Successful Blogging Tips for Service Based Businesses

Author : , Date : February 9, 2015



Many service based businesses blog as a part of their marketing. But, how many times have you had a customer walk into your business and ask if you have a website or blog?

There are a lot of statistics that talk about the importance of blogging for business and I found an article recently that had a really powerful set of statistics on the subject. For example, did you know according to an infographic I discovered by Ignite Spot the following statistics:


  • Only 13% of blogs are run by entrepreneurs or small business owners.
  • Only 8% of blogs run by businesses are done by someone that was hired by the company.
  • 90% of consumers find customer content useful
  • 60% of consumers feel a company’s positivity after reading the site
  • 70% of consumers learn about a company through articles rather than ads
  • 81% of U.S. consumers trust advice and information from blogs
  • Small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads

So, let me get this straight…

81% of U.S. consumers trust blogs and 70% learn more about a company through their blog than through an advertisement and small businesses generate 126% more leads than those businesses who don’t have a blog.

Yet, only 13% of entrepreneurs and small businesses are blogging.


There is a wide open opportunity for businesses to capitalize on this tool. Yet they are not.


Is it because of:


  • Old stereotypes about blogging?
  • The time commitment that is required?
  • You don’t know how to write well?
  • Fear of the unknown?



Old Stereotypes of Blogging


As recently as 2009, there were a lot of misconceptions about blogging. Back in those days many didn’t think blogging was a serious marketing model. That’s what political pundits, reporters, entertainment celebrities and people who love to gossip do.

Or, that’s what young people do… but serious business don’t need to invest the time or energy into blogging when we can just pay search engine optimization companies to optimize our static brochure websites once and we can just leave it alone and let the leads flow.

Well, those days are long gone my friends. More than ever search engines love blogs because of the fresh nature of them and the value that can be created through articles that offer the content searchers are looking for.

Gone are the days of static brochure websites that just tell people what you do and what they can buy.

Blogs are awesome for many reasons. But one thing I love is that a blogger can demonstrate that their competent, knowledgeable and trustworthy because of your ideas.

That’s the real game changer in marketing. It’s all about the ideas you have and how those ideas can  build your brand uniquely and create a voice that you audience will love  while building a loyal following and readership that will become new leads and opportunities for your company.


The Time Commitment that is Required


Yes, blogging has a time commitment to it. But so does any other form of marketing. Just last week I was talking with a person who in the 1990’s used to help companies create their advertisements for magazines.

Do you know that it might take upwards of a full month to create on advertisement for a magazine? Plus it took a lot of time and much was required in working with the publishers of the ad (like newspapers, magazines, etc.). Let’s not even get into the cost… it was very, very expensive.

The reality is that to reach your audience it will take some time to:


  • Write very interesting, relevant and compelling articles that get the attention of your audience
  • Market and promote each article
  • Network with influential bloggers who will help get your message out (more on this later)
  • Engage with readers who comment on your blog
  • Engage on social media
  • Manage the new leads that come in over time
  • Sell your service to them


There is a definite time commitment required. But what business are you “really” in?

Are you in the “it will come easy to make money business?” You have to spend the time and earn it! That will look different for everyone but the truth is you have to spend the time in order to earn the time back.

What do I mean by that?

Once you have written the blog article, it’s there forever and given time it will work for you 24/7. It’s always available.

Don’t you want to create a way to grow an audience and a marketing and sales funnel that grows month after month?

Don’t you want to spend your time doing the right things to help you grow your business?

Your service business is predicated on meeting new prospects and delivering. If you’re struggling the heart of the matter is probably marketing and sales. I’m certain you’re good at your trade but it takes more than having a skill in a trade; it requires the skills of a business owner who can market and sell and recognize the value of it to your business and then have the courage to do something about it.

Think it about it for a moment, if you don’t have enough customers your business is in trouble both in the short and long-term.


No Excuses


I have heard service businesses make virtually every excuses for why they don’t have the time to blog or create exceptional marketing that will bring in new prospects and customers who are ready and willing to buy.

The truth is that you ought to make the time to learn and do what’s important for your business both in the short and long-term for success.

There is always time to find 126% growth in your business. Am I right?

If you have a great excuse why you can’t make the time today to learn how to reach an audience that’s just waiting for you, I would love to hear it in the comments below because I honestly believe over the years I’ve heard it all. It’s time to stop the excuses!

There is a huge targeted audience of people just waiting to learn about you if only 13% of entrepreneurs and business owners are blogging or 8% of businesses have hired someone to do it for them.

I don’t know about you, but I have the time to learn how I can reach my audience with those types of numbers!!!  It’s a wide open opportunity.


You Don’t Know How to Write Well


That’s okay, get some help or think about different ways you can blog. You can do audio podcasts that share all kinds of educational information or do interviews with others who would benefit from you service that you can promote.

What about videos. Anyone with a smartphone can do video blogging these days.

Or like anything else, perhaps you just need to master a new craft by doing it and learning as you go.

Don’t let fear of what you can’t do stop you from doing something you could do.


Now, it’s on to the good stuff… the tips!


Tip #1 To Create a Successful Blog for Your Service Business – Know What Business You’re “Really” IN?


If you’ve read my blog or other articles I’ve written across the web, you had to know this one was coming.

If you don’t know what business you’re “really” in and cannot answer this question concisely and persuasively then you are probably confused about what business you’re really in. If you’re confused, so is your audience!

They will be confused about you, what you offer and why they should spend their money with you? Confusion breeds chaos and chaos will ruin your business.

I want to force you to think about your business from the perspective of your audience. The problem is we don’t really identify well with our audiences and so we are left talking about ourselves instead of about our prospects.

Sure, we think we do. I have people try to argue their point with me all of the time. Maybe it’s arrogance or maybe it’s fear that they don’t know it like they thought they did. 99.9% of the time people will continue coming back to answer with what they do without thinking about how the consumer views them and what you will do for them.

Being defensive or thinking you know the answer when you’re mind is trapped in a mass marketing concept is a dangerous place to be. Instead, try to be open minded and stop confronting yourself with what you think you know.

When we think we have the answers and we aren’t willing to admit we are stuck in a mass marketing mindset that needs to be challenged, we greatly miss out on the 126% growth potential in blogging.

Your job is to identify with, resonate with and inspire as many individuals’ readers as you can. You only can do this when you can communicate directly to their needs or problems and with them personally.

Forget about all of the “how to’s” – i.e. how to blog, use Facebook, grow your Twitter followers, gain email subscribers, etc. They don’t matter if you don’t know how to inspire and influence your audience one person at a time.

If you want to learn more about what it means to know “what business you’re “really” in?”  I encourage you to read the following articles (each article will open in another tab so that you don’t lose your place):


One Secret Behind Every Thriving Business and Why You Need to Know It?

Are You Wasting Time Doing Content Marketing or Blogging?

3 Truths To Understanding Successful Internet Marketing

Meaning vs. Messaging: 2 Reasons Your Marketing is As Cold as The Weather?


Tip #2 To Create a Successful Blog for Your Service Business – Write Really Interesting, Compelling and Inspiring Content

When you’ve done the hard work of knowing “what business you’re “really” in?” it is really easy to write compelling and interesting content that will help your readers, prospects and customers. Your articles will also give them a great reason to buy you.

Remember our stats from the beginning of the article:


  • 60% of consumers feel a company’s positivity after reading the site
  • 70% of consumers learn about a company through articles rather than ads
  • 81% of U.S. consumers trust advice and information from blogs


This is what great content will offer your readers.

Interesting, compelling and inspiring is very subjective, but as you write more and more and find your voice your audience will begin to resonate with your message and even identify when it’s you over someone else.

Just look at some of these excerpts from comments on an article I wrote last week for Sherryl Perry’s site titled “People Will Buy From You When They Understand What Business You’re Really In!




Your goal is to build your brand through your writing; which is your message that you will become known for through your voice, message and unique content.

Don’t worry if you decide to start blogging and it doesn’t happen all at once. Remember, it’s a process where you learn more about your new craft as well as about your business.


Tip #3 to Create a Successful Blog for Your Service Business – Market and Promote Your Content


Too many marketers are making great content that no one knows about because they believe the job is finished with the blog article is posted on their website.

That’s a HUGE mistake. Far from it that’s when the work is just beginning! You have to find the places your audience hangs out and share your article there.

Maybe it’s a LinkedIn group, a blog directory website or another social media page.

Wherever you choose to share your content, the one thing I would stress is don’t be a link hoarder. Meaning, don’t drop your link and leave. You have to get involved and share other people’s content as well or you will never get read or taken very seriously.

There is a rule, even if it’s unspoken, that you never drop a link without engaging others.


Tip #4 to Create a Successful Blog for Your Service Business – Network with Influential Bloggers


Here is where the final, but critical piece to earning a successful blog!

Find those who serve the same audience you do but in a different way and begin connecting with them. Read their articles, leave great comments that lead to valuable learning experiences or enhance the conversation; and share their articles to your social media audiences and include them in your blogs.

Give them a reason to come and read your blog over time, comment and share your content to their audience.

They have a lot of people coming at them all of the time wanting something from them. Instead of wanting something from them, just keep giving them what they want and eventually they will take notice and perhaps reciprocate, or more!


There is a timeless principle involved; if you help others prosper, you will prosper!


Given time, your networking will pay off significantly. But, you have to come to the table willing to give without getting in return.

semrush-com-2015-01-19Without some great people over the last six months I would have never had the opportunity to contribute to (check out my article titled “DO YOU WANT TRAFFIC FROM GOOGLE? THEN BUILD A COMMUNITY!) or to upcoming articles in several prominent business journals.

I want to take a moment and share a few bloggers that have been a massive blessing to me as a means of saying thank you for their support and friendship. I encourage everyone to check each one of them out:


Adrienne Smith

adrienne smith


Ryan Biddulph



Donna Merrill

donna merrill






Deborah Tutnauer

deborah tutnauer







Sylviane Nuccio

sylviane nuccio






Mi Muba

mi muba






Enstine Muki

enstine muki






Fabrizio Van Marciano

fabrizio van marciano






I also want to extend my thanks to several new friend’s Brandon Schaefer of who is the creator of 90 Day Brandon’s blog is a must read one if you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur!








Kathleen Garvin at Thank you Kathleen for the opportunity to contribute to!!!!

kathleen garvin







Cumulatively, these influencers have either included me in their blog articles numerous times, invited me to guest post on their blogs or engage with me frequently on their social media. They have sent thousands of new site visitors to my blog and social media and here is something really cool; occasionally one will send a new referral that ends up being new business.

As I wrote about in SEMRush in January, the idea is that influencers help create a community that outlasts and outgrows any other form of marketing because in the end it’s all based on real relationships that grow out of blogging but end up being friendships!

You can’t buy that folks!!!!

So there you have it, four tips to help your service business be successful in blogging. There is one way or right way to do it. But, there is one sure way to be successful and that is to create a plan and execute it. What you don’t know can be learned!

If you are just starting out in blogging, you may need to get some things right in your business in order to be successful. I encourage you to learn what business you’re “really” in by checking out my “Foundations in Internet Marketing” course where you get me 1-on-1 for 4 to 6 weeks or you might even consider my 1-on-1 coaching program to help you learn how to be successful in internet marketing by learning your business first and then creating the unique strategies, goals and objectives to help your business thrive and reach the 126% of new prospects that you’re missing right now.


products---foundations-of-internet-marketing-success-large products---1-on-1-coaching-lg


If you have a question, idea, or comment, please leave it below as I would love to converse with you!


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Don Purdum
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39 thoughts on “Successful Blogging Tips for Service Based Businesses

  1. Great blog post here Don! I really believe that a blog is key to a lot of exposure and connecting with people in a more personal level. It’s definitely amazing how powerful a blog can be especially when we know how to use it effectively.

    It’s like owning online real estate that can never be taken away. More and more businesses should definitely start digging and getting hands on with blogging. It’s only doing them more good.

    Thanks for sharing this! Great stuff! Keep it up!

    1. Hi Pj,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing! I couldn’t agree more. A blog can be so powerful and persuasive when it’s written well and networked properly.

      I hope you have a great week Pj. Thanks again for commenting!

      ~ Don

  2. Hi, Don,

    You’re absolutely right. There is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to capitalize on offering services to businesses who don’t have a blog in conjunction with their business website. In the offline world too – door is wide open. Have contemplated this, and am considering getting into offline work as well. Will be attending some meet ups in this local area in the coming months. I’m so excited.

    You did a great job in covering the topic “Are You Missing Your Audience” on my blog, Don, and I appreciate you linking to it from this relevant article.

    I like your tip #3 – market and promote your content. Lots of folks miss the boat on this, and I will admit – until about a year and a half ago, I did not promote enough. I created, shared, created, shared, but really didn’t PROMOTE. 🙂

    You are exactly right, I agree wholeheartedly when you said the work is just beginning when you hit the publish button. This is an important message because so many beginning bloggers don’t realize the work that’s involved in promoting.

    Thanks for featuring me as well, I am so grateful.

    I hope you and your family have an awesome weekend.


    P.S. I scrolled down and saw your Thanks area – love it!!! You’re welcome for the caricature – it turned out so well. Also, your “Did you like what you read” graphic looks great. 🙂

    1. Hi Carol,

      Good for you getting invovled in the offline world. It’s a very, very different one. But I love the personal interactions and engagement.

      For those who get it, the opportunities are HUGE! I’m so sure you can help them. Let me know if there is anything I can do to support you!

      Thank you as always for your encouragement, support and friendship!

      Have a great week Carol!

      ~ Don

  3. Hi Don. I don’t have a brick and mortar business, I know how important blogs and social media are to small business. I live in a very rural area that is economically depressed, and except for major chains, there aren’t too many businesses that have blogs or social media sites. It’s very hard to convince them that it’s a good idea, too. If I had to depend on that for my living, I’d probably in trouble.

    I did send this out to my social media sites, because I think this is an excellent article.

    All the best,

    1. Hi Leslie,

      There are a lot of areas like that throughout the country unfortunately. It’s interesting that so many businesses are scarred to try something new and get out of their boxes. With some help, they could help make a difference even in their own communities as their businesses grow.

      I know the mentality you’re talking about all too well.

      Thank you so much for the kind words and for sharing Leslie.

      Have a great week!

      ~ Don

      1. You make a great point here. I live in the country, but the town closest to me is nearly dead, and the people in town don’t support the businesses very well. Maybe if they did some social media, they might get more customers and the businesses could grow.

  4. Hi Don,

    Great post!
    I loved the stats you shared at the beginning – quite amazing aren’t they! And then your very actionable tips at the end and sandwiched in-between some delightful content and examples.

    I have to admit that when I started I didn’t realise how time-consuming blogging would be because as well as content creation you have the promotion side too, plus the relationship building and commenting. Its not something to be taken lightly, yet at the same time it is crucial to follow each step.

    I really like your approach to business – spot on.
    – David

    1. Hi David,

      Thank you David!

      When I saw those stats I just knew that there was something there that had to be addressed and fleshed out.

      I think many business owners do realize they don’t have the time or the commitment in their business to blog, or better stated they don’t have the desire to commit to something they don’t understand or they don’t feel they have the skill set for and they don’t want to learn something new and re-prioritize their time or someone else’s time in their business.

      Yet, they also don’t realize that the numbers are screaming at them they may be making a massive mistake. I mean, 126% increase in leads… That’s HUGE!!!!

      Thank you so much David, again I appreciate your comment!

      ~ Don

  5. Hi Don,

    Well said Don!! No one can say it any better.

    When I started online 2 years ago, a friend of mine, who is supposed to be a business coach, advised me to start a blog. At that time, I had no clue what a blog is but she told me that gurus became gurus because of blogging. Anyhow, I followed her advise and I started my blog, I fell in love with blogging and started to learn more about blogging and blog at the same time.

    After I started and my blog started to pick up by visiting and commenting on other blogs, I was surprised with that same person who advised me to start a blog, is trying to talk me out of it by telling me it is a waste of time.

    I am glad at that time, I knew a lot about blogging, than when I started, and its importance for a business and that a blog is a great tool for marketing, branding and building relationships. I had to ignore her last advise and keep going.

    Unfortunately, so many people still think it is a waste of time to blog and blog hop and build relationships. No wonder the statistics you provided are a proof that there is an opportunity to excel and capitalize on this tool.

    Thanks Don for a great share as always!! Have a great rest of the week.

    Be Blessed,


    1. Hi Neamat,

      Thank you so much for your encouragement!

      I’ve heard people do the same thing that your coach did to you. For some people they buy into it until they see someone come along and they do it better and start getting results and then they become discouraged.

      Obviously, something happened… but I’m so glad you stuck with it.

      Here is the neat thing… if you continue to create powerful, inspiring and helpful content it’s not a matter if you’ll be found but rather when will you be found. The opportunities to grow our presence and expand our businesses are huge and by being out on the web you have created a great opportunity!

      Thank you so much Neamat for you fantastic comment!!!

      ~ Don

  6. Oh my Don!! I can’t believe I missed this. I must have that online malady – EO “email overwhelm”! LOL!!

    The statistics you cite here are quite overwhelming themselves! Many entrepreneurs and service business professionals feel downtrodden when they view the web and see how much supposed competition they have. What they don’t realize is that it’s not real. No one is quite them, first of all – but following along your theme here, the percentage who are actually blogging and giving real value for their audience is small. Thus, as you so clearly state, the opportunity to position yourself as an leader in your field – a “go-to” person – is huge!

    Thank you for mentioning me in this wonderful article Don!
    I appreciate you in so many ways and am grateful we have become friends and colleagues over the past 6 months!


    1. Hi Deborah,

      The facts are always in the details, aren’t they?

      The opportunity is absolutely stunning and massive. But, I’m convinced that in order to take advantage of that opportunity we have to lay the foundation first so that our messaging, communication and intentions are in alignment with the audience we want to attract.

      I’m so glad we met several months ago on Adrienne Smith’s blog and that you reached out to me. It was networking at its finest and a demonstration of the power of blog commenting!

      I hope you’re having a great week Deborah?

      ~ Don

  7. Hi Don,

    Awesome article!
    In my country, many people who think that a blog is an online diary. That’s why they are not too interested in blogging. As you said, their old paradigm are blocking them to achieve more success.

    I love your words “Do not let fear of what you can’t do stop you from doing something you could do.” It is a powerful sentence. 🙂

    I could not agree more with the promotion and connect with influential bloggers. I have felt the benefits by myself though. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Don.
    Nice share!


    1. Hi Nanda,

      Thanks Sir! I hear you. For many years business owners in the US didn’t take it serious until lately partly for the same reason.

      I learned a long time ago there is very little I have control over, but the things I do have control over are the things we should focus on.

      Thanks so much for your comment Nanda. hope you’re having a great week?

      ~ Don

  8. Hey Don,

    Spot on my friend, spot on.

    I just had a phone conversation with a new client who is starting his blog because he knows the importance of having one. He’s being coached right now by a few other internet marketers who don’t believe in wasting time with a blog. They’re already built their audience though so perhaps that’s not a road they now want to take but I still think they’re making a mistake.

    A lot of people have told me over the course of a few years that blog commenting is too time consuming so they aren’t interested. So my question to them has always been then how are you promoting your post? Sharing it on social media yet not contributing to others to me isn’t really networking or helping.

    The numbers you shared aren’t really that surprising to me but I am surprised that not more people have a blog. Maybe moving forward that will all change but I also believe it’s afforded me the opportunity to be in the position I am today as well.

    I’m truly honored to be mentioned here Don, thank you so much and I think I’m the one that’s blessed knowing you. I guess it’s been a win/win for us both really.

    Thank you again my friend and I’ll be sure to share this post as well.

    You have a great week.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      WOW! I wish I could tell you I was surprised about your new client’s situation. What kind of internet marketers are these I wonder? To me personally, I feel that internet marketing without a blog and community development is not only a waste of time, energy and money; it’s idiocy.

      I know that sounds harsh, but your website / blog is your own property and real estate online and the social validation from a blog done well can’t be paid for. You just tell him I’m living proof, okay!!!!

      The results speak for itself. There is no way I would have the opportunities I’ve been enjoying and are coming without my blog!!!! NONE!!!!

      The social validation is so much more impressive than social media; and if you combine them together it’s POWERFUL!!!!

      They may have built “a” audience, but that also doesn’t mean they are capitalizing on it either.

      Sad, sad, sad!!!!

      That’s just an opinion.

      By the way, I met today with Brandon Schaefer in Philadelphia. We have some exciting things locally we are cooking up and your name came up once or twice. See, you’re a star!!!!!

      I appreciate you and I hope you have an incredible week! Thank you for sharing Adrienne.

      ~ Don

  9. Don, thanks once again for your mention of my blog! Your comments note says it all; we all knew you wrote the post. If that doesn’t SCREAM branding, and to blogging’s power, I know not of what will inspire folks and businesses to blog. I see it as win-win all the way through.

    Sure you may need to let go old views of blogging, such as the “it’s not a serious marketing platform” limiting belief but hey, you are proving that blogging IS a powerful tool for marketing, for branding and for communicating your business message to your target audience.

    Don, well said!

    Keep on inspiring 🙂


    1. Hi Ryan,

      How are you Mr. Bali? Looks like in your FB posts you are already having a great time!!!

      It’s been a lot of fun and really exciting watching people start to resonate with my message. It goes to show you that branding takes on a lot of different forms and the fact that people know when it’s me; well it just blew my mind to be honest. It’s very humbling but it’s also a way to prove a point.

      Those limiting beliefs… In her comment on this article check out what Adrienne Smith had to say about a new client of hers. I’m sad that some internet marketers are so naive and ignorant.

      There is absolutely no tool that a business can leverage like that of a blog… to me, my website and blog is the center of my world, everything else is on the perimeter supporting it. My blog’s social validation has been HUGE for me with the opportunities I’m getting and the things that are about to bust open are EXCITING and all because of my blog.

      I guarantee you I will do my absolute best to inspire, encourage and lead those who really want to get their message out there in a way that will work for them!

      Thanks as always for your encouragement Ryan!

      ~ Don

  10. Hi Don,

    Wow! That infographic by Ignite Spot (that you found on Leslie Denning’s blog) sends a powerful message. I’m honestly surprised that only 13% of blogs are run by small business owners or entrepreneurs.

    I recognize that a lot of people are fearful of the time commitment or feel that they “can’t write” or a multiple of other reasons but still, for 87% of small businesses and entrepreneurs to not be taking this vital step is mind boggling.

    Your four tips are “right-on” as usual. I appreciate the share and the link to your guest post. (on my blog) We’re still getting comments and I believe the conversation will continue for a long time.

    It’s always an honor to be included with so many influential bloggers. I’m off to share now.


    1. Hi Leslie,

      I saw that infographic and now that message will be incorporated into every consultation / sales opportunity I get. Who wouldn’t want low competition and an opportunity at 126% increase of leads?

      I really believe that for a few time is a real issue, but not for the majority. It’s an excuse for whatever reason; fear of the unknown, laziness, overwhelmed and out of comfort zone… who knows?

      Just take the first step and get some help and a plan. Knowing where you’re at and where you’re going is a recipe for success.

      I’m so grateful for the opportunity to contribute to your blog Sherryl! Thank you so much!!!! I’ll be monitoring it every few days and following up with reply’s as new comments come in.

      I hope you have a spectacular week!!!

      ~ Don

  11. Don, you’re the coolest. Thanks for helping business owners out there get their heads on straight.

    It’s not easy to figure out how to get your blog in front of the right people, but I love your tip about finding people who serve the same customers but in a different way. I feel like you’re the perfect example of that person for me, don’t you think?


    1. Hi Brittany,

      Thank you so much Brittany! You are very kind!!!!

      Learning the lesson of finding those who serve the same audience you do but in a different way has been my mantra for many years and has helped me meet a lot of amazing people and make a lot of money along the way Brittany.

      Yes, I agree, our businesses are very, very compatible for that type of relationship! I’m excited to feature you on my podcast in the next few weeks!!!!!

      I hope you have an awesome week Brittany!!!!

      ~ Don

  12. Don, going on with the theme of “Epic” post here… this is some of the most informative content, all packed into one post, that I’ve seen in a long time… maybe ever. Ton’s of great statistics in here as well. You’re definitely the master of putting together top notch information. I’m already anxious to read the next post you’re coming out with… keep it up.

    1. Hi Brandon,

      That really means a lot to me coming from you!!!! I can’t express how excited I am!!!!!!!

      I have a core value I live by with everything I do and especially in my blog; If you don’t get one thing from me that you can use immediately in your business then I have failed you and I’ve failed me.

      I’m very serious about that!!!!

      Thanks for your encouragement and kind words! I’m looking forward to catching up with you personally in Philly tomorrow!!!

      ~ Don

  13. Hi Don, I’m so glad you wrote this post mate, those statistics don’t surprise me one bit. I know one particular company that happens to be an online advertising and marketing company owned by my future father in law, in fact I might just forward this to him.

    I’ve lost count at the number of times I’ve discussed with him about harnessing the power of blogging, and I get the same old answer every time, it’s too time consuming or we don’t have the resources. I literally pull my eyelids over my head in disbelief every time I hear this.

    Blogging is here to stay for a very long time, it leads content marketing forward it’s as simple as that, and I hope a lot of businesses read this and wake up to make the right choice to use blogging to help them reach out to a wider audience, demonstrate their expertise, show off their products and services and grow their customer base.

    Don, thanks so much for adding me to a lineup of incredible influential bloggers, I’m touched that I have influenced you in a small way, keep writing amazing content my friend and doing what you do best.

    Take care – Fabrizio

    1. Hi Fabrizio,

      Well, I suppose that could be an interesting conversation around the dinner table or grill? lol…

      That’s one reason those numbers are so low for business owners and entrepreneurs. The really interesting aspect of your comment though is that they are a marketing company. Marketing done well always takes time until you master something new.

      Blogging isn’t going anywhere. It’s the way we can engage with, encounter, influence and have conversations through long post formats and comments. I think stats showed for themselves why blogging isn’t going anywhere!

      I’m so glad I could you. I love your work and your blog!

      Have a great week my friend!

      ~ Don

  14. Hi Don,

    Epic post! When it comes to blogging it is my life blood as you well know. My hats off to Leslie posting those stats. When I read that 81%of U.S. consumers trust advice and information from blog. And…Small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads It blows my mind. Why wouldn’t anyone blog in today’s world?

    No matter what business one has, a blog is the most important thing people are going to in today’s market. Just from those U.S. stats alone, that’s what jumps out and is the proof of the pudding!

    It baffles me how many businesses come up with “excuses” in today’s market. For the life of me, I don’t know why they have their head in the sand! This is why I get so passionate about teaching small and large businesses the why! And more importantly the Why Not?

    Every business owner needs to market. If they are old school and think an online presence is not needed…well, they will have to learn the hard way I guess.

    Yes..there is work to do having a blog! But that is just part of business. As you know, I have an online and offline business myself. Although I’m phasing out a bit with my offline business…my clients find me on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. That group always tells me “Donna you are all over the place”

    Did I do anything special? No, Just blogged the best content I could, being persistent, going to other blogs and commented (strong passion with that one) but most of all, having the patience to know that business takes time.

    So, if you are selling jelly beans, writing the next best novel, a hair dresser, or a digital marketer, you need a blog! Period end of story!


    1. Hi Donna,

      Did you start with “Epic”? WOW! I’m beyond thankful. That means a lot to me coming from you!!!

      You know, recently I’ve been coming across people who are so much more into making excuses and justifying why they think they are doing okay but don’t need to figure out the foundation of their business and that they don’t need to blog.

      Okay, why are you wasting my time and your time having a conversation then?

      When I saw on Leslie’s site that infographic I knew immediately I had an article that I hoped would be persuasive and make the case.

      I mean seriously, if you don’t want to figure out how to grow your leads by 126% via a legitimate source, your own website / blog, then you may not deserve your business because it I don’t believe it deserves you.

      That sounds harsh, but good business owners find ways to humble themselves and do what it takes to succeed. The competition is fierce and yet there is a 77% attrition in there to take advantage of.

      If I were to tell you that you could earn a huge audience in an untapped market wouldn’t you jump on that?

      Well, needless to say I agree with you 100%. If you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner you’re a marketer; and all marketers need the powerful tool of a blog!

      Thank you again Donna. You made my day!!!!

      I hope you have an incredible week!

      ~ Don

  15. Hi Don

    Wonderful tips and you shared them for services sector business that is not covered as broadly by blogging experts as the products sector is usually covered.

    In every economy there are two main components one is industrial and other one is services. Services sector supports the industrial sector and usually its share is bigger than the industrial and agriculture sector in most of the economies of the world.

    But his sector has not as many popular brands as manufacturing sector has. The second most popular number of brands are in consumers products sector and after that the number of services sector come. That is why generally it is believed the big earning potential with blog is in businesses with more popular brands.

    Secondly most of the businesses in this sector are small scale, or highly branded like banking or telecommunication or government-controlled like defence and policing.

    That is why there are a lot of misconceptions about it and many people take as simply a collection of teaching, medical practice, law and consultancy services.

    But this is also a reality that the big boost from blogging can be achieved in small scale businesses of this sector. Maybe it is a salon, roadside franchise, career guidance or baby care.

    Unfortunately the small businesses of this sector are also not very much interested to use the tool of blogging for broadening their market.

    So the need is to not only fully help and guide a small number of services providers who already have a blog but also to educate on benefits of blogging to those who yet to start a blog to promote their small business.

    Thanks a lot Don for sharing these wonderful tips for services-based business. Also a big thank you for the kind mention.

    Have a very productive week ahead.

    1. Hi Mi,

      I’ve really been thinking a lot about this lately because I noticed over the last six months that bloggers tend to talk mostly about blogging for affiliate programs and ways to make money through their blogs.

      That’s great, but there’s even more for businesses who do other things besides that or don’t want to do that; yet still learn or figure out how to use this tool to help their businesses!

      I plan to write another one in the near future for manufacturers, retailers, and maybe even specific industries.

      You are so right that there is an incredible amount of things a very small business can write on. I was thinking as I was reading your blog about hair salons. How many pictures and ideas from their own work could they provide; how many bad haircuts did they fix, etc…

      I didn’t say it in this article, but as I like to repeat often it’s about competency and our blogs allow us to show our competency over and over again in ways no other tool really can!

      Great post Mi! I appreciate your contribution to the discussion my friend!

      ~ Don

  16. One awesome post about successful blogging! I like the numbers you quoted from the infographics, concerning the small business entrepreneurs. It shows there is so much room to grow there is no limit in blogging. Whatever our hindrances and excuses you addressed them all. It is time to rise and get blogging.
    From the percentage given of people who get more information from blogs it is quite interesting that we are throwing away great opportunities by not blogging and give people what they are hungry for. Thanks Don I learned a lot from your post.

    1. Hi Siphosith,

      Thank you for the kind words and welcome to my blog! I’m so glad we’ve connected!!!!

      There is a huge opportunity for us as entrepreneurs and business owners and I was so glad I found that infographic on Leslie’s post to prove it!!!

      Personally, the results speak for themselves in my own business as my blog is introducing me to some absolutely amazing people!!!!

      So glad you’re on board with blogging and I’m confident you will find a way to reach the maximum opportunity through your blog to grow your business.

      Have a great week Siphosith!

      ~ Don

  17. Hi Don,

    Wow, that’s a terrific article Don.

    That’s true, I can talk about 2006 when I first started blogging (it was on Blogger platform), and not too many people had even heard of blogging back then, and neither did I, as a matter of fact.

    Moving forward 8 years, though, I think that any company and/or business should have a blog to help promote their business the right way and allow their potential client/customer to get to know them better, while being able to interact with them in a friendlier fashion. Blogs work great for that.

    The numbers you are giving here really talk for themselves. People do enjoy reading info and learning more through blogs.

    anyone still thinking of a blog as data journal type entry is behind his or her time. As you mentioned, business owners need to figure out what business there’re in and know how to deliver content that related to their business.

    If they don’t know how to do that, they can always hire you to find out what business their’re in and hire me to do the writing! LOL!

    Thanks so much for including me in this wonderful list of worthwhile bloggers 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Hi Sylviane,

      What a blessing it is each time you stop by! I love your insightful comments and ideas.

      The numbers really are impressive. I believe for those of us that are blogging now for our businesses have a massive opportunity!

      Not only to connect with other amazing and influential people such as yourself, but with new people who are influential in other ways as well.

      I’m connecting so many amazing people right now, and it’s all 100% due to blogging and the strategies that I’ve been employing over the last six months.

      It’s kind of amazing, I’ve had a few people who want to argue with me about blogging and even commenting… beware, if that is anyone out there you just pass my by and watch the results for yourself, lol…

      You are doing an amazing job as well Sylviane. Not only does your blog look fantastic but your rocking it!!!!!

      Keep up the great work my friend!

      ~ Don

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