How to Stop Inefficiently Losing Money in Content Marketing

Author : , Date : February 29, 2016

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How to Stop Inefficiently Losing Money in Content MarketingIt’s official, companies of all sizes jumped on the content marketing bandwagon in 2015 and you’re likely one of them; and yet the promises of this marketing tool has left the majority of businesses confused, frustrated and left wondering why they are not getting results.

According to a new study by Gleanster, content marketing has become a huge priority and a bigger challenge than they expected.

According to the study of 3,408 B2B companies;



“Ineffiency in content production results in an estimated $958M each year in excessive spend for mid-to-large B2B US companies.”



In my own experience in working with hundreds of small businesses, I believe the problem may be even more chronic for most B2B small businesses that are overwhelmed in the day-to-day operations of their businesses and are inefficient with content marketing.

Many have given up on content marketing, blogging and digital marketing altogether thanks to the unfilled promises or a lack of time, energy and willingness to learn something new from scratch.

Yet, some small businesses are feeling the shift that the internet has put on their business when it comes to marketing.

They realize that the old days of traditional ads in newspapers or magazines just don’t work anymore and that just having a website doesn’t seem to deliver results the way it used to.

It’s left many wondering where to start or what to do when they don’t understand this evolving and changing internet world.

It seems easier to just stop the insanity and focus on the things you know, are comfortable with and can control.

You may be saying to yourself;


“There is so much I could do, that I ‘m told I should do, and it’s overwhelming! I don’t even know where to start so why bother wasting money on something I don’t think will work for my business.”


In the video above, I shared with you that I understand exactly what you’re going through.

Several years ago, I was that business owner who was reluctant to blog or learn a new skill and I owned a web development company.

In fact, I fought Twitter when it first became popular because I refused to learn how to use it and I would consider myself to be an early adopter when it comes to many new technologies.

But I’m also a pragmatist.

If it doesn’t make sense to me, I’m not going to just add something to my plate because someone said I should.

It has to make sense to me and I don’t have a lot of time on my hands to just dig around the web when there are better things I can do with my time.

But things are always changing and if we don’t take the time to learn and change with it, my business and your businesses will be left behind.

In this article, I’m going to share with you what the real problems are behind why content marketing is such a big challenge for many businesses, and I’m going to share a specific solution to this problem.

So, be sure to read the entire article and get a freebie at the end.


The $958 Million Dollar Content Marketing “Real” Problem


The Gleanster report revealed a number of struggles that mid-size B2B businesses are experiencing when it comes to digital marketing.

According to the study, the issue is that $958M is being wasted on inefficiencies in creating content.

Ask any small business owner or entrepreneur and they will tell you this is an issue they have been dealing with for a few years now.

It’s not anything new, but it’s nice to know that those businesses with large budgets and loads of resources are experiencing the same problems that small businesses are experiencing.

Every week, I’m asked some variation of the same questions small businesses are experiencing:


  • How do you create content?
  • How do you find ideas or topics for engaging content?
  • What is engaging content?
  • How do I find the time?
  • How do you determine if the content is effective?


What are the real problems that are leading to a lack of results and inefficiencies in creating content?

Are these real problems or are they the symptoms?

In my opinion, backed up by a lot of independent research (some of which you can find on the “Begin Here” page of my site) and ten years of experience working hundreds of small businesses, it is a lack of a coherent, consistent message that guides you to understand:


  • What to communicate and what not to communicate
  • What to do and what not to do.
  • What to create and what not to create.
  • What to prioritize and what not to prioritize


The real problem that leads to confusion, complexity, lack of results and inefficiency is a lack of a message.


What is a Message and How Do You Create It?


A message in my opinion is nothing more than having a clear understanding of “what business you’re really in.”

It’s the answer to  “What do you do?” in a way that makes people perk up, take  notice and start asking themselves, or you, questions.

A message defines you and makes you relevant to those who consume your content.

A message is a window into the soul of your business.



A message is so compelling that 20% or more of those who consume your content say “OMG, how did you know?” and are inspired to do something with that content.


The difference between those businesses that are inefficient in creating content and are losing money from those who create relevant content that makes them money is specificity.

Specificity in content marketing means that you create one piece of content, for one person, who has one problem/need/desire and offers one solution.

How do you learn to create content for one person/business, with one problem (need or desire) and offer one solution?

In my one-day BootCamps, or in the 4-6 week program (2 hours per week), I take my clients on a self-discovery journey where each one learns more about themselves and their business than they could ever imagine.

I take them through the following questions that lead them to deep clarity:


  1. What are the “specific” problems you are passionate about solving?
  2. What are the tangible values your customers experience and how do they feel about the experience?
  3. What are the “specific” problems you solve for each tangible value?
  4. Who are you “specifically” solve each problem for (in detail)?
  5. How are your products or services “a” part of “a” solution?


Do you remember above that I said that your message defines your business and makes you relevant to your audience?

This is how you do it.

There are no shortcuts that can help you.

The only way to do this is to either do the work or discover it over time by accident.


The Results of a Great Message


The results of a great message are:


  • Relevance to those who need what you have to offer.
  • An increase in the numbers in your sales funnel.
  • An increase of new customers and cash flow.
  • A clear understanding of what content to create.
  • A clear understanding of who to create content for.
  • Massive increase in communication between departments, supervisors and teams.
  • A sense of mission and purpose company-wide.
  • An increase of efficiency across the board in creating content.


If you’re contributing to the $950M inefficiency losses in the marketplace due to not understanding content marketing, it’s time to get clear about your business.



Clarity creates simplicity and simplicity is the key to success, even in complex environments.

What is the process that one goes through to create a simple message that delivers results?

Here is an example of the workflow process:


Phase 1 -> Create Your Message.

Phase 2 -> Research and Rigorous Analysis of your audience and their specific industry trends and challenges.

Phase 3 -> Build a highly messaged website with relevant content that converts.

Phase 4 -> Create specific strategies based on the information in Phase 2 for blogging, content marketing, social media, video, email and more.

Phase 5 -> Execution and review, and revise as needed.





Hopefully, this process helps you understand why so many are inefficient and struggling when it comes to content marketing.

Because we are overwhelmed and we don’t know where to start, we start at what seems to be the most logical place and that’s at Phase 3.

The overwhelming majority of small businesses skip Phase 1 all together and this is the root of where the inefficiencies exist and why content marketing doesn’t work.

These are all progressive stages that build on top of one another.

Just like when you build a house you have to start with the foundation or the house will quickly fall apart, the same is true of building a content marketing program that yields results.

Without Phase 1, phases 2-5 are either incomplete or become total failures.




Do you identify with any of these frustrations?


  • You’ve been told content marketing works but it isn’t working for you and you’ve wasted a lot of money with no results…
  • You hired a freelancer or a marketing company to help you create content marketing but still no one is contacting you and the results are pitiful…
  • You’re team is inefficient and always behind deadlines and it’s costing your company money…
  • You don’t know what content to create or specifically for whom…
  • You’re tired of throwing money down the drain…
  • Your business feels like it’s falling further and further behind and it’s harder and harder to fill the sales funnel…


If any of these are you, then contact me today!

You’ll be able to say what Vijay said after a recent Bootcamp:


“I will never see my business the same way again. This changes everything!”




Now for the freebi… for a limited time you can have a FREE copy of my highly popular eBook titled “The Shift – Making the Fast Paced Transition from Mass Marketing to Context Marketing.”

In total, over 1,500 of your peers have the read this book.

Be sure to get it while it’s still free!

Click here or on the image to get your free copy today.




Do you have a question, thought or idea and want to share with me and my readers? Leave a comment below in the comments section and let’s chat!

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Don Purdum

Don Purdum

Don works with businesses to help them discover who their customers are and what business they are "really" in. He is an award-winning blogger and branding / marketing consultant.
Don Purdum
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24 thoughts on “How to Stop Inefficiently Losing Money in Content Marketing

  1. Hi Don,
    OMG you’re talking to me was exactly the reaction I got today.
    I have listened and learned so much form you about clarity of messaging but to be brutually honest I still think my marketing is sending the wrong message to bthe wrong people..

    For sure I can create content that encourages lots of engagment on my posts from folks just like you Don who leave extremely valuable feedback that adds immensely to the quality of my posts.

    But something you said today hit me right between the eyes when you shared – “are you connecting with the people who are able, willing and ready to buy from you”. This was a bombshell for me.

    I thought I had been writing for my target audience but when I did a message audit on my blog recently I suddenly realized that even though folks were visiting, sharing and leaving lots of comments – these people were NOT my target audience.

    Yes I highly respect and love networking with the people who visit my place and engage with me but I also need to start creating content that is aimed at providing one solution to one person with one problem in my target audience.

    If In don’t do this then my blogging business will be doomed to fail irrespective of how many comments I have or how many social shares I receive. It’s tme for me to really make sure I connect with the specific folks with specific problems who are willing and able to give me the chance to earn their trust and respect.

    At the same time I certainly don’t want to lose contact with the many supportive people who have helped and guided me on my blogging journey so far.

    But rightly or wrongly I’ve decided when it comes to content marketing, that I have to make changes.

    This week I already made my first big change with the publishing of part 1 of a 4 part series of posts aimed directly at a beginner internet marketer who is confused, lost and overwhelmed with information – that person is my target audience.

    Hopefully the next beginner marketer who visits my place will see and easily understand my messaging but its still work in progress and I know I have such a long way to go.

    I am delighted to share this post Don and thank you once again for your guidance and terrific value.

    Best wishes as always from the remote Thai village marketer


    1. Hi Peter,

      Thanks so much for your comment and I’m glad the article resonated with you so deeply!

      When someone is doing this on their own, as I shared in this weeks article, it can take months or even years to figure out.

      It requires a new way of thinking and a process and system to help you organize your business and message; and then be able to actually see it.

      It’s revealing, eye-opening, and exciting.

      Stay with it, and over time it will come. It will just be slow to develop.

      Engaging is the easy part, it’s thinking about ourselves and our business that’s the hard part. I can see other’s and help them much more than I can myself; and think that is true of us all.

      Here is the cool part… you don’t have to lose what you’ve built. But, you can add to it and over time you can evolve and grow.

      For example, where I am today is very different from where I was 22 months ago. I network with very different people.

      I started with solopreneurs and today I network with companies valued at $5M to $50M (M stands for million).

      That is requiring me to refocus my business and change what, where and when I do it.

      For example, I don’t do the six week training program for a 2 hour weekly commitment nearly as much as a one-day full bootcamp in person.

      That’s because bigger businesses don’t have the time to spread it out and prefer one day – which then creates more add on services for me!

      While you don’t know what tomorrow brings… today has plenty of excitement and opportunities of it’s own. Embrace it, learn, grow and adapt.

      Have a great week Peter!

      ~ Don

  2. Hi Don,

    I need to take some few notes from this post, great content mate. Loved the video and also having the choice of hearing the post it’s great!

    Can you share with me how you add the audio? It’s a plugin? Also what camera is that? The quality is superb.


    1. Hi Nicolas,

      Thanks for stopping by, it’s great to have you here!!!! I appreciate your kind words.

      The more I can give my audience tools to take advantage of my content in the form they need or want, the better I can serve each one.

      Regarding the audio, I record it with a “Blue Snowball Ice” microphone straight into Audacity and save it as an MP3. I then upload it to where I have an account. Once the mp3 is loaded I can embed the responsive player.

      The video is shot on my iPhone 6s; which has a 4K camera.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you again Nicolas.

      Have a great second half of the week!

      ~ Don

  3. Hey Don,

    Each time I read your blog I’m always getting ideas of how I can narrow down my target market. I understand that we are in the internet age, and many are being more specific about their problems.

    I should know. Working in IT, whenever I want to do research on a specific problem I have, I have to keep changing the keywords until hit the nail on the exact article or video that talks about the specific problem. It can be long and tedious but at least the internet, specifically google, is intelligent enough to bring up a slew of problems in their SERP’s that relates to the problem.

    You have to figure that you’re target audience is doing the exact same thing. They’re going to keep changing the keywords around, or even have your articles shared from a peer of theirs that’s geared towards their problem. This is why we need to get right with our message and be more specific instead of using the mass market approach!

    Thanks for sharing Don! Have a great rest of the week!

    1. Hi Sherman,

      That’s awesome, I’m glad to hear that. For those who can take the time and piece together my articles you can get what you need. Fortunately for me, most people don’t have that kind of time and would prefer to hire me, lol… 🙂

      That’s a great way to use Google Sherman. There are so many tools that can help us. As i share on the Phase 2 page (found on the Begin Here page) I like to go into more detail than Google can provide and pull together extreme data from major US databases about consumers or businesses.

      I can learn their challenges and trends by community, county, state or national for either b2b or b2c businesses. It’s powerful stuff!

      Gaining clarity and then efficiently communicating is a profit generating machine.

      Thanks for your comment Sherman. It’s always awesome to have on my site!!!!

      ~ Don

  4. Hello there Don!

    Each time that I stop by your site I am saying to myself..thank you thank you thank youuuu Don! Since working with you and getting clear on my message and writing more targeted content has allowed me to see exponential growth and more opportunities have come my way as a result. Sharing this post as we speak. 🙂

    1. Hi Kim,

      Well, you’re welcome, welcome, welcome…! 🙂

      I’m excited for you Kim and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. It has been such a blessing to work with and get to know you! Your an incredible person and a fantastic business person!

      You’re going to do some great things!

      Chat soon my friend!

      ~ Don

  5. Hey Don,

    I’ll follow up with my own WOW too and of course I’ll throw in a great job with this one as well.

    I was surprised when you had mentioned that number but as I had also stated to you, I really shouldn’t be. I’ve been taught about defining your target audience, I think we all have. The one thing I’ve never been taught was how to be crystal clear about what you do and then speak to that one specific person at a time until I worked with you.


    I write in a conversational tone anyway so it always made people comfortable when they would come to my place. I took it up so many notches when I spoke to them directly and it’s definitely gotten me results. The way businesses are is the way they’ve always been. It’s ALL about how awesome their company and products are. They don’t understand that we don’t care about that, we care if you can help us.

    As the mass marketing approach has finally left the building, that’s why most businesses are still failing in the area of content marketing. Just like us, it’s harder to grasp because in our minds we’re thinking “but we have more than just one person as our audience”. It took me some time to grasp this concept too but it works because you’re relating to that one person with that one problem yet so many others are still able to relate to this as well.

    If you don’t get crystal clear on what you do, who your audience is and how you can help them along with that clear call to action then you’re going to continue spinning your wheels. The proof is in these statistics and in their marketing as well.

    Great job Don and as always we appreciate you opening our eyes to this problem. I’ll be sure to share this with my friends and followers too, got to open their eyes as well.

    Hope you’re having a much better week and feeling chipper.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Why thank you! I’m always honored and blessed by your comments and words of encouragement!

      You really are very conversational, and at the same time your conversational tone also reflects your personality well. When I read your articles I feel sometimes like I’m talking with you.

      Now that you’ve learned to get really specific the results you’re getting are phenomenal!

      I’m so happy for you and excited for your future.

      It’s not just about being popular… now you’re business is able to take advantage of your popularity thanks to your clarity.

      I appreciate that you took the time to share such an amazing comment. You NEVER disappoint Adrienne!!!

      ~ Don

  6. Wow – what an eye opener, Don!

    That Gleanster report nails it. The only thing that surprised me was the amount – $958 million. Here is a question – why is it so low? My gut instinct says it would be way more than a billion bucks.


    You’ve covered a lot in this post, but I want to focus on two of the key points you made:

    “The difference between those businesses that are inefficient in creating content and are losing money from those who create relevant content that makes them money is specificity.”


    That’s it – specifics sell, generalities don’t. Copywriters know this – when they write a headline they will always make it explicit for their audience. The same rule applies to blog content creation. Many business sites are jammed full of meaningless generalities, motherhood statements and ho-hum cliches. It costs them dearly.

    The final point that stood out was this:

    “Clarity creates simplicity and simplicity are the key to success, even in complex environments.”

    Right on brother! When I stumble it’s often because I don’t have clarity – muddled thinking is a wealth killer. So if we work with business owners, one of our roles is to help them gain the clarity they need to move forward with confidence. If they don’t have clarity they’ll undermine us (and themselves) at every turn.

    Thanks, Don. Major post, potent message for sure


    1. Hi Kim,

      The $958M is only among medium sized businesses. My point was that number when you factor in small businesses is at a minimum double if not triple that number.

      I appreciate you sharing the high points you got from the article and for actually taking the time to read it!

      It’s always a blessing when you come by and share your insights!

      Have a great week Kim!

      ~ Don

  7. Hi Don,

    As usual, you’ve offered a lot of value in your post.
    I sort of can’t believe they’re free 😉

    I love that you combine personal development in your message. Even if you don’t do this intentionally, it’s what I pick up from it.

    I think many of us get busy chasing the results of what we want that we don’t get involved in the process itself. A big part of what you teach is to connect with the “why”, but really, to get in touch with our truth.

    You know what it’s like when someone is so busy talking AT you (about themselves of course) that they aren’t listening TO you. That’s what I think you’re pointing out – and it’s a big problem not only in business, but in relationships in general.

    You’re correct when you point out that this process is work. This is the sort of thing that requires self-awareness. It’s a long process (similar to weight loss) because in order to successfully reach someone, it takes a connection.

    We recognize the needs in others when we’re in touch with ourselves. I know it sounds strange, but it’s true.
    Then people recognize themselves in us and they get that “OMG…how did you know?” feeling.
    Because in a sense, we know them because we know ourselves.

    Funny you used building a house as an example. I can’t begin to tell you how many times this has showed up for me. You can build a beautiful home, but if it’s on the sand, well…

    I know I sort of danced around the specifics of what you’ve written. I loved the message, but I saw beyond the business part of it. There is wisdom included here and it’s in the form of “know thyself”. I see it clearly, so this is what I focused on.

    Loved the infographic BTW.

    1. Hi Dana,

      BINGO! You are a very studious and good reader. There is definitely a bit of that going on in my article.

      Truth and why must go together, the co-exist and in my opinion you can’t have one without the other.

      But then to connect those dots to moving away from my own insecurities, fears and needs so that I can be relevant to my audience requires the ability to think more of others and their needs over my own.

      One thing I say often but haven’t said on my blog in a while is that as business owners, we are the business and the business is us; we are one in the same.

      You cannot differentiate yourself from your business. That’s why the first question is “What problems are you passionate about solving?”. That is uniquely up to the business owner.

      You’ve done a great service to me personally by bringing this up Dana!!!

      I’m immensely grateful.

      I look forward to stopping by your site today and networking with you there as well!

      ~ Don

  8. Hi, Don,

    This was wonderful! Your message is just great. Whether you
    are a company or someone looking to make money blogging, the content needs to
    be specific to who we want to reach. People need to really feel what you’re
    writing for it to make any kind of effect.

    Thank you for the wonderful reminder.


    1. Hi Sue,

      Thank you so much, I appreciate your words of encouragement. It’s vital that we all step back and realize how our content can make a difference or solve one problem for one person. That’s the tipping scale between a blog that just gets lot of traffic and one that gets lots of traffic with engagement and sales.

      Have a great week Sue and thank you so much for stopping by! I’ll be by your site today to take in all the value you have to share with us!

      ~ Don

      1. Thank YOU Don. I hope you have a wonderful week as well. And you’re so right, as bloggers we have to remember that our content can, and does, make a difference.

  9. Hi Don,

    That message makes everything pop. Fab post!

    Getting hyper clear on the message and staying on message/topic makes our lives easier. Because customers – new, and old – respond to our message….and if we change the message they lose their interest, because we changed our promise. But if we keep the message consistent, folks know us as that gal or that guy who speaks this same message every day, then they see us as the Go To Gal or Guy for that message.

    The process all starts with the message. Get clear on that to build your content marketing campaign on a solid foundation.

    Before I publish anything on my blog I think: will this help folks retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging? Have I used this information on my island hopping journey? If I answer “yes” to both, my message is loud, clear and consistent.

    Thanks for the super comprehensive share, and congrats on those 1500 book readers Don!


    1. Hi Ryan,

      You bring up a great point about consistency in message. I never stray far from it and in everything I put out I am clear and certain to never confusion anyone about what I do.

      Likewise, you do a fantastic job of that yourself Ryan!

      The message is the foundation for the business, it’s the starting point and it’s the ending point. Everything we do ought to evolve around it.

      I like the way you analyze your blog before posting. That’s a great strategy!

      Have an awesome week Ryan!

      ~ Don

  10. Wow Don!

    First of, let m say, it’s simply been way too long, since I’ve gotten
    over here, in order to study!

    But I gotta tell you, when I read your comments on Adrienne Smith’s blog and
    saw your blog title, I knew I had to make time!

    And man, am I so glad I did! Your video is awesome BTW, and I’m definitely going
    to use it in a future future blog post! And I hope that’s okay!

    The other thing, you mentioned, is the $958 million dollar inefficiency gap!
    Boy, if that doesn’t spell potential opportunity galore, I don’t know what does!LOL!

    That number, is not only mind boggling, but in all likelihood, it will continue to rise!

    But thanks to experts like yourself, we can learn “how to” leverage that dire situation,
    so that we can be of real service, to our particular target audience!

    Thanks for sharing some truly awesome content!What a wake up call to action!

    1. Hi Mark,

      It’s great to see you!!! It has been a while… time goes by so fast when you’re having fun.

      It just makes sense that these inefficiencies would be there when one doesn’t have a clear, concise and relevant message – combined with the fact that so many are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start and get things out of order.

      I agree, it’s a HUGE number and businesses have to figure out a way to make up the deficits in their margins.

      Of course you can use the video! I would love that! That’s what it’s there for.

      Again, it’s great to see you. I’ll be you place in the very near future Mark.

      Have a great week!

      ~ Don

  11. Hi Don,

    One of the first things I learned when I was structuring “sales funnels” was the concept of congruence.

    It looks like this.

    Step 1. Somebody reads in my blog post that I have “The Best Way To Train Your Dog using my highly successful, extremely popular ABC Method.”
    Step 2. I invite them to click this link to learn “The Best Way To Train Your Dog using my highly successful, extremely popular ABC Method.”
    Step 3. They get an optin page for a free offer called “The Best Way To Train Your Dog using my highly successful, extremely popular ABC Method.”
    Step 4. They optin for the free offer and get redirected immediately to a “one time offer” (OTO) sales page. That sales page says “Enroll Here For My Advanced Training On My Patented Program… ‘The Best Way To Train Your Dog using my highly successful, extremely popular ABC Method.'”
    Step 5. In the first email my new prospect gets from me, I invite them to attend a special webinar in they’ll learn some little known methods of dog training.


    The same words, the same idea, the same hook, over and over again. Why? Because every time my targeted customer clicks to see “the next thing” he/she is (1) confirming that they are interested in precisely what I’m offering, and (2) each click is a mini commitment they make to themselves to investigate it further.

    This is probably the most powerful business model for any online business,, no matter what your offer is.

    But if you’re not talking to the right people, and if your offer is not congruent with your blog post, with your message, with your personal brand, and most important.. with their needs and desires… then it will get you nowhere.

    Now, that’s a pretty inefficient way to run a business, and you’ll lose money all day long doing it.

    You content must reflect your offer and your offer must reflect your content and your sales funnel must be congruent with both.

    As soon as I change just one little word… “Learn Why You Need To Train Your Dog using my highly successful, extremely popular ABC Method”… there is a slight disconnect. The more I break away from perfect congruence, the more reasons my targeted prospect has to justify dropping out of the funnel.

    Now this may look simple, but it’s not.

    It takes some real insight and experience to make this work.

    I’m sure your bootcamp will be a great help to people in crafting their marketing message to address “specific problems” that their target audience has, and developing “specific solutions” that they will love you for!

    Nice article, here, Don. It just makes so much sense 🙂


    1. HI Donna,

      So many offline businesses that are trying to take advantage of content marketing online are struggling; all because they don’t understand the tool and because it is overwhelming to them.

      I was talking with the owner of a four year-old business that is already at $20M in revenue just the other day and he was saying that he can’t justify the expense in time for a low return in investment.

      But, once I started probing, explaining and teaching him how it all works together he was in!

      To your point, congruence is a big, big deal. But, you have to have a message in place before you can get there.

      So many are so broad they couldn’t do it even if they wanted to.

      And you eloquently nailed the problem: “But if you’re not talking to the right people, and if your offer is not congruent with your blog post, with your message, with your personal brand, and most important.. with their needs and desires… then it will get you nowhere.”

      Donna, your comment is genius and as always, you deliver great insights!!!!!

      I appreciate you and your valuable comment!

      ~ Don

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