Marketing without Vision Sucks and Why It’s Obvious You Don’t Have One

Author : , Date : June 1, 2015



What is vision? Can you answer that question without feeling a pit in your stomach or a question go through your mind?

Have you even given thought to it or have you spent your time as business owner or entrepreneur developing strategies and working to just get your company launched because you’re excited?

Perhaps you’ve been in business for a year or longer and you’re realizing that there is more to this than you thought and you know instinctively that there is one missing ingredient that is between you and the customers who will make your business grow.

This is a really important subject to me and one that I love and learned a lot from Howard Hendricks during my time in his classes and in my internship at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Let’s start first with what vision is NOT: It’s not a list of things you want to do or accomplish in the future. Those are goals and many times people confuse them with vision.

This list will get you to your vision, but they are NOT your vision.

So what is vision?

Vision is at its simplest form nothing more than an idea of how you want to make a difference or change the world.

It is the one overarching, over-reaching idea that is inspired and fueled by one simple principle that people can grasp, feel, understand and be inspired by so much that a business is taken to a whole different level in the public sphere.

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, had initial vision that was very simple back in the 80’s and early 90’s: He wanted to put a personal computer in every home and leverage technology so that the consumer had a level playing field.



How about Thomas Edison?




Edison had one simple vision and that was to change the way the world experienced life. From the light bulb to the telephone, and from the sounds of music through the phonograph to watching life and entertainment through a movie camera.

Vision is lived in and through the business owner and then through the business itself straight to the public.

How you communicate your vision and what you practically do to fulfill it stems from knowing the difference you want to make and that difference is tied directly to who you are as a person. It’s fueled by your experiences, passions, dreams and ideas of what can be.

The vision of a business becomes it’s very DNA and reason for existence.


Why Small Business Struggle to See Long-Term Growth and Success


It’s true that 80% of all business will fail within five years of launch. Of those, 70% will fail within 24 months.

What is the difference between those few who succeed and those who fail?


Business is a vision sucking machine.


Ask most business owners and they will tell you how easy it is to get consumed by the details, minutia and the day-to-day things that will zap the life out of a business owner.

Passion dissolves, interest is lost and before you know it the business owner is wondering what they got themselves into.

Let’s be real, very few go into business without knowing it could fail. It’s just that many of us believe it won’t happen to us.

That’s not a bad thing. It’s good to be optimistic and hopeful. In trying times we need that perspective.

However, it’s bad if it’s naïve.

Success is predicated on a lot of things but the one overriding thing that determines success is a business owner’s ability to see the big picture at all times and determine what has to be done to get where you are to where you want to be.

Vision is the root of WHY you’re in business and “why” is always more important than “how” – yet the majority of us focus on the how without understanding the “why?”.

Vision is a window into our soul and once we understand and embrace our vision then we know exactly where we want to go and can put a plan in place to get there with purpose and meaning.

The “how” becomes a function of the practical that gets us there.

Yet, if there is no purpose for the “how” because it’s disconnected from the vision then it becomes clear why a business would fail.

So, why are so many chasing the “how?”

Because it’s easy and it’s the lazy way out. We fool ourselves into thinking that we can just do the minimums to get where we want to go and that’s foolishness.

The other alternative is that we are afraid… afraid of achieving success. Afraid of making a difference. Afraid of criticism. Afraid of what people will say. Afraid that someone may come after us.

Yes, those things can all happen. But, vision requires courage and bravery and rises above the noise that is out there.

It’s true. Vision requires work and sometimes pain. It isn’t something that just shows up out of nowhere. This is why business failure is so high. There is no passion many times outside of money or fear is the driver of the business owner and that is a road to failure.


Why do I do what I do?


I want to take a second and share my vision that comes from ten years of owning seven different businesses. It comes through both success and some very deep failures.

Here is my personal vision for my business:


* To help communities be vibrant and great places to live because small businesses are healthy and growing and fulfilling their vision in their communities.


* To educate, empower and enable small businesses owners and entrepreneurs to make a difference in their communities through their business.


* To help small businesses learn that they can compete with anyone at anytime and be wildly successful because of whom they are not because of what they sell.
When small businesses succeed, we all succeed together. America was the first country in the history of the world to embrace entrepreneurism and build wealth through business ownership and entrepreneurism. In fact, up until recent history entrepreneurs were frowned upon. They were lower class. It was considered easier just take what you wanted from someone instead of earn it. That is the old world feudal system.

No country before America was ever able to do what we have done.

And somehow we’ve forgotten that. We have forgotten that we live in a country that has changed the way the world thinks about success.

But more importantly, because of greed and the idea of profits no matter what we’ve lost our way and our moral compass.

We are still world leaders. But what kind of leaders are we?

If every business had a vision that was about others over self think of how powerful that would be!

However, today the failure rate for new businesses seems to be around 70% to 80% in the first year and only about half of those who survive the first year will remain in business the next five years.

Much of it is tied to the reality that business owners don’t fully understand marketing and sales outside of a mass marketing context that no longer works online or in personal networking; or they have misguided ideas of how to get to the money fast without good ideas, sacrifice and working smart and hard.

For your business to achieve marketing and sales success in order to grow you have to be very clear about your business, your prospects and customers and you must have the right strategies and tactics.


How Can You Begin to Discover Your Vision?


Your marketing may suck because you’re to busy talking about yourself. The only person impressed with you is YOU.

I can always tell when a company doesn’t have a real vision because it communicates inwardly about itself publicly.

The focus is in the wrong place. Very few if any companies would be proud of their marketing if they knew what they were doing.  I want go on record as saying that I don’t believe the majority of companies are doing this on purpose; they are doing the best with what they know to do.

There is a vision that is inspiring and contagious, it’s just buried and needs to be discovered.

If you don’t know what your vision is, I can promise you that it’s there.

Perhaps you need someone who can ask the right questions and help pull it out of you?

You may be saying right now, “Don, I do have a vision.”

Please allow me one second to challenge you.

If you all you can tell me is what you want to sell or the lifestyle your business can afford you one day then I’m going to tell you that is not a vision for your business.

Vision is never focused on you!

Vision is always focused on making a difference in the world in the future. That vision will guide your business, attract the right employees, and most importantly it will attract the right customers.

If you’ve taken the path of business ownership I know it’s there.

You can find your vision through a set of steps that requires work.

What do I mean?

Don’t start with trying to define a vision. Allow yourself to discover it through the following process:


  1. Discover the tangible values your customers receive from having done business with you.
  2. What “specific” problems do each tangible value solve (fyi there could be 5 and there could be 200)?
  3. Who are you “specifically” solving the problems for?
  4. How are your products or services a solution?


Discovering your vision is a process and it doesn’t always happen overnight. But that doesn’t mean you can get on the road right now to finding it.

You may not realize it, but every successful company has been through a process. Steve Jobs didn’t one day say out of nowhere that he wanted to put a personal computer in every home, or create iTunes and iPod; or change telecommunications forever through the iPhone.

Wal Mart didn’t grow to be the world’s largest and most dominate retailer by accident. Did you know that Sam Walton was leveraged in the tens of millions of dollars, or more, in debt as followed his vision of helping rural communities have access to affordable products that previously were unavailable? He had a vision and he followed it! He believed in it all costs!

You may be saying to yourself that you just want to have a great life selling “ABC” and you have no intention of becoming a Fortune 100 company.

That’s awesome. But your business in your local community wants to know who you are and what you stand for. They want to buy from and be a part of a business that stands for more than just making money.

They want to know that you’re there for the long-term and that you’re really there to serve them.

If you want something from your community than show them what you want to do for them!

That is vision and when you can communicate your vision through marketing it will seek to such and instead it will attract your customers to you.

Now it’s your turn: what is your vision? Please share with me below.


I also want to share with you that I’m working on creating a dynamic webinar that you won’t want to miss. You will learn five questions that will immediately change the way you think about your business, the web and generating targeted content that gets real results. I’m still working on the title. I can guarantee you that you will not want to miss this special webinar. You will learn from the big picture how the web works together holistically and the steps you can take to build a solid internet marketing presence that will endure no matter what happens with algorithms or other changes that affect how you reach, converse with and convert your audience into paying customers.

If you want to know when the webinar will be available and how you can access it please join my email list below by clicking on the image. Not only will you be the first to know, you will also be the first to know about article and podcast releases.

I hope to see you on the upcoming webinar!!!!




Do you know your vision or do you have a comment or question? Please leave it below in the comments section. I would love to engage with you around this topic.

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Don Purdum

Don works with businesses to help them discover who their customers are and what business they are "really" in. He is an award-winning blogger and branding / marketing consultant.
Don Purdum
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33 thoughts on “Marketing without Vision Sucks and Why It’s Obvious You Don’t Have One

  1. Hi Don,

    Two different topics blended into one.

    Marketing without vision sucks – That rank a bell.
    Why it’s obvious you don’t have one.

    I stopped in my tracks and started to read.

    I loved your definition of vision, especially how you differentiated vision from goals.

    I’ve never looked at either vision or goals from this perspective yet. Got a nice little jolt to my every day and happy existence.

    How you communicate your vision and what you practically do to fulfil it stems from knowing the difference you want to make and that difference is tied directly to who you are as a person.

    Here are many many individual ideas tied together in one paragraph. I had to read this paragraph a couple of times to understand this truth.

    How you communicate your vision
    What you practically do to fulfil it
    Stems from knowing the difference you want to make
    That difference is tied directly to who you are as a person

    When I broke I down the paragraph in a word file as shown above the depth of what you’ve written sank in. This paragraph alone was worth the time I spent reading / pondering your Blog post.

    Like many business owners, I too, have experienced the pain of the details, minutia and the day-to-day things that zap the life out of a business owner, and blur their vision to the point where it ceases to exist.

    Your words Don not mine and so very true.

    Your statement
    I want to take a second and share my vision that comes from ten years of owning seven different businesses. It comes through both success and some very deep failures.

    The fact that your vision is actually driven by BOTH success and deep failures makes you a perfect mentor and guide. Someone people can look up to.

    Personally, I’ve always found it really difficult to look up to Guru’s who claim they’ve never experienced failure and they will help you never experience failure as well. Something in that approach does not ring quite kosher.

    I’d much rather follow a mentor who publically claims they’ve experienced failure (and learned and evolved from that) and have had their fair share of successes as well and have figured out exactly why they were successful.

    I could go on Don. Beautifully educative post for me. I’m so glad I took the time to read and understand its contents.

    BTW, English is not my native language DON. I learned English under an awesome English teacher named Mable Anrade and just continued to grow from there.

    1. Hi Ivan,

      So glad you benefited from my article! I can’t thank you enough for blessing me with your comment.

      So many don’t understand the difference between vision and goals; they blend the two together unintentionally.

      That’s why in my coaching I get to their passions because the vision is there under the surface and we just have to pull it out and then be able to communicate it.

      It’s the vision that inspires and motivates and in every article, podcast, video, presentation, speech… is communicated and driven home.

      Failure is a real part of growing, developing and becoming how we were meant to be. I embrace failure and encourage people to get to failure as fast as possible. The more you learn through challenging adversities the better you become IF the attitude is right.

      I’m not shy about sharing my failures, they are part of my experience and story; and they inform my present and future.

      FYI – you’re doing a fantastic job if English is not your native language!

      Thanks you so much Ivan for reading and for your kind words!!!

      Have a great week.

      ~ Don

  2. Hi Don,

    Great post. I have known about setting goals but truly never gave having a vision a thought.
    What an eye-opener. I have stated that I want to provide solutions to help other to succeed
    online. I guess that could constitute having a vision, now that I think about it.

    I’m definitely going to share this post as I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who don’t
    have a vision in place for their businesses.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts and utilizing what I read.

    Have a great rest of the week and weekend………Chris

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks so much for stopping by, I so appreciate your comment and feedback!!!

      As I shared, vision is the driver of your business that sets the tempo and determines what you will and won’t do; and how you will message. It’s that deep seeded thing that while it may never be stated it can be seen or felt by all those who come in contact with us.

      I think vision is much deeper for you than you explained. It’s tied more into understanding the difference you want to make in the world. I’m confident it’s there Chris and in all likely hood it’s sitting right under the surface waiting for you to discover it.

      Thank you so much for sharing and I hope you’ll come back and interact with me and the audience. I have a great community that I’ve been very blessed to earn over the last 14 months.

      If there is anything I can do for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

      Have a Happy 4th of July!

      ~ Don

  3. I have a problem with changing vision frequently, and I don’t know if it’s because I don’t really know what I want and therefore can’t pin down a particular audience, or if this is just part of the natural evolution of vision.

    I want to help marketers of all kinds with a single blog, but that’s a broad audience.

  4. Hi Don,

    I don’t know how, but it seems that I had missed this post. The good thing is it’s still here for me to catch up with it.

    Indeed, indeed. If more business owners had a vision they’ll be more successful. Even if employees had a vision they’d be more successful too. we ALL need to have a vision in life. At least that’s my belief.

    My coaching vision is very clear, I want to teach people that they don’t have to be stuck in a life that sucks and show them the ropes to emotional, financial and physical freedom.

    My writing vision is becoming more clear by the day, I want to help business owners to use words the right way to build relationships with their customers and grow their business.

    I feel that having a vision helps us not to be selfish and just talk about us. As you said nobody care about “you” they want to know what “you” can do for them.

    Great article

    1. Hi Sylviane,

      I completely understand and thank you so much for stopping by to share! I’m so glad you are here!

      Vision is so critical and yet so misunderstood. So many think it’s creating this idea of what you want your business to look in “x” number of years when that misses the point all together. That’s a result, not a vision.

      I’m enjoying your posts and hope that you find all the success you want and are looking for Sylviane!!!

      I appreciate your kind words and hope that you have an amazing week ahead!

      ~ Don

  5. Hey Don,

    Great post. Vision is very important when it comes to anything that you’re participating in … especially business. Without proper vision, you’ll just wander around aimlessly and 3 – 5 years down the road, wonder why you haven’t achieved what you set out to achieve.

    I had that with a specific project I’m working on. I’ve had it there for 3 years but haven’t had the proper vision to understand where I wanted to take it and where I wanted it to ultimately lead to. Your post here gave me some semblance of direction that I could take it.

    Great message here.

    – Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Vision is CRITICAL and vital to the success of a business. Without it what are we doing and who are we serving?

      I’m excited and happy that I could offer some guidance through the article!

      I appreciate you openness and comment.

      Have a great week Andrew!

      ~ Don Purdum

  6. Yep; I knew I didn’t know. Does that count for anything but honesty?

    I’ve never found a process to help me define/clarify/describe. I don’t like thinking about how much I’ve invested with coaches, training, workshops. But I think what’s helping me most these days – meditating regularly and praying for clarity. I feel like for me, it might just be the right process.

    This what you said: There is a vision that is inspiring and contagious, it’s just buried and needs to be discovered. <= I'm digging and discovering.

    1. Hi Patricia,

      Honesty counts for everything!!!! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your comment and your sincerity.

      Before I started working with my clients almost every single one said the same thing. I believe the majority of coaches or trainers have much clarity themselves to be honest with you; and I still haven’t come across one that really understands vision, clarity and focus. It’s very much a big picture perspective of business that utilizes detail to discover it.

      I’m excited that you’re digging and discovering Patricia. Please, don’t hesitate to ever reach out and please keep us updated on how things progress for you.

      It really is there, I promise!

      Have a great weekend and thank you so much for commenting. It’s a pleasure to have you on my site!

      ~ Don

  7. Hi Don,
    Its revealing to be reminded of what Vision means for as individuals and as businesses. The “WHY” question of what we do gives us idea of what our business is.

    I have never seen it that way. Perhaps, I am one of those engrossed with the “HOW” of things!

    Yes, business or marketing without a vision sucks and by creating one, it becomes easier to achieve many goals!
    This comment shared in as well.

    1. Hi Sunday,

      It’s very normal for the majority of people to be engrossed with the “how.” If you think about it, it’s how you have been trained your whole life through the educational system.

      As students from K-12, we learn how to do math, how to understand language and how basic science works. We are not taught to ask questions that lead to “why” and therefore many of us never learn to askt he questions that lead us to why.

      That has a profound impact on the business community. It’s natural for us to approach “how” we do business and then just go and do it. But we either don’t understand or we forget there is a psychology and there is a need and we struggle to connect the dots and therefore fail to attract and convert those who need us.

      That’s our real goal – to help those who need us discover we are there and that we can make a difference for them. Inside that is a vision for every single company.

      They just need some help pulling it out so that they can market in a way that is compelling, interesting and inspiring to their audience.

      Thanks so much for your openness Sunday.

      I hope you have a great week!

      ~ Don

  8. Hi Don,

    THIS is what I am talking about!

    That passion sucking thing kills most folks. Killed me for 5 years online. I was focused on business, the day to day grind, and lost sight of my vision getting overwhelmed by details. You can have passion while being obsessed with the practical, or at least, you can’t have that world changing, famous person, freaking dynamo type passion that drives you beyond most human beings…..and yep, those feel passionate souls are led by their visions.

    I wrapped up one of my podcasts a few minutes ago. After 20 minutes of talking solo, I am dripping with sweat…and it ain’t because I’m in the jungles of Bali LOL. Would be the same way in air conditioning because it’s like this: when you have vision, you bring a ton of folks along for the ride, and the Universe will bless you with powers you knew not you had, before you had the vision. It’s like, you become this more well know person, all because you’re trying to help a ton of folks, and access some serious passion and energy, that extra gear you use regularly, that other folks never seem to find.

    Thanks Don!


    1. Hi Ryan,

      Absolutely! Business is brutal and it can just suck the life and passion out of you. That’s why you HAVE to remind yourself daily of the vision and where you want this business to be and the difference you want to make in the world.

      People have terrible motives and sometimes their only motive is to bring you down. However, your vision is bigger. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when the negative people come.

      I love your comment, positive energy and can do attitude Ryan. Your vision is starting to really come together of how you want to make a difference for bloggers.

      Keep up the great work my friend!

      ~ Don

  9. Hi Don,

    Your post came at the right time. Recently, I had to take a serious look into my life, the ups and downs and what I really wanted in life. That introspection revealed a lot to me; amongst it why my vision needed adjustments.

    You are right: a lot of people open businesses for the money they will make and not because of a vision. For a long time now, I have known (based on my experiences and those of family and friends) that making money the sole reason for opening a business is the fastest way to sink. Because the money hardly ever comes as fast as expected and this discourages a lot of people. Without a strong vision, this discouragement is enough to make entrepreneurs give-up on their business.

    Vision is a process: You are so right there. That is why I meditate on my life regularly. Many times this introspection has led to new discoveries and an adjustment of my vision. Right now my vision is to help entrepreneurs build their businesses by showing them how I have built some of mine. My vision is to also make my community a better place through the actualization of the ideas in my head. I have already started work on some of those ideas.

    Is it hard to stay true to your vision? Absolutely! I have faced so many trials in my quest to build my business and help others build theirs. About three days ago, I had a discussion with a dear friend and he told me how he had dumped his vision in the pursuit of wealth. He told me that the ‘graveyard is rich with so many unfulfilled dreams’. I agree with him on that one. But hearing him say those words made me realize that I do not want my visions to go unfulfilled into the earth.

    Thanks for a great post, as always Don.


    1. Hi Chioma,

      You are so right, it is really discouraging when you’re expecting money to show up and it just doesn’t happen.

      I have a friend who works with investors. One of them is Mark Cuban. He identifies and coaches his clients on how to prepare the right materials and then coaches them through the process so that when they stand before the prospective investor they don’t leave with their tail between their legs.

      The one thing he said to me a few years ago that really stood out is that while a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs have great ideas they lack the ability to connect the product or service with the consumer. That requires vision that comes through data driven research and then connecting the dots.

      When an investor realizes that the entrepreneur is on to something and they can answer the questions about not just the product but the consumer they can easily make a determination.

      I agree that it is hard at times to stay to true to the vision. In the short term it’s easy to abandon it for money when money is hard to come by. But, if you stick with it and endure through the challenges and adversities and stay true to the vision while finding new methods of achieving it you will succeed in the long term and be so much better off for it.

      Great comment Chioma. I appreciate your in-depth comment and the contribution you’ve made to the article, myself an my readers!!!!

      Have a great week and if I can be of any service please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

      ~ Don

      1. Thanks Don. I appreciate your insights and generosity evident in your well-researched articles. Thanks for the offer to reach out to you whenever you can be of service. I will definitely do that.

        Do have a splendid week too, Don.

  10. Don, how are you doing today…! I hope you are doing well and enjoy your work.

    I seem I quite your blog for long time because I was busy with creating my new blog. Anyway, I love to see your comment and recommendation about my new blog is possible. please visit:

    Actually, this above is really awesome about creating vision and solving problems. I love what you the different between “How” and “Why”.

    Sure, If want to solve any problems about failure, you’ll need to understand about root cuase of problem. And I think that “Why” is really important question for break down the problems.

    And then, you can come up with another important question. It is “How”. “How” will show the complete solution to each root cause that you breaked it down.

    Don, you know..? My friend used to call me a crazy guy, because I was jobless and working with blogging. They told me that I wasted my time because online business and blogging.

    Honestly, I didn’t anger them but their talk made me disappointed. However, nothing could be an obstacle for my business because I know exactly what I’m currently doing.

    Own a dream with blogging, and it’s a realistic dream for my life.

    It’s nothing important but I love what I’m doing and my dream. I continue blogging almost 2 years without any earning until know about how blogging work. I made my frist commission at 2013, and my first thousand dollars online at the same year.

    I proof my business, and I changed what my friends talk about me..

    Thanks for sharing..! I really love your topic and content..

    Have great day..

    1. Hi Kim,

      How exciting! I’ll be sure to stop by and check out your new blog.

      Way too many businesses neglect the “why.” I don’t think it’s intentional. It’s mostly out of not knowing. Vision is something that all of us have to some degree for our lives but somehow and for some reason the educational system, especially here in the U.S., sucks it out of us.

      We are taught to think about math, science and grammar but we are never taught to ask questions and go beyond the obvious.

      That has us stuck in a state of a visionless society and yet we can find books and training courses on it everywhere.

      I’m sure as you progress on your journey you will discover how to create the vision you will need in order to structure your business and discover your dreams.

      I hope you have an awesome week ahead!

      ~ Don

      1. Don, thanks for responding and willing for checking my new blog. I really love to get your advice because I feel like my new blog was really mess and I’ve got no idea for that…

        I was really great, and thanks

        1. You’re welcome Kim! I will look over it next week. I’m getting my new webinar and product together and its an intense time. I’ll have some feedback for you soon. If you don’t hear from me please feel free to follow-up with me.

          ~ Don

  11. Marketing requires vision. Marketers experienced variety of misconceptions that companies had with marketing. Someone coined that “Marketing, very simply put, is the ability to align all your existing resources around a clear and compelling VISION.”

    Even small business needs this. Marketing needs alignment and alignment requires that EVERYONE be going in the same direction to not struggle in the long-term growth and success.

    To wrap it up, don’t expect Marketing to make you look like something you are not. Instead, create a vision of your company that your team can follow with a passion.

    Great and an eye-opener article Don.

    1. Hi Metz,

      I LOVE what you said; ” don’t expect Marketing to make you look like something you are not. Instead, create a vision of your company that your team can follow with a passion.”

      That’s exactly right and it’s the missing component for so many businesses. It’s sad, I can walk into a business and if I’ve never seen their marketing I can almost tell you to a point if they do it well or not; if they have a vision or not; just by the way the staff and/or the owner engages and interacts and by the way the store looks.

      Alignment is critical and it’s vision and the mission that comes through it that creates it.

      Thanks so much for commenting and sharing Metz.

      I hope you have a great week!

      ~ Don

  12. Hey Don,

    You have made clear the difference between goals and vision. Ever since I started a home business, I always thought of the two as the same. I didn’t know there was a difference between them besides their spelling 😉

    It looks like a had a strong vision. Now, like most, my goal was financial freedom. Just having the option of being “free” has always attracted me. I wanted a job to get experience in my field, but I never wanted to stay at one for 30+ years.

    But my vision for me was the same for others. I grew up with a lot of people who tend to limit themselves. Get your diploma, degree, get a job, get married, have kids, grow old and die. As i was growing up I asked the question “is that it?” I wanted something more, and I know they wanted something more.

    So I feel it’s my duty to provide more options for those that have this limited mindset. I do this through blogging and promoting the information that I learned. There’s just too much to life to follow a monotonous routine that was already planned out for the majority of us.

    Thanks for the share Don! Have a great rest of the week!

    1. Hi Sherman,

      For sure, vision and goals are two very different things. Goals come from the strategies; which come from the vision.

      While financial freedom is what you want; how can that translate to a vision of helping others do the same thing? Inside that there is a vision I’m sure. However, you communicate it, inspire others; it all comes through your communication. People ought to be able to see it even if you never directly say it. Of course, you do want to say it… lol.

      I’m really enjoying your site and what your sharing the last few months. If you pull your vision together and really discover your passion for others and incorporate that into what your saying your blog is going to be even more powerful!!!!!

      I hope you have a great week as well Sherman. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and thoughts. If you need more clarification, just let me know.

      ~ Don

  13. Hi Don,

    What a wonderful share about vision. When I look at marketing, there are so many dots to connect. But they all fall back on our own unique vision. That one thing that we know deep in our heart why we are doing what we do.

    When I first came into the internet I had vision, but no tools. That’s OK, I learned as I went along. See, I have and still do run an off line business. It is a fruitful one and I deal with many problems people face in life. One biggie is their financial state. Their jobs and loss of them. Or fear that they will be downsized..things like that. This inspired me so much. I had to find a way to crack the code for my clients. To find a way for them to start their own business. Either on the side or full time.

    This is why I started blogging and marketing. When I seen things working, I had to share them with my clients. One was a disgruntled teacher. She couldn’t stand the bureaucracy of the school system. Long story short, she now teaches via the internet for people who home school their children. There are many stories like that.

    My vision was clear then, and now it still is as I grow to new places. I want to show others that it starts within them. Build a business – one for others and never do it for the money. Because when you have that clarity, you know money will follow.


    1. Hi Donna,

      Vision is something I’ve been passionate about for nearly twenty years. It’s funny, we talked about it and lived in both undergrad and graduate school and in my time in the Army as a Chaplain.

      It’s a vital component to mission success for any organization. Yet, few actually understand it let alone use it.

      Vision is so personal isn’t it?

      Yet, the personal vision is what people really resonate and connect with. I have over the years seen so many people who prefer to spend more money with a company that has a purpose over one that just has a business where they sell you something.

      I love your stories and your experiences through them. You are a blessing to me and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you.

      I hope you have an incredible week Donna!!!!

      ~ Don

  14. Hey Don,

    I have to tell you that I’ve learned so much from you during this time I’ve been working with you and I was nodding my head all the way through. Knowing this and doing it are where most people go wrong. They get caught up in the how to’s and next thing you know they’re off track.

    I have vision, sort of. I thought I was moving in the right direction but then I got off track which is pretty easy to do. That’s an accident waiting to happen if I’ve ever seen one.

    I think a lot of people and businesses are more about them then what they can do for their customers and clients. I know for me I had good intentions but that’s not going to create a successful business.

    I too want to change the way people look at blogging. So many people have incorporated it into their business or they’re considering it but having no success at all. It’s like your message here, they just don’t understand how this all works but once they have the missing pieces of the puzzle then I believe they’re on their way to getting great results.

    As always Don, great message and I just shared it as well. Can’t speak highly enough of what it is you do for the blogging community because you help people get on the right track with their business and then the rest they will definitely have much more fun implementing.

    Have a great week and talk to you soon.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      I have to tell you; you are a complete dream client!!! I really appreciate the work and attention you are putting into our work together and even today your article is a shining beacon. I’m loving watching the comments and reactions as they come in.

      You’re absolutely right… because people don’t understand marketing and sales they do have a tendency to talk about themselves. That’s the result of not knowing what business you’re “really” in and not doing the foundation work to really learn the communication side of business.

      Plus, mass marketing has taught us both directly and indirectly how to message “me, me, me” and as a result the consumer has become more educated and doesn’t care about you.

      I love that you have a vision for changing the way people look at blogging. It’s a rich, rewarding experience. People can call it whatever they want, but at the end of the day blogging is another way to reach our audiences. Some of the smartest people in business and politics are great bloggers.

      Thank you as always for your incredibly kind and generous words. I’m blessed beyond measure to work with you!

      Have a great week Adrienne!!!

      ~ Don

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