Help! I Don’t Understand Why My Content Marketing Isn’t Getting Better Results?

Author : , Date : December 11, 2014

“Help! I Don’t Understand Why My Content Marketing Isn’t Getting Better Results?”


Could it be that you’re content marketing is struggling because of self-centered blog articles, videos and social media?

Or is there something more?

In today’s video blog, Don Purdum answers a question from Beverly in Tampa Bay, Florida:


“I don’t understand why my content marketing or my blog isn’t getting better results. The experts say write blogs and post them to social media. I’m doing that but why isn’t it working?”


Beverly, Most times business bloggers are writing in obscurity. We sit in our offices, come up with a topic, labor over the writing process, come up with images, post the article on the blog and then wait and hope that someone else like Google or Facebook will do the work of driving traffic to the blog.


The truth is… we have to stop being lone-rangers. We cannot succeed without a team around us to help us.

A football team is made up of individuals, but one individual alone never determines the outcome of a game or season.

In today’s video, I will spotlight Adrienne Smith and Donna Merrill as examples.

Getting out of isolation online will propel your blog, content marketing and business.


Do you have a thought, comment or question? If so, please share with me below in the comments section and let’s chat! 

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Don Purdum

Don Purdum

Don works with businesses to help them discover who their customers are and what business they are "really" in. He is an award-winning blogger and branding / marketing consultant.
Don Purdum
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44 thoughts on “Help! I Don’t Understand Why My Content Marketing Isn’t Getting Better Results?

  1. Hello Don,

    How are you mate?

    I strongly agree with what you have said about a team. Team is indeed require to win any kind of strategic game, war or even blogging or marketing.

    I am not much scuccessful yet but I have built a team around it for my other projects such as I have writers, social media experts and many other who work closely with me and we discuss our goals for a month on monthly basis. Also, how we can execute the idea.

    One person cannot think a lot of ideas but when you have 4-5 people around you then there are many new and innovative ideas come out.

    Great write up DON.

    Keep writing such stuff.

    1. Hi Atish,

      Thank you for joining me on my blog. You are absolutely right… a team is required to win. Even a game with one player there is still a coach, trainers, dietitians, etc., that help the athlete.

      Success does’t happen all at once, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be successful as long as you plan for it!

      I appreciate you stopping by and sharing.

      I hope you’re having a great start to the year!!!

      ~ Don

  2. Hi Don,
    Your video is just amazing. I have downloaded in my hard drive as a precious piece of advice. For a long time, I was doing everything on internet except building relations. After many hard knocks, slowly I have come to realize that marketing is all about building relations. It is so powerful that often the need of having a Google centric website becomes irrelevant. Your video is a reminder for me that in the year 2015, my main focus should be on building relations. I am your new fan.

    1. Hi Eklavya,

      Thank you for stopping by to share your thoughts. I’m sorry I didn’t see your post sooner as it was in spam and I just looked there.

      Building relationships is the ultimate key to success. Without it you are destined to fail. Unfortunately the online world we are in and moving more towards will be predicated on our ability to establish and grow relationships that are mutually beneficial.

      I’m really glad the video helped you.

      I hope you’re having a great start to your year!!!

      ~ Don

  3. Hi, Don,

    Excellent article/video, and I think you helping Beverly with such wisdom put in such a conversational and down to earth way is wonderful.

    You know I’m not one to ditch a comment opportunity, but just want to say that Harleena spoke the words that could have been my comment verbatim.

    So….Yeah, √ what she said! √

    Well done, my friend. 🙂


    1. Hi Carol,

      I have no idea how I missed your comment, and a few others as well? I’m sorry it took so long to get back to you on this post.

      Thank you for the kind words. Harleena’s comment was really good and so much appreciated. I must have done something right to get two smart people on the same page without you guys talking? LOL…

      Have a great finish to your week!

      ~ Don

  4. Hi Don

    What an awesome video.

    It is strange that some bloggers expect that without a team, or taking time to network with others that people would just come from no where and start reading their blogs.

    I love the points that you have raised when it comes to content marketing. On the internet, working together as a community is the best strategy to get better result. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Awazie,

      So sorry I missed your comment! I can’t believe I didn’t see it sooner.

      We all need a team, there is just no way around it and to build that team we have to find the right people to match up with. I always say start with finding those people who serve the same audience you do but in a different way.

      Thanks so much for commenting and for your encouragement!

      I hope you’re having an awesome finish to your week!

      ~ Don

  5. Hi Don,

    I am loving the way you put your videos in your blog! I get to see who the guy is behind the words written. And may I point out I have the highest respect for what you are doing.

    You give so much to people in each and every blog you post. Re-purposing is such a great way to get “the word out”….that is something I’m working on as I write! I’ve given it a shot on my Facebook Page..just short videos and people went wild over them. I received many “thank-yous” just for shooting a 3 minute video that can help them.

    Your podcast sound like a wonderful idea. I know you work a lot with businesses and this will further enhance your authority. Thanks For Sharing me ,


    1. Hi Leena,

      I’m really sold on the need for video in blogs for the reason you stated! People really do connect with people and the fact is that video can show how well you really know something.

      I really appreciate the kind words Leena. I have a firm philosophy that if someone comes to my site and they don’t learn at least one thing or can’t use one idea for their business then I’ve failed both them and myself.

      I do hope to see you around again soon Leena!

      Have a great week!

      ~ Don

  6. Hi Don,

    It’s an interesting one here, blogging in the shadows is what Ma’am
    Carol Amato tagged such bloggers that don’t really wanna creat a blog
    community arround their blogs.

    I agree with you that a person doesn’t just wake up in the morning,
    write an article and wait for traffic from heaven knows where, it’s all
    about team work, reciprocation, watch my back I watch your back, yes
    that’s what blogging finally turned into, and to make blogging a win-win
    situation, you have to go by it’s path.

    Thanks for sharing, and do enjoy this weekend.

    1. Hi Larry,

      Carol indeed had a very interesting article that compliments this one. Many business bloggers just want to write (reluctantly in most cases) and hope that their audiences will mysterously find their articles and buy from them.

      They miss the point and haven’t done the foundational work. Many business bloggers just want to write (reluctantly in most cases) and hope that their audiences will mysteriously find their articles and buy from them.

      But they don’t understand all of the missed steps required for a successful business blog that will achieve their intended strategies, goals and objectives for their business and blogs…

      Wait! That may be the problem. You don’t really know your business and don’t have strategies, goals and objectives for anything other than sales and you wonder why your business is isn’t succeeding – especially online (doesn’t matter if you’re a brick and mortar who is also online or you’re exclusively online).

      It’s something to think about! Why would you blog, who would you blog for and what would you have to say that your readers and prospects might want to know?

      Connecting with your audience, reciprocity, and demonstrating you’re worthy of them taking their time to read your content… Just something to think about.

      Have a great week Larry!

      ~ Don

    2. Hi, Larry,

      Wanted to set something straight.

      You said: “Carol Amato tagged such bloggers that don’t really wanna create a blog community arround their blogs.”

      This is NOT what I said, nor is it the meaning of the article.

      The term ‘lurker’ is referring to the reader/visitor of the blog, not bloggers.

      The title of the post is: Get Out of the Shadows and Make Your Presence Known (Help for Lurkers)

      NOT — > “blogging in the shadows…”

      It appears you didn’t read my post, Larry, it’s very clearly referring to readers who don’t comment, and not at all about bloggers who publish content.

      Please take time to get the main point of an article, and be very careful when quoting other bloggers.

      I’d appreciate it.

      Hope to help.


  7. Hi Don.

    Great content, always.

    You made some fine points to Beverly. I know that the principle of ‘leverage’ is something that gets mentioned a lot on your side of the world. Likewise ‘reciprocity’ is so important because we can’t do everything by ourselves.

    Whether we are part of a deliberately constructed team or are part of a network, it’s the collective that drives the marketing engine. The great personal examples that you shared are testimony to that.

    Will tweet soon.


    1. Hi Nathan,

      Leverage is indeed a big word, and a very important one. We leverage our opportunities through relationships and helping others first and foremost. Reciprocity is a form of leveraging in the technical sense.

      But the problem is it sounds so technical and can be harsh to the ears and mind. The truth is as you said; we cannot do it on our own so how are we to do it? By leveraging one another in a positive way through our developing relationships via blog commenting, sharing, social engagement and helping one another grow our audiences and sales.

      The truth is, this is how the offline business world really works, especially in a business to business context.

      Thanks for a great comment and for sharing Nathan!

      ~ Don

  8. Hi Don, you did it again. what an informative piece. Yes, no individual can do it alone! Wonderful note, make relationship with like minded people and build business. like a football team, a good co-operation can create wonders. This made my day Don. thanks for sharing. I just did my mite, i just spread the news at my fb twitter G+ etc. Have a great weekend. Best.
    ~ Phil

    1. Good Morning Philip,

      Thank you for the kind words! For those who think they can go it alone it’s not only a very lonely world; it’s an unkind one where learning is minimal and the impact one wants to have is not zero, it’s negative.

      So glad I could make your day Philip! Thank you for sharing and commenting.

      I hope you have an amazing week!

      ~ Don

  9. G’day I always believe there is no I in team, and comment, share, have good content people are interested in reading, but on occasion, seem to ask the same question myself…perhaps you have some suggestions for me?
    Cheers! pinned

    1. Hi Joanne,

      You are so right. I used to leave that when I played sports in High School and in the Navy. No “I” in team!!!

      I’m sure I might have lots of suggestions. I will be over to your blog shortly and perhaps we can chat afterwards?

      Thank you for sharing and commenting Joanne!

      ~ Don

      1. G’day and big thanks for your time and reply as both are greatly appreciated by me!
        I am in the process of rehauling the site identifying photos better, resizing etc…things I did not know in the beginning, but now do…everything takes time and it WILL be done, but I would be curious what you think independently as my blog is heavily trafficked and is doing well on Alexa (I am constantly reminder of by people who think Alexa is the sole indicator of a blog)
        Please feel free to contact me via email or om on FB….Enjoy today Cheers! Joanne

  10. Hi Don,

    That was a wonderful video!

    I’m not exaggerating but you are better than Matt Cutts at this job. 🙂

    There is nothing that I don’t agree with you on, because what you said is simply the truth and I endorse that with my 4 years of blogging experience.

    Building your blog and online business is all about building relationships and having a team that supports each other. That’s how you grow and rise. You may change your strategy later, but this is how you stand up on your feet in the blogging world and launch yourself.

    You said it all – it’s not about you, but about them. Support your team mates so they promote and share you and your stuff. You’re right that without marketing and promotion even the greatest products can fail to be successful.

    Quality and good content is great, but you just can’t depend on the search engines. No matter if a movie has a great star-cast and superb ingredients, it still needs promotion. In blogging, it works through relationships and reciprocation.

    I agree with your suggestion of endorsement and recommendation, and appreciate your shout out to Adrienne and Donna. This is a great line from you – To expect the things you want from them, you need to be willing to do the same for them.

    Finally, your blog is your tool and not your business. So, leverage it to build your business. Thanks for this wonderful video post with us. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      WOW! Thank you for such an awesome comment and for the validation! That really means a lot to me.

      Matt Cutts… well I suppose that says a lot and I I really appreciate the compliment!

      On to the meat… All business is about relationships and the more the money or the stake that is involved the more important the relationships are. Trust, loyalty, competency… it trumps it all in the end.

      It starts with making sure our teams, business prospects and customers understand that we really get them and their needs and can serve as a real solution for them. That goes a really long ways!!!

      For those that become a part of our inner circles, we have to take care of them. It’s still about them, right? It’s sharing with them what we know but also learning from them, sharing them, referring them and helping them with their business if we want to stay in each other’s inner circles.

      Bingo, your blog is a tool so leveraging it is extremely important to how we do business through marketing and relationship building.

      I so appreciate your always kind and well thought out comments Harleena!

      I hope you have an amazing week!!!!

      ~ Don

  11. hey don; yes being able to sleep good makes lots of things seem better. i’m also having lots of new ideas too. too many maybe. 😉 but i get email alerts when people reply to my comments on disquss. i just happened to notice that there is a link to my profile settings in the email. i can’t make my screen reader find it on their website. bottom line is i now have a link to my website and a bio on my disquss profile. i had already asked a friend to do it for me so happily i need to email her and let her know its done. kelly wooden is a coach in california who has been another wonderful friend and helpful member of team ivey. just wanted to share a little breakthrough. after all you got to celebrate all the victories no matter how small. take care, max

    1. Good Morning Max,

      I find when the ideas are flowing I get them out, organize them, and then determine which ones are good ideas for now and which ones fit into existing strategies, require new ones and when do they fit into the development cycle of my business.

      They can keep me up at night as well… lol.

      Have a great week Max! See you on your blog soon.

      ~ Don

  12. hey don; those are just the kind of amazing things that happen once you reach out and become an active member of a blogging community whether it be your own or those belonging to you and these amazing women. angela McCall did the editing on my cover image, and lorraine did so much editing on my book and my site far more than she charged me for i’m afraid. 🙂 i am doing the lloyd rosen show next thursday. and i’m a bit behind on posting to my blog. its a combination of so many wonderful opportunities and a problem with my cpap machine. i have sleep apnea as you probably know. well the machine wasn’t working right and i was feeling less and less energy each day. they set me up with a sleep study that showed me it needed to be reset from 11 to 13. funny thing is when we went to reset it we found out its been set on 5.5 instead of 11 probably for months. it is blocked so we couldn’t raise it up to 13 but putting it back at 11 twice what i was getting has already resulted in feeling more alert and motivated. hoping to record some videos and write some new blog posts soon. when i do will send you an email to let you know i have new stuff on the blog. take care and have a merry christmas my friend, max

    1. Hey Max,

      You are so right my friend! Wonderful things are happening for us all when we put the effort and time in wisely!

      Angela is a wonderful person and she did a great job on your book cover!!!! Congratulations!

      I’m still getting to know Lorraine, but she is really smart and gifted, it’s obvious!

      I’m sorry to hear the machine wasn’t set right and you weren’t getting your rest, but I’m really glad that got sorted out. I look forward to your emails and catching up with your work!

      Have a Merry Christmas Max!!!!

      ~ Don

  13. Hi Don,

    Great analogy. Without a team of supportive bloggers it does not matter how wonderful our content is. As you stated, we may be doing a good of solving the problem of our readers, but if we are waiting on Google, Bing, or even Social Media to get that information out there we will be waiting a long time.

    Sure we have to put the work in, but after we put the work in and write awesome content, who do we have on our side to support us? Well, if we have gotten in the habit of supporting others and putting them first, they will gladly put our information out there.

    You used two very powerful women to support your example. They are awesome.
    Actually, they are not even in my niche but I love them both and they share my content all of the time and I love doing the same for them. I have a very similar relationship with Harleena over at AhaNOW! and Caral Amato (all awesome people and wonderful bloggers).

    Your last point “The things we want we have to be willing to do for others” says it all. I
    hope many read this wonderful article. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Nathaniel,

      Yep, having a team or community around us is critical to our success. I was just on Quora and someone asked why people don’t comment on blog’s.

      Hello! You aren’t commenting on others probably, have very few if any social shares or interactions, no real relationships… it isn’t rocket science at it’s core. But, at first it doesn’t seem natural to most people either and I get that.

      The support is critical to success! We simply cannot do it alone.

      Just this week Carol Amato made a beautiful call-to-action image for me just because she wanted to, Adrienne Smith sent me a referral and then invited me to guest post on her blog this summer, I have three guest blog posts do in the next few weeks, and Donna Merrill made an incredible video about me and for me.

      That doesn’t happen by accident. Now, I’ve been invited to contribute to

      The opportunities are coming because of the relationships and the team being assembled around me.

      I really appreciate your comment Nathaniel.

      Thanks for coming over from! I hope you have an awesome weekend!

      ~ Don

      1. Hey Don,

        You are more than welcome. You have some very engaging content. Carol is busy – She recently made a great call to action for my blog as well.

        It just goes to show, we can build some wonderful relationships if we put in the genuine effort. Have a great weekend and congrats on your accomplishments. You are busy as well, which is awesome! Have a great weekend.

        1. I really appreciate the kind words Nathaniel! That’s really awesome of Carol to do and what a great way for her to build her community!!! It’s rather brilliant actually!

          Have a great weekend as well!

          ~ Don

        2. Ah, but you’re a student in my MasterMind Coaching club, Nate, so that’s a bit different… 🙂

          I had a fellow entrepreneur approach me a few months back because she liked the author bio box I was creating for my guest authors, and wanted me to make her one. I did . . . for a low price.

          Why did I charge?

          Because I’m not a technician, but a visionary and executive of my business.

          Definitely could play with graphics all day because I love it so, but I do not make graphics for anyone to build my community….(Although, Don – you’re right, it is brilliant and definitely could do that if I outsourced it.)

          Don is actually the first one I’ve ever done that for. The Lord just prompted me, and I spent some time creating it for him, and only him.

          Had a great time doing it, and was so glad he liked it and used it.

          ˜Carol 🙂

  14. hi don’ well you couldn’t have picked two better ladies as examples. I’ve learned so much from them especially adrienne about the value of blog commenting and how you can use it to build a community. and this can lead to more traffic, comments, and shares and lead to opportunities for guest posts and interviews on podcasts. its done a lot for me. hope to see you over on my site. would love to add another new friend to team ivey or team blind blogger. ps still don’t have my url on my disquss page so i’m adding it or

    1. Hi Max,

      Aren’t they special? I’m so blessed and the truth is I didn’t so much pick them as they picked me!!!!

      Having a team around us is powerful!!!!

      Just this week Carol Amato made a beautiful call-to-action image for me just because she wanted to, Adrienne Smith sent me a referral and then invited me to guest post on her blog this summer, I have three guest blog posts do in the next few weeks, and Donna Merrill made an incredible video about me and for me.

      That doesn’t happen by accident. Now, I’ve been invited to contribute to

      The sky is the limit and growth is on our side my friend!!!!

      I hope you have an awesome weekend and I’ll be over to your website tomorrow. I’ve been meaning to stop by and visit so thank you for the reminder!!!

      ~ Don

  15. Hi Don,

    Perfect message.

    We can’t do it alone for sure. I’ve learned that a while back now, but one of my main goals for me in 2015, is to push the accelerator button into building more, and more relationships to grow my business.

    As you know, you are one of the people I’ve just met this year, and our conversation over Skype was very valuable to me. And as you know, I am a great client potential (smile).

    Now, I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met through Adrienne and Donna, both, because we connected a few years back. Adrienne invited me to guest post on her blog a while back, and Donna and her husband David have done an interview of me.

    In turn I’ve interviewed Adrienne for my blog, and Donna has been a guest on my personal development section. Then, again I’ve promoted both of their products.

    Earlier this year I connected with Carol Amato and through her I connect with Jaime Buckley, pretty recently. Through Jaime I connected with Mandie Sanders. All those are fantastic people, full of talents and great personalities, and I am sure that we can help each other and refer each other for what we do best.

    Even if we didn’t, it’s still a win-win situation because we create more readerships, comments and share for each others’ blog.

    Even if we didn’t, we still enrich each other’s life in one way or another. Each of those people create great content that I love to read on a weekly basis. It’s just great all around.

    My upcoming post on Monday is going to pretty much be a long list of all the bloggers who have touched my life in one way or another, and I hope it will encourage those who haven’t tried to build relationships with anyone yet.

    Thanks for this great topic, Don!

    1. Hi Sylviane,

      You are an amazing person my friend!!! Your drive and resiliency has served you well and will do so into 2015.

      Relationships are the key to any business success. It’s really simple in the blogging world but most won’t take the time to do it.

      As I think about it I’ve met you, Adrienne Smith has sent me a referral, Ryan Biddulph has become a great blogging friend, Donna Merril made a video of me and for me (still overwhelmed at that one), Carol Amato made me a fantastic call-to-action image of which I’ll never forget, and all of the friends through blogging, shares, and social engagement are simply WONDERFUL!

      But, it’s because I’ve learned to understand who those are in my primary, secondary and third audiences. I focus my time on the first two and I never worry about the rest as they sort themselves out.

      But, it also says a lot about our blogs if we are stuck in the third category. Lots of traffic without prospects, customers or new blogging teammates means something is wrong in either strategy or the execution, or both.

      Thanks for all you do Sylviane! I’m really looking forward to Monday’s post on your blog.

      In the meantime, have a great weekend!

      ~ Don

  16. Hi Don,

    I just loved the way you helped Beverly through your video. We are a team…all of us and by seeing it that way things work out for the best!

    I liked the way you mentioned that there were three different levels because it made it so easy for her to understand. This is the only way I know how to “work it” lol Sharing content, giving good introductions to it and even a special little video can help spread the word for our blogging friends.

    I chose my name donnamerrilltribe because I was so inspired by Seth Godin’s book “Tribes” back in the day. It made total sense to me. We as bloggers are a “tribe” helping each other out. With this mindset it is a win win situation.

    I’ve learned this concept a long time ago with my online business. If I was too booked, I sent someone to a referral if it was an immediate situation. In turn, as their jaw dropped to the floor, their needs were met and realized I wasn’t after money, but rather my clients who came to me. This made my business a strong one that is still active.

    I want to thank you so much for using me and Adrienne as examples. Thanks so much!


    1. Hi Donna,

      Thank you for all you do! You are so right, we are all a team united behind a common purpose of making a difference for business bloggers of all types, sizes and forms.

      Like I shared with Adrienne, I was just sitting there the other day scoping out some strategies and ideas when it hit me. We really do have three different categories of audiences.

      It sure makes it easier to understand what is happening with our blog traffic and why we are or are not achieving our desired responses if we are not properly communicating with them. I think there is an article there, don’t you?

      You are the epitome of how to build a community the right way and how to bless others. I love that you learned the concept from Seth Godin but it’s spot on in the world we live in today. Mass marketing is slowly dying but until business owners and small business marketers begin to understand this they will continue to struggle or possibly even lose the business.

      I love that you’re a giver!!! You will make a fantastic offline networker as well with your heart and attitude Donna.

      Have a great weekend!

      ~ Don

  17. Hey Don,

    I enjoyed your video and how you explained this issue to Beverly. Wow, you used me and Donna as examples and I can’t thank you enough for that my friend.

    I like how you explained the three different levels of your audience. I guess I never even thought about it like that although I knew there were different people visiting my blog who although were there to get their questions answered, the outcomes might all be different. They aren’t all my customer like you wouldn’t necessarily be but look how that worked out for you an I!

    I know in the beginning I was taught to rely on Google and do nothing else but we all now know you can never just rely on Google. You need to have that community that will be behind you and support you. Who will share your content with their friends and shout your name to anyone who will listen. Okay, that might be a little extreme but when you really have a loyal, trusting and engaging audience they really will help you in any way they can.

    That’s the beauty of this and I definitely could not have explained this any better. Thank you so much for this post and for your video but especially for your shout outs too. I know that the guy I recommended to you is in good hands and that you were able to help him. We all have strengths in different areas so why not help our friends when we know that they would treat our friends right!

    You’re awesome Don and love your video set up too although the Houston Texan’s jersey would have looked a whole lot better on you! (((wink wink)))

    Take care and enjoy your evening.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Thank you for such kind words!!!! I was just sitting and thinking the other day that we really do have categories for any audience that make it easier for us to understand both our traffic and who we are appealing to.

      You also never know who is going to cross over from one category to another at any given time depending on where they are in their life and / or business. I think this is why for majority of blogs they are not getting comments… if you don’t understand your audience and your not connecting and engaging with them then why would you expect them to do so for you?

      You really are the perfect example with me. While you are in my secondary audience, you are also at the top of that list. In many ways the secondary audience is just as important if not more important than the primary.

      They create exposure through comments, shares and social engagement. And in some instances relationships are built that become referral partners and even strategic partners at some point.

      I am thinking about doing a conversation around partnerships at some point because that really is the natural evolution of a community where different people / business play different roles in your community. Some are just referral and it can go all the way to JV partnerships over time.

      I guarantee you that your referral is in good hands! It will be an exciting opportunity.

      Oh, you don’t just love the New England Patriots? LOL… That’s okay, I really like JJ Watts as well. He’s an amazing player for the Texans and you have one of the Pats former coaches and some players as well. So, naturally I follow your team.

      I hope you have an awesome weekend Adrienne. Thanks again for all that you do!!!

      ~ Don

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