How to Personalize Marketing and Attract New Customers for Free

Author : , Date : July 6, 2015



Have you ever felt that you are creating amazing content that everyone should read, engage with and share?. The real result you want is increased sales but that isn’t happening either.

If you’re like so many other businesses you’re not alone. There is a frustration out there that the promise of the internet is working the way it was billed. Sales are virtually non-existent from your online presence and that’s the real reason you’re online isn’t it?

You have taken the time and spent money to build your website, blog at least a few times per month, create your social media pages and maybe even create a few videos.

Maybe you even hired an online marketing company.

The bottom line is that the results are not what you were expecting or hoping for and the cost doesn’t seem worth it.

That’s exactly what happened to Julie.

She has a fantastic storefront in Annapolis, MD and while sales are good her online efforts are struggling. Most of her marketing is street side thanks to tourist traffic and the uniqueness of her appealing storefront.

She estimates that nearly 75% of her income is made between Memorial Day to Labor Day and once the summer is over so is her business for a lack of a better expression.

Julie has an outgoing and fun personality. People absolutely love her when they meet her but that is not at all how her online presence comes across.

It’s boring, bland, unappealing and like the majority of us she is stuck in a mass marketing mindset that is limiting her ability to grow her business through online marketing and sales.

Her website, social media and email just screams buy me; yet people don’t want to be sold they want to be given the freedom to buy.

Let’s talk briefly about a few ideas that Julie can implement to help her business online.


#1 – Julie Could Take Her Customers Online


A marketing technique I see very few businesses employing is to take your offline relationships online. There are so many ways you can do this and in my opinion too many businesses are trying to be cute.

What do I mean by that?

How many times does a business try to bait you and say something like this:


“If you “Like” our Facebook page you get 20% off your next purchase.”


Or something like that…

That in no way incentives a relationship… it’s a mass marketing idea that incentivizes a transaction and while that is okay it in no way encourages repeat business; and repeat business is where you will ultimately find your profits.

Profits come when the cost of customer acquisition goes down and the more someone buys from you the less you spend on reaching them. The initial customer acquisition is always the most expensive part.

Why not try a different tactic.

having-funWhen Julie has a person who is having fun with her in the store why not offer to take a picture with her side-by-side with the customer or a staff member who connected with the customer?

Then post it on Facebook and ask the customer if you can email the link to the Facebook page with the picture of them together. If the customer shares it with their friends, neighbors, family… anyone and they come in and tell you that they came from Julie then you will give them and the customer some type of discount or benefit the next time they are in the store. The best way to verify is when they comment or share on the picture it’s documented for you.

That makes verifying easy.

Or, you can just trust them. That’s what I would do because if they said the customer was the one who introduced them they did the marketing for you anyway so just go ahead and reward them!

This is a great way to give your customers a reason to market for you and in doing so you lower the cost of your marketing expense, meet a lot of new people, acquire new customers and long-time patrons.


#2 – Use Pictures Throughout Your Website of Customers Having Fun and Engaging in the Store


fao-schwarzEveryone wants to have a fun and unique experience these days. It’s boring going to big box retailers who sell everything you can ever want in an efficient yet stale environment.

The advantage the small business owner has is in what makes them unique in the experience.

So, takes pictures when the store is busy, take pictures with customers and the staff who are offering up lots of smiles and excitement.

I was talking with one of my new coaching clients and I always like to ask what they saw that drew her attention to me and said “I have to buy Don’s service.”

She said throughout my site the one thing that stood out over and over again were the pictures of me with people. It’s not all about me. It’s about the people I work with, help and serve.

When someone sees a picture of you with others and everyone is happy, having fun and smiling it triggers a positive emotion in the brain and people will want that experience themselves.

If you choose to employee this strategy then you better be prepared to deliver.


#3 – Video Testimonials with Long-Time Customers


Julie has been in business for four years and she does have a very loyal customer base. It’s small but it’s vocal and Julie ought to take advantage of that.

Why not create several videos that allow others to share their experiences in their own voices.

Maybe consider a customer give a tour of the store and introduce the staff or give a behind the scenes glance of makes the store work.


Strategies Only Work When You Have This One Thing in Place


I love strategies and helping businesses attract and connect with their audiences. But by themselves strategies can be very meaningless and can even backfire.


Because, you have to understand “what business you are “really” in!”

For those who may have not read my articles in the past, visited the “Begin Here” page or participated in one of my webinars let me briefly explain.

Knowing what business you are “really” in is a function of clarity in the formula “Clarity + Focus = Execution.”


Clarity + Focus = Execution


Most of us are not clear and it’s okay to be honest with that. We may even think we are until a set of questions are asked and we realize that we are not.

Julie is far from clear.

She knows what she sells and she knows how to present it but she is not clear enough to communicate it.

Why would someone buy from her?

What problem is she solving for them?

What tangible value are they experiencing through her business?

Why would they remember her business?

Who are her customers?


Like the majority of us when directly asked she doesn’t know. Again, it’s okay because this is a developed skill and it’s not a natural one. We are trapped by our mass marketing mindsets that prohibit us from being able to think differently about the answers to these questions.

When I work with someone like Julie over 4 -6 weeks there is a process that happens.

First, I send them a homework assignment and one week later we meet for a pre-scheduled regular time to discuss the answers and offer alternative ideas and suggestions over 60 to 90 minutes.

Each week there is a new revelation about:


  • Themselves as a person and business owner
  • About their business
  • How customers experience their business
  • How customers feel about their business
  • What the difference was  in the lives of their customers
  • Who the prospects and customers specifically are – believe me when I say you are missing who many of them are.


When you can tie all these things to together your message will suddenly start to appear and when you have this foundation it makes all the difference in marketing.

Clarity of message is the foundation of each and every business and the clearer you are the easier it is to personalize your marketing above and beyond what I shared above. Remember, it’s the first step. Afterwards you can focus on strategies instead of going to straight to them and wasting time, resources and money.

If done well, you will suddenly find yourself creating content that is personal through stories, pictures and videos that tip the scale and give people to consume, share and engage with your content as well as buy from you.

Online marketing is no longer about just putting “information” out there.

It’s about engaging and making it personal!

In no other time could marketing be so personal and give your audience a reason to help you with your marketing.

If they do it, reward them for it!!!!

It’s not only less expensive but it’s also much more fun and rewarding all the way around for your business.

If you want to learn more about how clarity can help you I want to encourage you to attend an upcoming webinar to learn more.

One attendee recently said:



“I’d HIGHLY recommend checking it Don’s webinar! Just from attending his webinar and putting his technique in place, we increased our opt-ins on our first blog post afterwards by 5 times! Seriously amazing results from one key takeaway of his presentation! I just want to thank Don for that and let everyone know that they should hear what he has to say.” ~ Andrea Hewett



To learn more about the webinar click here or on the image below.  I hope to see you there!




If you have a thought, idea or comment you would like to share please leave it below and let’s talk. I hope to hear from you!!!!

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Don Purdum

Don Purdum

Don works with businesses to help them discover who their customers are and what business they are "really" in. He is an award-winning blogger and branding / marketing consultant.
Don Purdum
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35 thoughts on “How to Personalize Marketing and Attract New Customers for Free

  1. Hi Don,

    When I read what Julie experienced in the starting paragraphs of this Blog post, it was like someone had held a mirror to my online life. I was hooked and continued to read.

    I just loved this sentence Don, it made so much of sense in today’s world.

    People don’t want to be sold, they want to be given the freedom to buy.

    If found this really profound. I’ve been in marketing for quite a while really, 18+ years, and this sentence definitely struck home.

    I’m fascinated by the art of – Underplaying superlatives with style.

    Heck I know that’s possibly a cliché but it’s something that I’ve been working on (unsuccessfully) for a while. My traditional marketing education and work experience has been to shout about superlatives from the rooftops.
    (Hence the struggle)

    Regretfully this just does not work in today’s online world.

    My belief is (and I’m holding on to this for dear life) when the wired world around you says that – You (your products/services) are superlative that’s when the – Magic – happens. Social proof basically. Tough to earn, can be lost in a heartbeat.

    Your technique for increasing the engagement of Julie’s customers using a social stream (i.e FB) is brilliant. You’ve brought down Julie’s cost of customer acquisition heavily (i.e. a simple picture perhaps clicked on
    an iPhone) and multiplied her reach.

    You’ve effortlessly triggered the customer’s inner desire to share this picture on their social streams. Perhaps with a couple of lines as a comment. Social proof at its very best. Brilliant, really brilliant.

    Here is another thought provoking quote Don, it got to me strongly.

    We are trapped by our mass marketing mindsets that prohibit us from being able to think differently

    Wow, did l learn something from this post. What an education in the 20 minutes or so I took to read and understand what you were driving at.

    Thanks Don. I doff my hat. . . . . (Like Arnold) I’ll be back . . . .

    I came to this website via a link on

    1. Hi Ivan,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to really read the article and articulate to me how the article benefited you.

      I’m both honored and blessed and grateful for your contribution through your well thought out comment.

      In my opinion it’s initially harder to attract and audience as there is an incredible amount of work to be done to build a reputation as a thought leader and authority figure.

      But, over time it gets easier and easier to do with experience and growth. The key is how does one make that switch from hunting to attracting. I think I was able to spell that out in the article.

      Thank you again so much Ivan.

      Have an awesome week!

      ~ Don

  2. Thank you so much for your comment.

    As I’ve said many times, the internet is not a mass marketing tool and it really is all about the individual and we communicate to each individual. It’s our responsibility to attract, connect, resonate and inspire our audience of individuals.

    Thanks again and I hope you have an awesome weekend!

    ~ Don

  3. Hello Don, Wow This Julie is so Blessed to have met you, You are Brilliant my friend! FUN! Oh yes everyone wants to have fun Right. So why not share those pictures? I LOVE THIS! I also clicked on over to see the picture of Adrienne, OH MY She does look like she is having FUN!
    You Rock!
    Great Share
    Thanks Chery :))

    1. Hi Chery,

      Thank you so much, every client I have is a huge blessing to me both personally and professionally as well.

      Fun, this is the NO FUN zone, lol… NOT!!!!!

      Of course we need to have some fun. Who wants to hang out or do business with and ogre? Lol…

      That was a lot of fun working with Adrienne! Isn’t she awesome!!!!!

      Have a great end to your weekend Chery and thank you so much for spending a few minutes of it with me.

      ~ Don

  4. Don,

    These suggestions for Julie are awesome and not just for retail or even for offline businesses. I’ve had website clients who are contractors, lawyers and home designers, and they could benefit from showing more personalized photos, interacting with their clients, rather than the usual boring stock photos. Of course in some fields the clients won’t want to be identified (psychotherapists, anyone?) but often they’d be thrilled.


    1. Hi Cathy,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for visiting my website!

      Absolutely they could benefit BIG time! Stock photos worked well a few years ago but as the internet gets busier and more convoluted we have to find unique ways to attract our audiences and give them a reason to buy us. People want to do business with another person, not necessarily a company. Show me a person who works for a business that is awesome and I’ll show you customers that are loyal to that employee or business owner.

      I appreciate your comment and thank yo so much for visiting my site. I hope you’ll come back? I have an interesting article I’m working on for tomorrow on why GoDaddy is wrong and you don’t need a website…

      Have an awesome end to your weekend Cathy!

      ~ Don

  5. This was some great information. Bringing customers offline online is a great way to get more engagements in your posts. I also think testimonials is a great marketing technique, probably one of the best. When people see that your business has helped other people, new people will automatically have a little more trust in your brand and the service or products you provide. Getting customers to engage and share with your social media and business in general is a great way to spread the word without your marketing. I will utilize this information, thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Lawrence,

      You nailed the whole idea. That is to demonstrate that we are out there, trusted, and fun. Who wants to do business with a grump, right? LOL…

      Plus, it is a great way to get our audience and customers a reason to introduce us to their audience. It happens every week to me and I’ve earned a lot of new clients as a result.

      Glad it could help give you some ideas to implement Lawrence!

      ~ Don

  6. Fun images! I’ve been so used to seeing your pictures with you wearing blue but that NYC picture just ruined it! Haha, kidding. 🙂

    Creative tips Don! I’ve been thinking about how I can integrate #2 on a blog like mine but I finally have some ideas.
    I definitely need to integrate your tips soon on my blog after my planned changes.

    PS. That top image got me…I guess Im a sucker for women with glasses LOL

    1. Hi Dennis,

      LOL… I do love blue!!! It’s my all-time favorite color but believe it or not I do have others.

      I’m in the habit of taking pictures with my clients and it’s funny because they’ve even gotten used to it. I takes pics at networking events, when I meet someone and we click… I’m always looking for opportunities. If you go to the services page you’ll see a pic of me and Adrienne Smith while on a Skype coaching call.

      There are a lot of ways to do it.

      I’m glad you liked the image…

      Have a great end to your week Dennis!

      ~ Don

  7. Hi Don,
    You very much summed up this idea of this article from this part “The key to great marketing that leads to fantastic sales results is realizing that we are not our own ideal customers.

    They are not us, they don’t think like us and they don’t want us.

    What they want is to feel understood and that you can help them either solve a problem, meet a need or give them their desire.” I couldn’t agree more with you on what you have stated.
    Its important to have clarity of what the customer wants and how a business can help meet those wants.
    A business is not about the owner – even though the owner may have some level of influence – but its generally about the potential customers. The customer rewards good value at all times!

    1. Hi Roman,

      Absolutely, the customer absolutely rewards us each time they buy something. That’s a great feeling!

      Thanks for summarizing what stood out to you and how it informed your comment.

      I hope you have an awesome second half to your week!

      ~ Don

  8. Very creative tips Don.

    The fun image reminds me of Coca Cola’s campaign; images of happiness, smiling and all that good stuff everywhere.

    Be more creative. Capture the happiness or joy of current customers in your store to attract future customers. Folks genuinely appreciate a high vibing brand as the energy behind the brand helps to create the buzz.

    Well said as always Don!

    Have a fun week.


    1. Hi Ryan,

      Exactly, isn’t it interesting how brands can create images for us that we like, remember and identify with.

      Great comment Ryan. I so appreciate your perspective!!!!! Looks like you’ve been as busy as I am these days. Fitting things in is tough right now but I’m slowly making it happen. I’ll be reading your book and sharing it shortly and thanks so much for including me!!!

      ~ Don

  9. Hi Don!

    Great topic here!

    I like your tip of taking a picture with your customers and then share it online – and tell them about it That is a simple, but powerful strategy to grow your business online!

    I agree with you – a lot of times business owners might not really take the time to truly understand what type of business they are really in! … and that can lead to small thinking and not so creative ways of marketing.

    A business is not a business without it’s customers. So, with this simple statement, we must study and analyze our customers and the potential buyers.

    They are the lifeblood of your business, after all! … right?!

    Great tips you have given here, Don!

    Thank you for sharing your insights and value!

    Keep up the great work!

    Have a great, and productive week!

    1. Hi Freddy,

      Absolutely! Our customers and clients are the lifeblood of our businesses and that’s why clarity is the most important thing we will ever do for ourselves and our prospects.

      I so appreciate your reading and sharing how the article informed you!

      I hope you have a great second half to your week.

      ~ Don

  10. Don,

    Wow, I’m honored that you featured my testimonial on your blog…it was an awesome webinar and it gave me a lot to focus on in our Marketing! I know people can gain a lot from attending! This was another stellar post! It’s not just that it’s an easy read because it’s relatable due to your story-telling format that helps the reader to identify with one of your clients, but also that you share so many great tips. I seriously don’t know how you are able to give so much great advice away for free!

    I love your ideas for posting content that includes your customers. It is actually something I’ve been trying to put in place in our own marketing efforts but as a Consultant, find very hard to do. Many of our bigger clients actually don’t want to write testimonials for us because they don’t want us helping their competition! It’s also difficult to ask our clients if we can take photos of them when we are meeting with them to discuss hard-hitting management issues that concern their business’s livelihood.

    I do really like the video testimonial idea though, I may check in with some of the clients who have given us written testimonials for our website to see if we can get them on camera!

    Thanks again for the wonderful tips, I’ll make sure to share this post with my network! I hope you have a great week!



    1. Hi Andrea,

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I appreciate you mentioning how much value I give away. I do it for a few reasons:

      1. I want to ensure that anyone who reads my blog can take away at least one thing they can use immediately in their business.

      2. My job in blogging is to demonstrate that I’m competent and give them a reason to keep reading my blog or consuming my content. Remember in the webinar I said it takes on average 10.4 pieces of consumed content to make a buying decision.

      3. I shared in my podcast today that I’m extremely confident in my experiences, skill and abilities and I want my audience to feel that confidence because it not only demonstrates competency but it also instills trust.

      If you have seen my “Begin Here” page and watched the videos you will realize I can give some ideas away all the time but the truth is the 95% of the people out there cannot gain clarity on their own. That’s just a fact; and there are so many strategies one can employ to deliver their message that I would never be able to give it all away for free anyway.

      I’m glad you liked the examples I provided and I hope you can use them to help your business Andrea. Thanks so much for reading and commenting and I’m excited that you continue to engage with me. What a blessing!!!!!

      Have a great second half to your week!

      ~ Don

  11. Hey Don,

    Gosh, you always have so many great ideas and I bet Julie is so glad she met you. Just the suggestions about bringing her offline customers online by taking pictures is brilliant. Now I wish I actually worked with my clients offline so we could take pictures together. Wouldn’t that be a blast.

    Speaking as someone who has worked with you recently, I can definitely vouch for the type of work you provide to us. As you know, I had the writing style going for me and a great audience already built. I was clear on who I wanted to get in front of but as you know, I wasn’t clear in my own messaging. I also learned through this process exactly what I wasn’t in love with helping people with.

    I had already built up an image from my free opt-in offer and my course but my issue was that that wasn’t all I taught. People would land on my blog, see what I did and their thoughts were they didn’t need that kind of advice. Of course we both know they could use it but I wanted a different message so that they would give me a chance before leaving so quickly.

    I can’t thank you enough for the lessons you continue to teach us and the examples you share with us each month. I’m grateful for having worked with you Don and I do believe that anyone that isn’t 100% clear on what they’re doing needs to at least have a consultation with you.

    Great share Don and enjoy your day. Hope it’s been amazing so far.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Thank you, ideas are my forte, lol…. 😉 My mind is always working and there are times I feel there is no shortage of them…

      Of course you can still take pictures. On this page is the picture of you and I working together via Skype:

      Don’t limit yourself to just being in person there are a lot of things you can still do to show people how others experience you and love working with you!!!!

      Yep, you definitely have a great writing style, blog and system. You just needed some tweaking on your message and now look at you!!! I can’t wait to see how things keep progressing for you!!!

      They just didn’t understand how to connect the dots and in one blog article that can be hard to do. That’s why I’m convinced in the strategies that there are a lot of techniques we can employ to help people connect those dots… Podcasts, videos, landing pages, and more. When I created my “Begin Here” page and the videos I saw some tremendous changes to my results.

      I always appreciate your very kind words and I’m so happy we had the opportunity to work with one another and I got to know you and a little more about your world. Meeting your Mom on Skype was just a wonderful experience for me. Please tell her I said “Hello”.

      Have a great second half to your week Adrienne!

      ~ Don

      1. Hey Don,

        Having worked with you I know all those ideas are always churning. Wish my brain worked like that. LOL!!!

        Well we’ve had that discussion before and I don’t really have anyone here to take pictures of even the screen like you had done with our session. Maybe I’ll share that one in the future if that’s okay with you. My screenshot on my keyboard quit working so now it’s more of a hassle to even do that. I’ll come up with something though.

        All I know is what you share and teach is priceless. I also love how your mind works and are always coming up with great solutions to help your clients with. I applaud you my friend.

        It was my sincere pleasure to work with you as well Don, again I can’t thank you enough. Glad you got to meet Mom and she loved it. I’ll be sure to tell her you said hello.

        Enjoy the second half of your week as well, I’ll do the same.


        1. Thank you so much Adrienne! I appreciate your encouragement and blessing!!!! Sure, you can use that pic if you like.

          I’m getting ready to move and the next few weeks are going to be fun, lol… It’s time for an upgrade.

          ~ Don

  12. Hi Don, Thank you for sharing Julie’s story with us. My story is different but I can apply what you taught in her story. I have problems with clarity and focus from time to time and am glad I’m getting help from you. I saw your webinar and know you can help me with my clarity and focus and much much more. I’m 63 years old and sometimes my brain has a hard time catching up with my thoughts. It needs exercise. I ordered your book the shift and reading it will give me brain exercise.

    You have an awesome week!.

    1. Hi Linda,

      I’m excited to be working with you and I can’t wait until our meeting on Monday. I’m sure you’re thinking about a lot right now as you work through the first homework assignment.

      I’m so glad you could see the application of the Julie’s story even though it’s not your experience and that is the reality of the need to discover your clarity so that you can focus on the right things that will bring you a rewarding business.

      Your age has nothing to do with it Linda. You’re awesome and as talented and gifted as anyone over 20 years old. We all need that mental exercise and stimulation so you’re not alone.

      I’m glad you got my book and a jump start on the process so that you can see some of what we will be going through together.

      I hope you’re ready and exciting for the journey ahead!!!

      See you on Monday and until then have an awesome end to your week and fabulous weekend!!!

      ~ Don

  13. Hi Don,
    Julie’s experience is very much similar with what happens with other businesses that lack focus and clarity.

    Its unfortunate that quite a large number of businesses fall into this category.

    Well, you have provided a similar style to what obtains when a business engages in personalized marketing to understand and provide for the customer.

    Thanks for sharing another of your “solution-packed” article for online businesses!

    I left the above comment in where this post was found.

    1. Hi Sunday,

      It really is unfortunate but it’s not surprising to me anymore. After a decade of working with business owners and entrepreneurs I understand where they are coming from. Most of this while common sense to some is an acquired skill that is developed over time.

      A real issue is are they willing to take the time to learn it and acquire the necessary skills.

      Thanks so much for your comment Sunday!

      ~ Don

  14. Hi Don,

    Posting pictures of your customers and or clients having fun is a great idea. I’ve never really thought of this. Thank you for sharing this. Well, I couldn’t agree more with you. We have to know the “business we are really in.” It’s not a very easy thing to figure out and that’s why we need Business Coach like you.


    1. Hi Angela,

      It really is a great strategy. Like I wrote in the article one of my new clients said all of the pics of me with my clients was an influence in her decision to hire me.

      As you know, it’s a staple of what I do. While I love strategies I don’t help people understand the full internet and how it works for business in detail and build out strategies with them until they are clear in their business.

      If you’re not clear it will hurt you more than it will help you.

      Thanks as always for your very kind words Angela.

      Have a great week!

      ~ Don

  15. Hey Don,

    Pictures and how you, your customers and your staff appears in them can make a big difference. It gives your audience a sense of comfort and yet a yearning to be in all the fun. It’s almost like how back in high school, there’s a party every year in the same house where everyone is having fun and for this coming year you don’t want to miss out on the big party or else you’ll be a square LOL..

    It’s funny how this mentality carries over in our adulthood, and even ultimately our business. But what seemed very practical and innocent then can amount to a lot of success now in our more “serious” world.

    Also smart marketing can be used with incentives. That is building a great relationship with your customers enough for them to refer your business, products or services to their friends and family. In this sense, value comes in full circle.

    But in order for all of this happens, as you always mentioned, you have to go back to basics and figure out what business you’re really in. You can have all the strategies, bells and whistles, but if what you’re promoting doesn’t relate to the wants and needs of a specific audience, then this can amount to wasted time and a lot of extra bills.

    Thanks for sharing Don! Have a great week!

    1. Hi Sherman,

      People love authentic, real pictures of people and businesses enjoying themselves through great experiences.

      As a strategy, it’s so important to highlight how people interact with us as businesses in a positive and fun way; or even as an instructional tool that shows our prospects how we might work with them.

      You definitely nailed part of the psychology in your comment. Love it and couldn’t agree more!

      The incentives can be huge but as I shared in the article they have to be the right kind of incentives. Offer incentives for those who actually do business not those who are just interested in the freebie or discount and then will never do business with you. I tried to share a way that can be done in the article.

      Strategies without clarity is like shooting blanks at no target. How much money, time and energy is being wasted and as a result is hurting businesses?

      Great comment Sherman. I hope you have an awesome week!

      ~ Don

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