Meaning vs. Messaging: 2 Reasons Your Marketing is As Cold as The Weather?

Author : , Date : January 5, 2015



Do you have a message that is gaining the traction, visits and sales you need and want from your website, social media and email marketing? Most of us aren’t when we consider the overwhelming amount of competition that is fighting for the attention of those we want to reach online and do business with.

Here we are in the dead of winter and the high’s this week in Lancaster, PA are going to be in the high teens and twenties and lows in the single digits. It’s downright frigid outside!

Unfortunately for many businesses, so is your marketing. It’s cold, frigid, uninspiring and the results speak for themselves.

Why? Why is it that so many businesses have a hard time attracting and audience online that is ready and willing to buy?

At its core, it’s a simple but more profound issue than just recognizing that there is a lot of competition online and that your prospects are distracted continually.

I can’t affirm how many businesses I spoke with in December that said their website traffic was the best it has ever been leading up to Christmas but considering the traffic they were very disappointed with their sales numbers.

Have you ever said to yourself, “I don’t understand why people aren’t finding me or why people aren’t buying from me when the do find me?”

If so, that means you have a gap between your messaging and your meaning.


The Real Problem


The truth is that many businesses focus on the wrong things when it comes to online marketing and when we focus on the wrong things we end up getting the results we deserved but didn’t want.

How many business owners and marketers know they need a website so what do they do… the truth is they take what they know and the slap together a website and figure they will share out their “stuff” on social media. But what does the website or social media presence say ninety nine percent of the time?


Honestly, it says nothing, means nothing and helps no one. Readers and followers feel like they have wasted their time. It doesn’t take long before you realize that no one wants to read what you’re putting out let alone engage with you or share your content with their audience.

Most businesses will spend their time focusing on what they want… more customers that leads to more money.

But that approach is the wrong approach. It not only is selfish but your audience can perceive when you are making it all about you for the sake of just making money. Great businesses don’t focus on making money they focus on helping people and making a difference in others lives. That’s when the money follows.

Instead of focusing on the right things, business owners and their marketers tend to focus on the mechanics instead of the process. That means they have not thought out their foundation for their business and therefore they have few if any real strategies to achieve their goals.

tom-brady-mechanicsWe are in the middle of the NFL playoff season right now. The teams that got this far are the best at their craft. They didn’t just show up at game time like it’s a pick-up game and say “let’s play.”

They worked on their mechanics long before they ever played their first game in the preason so that when it came time to develop their game strategies they had something to build upon.

Business is the exact same way. How many of you are playing a game of pick-up but expecting to make the Super Bowl of business?


Here is the scenario many small businesses experience…

You want to use the internet to meet new customers and clients and are somewhat forced into it because:


  • It’s expected that you are online
  • You hear people occasionally ask who know you if you have a website or if you’re on Facebook
  • You’re tried and true forms of marketing are not working like they used to


So you talk to a web designer who appears to be an expert in all things “internet” who is just really a web designer with a little experience dabbling in marketing.

They ask you what you want, but the truth is you have no clue. So you go out and tell them that you like this, this, this and that.

Their response is, “I can do that for $…”

You say okay.

Six months later you have a website that says nothing, means nothing and helps no one.

Maybe you hired a copywriter or search engine optimization company to help you rank at the top of Google or a social media company to drive leads from Facebook or LinkedIn?

But the results were the same… lots of money spent and no real ROI.

You never really knew your business and as a result neither did those you hired to help you. They can only work with what you give them.

Perhaps you didn’t hire anyone and you just started blogging. After all, you keep hearing how blogging can change your business and how this thing called content blogging is powerful for getting new leads.

You start writing a few blogs on how great you are and how awesome your products are and a few months later you’re frustrated and maybe even angry that you’ve spent thousands of dollars or more and you’ve gotten nothing in return for it. (fyi, you might want to check out the article on who is to blame for the results of your web presence? You or your vendor?).

The truth is the game has changed. You have to be better prepared than you have ever been before if you’re going to compete with millions upon millions other websites, blogs and social media pages competing for your prospects attention.

It really comes down to one simple principle… meaning versus messaging.


What is the Difference between Meaning and Messaging?


Meaning and messaging are two entirely different things but are POWERFUL when combined together. In order for you to understand the basic mechanics of how to market well we have to understand these two different concepts. Both are needed but only one is utilized in the overwhelming number of cases to the determent of most companies.

Both meaning and messaging are needed at all times; one does not really work without the other.

Here is a basic chart that illustrates quickly the differences between meaning and messaging:




When we interact with someone, we always attach a meaning to based on an experience that is either positive or negative.

Your customers attach a meaning to your business or your products or services based on how they perceive or experience it.

If your prospects don’t understand:


  • What business you are “really” in and;
  • What problems you “really” solve


Then you mean very little to them. You can’t help them because you made it about you instead of about them. To them you have no value and therefore they return from where they came because you were unable to connect both the conscious and subconscious reasons for why they ought to be more interested in engaging with you and buying from you.

You left out the message!

You focused so much on your…


  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Store appearance
  • Website appearance
  • Products and services
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Sales numbers
  • Etc…


Then you end up forgetting your prospects and customers have a context; which is a reason why they need you over your competition. That is messaging.

You focused on the meaning over the messaging and why they should buy from you got lost.


So, let’s invert this for one minute


Let’s say that you spent 70% of your time working on helping your prospects understand:


  • What business am I “really” in? This is the most foundational aspect of all marketing. Plumbers are not plumbers. They are sanitizers that keep us healthy, aka also sometimes called stink cleaners, lol… Your customers are thinking about how to fix the kitchen sink that is causing the whole house to stink. Every business must learn to understand what business they are “really in”. It’s what separates them from the competition when a prospect understands and identifies with you in a way they don’t with your competition.
  • What problems do you “really” solve? When you understand all of the specific problems you solve for a client, it makes it incredibly easier for them to understand how you specifically help them with their needs. This is always my favorite part of working with clients as we identify the tens or hundreds of problems and then narrow them down to what makes them real money. People buy from those who are competent. Show them you understand them and can help them and they will be more readily apt to buy from you.
  • Who you “specifically” solve the problems for. Too many businesses stay generic trying to reach everyone online. The unfortunate reality is that if you are focusing on everyone, you’re missing that someone who is ready to buy from you. You have to be very specific online and that then requires strategies, goals and objectives.
  • How are your products or services “a” solution to your specific audiences problems?


When a business focuses on meaning way too much and you’re creating a disconnected experience for someone that can be very negative and you’ve just lost them.


What messaging does for you is connect all of the dots. It’s concrete and it leaves a mental picture that inspires and excites people. It always relates back to how you help solve a problem or make someone’s life or business better.


It’s the catalyst behind the mechanics and strategies that are the essence of the experience or meaning you’re bringing to someone.


My client and friend Merle Fisher said it best when we were discussing this last week:


“People who don’t think about messaging are subconsciously presenting and positioning themselves as not well thought out or worthy of a customer.” ~ Merle Fisher


Messaging is extremely hard to do in the beginning but once mastered it has the power to forever change your business.

Think about the basic message behind each one of these amazing companies and how they build upon them in every marketing campaign they do:


Southwest Airlines: Freedom to Fly (translate that with “feel free to move about the country” or “bags fly free.” Every message they create and idea they frame is around FREEDOM.



Walmart – Everyday Low Prices “Always”. “Always” is one of the most recognizable taglines in America. Always the products you need or want at prices you can afford.



BMW – Enabling People to Experience the Joy of Driving. They are a company of ideas and innovation, it’s more than just driving, it’s an experience.



Now, how does your messaging compare? What do people think of when they see your business for the first time, the second time, the third time?


Bringing Meaning and Messaging Together


I like to say that when you can bring the two together, you are winning on purpose! When you message well you give people a reason to buy from you. When your meaning is well defined and the experiences are positive you give the means for them to buy from you.


You are connecting their intellectual need with their emotional need and then you are giving the ability to follow through.


One does not work without the other. When meaning and messaging comes together it’s explosive! It’s powerful! People take notice!

What comes out of meaning and messaging is PURPOSE!

Without great messaging your prospects and customers don’t understand you.

Without meaning they can’t have a positive experience with you.

Many companies are under the delusion that you can just create a website or a social media presence and that’s enough! But it’s not!!!!

You cannot make something out of nothing and one without the other leaves an empty pit in the hearts and minds of your website visitors, blog articles, social media posts, etc. They don’t know what to do or why they should do what you’re asking them to do (assuming you’re asking them to do anything).

You have to have something to say that is meaningful and you have to create an experience that gives your prospects a reason to buy, customers to come back, influencers to connect with you, the media to interview you, and people to share your content.

That’s what happens when you lay the foundation of your business the right way. That’s what happens when your marketing is influential.

Are you tired of being mediocre? Do you really think that you can achieve more than you are right now but don’t know why?

Have you ever said to yourself, “I don’t understand why people aren’t finding me or why people aren’t buying from me when the do find me?”

If so, that means you have a gap between your messaging and your meaning.


If you want to learn how to create the opportunities you’re looking for in 2015, then it’s time to try something different. Remember the old saying, if you keep doing what you’ve been doing you will get the results you’ve been getting.

If your marketing is as cold as the weather, I want to challenge you to contact me today if you’re creating a new website, social media campaigns or search engine optimization.


Visit the Begin Here page and learn how you can get of the cold weather in your business and into the warmth of success.


If you have questions, idea or just want to share, please leave a comment below. I look forward to engaging with you!

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Don Purdum

Don Purdum

Don works with businesses to help them discover who their customers are and what business they are "really" in. He is an award-winning blogger and branding / marketing consultant.
Don Purdum
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30 thoughts on “Meaning vs. Messaging: 2 Reasons Your Marketing is As Cold as The Weather?

  1. Hey Don,

    Great post.

    Truer words have never been written. Great business don’t focus on making money. They focus really and truly has to be about helping people. I noticed that last year this time.

    When I started out, I was all about trying to sell my products on my site. I didn’t care about anything else … I would promote it and try to build my list to sell my products. And guess what happened?


    Sure I made a few sales here and there but I hurt my self by focusing on money and not on what truly matters … helping people.

    So then I changed my whole philosophy and started a blog and now I’m determined to help as much people as I can. And like you said, if you do that and are sincere about it, the money will follow.

    Finding out the message is really important too. You want people to think about a specific thing when they hear your name or your site. You gave some good examples there and we should all be trying to aim for building messages.

    Great post overall.

    – Andrew

    P.S. Nice quote by Merle. It’s resonating truth.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      When we make a difference for someone or help them they feel they we connect, that we understand one another and that we really like one another and how we do business.

      I can’t overstate that enough to be honest. It’s like when you walk into a car dealership and you get hounded from the second you walk in to the second you drive off the lot.

      I actually witnessed a bad salesman take someone to a read Fiesta instead of a Black Tacoma. Really? I was shocked.

      Who likes that?

      That just goes to show that he wasn’t listening or responding to the customer and they new it!

      It’s really the same principle online.

      I’m so delighted to hear that you’re focusing on people with an understanding that they will then focus on you. It’s a give and take, right?

      I hope you’re having a great start to the new year?

      ~ Don

  2. Excellent distinction Don.

    Meaning vs messaging is a neat way to describe how successes vs strugglers do the entrepreneur bit.

    The way I see it if you can tell your story while inspiring your ideal customer to better understand your message and how you can benefit them you’ll be able to move in from the cold.

    At that point you’ll be connecting with their hearts and once you make that connection everything else will work out…..for both parties.

    Loving this post Don.

    Thanks for the smart share!


    1. Hi Ryan,

      Absolutely right, I love the way you put it!!! It really is about connecting the what a person thinks they need with their heart and showing them you are the one who can help them or make a difference for them!

      I always appreciate your comments and encouragement.

      I hope you’re having a Happy New Year!!!

      ~ Don

  3. You know me Don. I am rarely stumped for words, but I believe in this post you have said it all! This is exactly what you and I were speaking about on the phone yesterday and has formed the thread of our conversations since the first one we had.

    The other day I was working with a client whose sister is a wonderful graphic designer., She receive a great discount on a beautiful custom built new website. When I looked at it, I was impressed with the feel, the energy, the obvious professionalism. Yet, from a marketing standpoint my first reaction was “Uh Oh.”. There were basics missing around the communication of her meaning and message. Actually, the basics were there, but so hidden in the site that the only people who would find them were those who already knew her and would take the time to dig in.

    It was a great example of a pretty picture website that would essentially do nothing for engaging new potential clients finding her online. Sad but true.

    Thanks for reminding me to read this post Don. You know that all my coaching revolves around authentic messaging created from guiding my clients to dig deeply into their meaning, values, products and services. I might just have to share this when someone is struggling to understand why this foundation is the most important thing they can do for their business. You have said it so very well.


    1. Hi Deborah,

      It’s so nice after many years to start getting my ideas out on the table, organized, structured and ready to present.

      I’m really blessed by your kind words!!!

      Unfortunately, I think that what your client experienced is the norm.

      Too many people, both designers and website owners, are starting in the wrong the place. As you illustrated, what good is it if you have a stunning website but it doesn’t say anything, mean anything and doesn’t help anyone?

      All of that time, energy and hope is wasted when they realize no one is coming to their site to buy from them all because they have never done the hard work in their business.

      Then, to make matters worse, it’s the web designers fault, the search engine companies fault, the social media companies fault.

      Really? They can only work with you give them.

      I have seen businesses go through design after design, and go from one company to another unsatisfied with the results they got without realizing that the problem wasn’t the layout or the look and feel, it was the message.

      The one responsible for the message is you, Mr or Mrs business owner.

      I do hope you will share my post. I was a labor of love, lol… Honestly though, it’s a message we have to get out there!!!!

      It was wonderful to speak with you the other day and I’m blessed and better for knowing you!

      Have a great weekend!

      ~ Don

  4. Awesome post Don!

    I was actually leaving a comment on another blog when I saw your smoking hot and laser focused headline!

    And i knew I had to study this one! Man you simply hit it out of the park!

    You don’t the late great Robert Stack on “Unsolved Mysteries” fame! You simply lay out your case and man did you provide more than enough evidence!


    You raised several excellent points that I’ll definitely be incorporating into my future marketing messages! Mighty good stuff and I’ll definitely be sharing it!

    1. Hi Mark,

      That’s cool… that really speaks to the power of blog commenting doesn’t it?

      I so appreciate your kind words!!! You know I have a goal of making sure that every ready benefits and can use at least one thing to improve their business in every article.

      I’m glad you can incorporate and use some information to help you.

      Have a great evening Mark!

      ~ Don

  5. Some tough love there Don

    The things you are touching on are some of the hardest in marketing and therefore the ones that most people ignore or leave to last (including us at some point).

    This is one of the reasons I focus more on the results and how to solve a customer’s problem instead of actually just providing a website or seo. They do not achieve anything on their own. Which I have seen again and again.

    Keep the hammer coming!

    1. Hi Ashley,

      I suppose we all need some tough love from time to time?

      It really is the hardest park of marketing. So many people are using the great tutorials and how to’s for blogging and all of the social platforms but they are missing the context and what makes those platforms really viable to attract, keep and earn new customers.

      I’m working with two clients right now that are feeling the full benefit of our work together for not just their website, copy and seo; but also for all of their marketing.

      When they learn what business they are really in and what problems they really solve it changes EVERYTHING!!!! (especially the opportunity to increase their cash flow…)

      Thanks so much for stopping by and reading Ashley. I do hope to connect with you more in 2015. I hear great things about you as journey around the web.

      Here is to a strong finish!

      ~ Don

  6. Hey Don,

    This is a wonderful review of the sort of thinking that can really turn a business around.

    I understand that people running offline businesses often are not, and usually don’t want to be, internet marketers. It’s just a whole separate specialization that they don’t have time for or even interest in usually. All they know is that they want to leverage the immense power of the internet in order to bolster their business.

    That’s why they hire people they think are experts (note: anyone who knows the tiniest bit more than we do, are experts in our eyes). Unfortunately, as you point out, many of these “experts” come with a high price tag for design work, and just don’t have much marketing understanding at all.

    They really need to either learn to combine their meaning and messaging campaigns as you illustrate, or they need to hire someone who really knows marketing at this level. I’m sure you offer valuable assistance to your offline clients, Don, both through your 6-week course and via your direct consulting. They’re fortunate to be able to get this access to you.

    – Donna

    1. Hi Donna,

      Thank you so much for your kinds words! What a blessing and encouragement you are to me!!!!!

      It’s an interesting phenomena happening among business owners that while they don’t want to be internet marketers they are being woken up to the reality that they must if they are going to be successful.

      Slowly, they are starting to learn the value of thinking through their business and then creating a plan they can execute. Maybe they can’t do it all at one time, but we can help them prioritize and build new habits that make the transition easier.

      In fact, as I was writing my reply to you I decided to post this on Google+ and Facebook:

      “Many businesses are learning that they have to leverage the internet if they are going to grow their businesses.

      Are you nervous about the commitment required to use it properly to increase your leads and sales? That’s perfectly normal.

      The reality is you don’t have to start off doing it all. Learning the internet is a process that requires building new habits. You don’t start off like you’ve been doing it all of your life; you grow into it.

      It starts with knowing what business you’re really in, what problems you solve and who you solve them for. THEN, you can create strategies and goals to execute using the tools and platforms like a website, blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter that make sense for you.

      Don’t rush into something before you know your business… I know some think they do, but the majority really don’t. For those who don’t and just start “doing” it’s like jumping into the ocean without having learned to swim.”

      I hope you have had a great week and you’re getting ready for a spectacular weekend!!!

      ~ Don

  7. Hi Don,

    you are really brining it! Great stuff.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    I agree, many business owners think that they can just pay the price, and the
    consultant that is working on their website will magically read their mind, and
    make the branding perfect.

    That couldn`t be further from the truth.

    One problem is that, some business owners leave the branding part to the SEO or
    web designer (yes, your website is definitely an important part of your brand).
    A problem, that I think might be even worse, is that very few business owners
    really have a clear thoughts when it comes to their own branding.

    It doesn`t matter if the business owner THINKS that he has the branding
    perfect, if you don`t get help from someone else (read: experts).

    The big problem by being a business owner is often that it`s not easy to put
    yourself in your customers` shoes.


    Because you think that you product is so good, well priced and solve all the
    customers problems.

    To that I say: wake up and get your head out of you’re a¤%.

    Sorry about my French, I needed to be said! 😉

    Thinking that you understand your customers will break your business.

    Start doing the right activities: do market research, focus groups, and the best
    part, actually ask your customers.

    Who knows better than the customers?

    Tor Refsland

    1. Hi Tor,

      I agree, way too many businesses leave it to the marketing companies they’ve hired to market and really truth be told, sell for them. It’s subtle but the mindset is definitely there.

      Along the lines of your comment, I wrote a recent article titled “Who’s to Blame When Internet Marketing Doesn’t Generate Leads or Sales?” I would love to hear your thoughts…

      All of that in the context that a marketing company and only work with what the business ultimately gives them. The less a company really knows about themselves and their customers; and the real problems they solve from the prospects point of view the harder it is to market effectively.

      You may not have read my philosophy yet since you’re newer to my blog (thank you by the way!!!!) but I believe that great marketing makes sales easier.

      I can’t agree with you more Tor! In my 1-1 coaching I actually ask my clients to identify what problems they think they solve and then prioritize them. I then have them ask up to 20 of their customers what problems they solved for that customer.

      It’s amazing, almost 90% of the time the client gets it completely wrong because they have taught themselves to believe what they want to believe instead of really seeing themselves the way the customer does.

      It’s always a game changer!!!!

      Great comment Tor! I so appreciate your perspective and what your brought to this article!

      I hope your having a great week Tor!

      ~ Don

  8. Hi Don

    Your sales promotion strategy is more than amazing and sufficient to convey how wonderful are your priced products if simply promotional products are that much valuable.

    It is a big reality that people have very shallow approach of doing business and they take it just exchange of one value in return of another one. Though business concept is beyond this limited approach of just selling and selling. The real businessperson always tries to create as much ease as possible to continue the process of manufacturing and seller.

    It is really nice to see the new home page of your bog and now it is showing how wonderful you are in offline marketing and how enthusiastic your are to convert your offline expertise into online for the broader outreach of your services.

    Thanks a lot for sharing and a very Happy New Year to you as this is my first visit to your blog in 2015.

    1. Hi Mi,

      Well, it’s 7 am on the east coast of the US and after reading your comment I’m excited to get my day started!

      I read article late yesterday afternoon on Adam Connell’s site about homepages that convert and it just jumped out to me that I had to make some changes on my site. I’ve been playing with it for six months finding the combinations I like and that my site visitors like and I think I finally found it.

      It’s just the combination of color, layout and the homepage is really much clearer on what I do now.

      Thank you for noticing! That excited me.

      I couldn’t agree more, many businesses are shallow as they pursue the ultimate goal of making money. But they fall short of any other aspirations that are the real drivers of their business and that’s their personal mission and passion. I actually just recorded a podcast yesterday with a person I deeply respect and we talked specifically about this issue.

      Happy New Year to you as well Mi. I’ll be by your site soon to interact with you there as well!

      ~ Don

  9. Wow! This is really too much to be giving for free. It really makes you different from different business bloggers Don.

    People must understand the businesses they are into, the problems they are solving and who really are they solving the problems for. That’s your message Don and it gives a whole reason to hire you and stick to your blog for a clearer understanding.

    The year is starting on a good footing. Very powerful content leaping into 2015.

    To say the least, Excellent!

    1. Hi Enstine,

      Thank you for such an encouraging comment!

      There is a book in the works and many of these ideas will be expanded upon.

      You definitely nailed my message… of course I try to make it plain to understand, lol…

      I appreciate you very much Enstine.

      Happy New Year!

      ~ Don

  10. Hi Don,

    Wow, another powerful message you have here. I pinned your little messaging/Meaning list and will use it for further reference.

    I also really like that quote by this Merle Fisher person. So true. Reading this I know I’ve done that and I know some people who have done it too. Very important the subconscious message we are sending out there, indeed.

    Now this: “Great businesses don’t focus on making money they focus on helping people and making a difference in others lives. That’s when the money follows”. I agree with 100% and that’s the problem for most people. They don’t get this statement at all. All they see is dollar signs, and they don’t understand that the dollars follow value.

    That’s what I really want to concentrate on more and more this year. I want to make it more clear, what value I bring.

    A lot of times when I speak with people, I hear incredible remarks from them, such as “wow, what your saying is so powerful”, or they get really big eyes and say, “that’s true”, like they are in amazement LOL! I not lying.

    Every time I get those reactions, I know that this quality of mine makes a good coach and speaker out of me. What I need to tune up, though, is how to pass this along better so my potential clients could see it. Another goal of my mine for this year.

    I have to bookmark this post. Really good stuff and a keeper.

    1. Hi Sylviane,

      Thank you Sylviane, I appreciate your kind words!!! I’m glad you liked the message and found it helpful to you.

      Merle’s quote was spot on! As we were talking about this subject it just rolled right of his lips and I thought “THAT’S IT!” I immediately asked him if he was comfortable if I quoted him. It really resonated with me as well.

      I can always tell when it’s just about money for someone. I’ve been in a lot of different sales environments and the mindset is always the same… get the money.It doesn’t matter if you help anyone or not and then they wonder why people aren’t buying. You can always feel and sense when someone has “money” on the mind.

      That is definitely not you!!!! But, I’m really happy to hear that you are seeking and finding clarity around your value.

      I’m not one bit surprised that people would say that about you. I can see it in our Skype conversation. You are a very smart and articulate person!

      You’re going to be GREAT!

      I hope you’re having a Happy New Year Syvliane.

      ~ Don

  11. In your experience Don, what’s one of the biggest gaps for brands or businesses in marketing their business?

    1. Hey James,

      I think there are two core issues:

      1. Businesses don’t really know their business and it shows in how well they can communicate it. They know their products and services but that’s not the same thing. The messaging has to to be about the consumer not the business and that’s the gap that is ripped wide open. Most businesses are still thinking in a mass marketing context because it’s easy, but that does not work online and it’s working less and less offline. Most businesses only see themselves through their own lens but marketing success that translates into sales has to be more and more about the uniqueness of the customer in their context. Mass marketing fails at this big time and was never meant for that purpose.

      That means a business has to be intentional, yet most shoot from the hip when it comes to marketing well.

      2. Businesses don’t generally understand how the technology is moving past them. If you don’t know what business you’re really in and can’t speak the consumers language, if you don’t know your consumer and the problems you solve for them; then it’s going to be even harder to evaluate how the internet works and how to leverage the internet for sustainable long-term growth.

      All of this means that small businesses have to start changing their approaches and strategies in light of the amount of competition online. Big business is good at messaging but they are bad at relationships. Small businesses tend to be good at relationships but bad at defining their businesses. I hope that makes sense in light of my article?

      I could go on and on and there may be a book here in the near future?

      ~ Don

      1. Thanks Don. You nailed it. I agree 100% with what you said.

        Oh my, I’m glad you’re working on a book. It will be sure to benefit and impact anyone who reads and applies your strategies. It will be like having you in their hip pocket for advice.

        I look forward to reading and sharing more of your post and insights on this topic and others you post.

        1. I really appreciate your question James!!!!

          I’ll be working on it over the next several weeks and will roll it out as an ebook.

          Thanks again for engaging with me. I hope to see you often? I love your engagement and questions!!!

          ~ Don

  12. Well stated Don on the difference between meaning and
    message, and; how the two combine to become a powerful marketing connection.

    My greatest takeaway from your post was how to identify and
    execute an intentional and purposeful marketing strategy that gets results once
    you understand your brand or business meaning and message. With that
    understanding, you can create powerful marketing that engages your audience.

    1. Hi James,

      Thanks for sharing your perspective on my article. Being intentional is the key. That takes work and time.

      But, like you said, it’s powerful when it’s done right!!!

      I hope you’re having a Happy New Year and thank you so much for connecting with me on Twitter and jumping over so quickly to read my article. It’s just one more way of showing people how powerful these tools can be to help us meet interesting people when we take the time to truly connect with one another.

      ~ Don

  13. Hi Don.
    Yet another informative and educative piece.
    Well written indeed, I am book marking it for
    my further detailed read. Great tips and suggestions again!
    Great 2 reasons for a cold marketing. Well presented by
    connecting with the timely season!! Good presentation!
    Keep writing my dear friend. Best Regards
    Keep informed
    ~ PV

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