The Shift – The Fast Paced Transition from Mass Marketing to Context Marketing

Author : , Date : March 4, 2015

The-Shift-The-Fast-Paced-Transition-from-Mass-Marketing-to-Context-MarketingThe majority of businesses today have a website, social media pages and some even have a blog. Many jump online expecting and hoping for big results fast only to find out that no one is interested in reading, consuming or sharing their content; let alone contacting them about doing business or buying from them.

For many business owners and entrepreneurs there has been a growing frustration that the internet is not all that it has been promised to be. Yet, it still remains true that any business can achieve marketing and sales through the internet with a little thought and some creativity.

When a business invests in an online marketing tool like a website, blog, search engine optimization or social media they understand that they no longer ought to just have a web presence for the sake of having a web presence. It’s just internet 101 today that there is more to it than that and we all accept and understand that.

But is it we really should be doing if we are want to take advantage of the all the internet has to offer us?


I see small business at a crossroads.

In a recent article titled “Successful Blogging Tips for Service Based Businesses” I shared one example of a conflict between the how the public wants to interact with a business online through a blog and how a business doesn’t want to do it:

81% of U.S. consumers trust blogs and 70% learn more about a company through their blog than through an advertisement and small businesses generate 126% more leads than those businesses who don’t have a blog.

Yet, only 13% of entrepreneurs and small businesses are blogging.

A lot of business owners and entrepreneurs are asking themselves and those they seek advice from:


  • What should I be doing online?
  • Why should I be doing it?
  • How will it help me?
  • What will my return on investment be and will the profits be substantial?


The focus of the questions is in the wrong place. Yes, I get it. You’re a business and you’re in it to make money.

But I believe the real issues that business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with is in their mindset.


Mass marketing has taught us that if we just throw money at advertising then the masses will come and make us rich.


Hasn’t that been the promise of the internet for over a decade now? Yet, I don’t see many business owners getting rich from the internet today because it’s not the pioneer it once was even though it’s still a very young and evolving tool.

For too long businesses focused on the technology as the solution to their marketing problems instead of looking deeply into their business. The focus is in the wrong place. The technology is just a tool. It cannot answer the fundamental reasons of why someone is in business or why a prospect would be inspired to buy.

The problem is that businesses tend to see the internet through a mass marketing mindset and until we see what that means and what the difference is not much is going to change in your results.

Here is how many are still using the internet hoping for results in an fast paced environment that has shifted on them:


  • Websites exist to prove a business is legitimate or is nothing more than a flashy brochure that talks about the business and its products or services.
  • Keyword research that is embedded in a website and social media platform to drive traffic to a website.
  • Authoritative links to prove to a search engine that a website is legitimate and authoritative.
  • Social media pages that are full of text and pictures that communicate benefits and features and “buy me” posts.


What happens when you don’t get results? Do you blame the technology for the problem?

Please understand, the perceived marketing problem is almost never the real problem.

All the tools and “how to” websites in the world are not going to help you learn the technology better to get the results you’re looking for because the problem is not the tool or the platform.

The real problem is the lack of clarity the business owner has around his or her business:


  • What business are you “really” in?
  • What are your tangible values?
  • What problems do you solve?
  • Who do you “specifically” solve them for?
  • How are your products or services a part of “a” solution?


I my new book, I will share the secrets to marketing success.




If a business learns:


  • What business they are “really” in: How do you communicate your business clearly, persuasively and in a way that resonates with any individual who is a prospect or customer from their point of view?
  • What problems are you passionate about?: It’s more than just a business…
  • What problems do you “really” solve?
  • What tangible values do you provide?  What can people expect if they buy from you?
  • Who do you “specifically” solve problems for?


“The Shift” reveals how 300 years of mass marketing has affected our mindset and habits; and how we ought to view marketing and asks business owners to focus on the needs of others over self.

In the book I will take us on a journey with Chuck Ware, the owner and founder of The Academy Warehouse. You will see how Chuck learned to transform his marketing into a persuasive, relevant, compelling and inspirational message that resonates with his audience.

Chuck learned how to stop talking about his business both offline and online and learned how to focus on the needs and problems of those who need his service.


“The Shift” is for those business owners and entrepreneurs who know that something is deeply wrong with their marketing but they are doing everything they are told to do to be successful, except for one thing… learning your business so well that you know what business you’re “really” in and learning to speak the language of those who are ready to buy from you.


Click Here to learn more about what is in the book, the benefits of reading it and check out some endorsements.




If you have a comment or want to share with me, I invite you to do so below in the comments section. I would love to chat and engage with you there! 


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Don Purdum

Don Purdum

Don works with businesses to help them discover who their customers are and what business they are "really" in. He is an award-winning blogger and branding / marketing consultant.
Don Purdum
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20 thoughts on “The Shift – The Fast Paced Transition from Mass Marketing to Context Marketing

  1. Hello Don,

    First time to your site and I’m intrigued.

    Based on your comment to Ivan, it seems like you’re talking about cold traffic vs warm traffic.

    Meaning, absently promoting your content and hoping it reaches the right audience is pretty much a recipe for failure.

    Whereas, with warm traffic, you warm them up by communicating and building trust.

    My father, when I was growing up, was always a salesman. He always told me the first rule of sales is to sell yourself. If your customer doesn’t like you or trust you, it doesn’t matter if you’re selling the cure to cancer, no one will listen.

    Am I far off on this one?



    1. Hi Mark,

      Welcome to my site and thank you so much for contributing through your comment. I’m excited you’re here!

      You bring up an excellent point and I’m not sure I meant to say that but I can see exactly how you arrived at your conclusion.

      I think anytime you’re getting a visit from a search engine or through a social media share where someone doesn’t know you it’s definitely “cold.” Meaning, they don’t know you, haven’t heard of you and dont’ have any experience with you.

      I agree it’s very challenging to earn sales through it for many business owners. However, if you do a great job of explaining in their language that you understand them and can identify with them then you can increase your chances.

      But, it’s definitely not as good as a warm lead that comes from someone who has consumed your content for a while and engaged with you; or someone who is a referral, etc…

      Warm is always better than cold; but warm traffic still does not guarantee business if you aren’t communicating with clarity from the perspective of the person reading, watching or listening to the content; and that’s my real point.

      Thanks for clarifying a really solid point!!!!

      I hope you’ll be back to visit again soon, I would welcome that with open arms.

      I hope you have a great weekend Mark!

      ~ Don

  2. Hi Don,

    Reading this Blog post, was like a long – cold – look in a mirror. The Blog post content reflected almost all that I had done for several years.

    Then after a bit of – reflection – I figured out what I was doing wrong.

    When I took stock several years ago my website was only getting me a -thin- trickle of income, often not enough to pay for even hosting my site, let alone giving me something back for my efforts.

    Today I’m crystal clear that – Technology – is not the culprit at all. Technology is simply tool that the website owner needs to wield to craft an income that is driven.

    The clarity, with which one understands:
    The business one is driving via the Internet
    The tangible – Value – that the business bring the site visitors
    The site visitor’s site visitors pain points that the product(s) and/or service(s) available on the website resolves

    Are all key drivers that determines your income stream.

    All of the above being driven as efficiently as is possible using the best/most affordable technology available.

    Mass marketing, (i.e. outbound marketing), where the marketing process largely delivers its message in one direction, does not engage with and listen to what customers are saying, is probably the single most important reason why one’s website is delivering just a thin trick of income (or no income at all).

    Using in bound marketing
    Delivering measurable value to your site visitors (often for free), until trust builds
    Engaging with them on specific social streams they are comfortable on
    Paying heed to their feedback. Acting on it
    Accepting criticism with grace when its warranted
    Fixing what’s broken
    Accepting responsibility and accountability where appropriate
    Understanding you site visitors needs
    Addressing these with acceptable/affordable solutions
    Are all (surprisingly) huge profit drivers.

    Technology does not even come close.

    Thank you for an engaging article Don. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    Read your Blog post on then hopped across here.

    1. Hi Ivan,

      I really appreciate your detailed comment!

      I would like to clarify that mass marketing does not have to be classified as “outbound” marketing necessarily. Yes, it is a one-way tool but there are ways to drive inbound marketing with a mass marketing approach although I would never recommend it nor do I believe today it will yield a big result for reputable businesses who plan to exist for a long time.

      Technology is not the problem, it’s our lack of understanding our businesses, our customers and the problems our products or services solve for our them that is the real problem.

      I can mix and match any technology to communicate or deliver what my customers need.

      Great comment Ivan. I appreciate it!

      ~ Don

  3. Hi Don,
    In My perspective, every business should have a blog and they should regularly update information about their products and services which can help people.
    You did a best research about business people perspective and about their online presence and so many big companies also keeping a website just for the sake of presence.
    I hope now business people shit transition from mass marketing to context marketing.

    1. Hi Siddaiah,

      It’s a process that is going to take some time for people to understand and realize. It can’t be just publishing content anymore. Those days are gone. It has to be content that talks specifically to an audience about a need, issue or problem they are having.

      Thank you for your comment Siddaiah! I hope you have a great week.

      ~ Don

  4. An interesting review I must commend Don! “The Shift”sounds like the next best thing that will happen to online marketers! From this review, it seems like Internet marketers should change the mindset of how to apply blogging effectively for marketing.

    “The problem is that businesses tend to see the internet through a mass marketing mindset and until we see what that means and what the difference is not much is going to change in your results.” – This line explains a lot about what marketers readily ought to be doing.

    Hopefully, I will get “The Shift” and take advantage of all the knowledge shared about effective content marketing.
    Shared in

    1. Hi Sunday,

      Thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate your kind words of encouragement and support.

      The only way to help business owners see the programming they have inherited and how mass marketing is hurting them in areas where mass marketing doesn’t work is to tell them straight-up. I hope I can get that message out loud and clear.

      I do hope you will get a copy of the book. I would love your feedback!

      Have a great week Sunday!

      ~ Don

  5. Hi Don,

    Congratulations on your book.

    I’ve just got it yesterday, as you know and I am sure it can help me to get more clarity in my business, even though I’ve improved quite a bit during these past few months. And partly thanks to you.

    I’m sure you’re happy you accomplished this.

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Sylviane,

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for your friendship and support Sylviane. I could never have done this without my community. You are such a big part of it and I’m so grateful.

      I’m looking forward to watching you take the next leap my friend!

      ~ Don

  6. Hi Don sir,
    I think its my 2nd visit on your blog and this time I also find the great post as I was welcomed first time with your awesome post.
    I have not enough knowledge about mass marketing but as I can understand that as much you invest in mass marketing, you will get more better. Please correct me if I am wrong.
    Have a great day!!

    1. Hi Naveen,

      Welcome back! It’s really nice to see you again.

      Thank you for sharing… mass marketing is when a business creates a brand that centers around themselves, what they sell and then pushes it to as large of an audience as you can afford. When a business participates in mass marketing they know that at least 50-80% of the money is wasted because they are not targeting those who are ready and willing to buy.

      They are targeting as many people as possible to see their advertisement, website, landing page, etc., in hopes of finding those few who will buy.

      That is a completely different approach than we ought to be taking online. If we know and establish who our target audience is then we can create the opportunities to share directly with them.

      I hope I explained it in an understandable way?

      Please let me know if you would like more clarification.

      Have a great Friday!

      ~ Don

  7. Hi Don,

    Michael said it! Perpetually positive 😉

    We all have down times but you’re so good at vibing high almost all of the time. What a trait to own. Factor that in with the business and marketing know how in your book, in your mind, and you have an irresistible pair. I read it, loved it and thoroughly endorse it because I enjoyed your practical, real world examples of successful marketing campaigns and that positive energy Michael speaks of. It makes all the difference because everything in this world IS energy, and if you want to resonate with folks, you need to raise your energy to higher and higher levels.

    Brilliant read, buy the book guys. From a reader, and a fan of Don’s work.

    Congrats Don!! So happy for you 🙂

    Tweeting from Bali.


    1. Hi Ryan,

      Thank you Sir!!! Of course I have down times but I don’t allow myself to stay there. That kind of negativity only breeds passivity and then nothing EVER happens positive for us.

      I am very grateful Ryan for your friendship!!! Of course I will continue to support all of your efforts as well. Just tell me what you need; and I’ll do it!!!

      Have a great weekend.

      ~ Don

  8. Hi Don,

    I am a first timer on your site – I already like the first blog post! I’m excited to read what you have to offer in your other articles. I found your blog on bloggingfromparadise, you are #2 on the list for fascinating blogger I should follow.

    I can relate to this very well, because I have also started my blogging journey. I am learning new things everyday to get me to the next level and taking action.

    I am of strong opinion that once we find out how we can be of better value to others, increase the quality, quantity of and spirit in which we do it – people will give us value back.


    1. Hi Angelo,

      Awesome, welcome to my site Angelo! Ryan is a great guy and I’ve been blessed create a great friendship with him.

      It’s kinda funny that the first article you land on is on my new eBook that is launching tomorrow morning on Amazon. It’s basically the re-hash of the press release that went out yesterday.

      I don’t normally do much promotion like I did on this article. Over the last seven months my blog has seen phenomenal growth and it’s been exciting to connect with a number of highly influential bloggers.

      I would encourage you to do the same. As you begin your journey in blogging find those who serve the same audience you do but in a different way and connect with them!

      I couldn’t agree with you more, you can get massive value back when you make the effort to give it. Excellent point.

      I do hope you’ll come back!

      I’m headed to your site now to check out what you have going on.

      I hope you have a great end to your week!

      ~ Don

      1. Hi Don,

        Thanks for the nice welcome message.

        Good luck with your book launching tomorrow! Thanks for the blogging tip, definitely will apply it – I appreciate it!


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