrienne is a sweet lady. Chatted with her on the phone recently and I had to pull myself away because I think she and I could just talk forever. She’s a really kind, smart, talented and classy person.

      I’ll chat with you soon Max! I hope you have a great weekend.

      ~ Don

  10. Hi Don

    One has to burn mid night oil to stand out in the crowd. What people already know is the foundation of your uniqueness. If you know what they already know you will never repeate the same information.

    Being online marketer we need to create and not to perform. But unfortunately we try to flip the fact and assume we will create a new reality with it.

    Yes a little hard work with concentration and extensive research can make you easily create a unique post.

    All the bloggers you pointed here did have developed their own voice and now are fully shining at the galaxy of bloggers. List is really enviable.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this quite a unique post which does stand out in the crowd.

    1. Hi Mi,

      It sure seems sometimes like we have to burn that midnight oil doesn’t it? The good news is if we play our cards right there will come a day that our uniqueness wins and we end up in great demand and can sleep whenever we want!

      I have never heard it the way you did in your comment, but you are so right; “Being online marketer we need to create and not to perform. But unfortunately we try to flip the fact and assume we will create a new reality with it.”

      That’s one of the most revealing statements I’ve heard in a while. Creating is at the very heart of entrepreneurship, regardless of the industry.

      We can work hard, but it does no good if we aren’t creating and working smart!

      I appreciate you Mi. I was just thinking of an article today that you have some quotes that would make for excellent content.

      I hope you have a great weekend!

      ~ Don

  11. Don – your message is loud and clear here and I appreciate that. There are too many “me too” bloggers wasting their time and efforts on doing the same stuff others are doing. Once someone stops being themselves and once they start imitating others, they automatically become boring.

    Every person is unique and that is the beauty of creation. So why strive to imitate others? Why spend so much time and effort to repeat what someone else is already doing? Being yourself is not at all hard – imitating others is extremely hard – so why take the extra effort and end up being boring while it is quite easy to be just yourself?

    Great points Don. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Jane,

      Thank you so much for your affirmation and validation of this article and viewpoint. I know you read a ton of blogs and getting your attention is not a simple thing!

      Unfortunately, as Andrew exposed below, many are being taught to write the same subjects from others telling them these are the types of articles that draw a crowd or keyword planner is telling them subjects that are popular and so they write to the search engine.

      If we all embraced what makes us unique we would have a much more interesting batch of blogs to read wouldn’t we? But, in reality I guess it’s to our advantage that the majority is the same so that when we are discovered we will be exposed as being different.

      That’s a good thing and I’ll take it.

      It really is hard imitating others, that’s a great point of view!!!!

      Thanks for the awesome comment Jane!

      I hope you have an awesome weekend!

      ~ Don

  12. Help few people in a big way than many in a way that won’t make much of a difference.

    Certainly love the premise behind your post, Don, and needless to say, honored to be mentioned!

    If I don’t have anything unique to write about, I don’t write. (maybe that’s why I haven’t written that much lately… lol)

    1. Hi Ana,

      Thank you for stopping by. I was wondering if I was doing something wrong on your site? I stop by every few days and I noticed it’s been a little time since there was an article last. So, I’m working backwards on your site reading older articles. I’ll comment soon as you have some outstanding content!!!!

      I somehow doubt you don’t have anything unique to say. Maybe you’re just not feeling inspired right now?

      Have a great weekend Ana!

      ~ Don

  13. Hi Don,

    The truth is that we are all unique, all we need to do is not be afraid of that “uniqueness” so to speak. To tell you the truth, I’ve always been pretty unique myself, but for years I was doing the opposite, I was trying to blend as much as I could, because I’ve been bullied for all my schooling years for being different in many ways. You know, in the children kingdom, being unique is NO good.

    Now, even if I wanted too, I still couldn’t blend. I sure am unique and that was pointed out to me when I gave my icebreaker speech at my toastmaster. I’m here in Raleigh, NC and once I say that I’m French and used to be an actress, and dare to add that I’ve worked with 2 famous french movie stars and met my own favorite movie star… then add that I have a dual citizenship that allows me to travel with too passports to go through lines faster… LOL, need I say more? Actually, I could, and I’m not afraid of it anymore, so that makes me pretty unique.

    Now, do people notice me more because of it? Yes, they do, but it’s not always positive for me, but I don’t even care about that anymore.

    Maybe I should use more of me in my posts, but then again I’ve got lots of positive feedback about what I write. I think that in my case, it’s my dedication that is lacking, especially right now.

    Thanks for another great post, Don!

    1. Hi Sylviane,

      I love this quote from your comment right out of the gate: “The truth is that we are all unique, all we need to do is not be afraid of that “uniqueness” so to speak.”

      BRILLIANT! Why didn’t I think of that myself? Oh yeah, because I needed your uniqueness to help me.

      I have obviously never met you personally or talked with you, but I can say that your writing is very unique and it’s awesome. I look forward to your articles on Monday’s!

      I’m glad you’ve learned to embrace what makes you unique. Rather it’s your accent, experiences or dual citizenship… people want to hear. I guarantee you!!!! And if you do it right you’re gonna make a lot of money if you want to!

      I’m blessed to have you as an online friend Sylviane. Your uniqueness is a blessing to me and I’m sure you are a blessing for your clients as well!

      I hope you have an awesome weekend!

      ~ Don

      1. Hi Don,

        I had to come back see what you had to say here. Now that you said it, that quote is pretty good, yeah! And it’s all mine 🙂

        I hope we will talk soon as I want to talk to you about my sites merging. I will not do that before I can hear what you have to say, since you were one of the very few that said that it was possible as long as it was done strategically.

        Thanks for your reply, and have a great weekend!

          1. You’re welcome Sylviane.

            Likewise!!! I’m glad I met you as well and I always appreciate your kind words. I’ll be over to your site shortly. I can’t wait to see this weeks article you have for us.

  14. Hey Don,

    Thanks for the kind words and the mention. I literally laughed out loud when I read your description of me, especially, “Andrew is one of those writers that after you read his work you’re left wondering what just happened?.”

    You made some really great points here and your point to stop being boring is accurate. I’m a person that just has to try to be creative. I’ve been told that in blogging, its “stupid” to write about topics no one is talking about but if it’s something that’s important, why not write about it. I don’t call that stupid, I call that being creative. And that’s what I aim to be each time I write a blog post.

    I try so hard to stay away from topics that EVERYBODY writes (most of the time) and maybe it’s working against be but just like your headline said, I’m daring to be different. I’m carving my own path. The last thing I want to do, or even the last thing anyone should be, is a “Me Too” blogger.

    Really sound advice you shared here, Don. As always.

    Hope you have a great rest of the week.

    – Andrew

    P.S. Really loving the new design here by the way.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      You’re welcome my friend! You write some great topics and I appreciate it that you go do deep. That’s one of the things that make you unique, relevant and interesting. In fact, there is so much detail and your writing style is so easy to follow that I’m enamored and have to ask if you really just did that so easily?

      BORING! Well, it’s a subject near and dear to my heart. We all have one commodity in common and we never know when it’s exhausted; and that’s time.

      My time is too precious for you to bore me. If I’m going to stick around your website you better woo me, amaze me and leave me wondering what just happened, lol…

      I understand why everyone says to write about the one topic because keyword planner says it’s what everyone is searching for.

      But here is the thing. I don’t necessarily need a million readers today. I just need the right one hundred readers and there are people searching for what I’m writing about.

      So, I would rather be interesting and relevant to those who want to buy instead of fascinating and I just read ten articles just like it.

      What says you?

      I appreciate your comment and I’m looking forward to jumping over to your site shortly.

      Have a great weekend Andrew!!!

      ~ Don

  15. Great list Don!

    These are great people and hey, you are absolutely right. STOP BEING BORING!

    I got to get my brain out of that and got to learn more from you 🙂

    Have a blessed week ahead man.

    1. Hi Reginald,

      Yep, let’s kick the boring to the curb and infuse a little fun and a lot energy into helping others get what they want so that they in turn will help us get what we want!

      I appreciate your kind comments!

      ~ Don

  16. Hi Don,

    It pays to be different! I have seen this virtue in the way you blog. In
    fact that is what keeps me coming back to comment on your blog anytime
    there is new post.

    Having an article on uniqueness shared is confirmation that you are
    helping others to reach their full potentiality in blogging.
    Yes, following others all the time is boring but taking advantage of
    our uniqueness will bring about result that will speak for itself!
    I have shared this comment also in kingged.com where I stumbled upon this post.

    1. Hi Sunday,

      It sure does!!!! I couldn’t agree more! Thank you for the very kind words and I’m so glad that you do keep coming back.

      I always appreciate seeing you when you come to my blog! Let’s keep working to figure out how to take that which is boring and make it exciting!

      ~ Don

  17. Hi Don

    I loved this post so much, and you gave some excellent advice here. Most topics will have been covered in some form regardless of the niche, but there are so many ways to put our own unique spin on them. That is why the willingness to personalize and infuse your own story and experiences can be such a powerful way to connect.

    Finding your own voice can be challenging for a couple of reasons, such as lack of confidence or like you noted in the post, looking at what everyone else is doing and running with that a bit too far perhaps.

    As a personal development blogger, I think the issue of ‘voice’ comes a bit easier to us because of the nature of the content. Every single thing I write is based on my own thoughts ,feelings and beliefs and infusing my own experience is very natural.

    You definitely leave your readers with at least one helpful nugget–in fact, you leave them with many!

    1. Hi Kelli,

      You are so kind! Whenever I’m blessed to receive a comment from you I can’t help but smile and feel a burst of energy!

      I couldn’t agree more, it is challenging. That’s why I believe after a few weeks or months most people give up on blogging. It’s hard work and it takes time to learn how to communicate well.

      That’s true in all forms of communication. I spent six years learning public speaking in both undergrad and graduate school and I had a speaker coach for six years.

      I really found my voice when I learned how to properly give public presentations. It took learning my personality and infusing it within the presentations to make them real and meaningful.

      It’s the same in writing. Many are not writers and are not even good writers. But, they can learn and they shouldn’t stop because an obstacle got in the way. Just go through it!

      As always, I so appreciate your kind words and encouragement Kelli.

      I hope you and Ryan and have an awesome weekend!!!

      ~ Don

  18. Hello Don, What a Great post, I do know all of these amazing bloggers other then one and yes I am on my way over to check this person out!

    As you have stated each of them do have their own voice. Love It!

    As for me, well it did take me a few years to catch on. When I first started blogging I was that boring person, I would go to FaceBook and see what people were writing about and then actually just rewrite what they had said.

    Well I am still in the learning mode and probably always will be but I do know that I am unique in my own way.

    Thanks for sharing my friend, Great Video too. Chery :))

    1. Hi Chery,

      It’s all part of the journey for many of us, isn’t it?

      I’ve been blessed due to my education to be a natural writer and I found my personal voice and style fifteen years ago. I had some professors that seriously pushed me in creative writing classes and then again in speaking classes and with six years with a speaker coach.

      What’s interesting is how I’ve taken my speaker training and formats and used them as the basis for my blog writing style.

      I’m so glad you’re not boring anymore, in fact I really enjoy reading your blog. I learn something new from you every time I visit your website.

      We are all always learning. For me, I’m constantly learning about how to write to that one person with that one need or struggle and offer them a solution. As I said in the article. if you don’t get that from me then I believe I’ve failed.

      I so appreciate you and your comment Chery!

      I hope you have an amazing finish to your week.

      ~ Don

  19. Hi Don,

    Thanks for the kind mention! So honored to be with each of the folks up top. The cool thing is I consider each unique person my friend, and in the case of Adrienne, Donna and Ana, I have known each person for years. All awesome people, and all bloggers who, when you visit their blogs, you simply know they’re talking in their voice because nobody else writes like them. You’ll always stand out when you let go the self conscious, self talk which cripples many aspiring bloggers.

    I just tell my story. That was always my goal on Blogging from Paradise, and it will be my intent for as long as I’m posting there, because telling my story in my voice makes me, me, and it’s what makes me stand out from the 7 billion other human beings on earth. It’s fun to tell our stories, too, and we need not be living in Fiji, or Bali, or Thailand, to spin some fun, inspiring stories, because we all live interesting lives.

    For the longest time I lacked confidence. Even though I was a globe trotter, I felt nobody cared about me or my story. When I opened up, relaxed, and told of my journeys, and linked them to blogging tips, and when I practiced writing, a bunch, to find my voice, things took off in my little universe, and I’ve never looked back.

    Thanks Don! Tweeting soon.

    Signing off from Fiji.


    1. Hi Ryan,

      My guess is that there are many more people who struggle with confidence and self worth than we realize, because they don’t blog, comment or say much on social media.

      It’s kind of like the person in the office that people know the person is there but they don’t interact with them much. Out of site is out of mind, right?

      I can see where your blog is helping your readers see that it’s okay and that they can do it! It’s so awesome to come across someone who has been that person who struggled with self-confidence overcome that hurdle and then achieve success.

      I learned a long time ago that 99% of the things we fear will never come true. It was a great confidence builder for me, but I’ve never been one to struggle with that issue. Believe me, I have my issues, but confidence isn’t one of them.

      Your voice is one that is needed and is one of the reasons I’ve identified you as so successful and is turning you into a blogging superstar.

      Thanks for being an inspiration to many of us Ryan!

      I hope you have an awesome weekend!

      ~ Don

  20. Hey Don,

    One thing I’m definitely not is boring! LOL!!!

    I totally get what you’re saying here because as new bloggers visit me and I do my best to return the favor, I’m quite often instantly bored or just not able to concentrate so I’m quickly leaving their blogs. I’m tired of reading the same old rehashed subjects in a way that is not grabbing my attention.

    I know how it was being brand new though but that doesn’t mean you don’t have your own unique style to bring to your writing. You might not think you do but everyone does. Look at me! I seriously didn’t think anyone would be interested in what I had to share. Seriously now, but I did it anyway because I was at the place where I felt I had nothing to lose. I’m so glad I did this too or I wouldn’t be where I am today.

    We all have to find our own place here and there are so many people we can help from us sharing what we know and have learned. I just happen to be a very opinionated lady who loves to help people without giving you any bull. I tell it like it is and help you learn in an easy manner giving you tips that you too can implement and they work. Who doesn’t want to learn from someone like that right.

    Not everyone is going to like me or my style of writing because as I just mentioned, I don’t like everyone either nor their style. That’s just part of life but we all just need to concentrate more on just being ourselves and letting our own uniqueness shine through. It might take a little while for people to find their own voice but they will, trust me on this one.

    I’m honored to be mentioned here Don, thank you so much. I’m truly touched that you look at me in this way and I’m SO glad we had that phone chat too. Now doesn’t that just help break the ice and make you feel like we’ve had that special connection? It does for me! (((wink wink)))

    Thank you again my friend, it’s a pleasure to know you and I’m so glad we’ve connected here. Bloggers helping bloggers but the way I look at this it’s friends helping friends. That’s the real key here so thank you for all you contribute to the blogging community as well.

    Enjoy your week now.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Boring is never a word I would use to describe you! LOL… You are vibrant, fun, engaging and most importantly, just you.

      It’s really interesting how many articles out there really say nothing, mean nothing, and help no one. They are just ploys to try to get us to buy their stuff.

      Here is the problem with that.

      I don’t have a relationship with you so I’m not buying you based on if I like you are not. I would buy from you based on if you’re competent. How can I feel you’re competent if all you do is jump right out at me, don’t say anything and then just ask me to give you my money?

      A lot of folks have a lot of struggling to do!

      Like yourself, I got to the point a long time ago that if you don’t like me, my writing style, etc… I’m okay with that. Let’s move on…

      I hope you’ve had a great week Adrienne. Mine is finishing so much better than it started, lol…

      ~ Don

  21. If we hadn’t already had a delightful phone conversation Don, this blog post would have inspired me to phone you!

    I love this paragraph, “What I really want is to be thought of as original, different and unique…a thought leader who offers a different perspective”.

    Ah…You are preaching to my choir my friend.

    My entire life and work is build on helping people access their essential truth. In many surface ways we all have similarities. At the core, we also all have something extremely unique and something that is Exactly THE THING that will resonate with another who is waiting for your gifts.

    This is true in our personal lives and in business. You can be a copycat in your writing, your marketing, your language and continue play it safe. Or you can choose to step fully into your greatness and embrace all that makes you special and share it with the world.

    Your audience, your readers, your market is bored and jaded. They skim and absorb the world in repetitive sound bites. But when something grabs their attention that is outside their expectation, they sit up and pay attention. You want to be that thing!

    As you so aptly mentioned Don, it is exquisitely hard to see your own forest for the trees. That is why even coaches have coaches, mentors have mentors, professionals never step onto the playing field without the coach on the sidelines. As you grow your blogging business, or coaching business, or sales business or any business, surround yourself with mentors, teachers, coaches who have the ability to be your magic mirror – reflecting back to you all about your great and unique self that is often difficult to see on your own.


    1. Hi Deborah,

      I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED our call together. You are one of the funnest and brightest people I’ve talked to and I really enjoyed the conversation. Your mission is simply awesome!!!!

      I’m glad you saw that, I wondered how long it might take for that line to stick out to someone. That is really an important thing to me and was the thrust of what I was trying to get across.

      If we are going to have an opportunity to be thought leaders and influencers then we are going to have to bring something different to the table. We cannot all be the same drums at the same time.

      That doesn’t mean there cannot be overlap… just do in a way that is uniquely you.

      As you affirmed, people are bored! If we can exceed their expectations then there is an opportunity to be special, relevant, and dare I say it…. profitable.

      Seeing your own greatness is so hard. I know I cannot see the tree through the forest. I’m grateful to have so many around me to push me and encourage me to go beyond myself and what I think I can accomplish.

      Deborah, you’re awesome and I can’t wait to introduce you soon to my audience!!!!

      ~ Don

  22. Don,

    I think the first thing that makes you different is your generosity, but aside from that it’s the fact that your posts apply to offline businesses as well as online, more so than many of the other blogs I read.

    I must say, though, that while having a unique voice is essential, there’s also a lot to be said for learning from what others are doing. Some techniques for content marketing get done to death because they really do work! Of course,there’s always room for originality within that, but that’s always been how I figures out what to do– copying other awesome bloggers like yourself!

    Thanks so much for the feature. I think it’s cool that you directed people to my personal blog and not my business blog! I have more fun there, for sure 🙂 and it’s getting WAY more traffic! Still figuring out how to turn that traffic into income though… I hate ads and affiliate revenue is spotty at best… any thoughts?


    1. Hi Brittany,

      There is a way to write headlines and content on topics that make you feel different and unique. It just requires some extra thought and consideration to how to approach the topic.

      You’re very welcome on the feature. Turning traffic into income… hum…. I’m sure I could come up with some ideas but I would need to learn more about what your trying to accomplish on it. As I mentioned in the steps in the article, there are a lot of things that can go into how tome monetize a site.

      By the way, I agree with you on the ad and affiliate revenue. Nothing wrong it at all, but I’ve already been approached and I’m not putting other people’s ads, etc, into my site unless I know them personally and we have a partnership.

      Also, I love the music video you put together on your about page. That’s really cool!!!!

      If you want to chat, let me know.

      I hope you’re having an awesome day!!!!

      ~ Don

  23. It takes some time for people like me to find the voice, style, attitude they want to convey on a blog. I’m still practicing, I’ve stopped with blogging for a long time and concentrated on client work. Im getting back in the groove now. No better way to learn than from all you guys. 🙂

    1. Hi Dennis,

      It can take time, I definitely agree with you!!!! It’s a process so just keep practicing away and one day it will come to you if you’re self aware and paying attention.

      I appreciate your kind words and it’s a joy to connect with you!

      ~ Don

  24. Hi Don,

    When we dare to be different, to me, it is just being yourself out there. Never emulate another person!!! I think it all comes down to attitude. Some are going to like you and some won’t. Once realizing this remembering that you cannot please all of the people all of the time, but some some of the time, it is easier to be yourself.

    Take you for example, when I first met you via your blog, I knew immediately that you were genuine. Now, adding that video I can resonate with you even more!!!

    We are who we are, and it is important to express that and not be afraid to. If someone is having a problem with that, then, they need to work out that issue to free themselves.

    People say I’m fun and bubbly lol. Others may think I’m off the wall he he. But it doesn’t matter to me. There are a bizillion people out there in internet land and if I could teach someone just one thing, I’ve done my job.

    I wake up in the morning eager to get to “work” to learn and share and grow. It is quite simple…but it has to come from the heart. I see it in your work Don. You are out here with altruism, and a welcoming personality. People like that and that’s why they are attracted to you.

    Thank you for the mention, I sure do appreciate it. And…BTW I love the new look of your blog. I can see things more clearly. The white background sure makes a difference!


    1. Hi Donna,

      Attitude, is that what you want? LOL…

      Just kidding.

      You are so right, we should not be afraid to be who we are, that is what makes us unique and different from everyone else.

      I so appreciate your kind words and it’s exciting to be building a community of amazing people such as yourself. As I read across the web many talk about doing it but few are really achieving that end result.

      You are so welcome on the mention and I again I appreciate your feedback on the site changes.

      I hope you’re having an awesome week!

      ~ Don

  25. Hi Don,

    You are the best example to stand out from the crowd. First, when I saw your post, I was lost in the depth of it. Though my blog is no where the niche I am found around, I love to interact with great bloggers.

    You are one of them, and so does many of the great personalities you have listed on the article.

    Ryan is the magnetic person. He writes, he story tell, he makes huge promises, gives proof doing it. He is the most envious person in the blogging sphere, I guess. He hops too many times when compared to others. Love you Ryan.

    Adrienne is the most humble blogger, I must say. She says everything straight, no talk other than that. Her blog articles, mostly the thankful thursday does the magic for me to see many great blog post and announcement, all in one place.

    Kevin is the news blogger for me. I knew him from the post he made of about 8000 words. He makes some serious blogging in a very light heart manner. He takes away the best gutty person. Hats off to him to write 8000 posts only to start experimenting with short posts later on.

    Andrew, is indeed the smart blogger in his writings. He lives up to the expectation of the title and many times even more. He goes out of normal article and gives some substantial reasoning behind his every word. His post are the best giveaway.

    Donna, I am not in business, but I often land on her articles which she does with magnetic style. I just finished her awesome article of thanking bloggers. Must read http://donnamerrilltribe.com/2014/10/some-amazing-bloggers/

    Brittany, I am so sorry, I didn’t got in your web of inspiration till now. Will check you out soon.

    Ana, not much to you too. But, I landed once on your blog post and seeing what others have to say to you, you are indeed amazing.

    Much about the great buddies, unique voice is what counts and the problem solving nature. I feared to go different, I can say, I am not following much of the rules, I guess I might land on good paradise some day.

    Cheers Don. 🙂

    1. Hi Rohan,

      I’m so appreciative that you took the time to share how you’ve connected with each blogger and how you see each one uniquely. They are all great examples!

      I appreciate your kind words and the fact that you read this article that is not in your niche means I appreciate your comment even more!!!!

      I hope you’re having a great week!

      ~ Don

  26. Hey Don,

    What an awesome surprise to be mentioned alongside all these great bloggers! Thank you, my friend. 🙂

    I love your description of me: “What makes him different is his unique way of taking a serious subject and making it light-hearted and fun.”

    In only a few words, you perfectly encapsulate what I try to do. I don’t always succeed, of course. Haha. But I do try. 🙂

    I will be sharing this shortly…

    Have a great day, Don. And thanks again!

    – Kevin

    1. Hi Kevin,

      You are so welcome!!!! I absolutely love your blog and I’m a HUGE fan! It’s been fun getting to know you the last number of months and how your uniqueness has enriched so many.

      Keep going man, keep pushing, and keep climbing for the stars!!!!

      ~ Don

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