If Content is King, Why Isn’t Anyone Reading My Blog

Author : , Date : July 2, 2014

contentIf you’re spending a lot of time writing blog articles and getting no traffic in return is likely because you believe that content is king, but the king has been overthrown.

If so, you are not alone.

Many people are creating great content that is really helpful to their audience.

But their audience has no idea it’s there.

This week, I received a message from Linda in Chicago who was struggling with getting traffic to her blog articles.

She said;


“I thought content was king? After writing and writing multiple blog articles per week for a year on my blog, why is no one reading them? It’s reallyfrustrating to put all of this hard work in and no one sees it.”


Linda, here is the truth: Great content alone is not going to get you very far.

If you have a following on social media, that’s great! But unless they are absolutely raving fans, I wouldn’t expect much from them, especially considering the way they are controlling who sees content and their walls and when.

Here is the tip: Promoting content is far more important than producing it at volume.  


3 Ideas Where You Can Promote Your Content


Promoting your content, even months after you have written it, is critical to getting eyes to see it. Here are three ideas that will help you:  


1. Content Distribution Websites or Directories


There are many websites that bloggers use to share their content and network with other bloggers.

The key here is to connect with them if they serve the same audience you serve but in a different way.

That’s just good networking.

Recently, I was on Kingged.com and came across an article that was shared by someone other than the author. The article was by Adrienne Smith and in it she introduced a number of other influential bloggers in the arena of content marketing and blogging.  Click here to view the article

I went on to read the first article she shared by Konrad Sanders.

He offered some amazing advice on how he literally connected with other influential bloggers and in two weeks his connections propelled him to 9,000 new blog readers.

You don’t know what you are going to learn or who you are going to meet when you engage with other people’s content.

Here is a small list of great sites to get on to share your content and engage with other potentially influential people:  



When you share on these sites, be prepared to engage the community. Don’t just expect everyone is going to love you and start sharing or commenting on your blog articles.

They won’t.

Your goal is to connect with them and as Konrad says;  


  • Find and create a list of those you want to follow
  • Engage them by offering quality comments
  • Share their content
  • After a while of engaging, reach out


For those of you who are master networkers, how is this any different?

It’s common sense, right?

By why don’ we do it?

Because it’s work and it takes time?

Bad excuse!

Do this long enough and you will become an influence in your industry that is in demand.

I guarantee it!!!  


2. Share it across social media groups


Don’t just leave it to your social media walls to get people to see and interact with your content.

It’s probably not going to happen, especially until you get recognized as an authority or respected person with great content.

You’re goal is to create a community.


Get involved in groups on:  


  • Facebook – there are blogging groups on Facebook that exist to help one another meet a new audience, comment, and share on Facebook. This works amazingly well for SEO as comments come up and people start sharing content on other high quality websites.
  • LinkedIn – This is the MOST powerful thing I personally do. Because my target audience is almost completely on LinkedIn, several times a day I get on and engage them with their content and a few times a week I share my content. Guess what they do? Yep, the engage with my content. In several business groups with 10,000 and 20,000 members, or more, I’m #1. That means they see me. I’ve grown my LinkedIn network to over 3,500 in eight months being involved; and of course having a great profile.
  • Twitter – there are Twitter chats that exist for people to chat about topics or subjects. Click here and visit Tweet Chat and learn a little more about them.
  • Google Plus – Like Facebook, there are groups that are designed to do nothing but read, share, and comment on your blog posts.
  • YouTube – don’t ever forget to do video and link it to your article.


  See what I’ve done here!


3. Share other people’s content


It’s a simple concept. But most of us are hesitant to do this?


You don’t know everything.

Not being willing to share really says more about your own insecurities than it does anything else.

Jump in and just do it.

Here is the truth, when you help others, they will help you!

Share and share plentifully.

Include great quotes or other articles in your blog from them and link to their articles (just like I did above).

Share it on social media and let them you did it.

They may be inclined to share with their audience.

It’s amazing that when you engage with people, they will start engaging with you organically when you create useful content that either solves a problem for them or helps them in some way.

So there you have it!

You’ve got great content and no one to read it. Instead of cranking out article after article, spend more time writing a great, amazing article and even more time marketing it to the people who can help you acquire new readers which in turn, will give people a reason to buy from you and help you make more money. The key is to become a person of influence. Do that, and you will establish yourself very well over the long-term.   Are you ready to start creating GREAT content that is worthy of a king? If so,

The key is to become a person of influence. Do that, and you will establish yourself very well over the long-term.   Are you ready to start creating GREAT content that is worthy of a king? If so,

Do that, and you will establish yourself very well over the long-term.   Are you ready to start creating GREAT content that is worthy of a king? If so,

Are you ready to start creating GREAT content that is worthy of a king? If so,

If so, click here to learn how you can!  


UPDATE: This became an unintentional 3 part series thanks to all of the comments and questions:


Article 1: If Content is King, Why Isn’t Anyone Reading My Blog

Article 2: Is Sharing A Link on Social of Directory Sites Killing Your Website?

Article 3: If Someone Only Visits One Page on My Website, Is It A Big Deal?  


Have a question, thought or comment? Please leave one below. Want to share this article and start the process? Please share the article and lets create a great community together that will benefit all of us!  

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135 thoughts on “If Content is King, Why Isn’t Anyone Reading My Blog

  1. Yes, it’s just an undeniable fact that you don’t just have to write good stuff, you have to share and promote it as well.

    I know that some purists might not like this. They just want to write a good blog post and that’s it.

    But the sharing and promotion don’t need to be boring tasks. If you can get some discussions happening around what you’re putting out there on social media then you’ll be writing new content anyway, even if it is in little chunks. This is still a creative activity, and you can always put together new and interesting articles using the points you made in online discussions.

    1. Hi Matt,

      I agree, great point. Anywhere you have engagement helps you learn something new, inspire new ideas and articles and creativity.

      If you don’t share and promote, engage with others and get to know them, you cannot create raving fans. It’s the raving fans that will propel your content and business.

      Thanks for such a great comment Matt! I hope to see you around more.

      Hope you have a great finish to your week.

      ~ Don

  2. Hey Don,

    The biggest misconception that people make with blogging, that I hate, is that content is king. They tell that to all the new bloggers and then what do those bloggers do? They go and write their content … just like they should.

    But, just like what happened to Linda, they get no comments, visits, shares, nada.

    The same thing happened to me when I first started. Then I had to slowly learn that you have to promote your content. You have to spend more time promoting your content than it takes for you to write your blog posts otherwise it’ll never be seen.

    Sure, they talk about promoting content but never in the beginning stages and I think that’s the wrong message to convey. They should be talking about promotion as much as they’re talking about content being king.

    This is a remarkable article and should be a staple for every new or struggling blogger who can’t get any exposure to their content.

    Have a great week.

    – Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew,

      While content is king, maybe marketing is the queen. After all, it’s the queen that produces an offspring, right? Hum… guess I never looked at that way until just now, lol…

      I agree, there should be a lot more discussion around promotion and marketing. I see way too many conversations around Google and keywords, etc. I know that’s good, but it shouldn’t be the beginning of why or how we market. We just end up sitting around waiting for something to happen that isn’t going to happen, lol…

      As always, I’m grateful for your participation on my blog and for the very kind words!
      ~ Don

  3. I´ve never shared on a blog directory, although now the mind boggles at the thought of 9,000 new blog readers. I´m glad to say #2 and #3 come naturally for me. I´m a born cheerleader.

    1. Hi Paula,

      I love cheerleaders! They root for us and make us feel good! We need more of them!!!!

      Directories can be huge and should not be neglected. I’m even discovering more since writing this article so I think an updated will be due soon on this article.

      ~ Don

  4. Hey Don – a wonderful topic! This is a very common question in the minds of many online marketers (new or established, never mind!). Creating great content is highly important but it is just the beginning. The real show starts when you strategically promote it. I say strategically because promotion is a BIG thing. And if you try to be everywhere, you will crash land quite soon.

    Try out all possible options, and pick a handful of options that work. With social media there are a LOT of them – and it is literally impossible to have an active presence on all of them. That is why we need to work strategically to make the most out of our time.

    With blogging communities, being a member and submitting your content will never work. You have to be an active participant – engagement matters here (also with social media). If you are merely expecting and not giving, you won’t be able to cut it.

    Thanks for the kind mention about DoSplash and other ops. I especially thank you for mentioning the additional resources that motivated you to write this post.

    In my opinion, it all comes down to engagement and connection. Even though you and your blogging community or your customer base don’t meet face to face, the connection matters a lot and it will lead to good business 🙂

    1. Hi Jane,

      Well said!!!! It’s really important to know where your audience is at, and as bloggers and writers we need to realize that bloggers and writers ought to be a part of our audience!

      That’s why sites like DoSplash are so important. Building that community on each site is so important if we are to connect and help one another grow our audiences. It does take work and time, so be intentional and strategic about it!

      Thanks again for sharing and being a part of our growing community here and I’m excited to be a part of DoSplash’s community!
      ~ Don

        1. Hi Jane,

          You’re doing a great job. I’m enjoying some the connections I’m making on DoSplash. In fact, you’ll see Sylviane Nuccio commenting here pretty frequently. She found me on your site!

  5. Hello Don,

    I really liked your article, and I agree that content is king, but then comes syndication! LOL 🙂

    Have used some of the sites you mentioned, but just heard from Sylviane about DoSplash, as she heard about it from you, and will definitely check that out.

    Love that you included a personal video with your blog text and images, awesome value, Don!

    I first heard of this post on the Kingged community, and then also from friends of mine in a blog group on Facebook, and I am happy that we connected.

    How ya liking this Disqus commenting system, awesome ain’t it? 🙂 Love the ‘sharing’ capabilities on social media of the comment, and was super happy to see all the traffic I get in Google Analytics for follow up visits, one of my best sources!

    Anyway, really enjoyed your article and will definitely be back.

    Carol Amato

    1. Hi Carol,

      I can’t believe I didn’t see your post sooner!!! What is wrong with me? LOL…

      I am really big into creating ways for people to experience my content in a way that best works for them. For some it will be text content, others video, and still others audio. Since you posted here I’ve added the podcast element for people to listen to each article via the site or download it to their device of choice.

      I really like DISQUS. It has been a neat experience to build a community just through it alone. Around 10% of my traffic comes straight through them. It’s really cool.

      I’m so glad we connected on Kingged.com and I look forward to reading and learning from you as well!

      ~ Don

      1. Hi Don,

        It’s perfectly fine! I do that sometimes in Google Plus cuz of the nestling…Easy to miss stuff!

        Yeah, super happy to have met you. Your site is on my ‘regular’ list. . . 😉

        Have a good evening

        – Carol

  6. Wow,

    This is really very interesting thing for me to read this article titled as – If Content is King, Why Isn’t Anyone Reading My Blog? Today i read an another valuable post written by Enstine muki which title was almost same – If Content is King, where is the kingdom?

    Hey Don, you did a great job by sharing this detailed article with us. you said correct that after publishing a article a good promotion required. I am going to follow few helpful ideas i got from here.

    I found this article on kingged.com and become attracted to read full post. I really loved this post 🙂

    1. Hi Amit,

      Enstine wrote a great article and built upon what I started in this article. I love how he illustrated the king, kingdom, follower/pauper aspect.

      Thanks for sharing and I’m glad you found a few tips helpful for your strategy and goals.

      I appreciate the kind words.
      ~ Don

  7. Hello Don, I do agree that quality content is not enough, you do need to take more ac tion after publishing it HUH? Blogging communites Rock I do love Kingged as well as a few more that I am part of, As far a socila media, well this may get you some likes and a few comments but you do need to be pro active about when getting others to show up on your blog..

    I to published a blog post weekly for a year and just thought the people would come Silly Me!! Seems like Linda and I had some learning to do..

    This was a Great Artcile Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))

    I did land on your blog today Via Kingged…

    1. Hi Chery,

      I’m so glad we connected on Kingged.com. What other communities are you involved in that you’ve found helpful?

      It sure would be nice if they would just come and visit, stay awhile, and even express an interest to buy. But, it just doesn’t happen that way very often, lol…

      ~ Don

  8. Hey mate,

    Great article. I feel that most of the time, people just believe that great content = more traffic. The truth is, you need MORE than just that to build readership.

    Relationship building and marketing are two of the common ones to drive traffic up.

    All in all, you nailed the points and keep it up!

    1. Hi Reginald,

      Thanks for reading and for engaging with me. I really appreciate that and I hope to see more of you!!!! Relationships are the staple of all business.

      I appreciate the kind words and hope to see you again soon!

      ~ Don

    1. WOW! Great, great, great article. I enjoyed it so much and appreciate all your thoughts and ideas. I’m so glad it all came together for you and you were able to make sense of it for yourself!!!! I left a comment and will definitely be coming back often!!!!

      I’m also going to share shortly on my Facebook, G+, Twitter, and LI pages your article.

      Thanks again!!!!

    1. Hi Enstine! I just read it. I love the word picture: If you are a king without a kingdom, you are not a king even if you say so!!!! Well written sir and thank you for the shout-out!!!!

  9. Hey Don,

    This is Enstine from EnstineMuki.com. I came here from Sylviane’s blog and it’s good to be around.

    I think there can never be a king without subjects. If there are no subject, then the king and his kingdom cease to exist. If the king is content and the blog is the kingdom, then the readers are the subjects. Are they more important than the king? If they don’t exist, the king vanishes. On the other hand, the subjects can still strive on without a king 😉

    BTW, did you miss out klinkk.com? Looks a pretty active community too by fellow blogger @Erik

    Good to be here and have a beautiful week

    1. Enstine, just replied to your post above, but I love the way you’ve worded this… I will check out Klinkk.com. Thanks for letting me know!!!! I appreciate your engagement and I hope you’ll be back!!!!


  10. Hi Purdum
    You raised a valid question if content is king then why it is not ruling the blogosphere. Why people are not reading it. Its answer is if content is king its creator must be a king maker. Otherwise it will be anything but king.
    You are right it is not sufficient to simply create the contents. After that we need to promote it as broadly as possible to attract visitors read it. If we simply speak and don’t let others know of our speech who will listen it.
    Thanks for sharing this very very informative post that opened a new debate on content creation and linked it with content promotion.
    I found this post at kingg.com and also kingged it there.

    1. Hi Muba,

      Thank you for the well thought out comment and for reading my article. I appreciate the feedback!!! I agree completely, a king without a kingdom is simply not a king. I can thank Enstine above for that line..

  11. Truly exceptional!

    This is one type of blog that’s not only informative but extremely useful.

    Newbies in the field of blogging are left with the idea that producing massive number of copies/ posts are enough. But like what Sonia of Copyblogger tells us, “If no one reads a copy, it’s lost!”

    Don, thanks for dropping us this timely information. Couldn’t agree any better.

    Have a great day!

    Anyway, I’ve found this post shared on Kingged.com, and leave this comment there.

    1. Thank you Pauleen for the extremely kind words!!!!

      I certainly fell into the trap a few years ago and just assumed that if I kept putting out content someone would find it. It was really good but it talked to no one specific, didn’t solve a direct problem, and it wasn’t marketed well at all.

      The lessons I’ve learned!!! Whew! I’m convinced that everyone has to learn the hard way how to make it work.

      But, they don’t have to go it alone.

      Thanks again Pauleen!

  12. Hi Don,

    Really informative article about content and strategies to generate web traffic to blog or website.

    Because many of us (Bloggers) facing this issue i.e. write a good content on website but not getting enough readers.

    The guidelines you shared to increase reader engagement are really useful specially content sharing on stumbleupon, reddit, bizsugar, etc.

    I found this post on kingged.com

  13. Hi Don and everyone!,

    If only all blogs in the ocean of contents were like this – extremely useful, relevant, timely, brief and concise, internet would have been a better place! haha! : )

    You nailed it buddy! blog posts are like babies.. If you don’t feed them they don’t grow. If you don’t nurture it, leave it on it’s own, it’s dead.

    No good blogger posts a blog then “let it go!”. Yea, well said, you have to establish audience, if you don’t have a mailing list, go for social media platforms. They help a lot spread the fire!

    Thanks again. I was refreshed by this post. My blog’s been frozen for the last couple of months.

    Make it a great day!


    P.S. Found this shared at kingged.com

    1. Ann, thank you for the extremely kind words. We do work hard to keep our content relevant, useful, easy, and to the point so as to not waste anyone’s time.

      That is a big part of the equation. I’ve seen some of the best marketing done on the worst sites. Spammy, over-worded, buy/buy/buy, non-sense.

      And then, they don’t even have an audience, they just send it out across the globe hoping someone bites.

      I am honored by your comment and I look forward to more engagement with you!!!


  14. You’re right if we will be dependent on the content alone, chances are the traffic will be low. The three steps you mentioned here are exactly what one suppose to do. It works hand in hand. I’ve tried and tested those and it actually works 🙂

    1. That’s awesome Kath!!! Do you have any particular places you share your content and engage with others that have helped you meet other influential bloggers with large audiences that want to help you?

  15. Thanks so much for this. I have not heard of kingged.com but will check it out. I want to learn more about stumbleupon, I just don’t get it….

  16. I really appreciate these ideas, Don. It’s taken me a long time to understand the power of engagement and promotion, but you summed it up brilliantly!

  17. Hi Don,

    I’m here because of Adrienne Smith, she shared your post on facebook and so I reshared that on facebook as well…and here on Google+. Also I added you in my circles. Btw, great video there for about 2 minutes!

    I couldn’t agree more with you. Quality content is not enough if you are not sharing it on social media. Read other people’s blogs and commenting on their blogs as well. Adrienne Smith, my mentor and friend, actually told me that from the very beginning I started blogging. She told me that she religiously read 5 blogs a day and commented 5x a day for like 4 months and that’s how her blog took off.

    So you just follow the successful blogger and you’ll be fine. Anyway, glad to meet you…

    Have a great week!


    1. WOW! Thanks for taking the time to read, watch the video Angela and connect with me on social media! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your comment and how much I appreciate Adrienne sharing it!

      Yep, quality by itself is worthless. What good is a great piece of work if no one knows it’s great. I see so much garbage on the web and the reason is because many people know who to distribute and market the garbage while the ones pumping out great work either don’t know how, are not willing to learn or do it, or won’t pay someone to do it for them. Who wins? The person putting out garbage.

      I do the same that Adrienne is doing – you have to put in the work in order to get the long-term results. What happens along the way is nothing more than a miracle – you meet interesting people who serve the same audience you do in a different way, you connect, learn from one another, and are way better for the experience.

      It all takes time, but it is SOOO worth it!

      I look forward to seeing you around our blog and on social media.

      Thanks again Angela!


  18. Thanks for sharing all this useful information. I also agree with you that you have to market it for people to find it.

  19. It’s so true that you can’t just produce content and expect people to find it. You’ve got to market it, and like you said, you have to do so over a range of sites and platforms.

  20. I’ve been wondering if it’s worth it to be active on lInked in. Thank you for your valuable insight.

  21. Hi Don! Awesome article! Well, sure Linda from Chicago is your
    inspiration to create this post. Her message is one good statement to share
    with bloggers who suffer the same thing despite of creating great posts in a
    week and getting not enough traffic.

    Yes, content is King! And It’s ought to be read!

    Your ideas where you can promote your content are helpful
    like in number one, which is content distribution, and happy to see Kingged.com
    is in your list. “You don’t know what you are going to learn or who you
    are going to meet when you engage with other people’s content.” is a good
    takeaway, and nail it, kingged.com is a good place to meet new people and
    establish new connection and friendship.

    Share other people’s content – could create a logic
    reaction, by doing so, there is a big tendency that they’ll share yours so you
    can have more visitors.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    1. Hi Metz,

      I’m really enjoying Kingged.com! It’s been a neat place to meet a few new people and I wouldn’t have discovered a few influential bloggers that are just amazing if it weren’t for Kingged.com.

      I appreciate your summary of the article and I’m grateful you really took the time to read it!!!! Understanding, engaging, and offering value is the key to online growth.

      Thanks again for sharing,

  22. I agree. If you have the best content in the world and no one sees it than it will not go anywhere. Networking, connections, and promoting content is what gets the views.

  23. Wow Don! This is really good stuff! Thanks for the list of sites to do article marketing on and for the great breakdown of how to get more engagement. I’m bookmarking this article for reference. I’d like to start with one site at a time. I think the video idea is awesome too! You have really great content. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you Yani for the very kind words. That’s very encouraging. I think you have a good strategy. It does take time. As I said in the video I spend at least 3 hours per day engaging on my blog, social media, and directories. But, it’s the best time I’ve ever spent.

      Thank you for commenting!

  24. Hi Don,
    Great post you have shared here. The message is clear – creating content alone doesn’t generate traffic but the promotion of content does!

    There are many promotional options we can avail to share our contents, and the use of use networking has multiple effects. Content is king but it can lose its value if on one reads it.

    You took your time to explain the 3 ideas of where content can be promoted. The details are clear and actionable. At Kingged.com, engagement with other community members produce tremendous results and have multiplier effect on connections.

    Lets not forget also that to attract readers the content we share must offer “solution” and the engagement we do must be “valuable”.

    I have shared this comment in kingged.com where this post was found and “kingged” for its value to Internet marketers.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


    1. Thank you for your well thought out comment Sunday. I am really enjoying Kingged as well and am finding it to be a very good resource to engage with other influential, like minded bloggers.

  25. Content might be king but if you don’t do your part and put your blog post out there its useless.

  26. Unread content is not king so writing does not end when you write your post. The harder part is promoting and optimizing your post through various social media channels.

  27. stumbledupon and triberr have been a huge help…and yes, we have to pay attention to others if we want them to pay attention to us 🙂

  28. I recently discovered the social media groups, and wow what a difference that has made in how many people see my content. Thanks for the great advice. I pinned this!

  29. hello Don

    Great background in your video embed.

    Content distribution is prime, i am with you on this. Many people have burned their fingers on social bookmarking – most of it through 90% or so bounce rate. Since last few days i am spending 1 hour in a day on social bookmarking my content. Strategy that i am using is – i search for topics of my niche on social bookmarking site like the ones you have mentioned. Example i last week i wrote about using twitter for business on my tech blog – technofare.com and used this strategy and i keep an eye on analytics every day to learn about page views and visitor time spent on my blog

    let me tell you that results are encouraging as of now, while i will monitor this for one month to be sure that it is working.

    Find out relevant subjects, look for people who have saved that bookmark and try to build relation with them. These are my prospects, who will not give me bounce as they care about good content on a particular niche.

    BTW – good post.

  30. Hi Don,

    You’ve shared a lot of important points. The game of blogging has changed, but not in a sense where you have to revamp your blogging model. It takes a little bit more exposure and work on the side to get noticed and that’s perfectly ok, at least the way I see it. You have mentioned some cool sites that I’ll be checking out. Thanks for sharing great value my friend.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Nate! It really has changed. I noticed it last year when I was writing daily and getting nowhere. It was so frustrating until I started to figure it out. Content is really good, getting people to see it is even better!

  31. These are great tips. Thank you for sharing them with us. I’m certainly going to put some of this advice to good use and be more active in my exchanges with other sites.

  32. Hey Don,

    It’s my first time here. I’ve found you on DoSplash which I’ve finally decided to get involved in.

    I really would like to hear you input on this. I used to post every single of my posts from my 3 blogs on StumbleUpon, but then I stopped because I was reading left and right that Stumbleupon was dead, and that it increased the bounce rate.

    Now, I see that you have it listed first on your list here, so what’s the truth about this site? I really would like to know once for all.

    1. Hi Sylviane! Thanks so much for stopping by.

      I love DoSplash and I’m glad you have gotten involved.

      I also love Stumbleupon. Here is my thoughts on your question… I don’t worry much about bounce rates personally. With that said, they have to have a reason to move through your site. Many blog articles don’t cross link and provide opportunities for that to happen. Remember, someone came from Stumbleupon to read one article they were interested in. It’s not Stumbleupon’s fault if we don’t give the site visitor a reason to look further.

      In my article, I had one link to another article on target marketing with information on how you can solve your readers problems. The click through rate today to that link has been nearly 65% so far. It made sense, was relevant in context, and it was easy.

      Hope that makes sense? It’s not Stumbleupon that is the issue. It’s how you incorporate and cross share articles and pages.

      I hope you’ll come by every week for our new articles or even consider signing up below for our weekly email newsletter. It highlights the weeks new article and high engagement social media posts.

      Thanks again for stopping by!!!!

        1. Thank you so much Don,

          I had bookmarked your post to read it entirely at a better time, which I just did. Your post motivated me for my next post on my writing blog this Monday. I will mention your post and link to it. I hope you come read it.

          Sure I’m signing up for your updates and I’ll clicked on the link you’re giving me here. Thanks so much 🙂

          1. You are very welcome Sylviane!!! I’m so glad I do that for you. That’s inspiring to me!!! Thank you!

            I saw your comment and posted a response that I hope clarifies. Please, share your post with me when you launch it so that I can share it out on social media my email newsletter so let’s be sure to connect!!!!!

  33. Your title is such an attention-grabber. Yeah, I know many bloggers are feeling and asking just the same. I think it’s all about optimizing content to please both the search engine spiders and the interest of people.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Rochkirstin. Yes, they are asking and feeling the same way. We bought into the story that we need to be doing content writing. While that’s correct, it’s only part of the story. You have to get the message out!

      Thanks for commenting!

  34. Those are some great tips. I have to check out some of those sites listed above that I have never heard of.

  35. Good point Don, you have to always promote your own content or no one else will. You are your biggest fan always and you need to get the word out there in as many places as possible.

  36. I experience this a lot in the first 3 years of blogging. Now I literally promote my blogs to get attention. The plus side is I am recycling those old articles that never got love in those three years.

  37. Thanks a lot, Don, for not only writing this but also mentioning and sharing it on Kingged.com!

    Talking about “Content is King”, you hit the nail on the head when you said – “Great content alone is not going to get you very far”. That’s the whole concept behind our site – Kingged.com. We believe that a particular piece of Content is King but ONLY if it reaches the right people who crown it King. It’s not enough to write an awesome content, it should reach the right people who will help make it King, 🙂

    That’s what we help our members to achieve at Kingged. The right content shared on our platform reaches lots more people. And the more people like and crown it king, it gets to the frontpage and reaches even more people.

    It’s also very good that you mentioned other content distribution sites or communities like DoSplash, ScoopIt, Inbound, BizSugar, etc, because the more, the better. I have always said it and will say it again – Even though we are the owners of Kingged.com I don’t advise anyone to use just ONE, and not the others. The more blogging communities, social bookmarking and content curation platforms that bloggers use, the better, especially those that ACTUALLY do much MORE to help their members get MORE traffic and engagement!

    In fact, the blogging communities, social bookmarking and content curation platforms are not enough, for the hundreds or even thousands of awesome KINGLIKE posts that get published almost daily. I hate it when I see such truly awesome KINGLIKE posts that get published but don’t get any traffic, comment nor engagement. That is truly sad and shouldn’t be happening!

    So, the more blogging communities, social bookmarking and content curation platforms that bloggers use, the better. And these platforms should actually do much more than just allow posts to be shared on our sites. They should all actively help with promoting the posts shared on their sites!

    And you are very correct, Don, that users should be prepared to engage in any community, to get the best results. It’s not enough to just share your posts and disappear, only to re-appear again to share more posts. Users won’t get results that way. Thankfully you shared Konrad’s tips on how to engage and get results.

    Once again, thanks for writing this content deserving of the “Content is King” mantra, and for sharing it on Kingged.com 🙂 I have “kingged” it and am confident others will too.

    1. WOW! I am blessed and honored Kingsley!!! I can’t thank you enough for your generous, informative, and well thought out comment and more importantly for your generosity. It is a blessing to be a member of the Kingged community. I do hope that my readers not only read your comment and take your encouragement to heart, but will also join your growing community.

      I really appreciate your heart, attitude, and desire to create a great community that cares about each user. I hope to contribute extraordinary content for your members for many posts to come!!!!

      Thanks again!

  38. Thank you for all the great tips! I definitely need to explore more of those platforms that you listed for my blog.

  39. There are so many places to connect and to share and this article is incredibly helpful. Having always written for the Huffington Post and now wanting to build traffic to my own blog, it’s amazing to see what avenues are available for sharing and connecting. Sounds like LinkedIn really is all people say about it and one that I would love to explore more about. Thanks again Don, for always offering easy to follow wonderful posts!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement Beverley. There are some really good places to connect. Not everyone has time for all of them, but there are some “must” places to connect for us all. We just have to decide which ones. Thanks for sharing!

  40. Great article Don! A really useful bunch of resources – and thanks so much for giving me a big shout out and linking to my post.

    I have to say that creating YouTube videos for my posts has been on the cards for a while, but I still haven’t got round to it. This has given me a kick up the backside to get things moving on that front.

    Cheers mate! I’ll promote this for sure 🙂

    1. Hi Konrad,

      What a treat! You’re most certainly welcome. I really appreciated your article and the points that you made. We all have to figure out how to reach our audiences, and there are not many better ways of doing that outside of your recommendations.

      Yes, you need to get to work on those YouTube videos. It shouldn’t take long to do and they will make a difference!

      Thanks for sharing and promoting,

  41. Hey Don,

    Wow, thanks for sharing my post and I think that the roundup I happened to put together this past month was just awesome information. It’s a great example of “sharing other people’s content”. I started this monthly roundup because I read so much awesome content throughout the month that I wanted to be sure that my readers didn’t miss any of the fabulous information I had run across.

    You are so right though that you have to interact with others, read their content, share it and have actual conversations. When you do this with no agenda you’ll be surprised with the results but they won’t happen overnight.

    Your list of sites are great and I’m constantly getting people sharing my content so a good bit of these too. That’s what happens when you’re consistent.

    Like you, I also spend hours a day out there marketing and getting in front of people. It might be time consuming but it works and it’s what works that will last when everything else online may change.

    Great post and message Don and again, thank you so much for the mention. You know it’s greatly appreciated.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      You’re very welcome. Your article was a great illustration of my point, as well as fantastic content to help and business learning how to blog and use their website to market their company.

      I appreciate what you do and the effort you put into offering us all quality content that makes a difference!

  42. Timing of this article is perfect. I am taking on weekly blogging as part of my holiday marketing strategy. It is easier to create FB posts and new jewelry than write a weekly blog. Once I get one written I’m pleased and really want many to read and comment but other than belonging to a small group was clueless where to go to make my readership grow. You have given me a tremendous list of resources. Thank You so much.

    1. The good news is you will own your work on your own blog Rosyln. Meaning you have control over it. I’m glad the article could be of help to you. Thanks for sharing!

  43. Thanks for the info. I will have to try out some of the sites you listed. I appreciate the audience I have, but I would really like my blogs to have a further reach. Thanks again.

  44. I used to think blogging is like this until I started it last December. It takes tones of effort to build an audience. In fact, more effort than writing and researching for the blog itself. Thanks for all the tips, Don.

    1. You are absolutely right Rochefel. It is a LOT of work. But, there is a tipping a point when your audience becomes interested and engaged, and waiting on you to deliver. That’s an awesome feeling when it happens. Thank you for commenting!

  45. Agreed 100%. You cannot just count on content alone to get you rolling, you have to have the eyeballs. Once you promote yourself by engaging socially, if your content is good, they will return.

  46. I really enjoyed this article. I especially liked the tip about Content Distribution Directories. Thanks for posting this!

    Content Distribution Websites or Directories
    Content Distribution Websites or Directories
    Content Distribution Websites or Directories

  47. That is great info.. I know i only use stumble right now.. but i know that i need to be submitting everywhere else.. We have a nice readership but could always use more.. and also taking advantage of social media is huge!

  48. WOW. This is a lot of information for one summer morning!! My main comment is this: facebook seems to be losing its glory. We’re reading about it, and seeing on the news, that businesses and people are bailing out of facebook by the thousands. (this started when they went “public” and it’s been going on every since). I’m looking for new social platforms to arise and replace facebook. What do you think?

    1. Tina, maybe and maybe not. It’s still the largest social media network by far! However, it’s always good to look at new options to discover if your target audience is there and then jump in and get engaged.

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