Why I Don’t Worry About SEO for My Business To Business Website

Author : , Date : September 25, 2014


I meet business owners every day across many different industries and fields and in every single instance they all want one thing from their websites; more money!

That could come in the form of new prospects that filled out a form on a website or called to inquire about a service. It could be creating new inefficiencies in their business via their website that saves them thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In the end, every website for a business serves a purpose and I’ve yet to meet a business owner who’s website didn’t serve a purpose of either making or saving them money at the core.



In late 2014 we have a new situation arising that is forcing those on the cutting edge of marketing to evaluate and re-evaluate how they reach their prospects. Things are changing and they are changing fast!

While in Dallas, TX last week I had the opportunity to speak with Harry, an entrepreneur of nearly 20 years. He made a very, very interesting comment to me. He said;


“Don, over the years I’ve spent a lot of money on SEO and what I’m noticing is every year it’s getting harder and harder to make money from it.”


That is a common refrain I’m hearing more and more from business owners who have had previous successes with search engines like Google. Does that mean it’s happening to them all? No, it doesn’t. But there does appear to be a trend. Search Engine Optimization has evolved rapidly over the last thirty six months and with it so has the need for many businesses to keep up with Google, Yahoo! and Bing. It’s expensive, exhausting and frustrating!

Does that mean seo is not important?

Not at all, but what it does mean is that I’ve had a fundamental shift in how I market and sell through the online experience and seo is just one small piece of a larger puzzle.

I will share with you four reasons I don’t worry about search engine optimization anymore and a few common sense practices that I do follow that are staples of SEO.


Four Reasons I Don’t Worry About Google


#1 – The Rules of SEO Constantly Change


Since 2012 Google alone has changed their rules dramatically through various major updates to their search engine. These changes were all good and much needed. You might have heard of Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird?

It’s a lot to keep up with. In 2012 when Google launched Panda to combat spam online I know of many highly reputable businesses that were hurt by the update. Some never recovered and their businesses closed and others are still struggling to this day. Let’s be honest, seo used to be a lot easier if you had the resources.

The point is that the rules can and will constantly change. Sometimes it’s in your favor and sometimes against you. In either case it can cost a lot in time and money if you’re a small business.

There is one rule that is constant in my opinion: Write over the top, helpful, compelling content that solves someone’s problem(s) and you won’t have to worry about Google for the long-term. I’ll explain what I mean by this as the article comes to a conclusion, so stay with me.


#2 – I Understand What Business I’m Really In


What business are you really in? That’s one of my all time favorite questions. On the surface it seems so easy. Yet, it’s so hard for most of us figure out.

The key to understanding how to answer this question is to ask your business partners, strategy partners, networking partners and customers how they perceive your business.

They will actually tell you what business they think you’re really in.

For example, I have a client in graphic design that is a start-up company and I asked him this question. In essence, he did what most of us do. He told me what he does.

I’m not looking to hear what he does. As I probed him, he learned to communicate that he is in the business of changing how the world see’s and perceives his clients visually.

It’s simple but profound!

When you understand what business you’re really in it allows you to gain clarity and focus in your messaging and it keeps you from straying into areas that don’t benefit your readers and those you are marketing to. That kind of specificity and clarity is really helpful to a search engine. You will organically be easily understood and that’s powerful!

Search engines know what to do with clarity and so do your site visitors. Remember, Google cares about providing the best experience possible for their site visitors. Confusion and chaos is not helpful.


#3 – I understand My Audience


Business owners are busy and the time they have to give me is very short. So, I have to make the most of it in my marketing. So how do I reach them?

Unless there is a pressing problem or issue they are not likely searching for a business like mine on Google. They probably are not yours either. But they might be searching for articles or ideas that can help them. That’s why I write detailed, informative, educational articles that can make a difference for their business.

Unfortunately, as I said most don’t search. In fact, according to Google trends the most searched content is for:


  • Retail shopping
  • Education
  • Health topics
  • Location searches


Notice it’s not for services or business-to-business reasons.

I wonder why?

I have a theory: Business owners are busy and don’t have time to search and read blog after blog after blog. While many want business from the web, they don’t feel they understand it so they will tend to not take the time to learn about it when they have bids, proposals, sales, production and administrative things to keep track of.

So how do they find someone like me?

Generally it will be through networking and referrals. Yep, through the time tested method of relationship building.

facebook-example-1If they have time to be online, I will meet them through someone mentioning me on their blog or social media. Again, think of being online as a networking and referral network. If you’re good at networking offline then doing it online ought to be easy. But, it can be time consuming.

Every day I get a mention from someone on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google Plus. But more powerful they come through other influential bloggers that I network with.

Here are some articles where I’ve recently been mentioned or featured:


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Ana Hoffman with Traffic Generation Café – Weekly Marketing Skinny

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Christine King  at R&R Web Design – Who Every Blogger Should Follow and Why

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Ryan Biddulph – I Am Excited to Announce the Launch of My New eBook: How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting

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Sherman Smith – Paying Homage to Some Influential Bloggers

Ultra Blog Challenge – What’s Great About Blogging by Member Don Purdum

Business, SEO & Money – Are You Leading Your Business to Growth


Do you realize that my site has literally had over 5,000 new visitors in the last month because of these links and that has turned into significant business? This is how you build an organic community that will help you meet new readers and influencers who will connect with you and open you up to their audience as you open them up to yours. As you grow your influencers you also grow your backlinks organically for search engines.

Did I do anything special for Google? No!

What I did was build an opportunity to network with others online by commenting on their blogs, including their blogs in my articles, sharing on social media and working to be their Google (yep, that’s right you can be their Google – check out the article).


This is why I don’t worry about Google. When I take the initiative to be proactive and build my community the right way, guess what will happen with Google? You got it! They will reactively follow and start pushing up my articles in their index.

But again, most of my business will come from both online and offline networking and referrals not search engines. When someone does from Google it’s just icing on the cake.



Five Common SEO Practices I Do Follow


I hope you noticed the title of this article. I said I don’t worry about SEO. I didn’t say I ignore it. Search engines are evolving and changing rapidly. Search Engine Land recently posted a great article titled “Expert Insights On The Future Of SEO, Part 2.” In it, one expert really stood out to me. Ann Smarty said this as we look into the near future of seo;


ann-smarty-quote“We are not-so-slowly but surely moving away from the “free search traffic” phenomenon. It was pretty stupid to guarantee rankings in the past — it will be impossible to do so in the future.”


In light of Ann’s quote, I recently wrote why Google has lost 70% of indexed search and what that means for your business. I encourage you to click here to check it out.

So what are some best practices I follow?  Here are a few ideas to help you be proactive, remember Google is reactive. If you have more I would love to see them in the comments section below:


#1 – Write great content for your audience


In the end people want to know you’re competent in the business-to-business environment. Do you really know what you’re doing or what you’re talking about?

I recommend writing at least a 1,500 word blog article once a week or more if you can. Don’t be afraid to share what you know and how you do things. So what if it’s free? Did you learn something from me today? Do you think you may be more inclined to contact me or do business with me because you learned how I think and might be able to help you?

It doesn’t matter if people like you if they don’t believe you’re competent. It all starts there and it ends there as well. You gain and lose business based on competency. If you cost a company money or you don’t deliver I can assure you that they won’t keep you around very long. In fact guarantee it!

Your content is a way to expose them to you and demonstrate that you can really help them. Take advantage of those opportunities when they come and then keep them by exposing them to other ways you can help them. Blogs can be very powerful in this way!


#2 – Solve a person or businesses problems


Too many people when networking both online and offline make it about themselves. Stop doing that! It isn’t about you.

Just a word of exhortation, if you go to networking events you have probably been given thirty or sixty seconds to share your business. Don’t, I repeat don’t tell them what you do or offer. Instead think through what problems one person in that room may have and identify with him or her by identifying the problem and then offering a solution.

It’s the same thing online in reality. Remember, no one really cares what you do. Only you care about that. Your prospects do not. They care about themselves and their issues. If you can help them then they are much more open.

When you take the time to tell them about how you solve their problems they are much, much, much more interested in what you have to say. And, you’ll really stand out from everyone else as well and we all know how important that is, right?


#3 – Upload your sitemap with every new page or blog article to Google Webmaster Tools


This one is pretty simple. Every website like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Concrete5 has the fast ability to update the sitemap. All an xml sitemap really does is show the search engine what pages exist on the website and how they relate to one another.

It has zero bearing on where you show up on Google, but it’s still a good practice to update it and let Google know so that they can at least index it faster without having to wait on them finding your new page or article.

Google Webmaster Tools is also helpful so that you can gain some understanding of how your website is performing for the search engine.


#4 – Link to other articles in your website that relate to the article you’re writing


Linking to other articles you’ve already written is critical to the long-term success of your website and search engine performance. You’ll notice I’ve done that once or twice in this article. It’s called on-page optimization.

On-page optimization is helpful for search engines to see how your articles relate and interact with one another and that you’re thoughtful about your content. It’s also helpful for your site visitors as it gives them reasons to read other articles that will be of help to them possible.

One word of advice, make sure when they click the link it opens in another tab or window so that they don’t lose where they are at in the article they are reading. It can be frustrating if I want to read another article and I click it and then I lose where I was at.


#5 – Include quotes from influential writers and bloggers and link to them or an article that inspired you


I will tell you upfront that this gives you no search engine benefits. However, it gives you credibility with your readers and influencers. When done right and over a period of time, you will not only gain the attention of an influencer but you will also earn an opportunity for discussion on social media and in other environments with them.

My friend Ryan Biddulph at Blogging from Paradise is a great example. He used similar strategies I’m referring to here in order to get to know New Times Best Selling Author Chris Brogan. Ryan eventually got his attention so much so that they had email conversations back and forth with one another. Chris recently endorsed both of Ryan’s new ebooks. That’s powerful!!!!!!!!

As influencers like what you have to say, they will start sharing you with their audience. Now, you are getting backlinks organically and for the right reasons.

Relationships are powerful and those that have been involved in online marketing and content marketing for any length of time know that we need others to help us grow our online presence.

People that come from other blog sites tend to stick around longer, read more, and become loyal readers. Most search engine readers find what they are looking for and leave your site. That’s a statistical truth for most websites.

That’s why it’s better to build a community. How do you know when a community is coming together?

Look at the comments on the blog or articles. Those comments will tell you all you need to know about someone’s ability to network, build a business online, and grow. Now, I say that with some trepidation as it’s not always true… but generally speaking it is true. I think blog comments in this way are more powerful and validating than social media. They are simply harder to get and have to be earned.


Google is ultimately looking for authoritative websites within a genre or niche to match up with those doing searches. Your authority will be based in part on the quality of your articles, backlinks, comments and engagement.

That’s a very simplified view but if you stick to the basics you will find that over time the search engine will catch up with your proactive work.

I don’t worry about Google and seo because I don’t have to worry about them. My business is built on the same principles both online and offline of networking and referrals from reputable sources. Over time, Google just becomes a natural thing that happens because I’m not forcing the issue with them.

I realize there will be some, maybe many, who don’t agree. I’m good with that. However, in four or five months I’ve been blessed to build a blog that works for me 24/7 and isn’t dependent upon Google and their changes. When they change what they are doing, I don’t have to change what I’m doing.

Isn’t that the way it really should be? I’m always evaluating my strategies, goals and objectives and tossing what doesn’t work and coming up with new ones. But, each one is predicated on the principles of networking which are timeless.


What do you think? Agree or disagree? I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below and let’s get the conversation going.


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79 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Worry About SEO for My Business To Business Website

  1. I agree with your comments Don, still Google is doing what is good for the users, we have to be useful for the readers as you said, automatically everything follows.

  2. Hey Don,

    Aside from the obvious reasons to write deep, informative, useful content for readers not robots, there are the not-so-obvious ones. The SEO pendulum will eventually swing back the other way.

    I recently took a nostalgic walk back down memory lane to the internet before it was the internet as we know it today. Although it was rather simplistic and brief, what was also on my mind was the overarching reason for the inter-networking: to connect people around the world to information that mattered. Too much focus on “SEO” has almost negated the original goals and has hampered the flow, connections, and linkages that should be happening without fear of failing the big G.

    As a business owner, the practices you follow, with the mindset you have, is how it should be done. Thanks for sharing your insights with us.

    ~ Vernessa Taylor (CoachNotes Blog)

    1. Hi Vernessa,

      It’s going to be interesting over the next few years to see what happens with SEO. I have a good friend of a very large SEO agency who is very concerned with the long-term viability of the industry. In fact, they are already implementing new areas to work in other than SEO.

      “Too much focus on “SEO” has almost negated the original goals and has hampered the flow, connections, and linkages that should be happening without fear of failing the big G.”

      That’s exactly why I would prefer to spend my time connecting, networking, and sharing online. I’ll let Google do their own thing while I do mine. Eventually, I know they will catch up with me. I’m already at month four starting to see the traffic flowing. So, I suppose I can live with that!

      Thanks for an awesome comment Vernessa!

      I hope you’re having an awesome weekend!

      ~ Don

  3. Well said Don, I could not agree with you more on this

    “There is one rule that is constant in my opinion: Write over the top, helpful, compelling content that solves someone’s problem(s) and you won’t have to worry about Google for the long-term…”

    This is about summarizes the whole essence of modern SEO practice. Quality and Relevant content and links are necessary for sustainable SEO. If we do this often then Google will not be a problem for us!
    I shared this in kingged.com where this post was left.

    1. Hi Sunday,

      It really does come close to summarizing it, doesn’t it? I would add that one more thing… networking and promoting the articles as you create a community around you.

      Thanks for your comment and I hope you have an awesome week!

      ~ Don

  4. Don, Thank you for all the thoughts on SEO. As a newbie, it’s been quite confusing. Like you mention, I focus on the content and including background/research information from other websites. Glad to know that I’m on the right track 🙂

    1. Hi Christina,

      I completely understand, it is confusing especially when you learn one thing and then Google updates their site and what you learned no longer applies.

      While you put a focus on content, don’t forget to put a premium on networking, marketing, and promoting your articles.

      I hope you have an awesome week and thank you for your comment!

      ~ Don

  5. I agree that in order to be an effective blogger you have to write a substantial amount and write often. With that as the standard, I’m an ineffective blogger. The reason that I started the blog was to create a following of readers with the intention of one day getting published. So, I struggle with writing often because I don’t want to write too much and then have nothing left to publish. Thank you for your post. You are very knowledgeable in your field.

    1. Hi Dana,

      That certainly does help! I know some bloggers who are really successful that only blog once a week but they are really in-depth articles; and then I know bloggers that blog every day.

      The key is to be consistent on whatever you decide for a schedule.

      I too plan to be published one day. You can never write too much. Remember, just because you’ve written on a topic doesn’t mean you can’t write on it again. After all, your newer readers won’t have a clue. And, you can link to your older articles. It’s a great way to expose them to all of your thoughts.

      Believe, you won’t run out of things to say, especially if as your readers voice their problems and struggles. See, you just gave me an idea for an article.

      THANK YOU!

      I hope you have an awesome weekend Dana.

      ~ Don

  6. This is an excellent article.

    There are some great tips here. There are obviously a few who still want to try and play the system and look for quick ways to rank. They won’t win because Google is far too advanced for that now. The best advice is to write for the reader and not for the search engines. Focusing on what your audience want is how you will grow that audience.

    I also like the examples of mentioning and attributing others within the articles. This certainly works very well in terms of connecting with other influencers. I’ve neglected my blog of late due to promoting a lot of product launches and other projects but now back full steam ready to get back up the rankings. Content marketing surely is the new SEO 🙂

    Great stuff, will tweet!

    1. Hi Andrew,

      It’s nice to meet you!

      There will always be those who chase Google and in they will always have to worker harder as a result. They may get some great results and the ROI may even justify it. But I just don’t believe it’s the right way to go.

      I have learned that if you’re going to really attract influencers that you want to build a relationship with you have to give them a reason to connect with you. You have to offer them something of value. Social shares are nice but they don’t often turn into much, unfortunately (I’m thinking of business). I know that’s not true with every business or industry, but it is for many that I work with.

      The one thing that really gets their attention is when you write about them, or give them a quote or link in an article that is relevant to the context and gives the reader a reason to want to click it.

      More than any other means, people appreciate that and it helps build their audience as well as their SEO. It’s organic and it’s authentic. It’s networking at its best!

      I just jumped over to your site and I love your tagline: “Helping Entrepreneurs Win”

      That really says it all!!!! I’m looking forward to reading your work and digging into your site and learning more about how you help your audience.

      I hope you have an awesome upcoming weekend!

      ~ Don

  7. Agree Agree Agree!

    So much that you wrote here Don, I want to comment on beginning with the power of relationships – old fashioned referrals and connecting. I came over to your blog because I saw your comments on two other blogs I read – Adrienne Smith, Kevin Duncan. Each time I saw your comment and read it I thought “There is someone I’d like to get to know better”. Today I came over to take a look!

    You talked about truly understanding the business that you are in. I work on this constantly with people and it’s just amazing how hard that concept can be. People have been taught to say “I am a_________” and often really struggle stepping outside a label and just saying how they help another. Once they do however, it seems like a big weight falls off their shoulders and their ability to interact with prospective customers or clients online and offline become smoother and less bound up on fear and stress.

    I have to laugh, because I too can talk forever about what I do… how I help..what I teach.. and yet, when I learned to let go of all of that and say – “Do you ever feel like you are constantly stepping on your own toes, or getting in your own way in your business?” – my audience had an ah-ha experience and realized exactly what you wrote about regarding understanding the business that you are in.

    I appreciate how real you are in this article. SEO is a moving target as you say, and had been for years with the frequency and intensity of the moves increasing seemingly exponentially. I know it and have for awhile, yet I learned something today from your post and look forward to coming back and reading more!


    1. Hi Deborah,

      WOW! It’s so nice to see you here. I just love Adrienne and Kevin has a guest blog post on my site today. I really appreciate you sharing with me how you found my site and that’s really encouraging!!!

      You are so right… that is exactly what we are conditioned to say. One of the first questions people will ask if you’re at a networking meeting or even on the plane is… “What do you do?”

      See, we’re conditioned, lol…

      There was a time many years ago that’s exactly how I felt. I don’t have big feet but it sure did feel like it sometimes as I kept tripping over myself, lol…

      I so appreciate your comment and I do hope you’ll come back and interact with me again. I’ll be checking out your site soon based on what you shared in your comment and I look forward to engaging with you more!

      Have a great finish to your work week!!!

      ~ Don

      1. Thanks Don!
        That “what do you do?” question is just so unenlightened and boring! LOL!!
        These days at a networking event or similar I’ll ask “What are you most excited about today in your business?” or “If I met the ideal referral for you, how would I know?”

        That being said, I rarely attend networking event anymore. I found the energy and time was rarely worth the ROI…except for social…rarely business. There are much better ways of face to face engagement I believe!

        I will certainly be back on your blog Don and appreciate too the astute comment you already posted on my blog.


        1. Good Morning Deborah!

          I actually have come to love that question. It’s my chance to shine especially when it’s someone of influence or means, or a great prospect.

          I always start with a question, something link:

          Person: So what do you do?

          Don: John, what is one thing that frustrates you when it comes to your online marketing?

          I let them tell me and I respond with something like; “that’s what we do, we take people who struggle with (repeat their issue) and (solve their problem).

          90% of the time, no kidding, I get a consultation and nearly 60% of them turn into sales.

          I learned that people don’t care what you do, especially with someone like me who offers a lot. But, they do care when they perceive they have a problem and I may have the solution.

          Sometimes this happens on an elevator, at a conference or even waiting to get on the plane. I love that one little question that’s boring and uninspiring because I can turn it into an opportunity.

          Loving this conversation Deborah. We ought to consider starting a show together? Sounds like we could have a lot of fun!!!!

          ~ Don

  8. Hi Don, I love your post and I love the video. I am such a video person so if someone has a video as part of their blog post that is where I go first.

    I agree with what you 100%. I have not been online or blogging as long as you and some of the others who have commented so I never relied on Google like some others did that have been blogging for longer.

    I was an offline business owner for most of my life and we built those businesses by connecting and community. Online is no different really but I did fall into the trap initially of being so overwhelmed with learning I stopped seeing the big picture.

    I know you are an amazing commenter and yes you almost do a blog post as a comment.

    I agree most businesses are too busy in their business to read blog posts or engage online much. I live in a tourist town in Australia and about half the businesses do not have websites! I find that amazing. You have got me thinking on this one now. 😉

    Awesome post Don. Thank you.


    1. Hi Sue,

      How in the world did I miss your AWESOME comment. So sorry!!!

      That’s really interesting and good to know that video is helpful to you. I think it is to a lot of people especially if the content is useful, helpful, at least a little entertaining and short.

      Well, I guess I see commenting as an opportunity to share insights and make an impression. You never know who is reading through a blog comment section. In fact, I gotten a few work opportunities and connected with a few major influencers as a result of blog commenting.

      That’s always exciting!!!!!

      It’s all about building our communities and when do it right and the longer we do it right the more the opportunities come our way.

      I really appreciate your comment and thank you for the encouragement and inspiration.

      I hope you have an awesome finish to your week Sue!

      ~ Don

  9. Hi Don,

    That was one meaty post!! And I agree with you wholeheartedly!!

    I think writing quality content and building relationships is what is going to put us out there in front of the masses. This are the best strategies that I am using and working on to grow.

    Honestly, I have never paid that much attention to SEO, as when I came online, it was already changing a lot. So, I just followed my good friend Adrienne’s advice by connecting with like-minded people and build those relationships on social media. And that’s your advice here too. And that’s what I am trying to do.

    Of all the other strategies you mentioned, I need to work on number 4 to link to other articles in my website that relate to the article I am writing. I am guilty of not giving that strategy its importance but I will remember to do so from now on.

    Thanks Don for a great informational post and I really enjoyed reading it. Have a great week ahead.

    Be Blessed,


    1. Hi Neamat,

      I couldn’t agree with you more! If we offer content that helps people, solves their problems or gives them great entertainment then we offer a reason for people to join our communities and be involved with us and we with them.

      I have learned that when I link to informative articles that others have written and can expand upon my context it is a win-win for everyone! It not only helps the reader but it also builds good will and community with other bloggers.

      Thank you as always for your encouragement and for being a part of my growing community!

      ~ Don

  10. I couldn’t agree with you more. If we are reactive, it is too late. I have been very proactive and started writing a blog. Last year I would never have thought about connecting with communities and building relationships. It works. I have seen not only a spike in hits but in my business. I haven’t had the time to play with SEO with Google like I have done in the past. I think it really worked in my behalf.

    I have been working the internet for business since the early nineties and have been to many sites touting their abilities in SEO. I must say after visiting your blog over the last couple of months, I respect your knowledge and enthusiasm. I never really checked what you do, but this article had me checking out your services.

    1. Hi Arleen,

      WOW! How exciting is your comment!!!!! I am with you, I would have never thought about building relationships and community a year ago either, until I started to think online like I do offline with networking and how I gained business as a result of that networking.

      Then it just dawned on me… it’s the same with just different tools and means of networking.

      So glad it is working out for you!!!!! I can’t begin to express my gratitude for the extremely kind words you shared. After 10 years in the industry myself I’ve learned a lot, failed a lot and succeeded some. It’s been an incredible journey!

      I really am focusing more and more on consulting with companies and coaching small and medium sized businesses on how to do this properly. What’s fun is when they look at my site and social media… It’s all they need to see.

      Thanks for checking out my services page. If you ever want to chat just let me know. I would be blessed and honored.

      I hope you have a great evening!!!

      ~ Don

  11. Yep…sounds to me like the way it should be done:) More important, it’s working for you and common sense might dictate that if it does then it must be a good strategy. And I often learn as much from the comments as I do the article.

    1. Hi Jacqueline,

      I appreciate your comment, and like you I learn a ton from comments on both my site and others that offer real value and increase the perspective of the authors opinion.

      I hope you have a great week!

      ~ Don

  12. Hello Don
    This was such a great information for me.
    I like your tips. I was about to write a post now and will try to link as many information from other related sites as possible. I started blogging recently and still learning and totally unaware of SEO.
    I try to comment on sites as I read a lot of posts and learning a lot from them.
    I was wondering though if we can add sitemap on blogspot as well?
    I really like the picture on top ” Why I do not worry about SEO”. Recently I have written a post about mathematics and I tried to make a diagram like this and it did not turn out good so I left it. After watching this, that came to my mind. If you do not mind , can you tell me in which program you have created this?
    thanks for a great post.

    1. Hi Andleeb,

      I appreciate your kind words. Just be sure that if you choose to link to people that it makes sense in the context of your article. It’s a great way to share what you read and who you learn from as well as give an influential blogger a reason to check you out.

      I don’t know much about blogspot. If you Google “create a sitemap” there are some applications you can use that will create one for you. I really don’t recommend Blogger but it is also better than not having a web presence at all. If you’re a business, you should move away from it as soon as possible and to a self hosted website.

      All my images are created in Photoshop CS5.

      Thanks much for your kind words. I hope you’re having an amazing week!!!

      ~ Don

  13. Hello Don, I do agree give Google a reason to love you HEHE Great video and article my friend! I have found that once I started visiting all these other blogs and commenting that it is ADDICTING and FUN! So why not Right?

    As for SEO, well I was never one for keyword research and wasting time on such thinks, I just get to writing..

    Now for Social Media! Love It Love It! Not this does go right along with blogging, sharing is caring LOL

    What a great post, Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))

    1. Hi Chery,

      I hear you, it is fun and it’s interesting to learn differing views. I love to offer people the opportunity to persuade me. LOL… It’s can be hard to do. But, I’m a reasonable man.

      I too enjoy social media and I love the attention I get on my blog. It’s a great blessing and boost to my business.

      I hope you’re having an amazing start to your week?

      ~ Don

  14. Hi Don, here I am, just having learned about SEO and Yoast and may have to start ignoring it. I do know about writing great content – not always as successful as I should be but am constantly working on it and paying a great deal of attention to you and other BHB members who are so generous in sharing. Thanks.

    1. Hi Lenie,

      I know it can feel frustrating. But, I would ignore Google and what you’ve learned. I just have learned to recognize that Google will do what they want and they will change the rules to combat those who don’t as well as make the user experience better for their customers.

      I appreciate your kind words Lenie!!!!

      I hope you have an awesome week.

      ~ Don

  15. All good points Don and a great reminder to me to make sure I link posts within my site to other posts within my site. Often, as you know, they relate to each other and the whole point is to keep the reader on your site and entertained. The latter will produce the former. I have never been a big one to worry about Google and their rules but it is good to have a reference.

    1. Hi Tim,

      The more we can offer value and great content and keep folks on our site, the greater the likely hood your readers will want to go to the next level with you.

      I agree, no reason to worry about Google. But, I don’t want to ignore them either. If we do the right things we can have the best of both worlds.

      I hope you have an awesome week Tim.

      ~ Don

  16. Don, this is one of the best posts I’ve read in weeks. This is the kind of content Google is trying to encourage. Ironically, as soon as we ignore Google – and ignore SEO – we create better content, higher quality blogs and more value for readers. I’m a big believer in not gaming the system. Have shared this out and Stumbled it, and I will bookmark it to refer back to next time I write content for one of our clients. Have a good day!

    1. Hi Claire,

      WOW! Thank you so much for such a kind and encouraging comment!!!!!

      You are absolutely right. I agree that if we just work on creating great content that others like and can use and have a reason to engage and share, we will be just fine with Google.

      Thank you so much for the shares and I look forward to engaging with you more!!!

      ~ Don

  17. Definitely a lot of good points, Don.

    Personally, I used to love SE traffic, but as you said, it’s almost not worth it any longer. Focus on the end customer and Google might catch up. Meanwhile, work the traffic streams that actually work!

    By the way, have you even considered changing your font/background combo to something more reader-friendly, like dark font on light background? My eyes were killing me half way through your post…

    1. Good Morning Ana,

      It’s really nice to see you hear on my website! Thanks for stopping by.

      I would love me some search engine love, lol… But, I’m not willing to chase them. I really honestly believe that if I just take the time to build my community and connect with influential bloggers such as yourself, the backlinks and SEO will all take care of itself organically.

      Thank you for the reminder. While I loved the blue background a number of people struggled with the blue background so I changed it this morning.

      I hope the new color scheme helps.

      I hope you have an amazing week!!!!

      ~ Don

      1. Don thanks for the awesome reminder, no doubt that networking is essentially important as can be seen on Ana and Adrienne sites. Is seo still important … the answer is yes… but engagement as a proof of authority shows that there is need for people to go all out to relate with others while providing value. This way we are sure to get more prospect

  18. Hi Don,

    Such an effective post.:)

    I agree with your point that SEO keep changing and if we think only about SEO of ous blog then for sure its not gonna work out.

    When I started blogging I read many articles about SEO and how it is important but no one was signalling about the changes. But after seeing Google algorithm updates I was well aware about SEO stuff.

    The only thing to do is writing for our readers. In blogging making connections with our readers and providing them great services should be main goals.

    Thinking only about SEO is not so good. Knowing our audience is what we need to do better.

    Thanks for writing this article.:)

    Have a great weekend.


    1. Hi Ravi,

      It’s interesting, I think Google is not only trying to make their user experience better for searches but I also think they love toying with people who are always trying to game their system, lol….

      Thank you for your comment and for stopping by. I hope you have an amazing week!

      ~ Don

  19. Hi, Don – awesome post, and I couldn’t agree more! 🙂

    I’ve always just written for my readers and never have based anything on a keyword first. If a long tail keyword is ever used, it’s done AFTER I’ve already written to my target audience, and I’m in the editing stage.

    I basically ignore SEO and focus on writing quality content, and then after I’ve written the article completely, I look at what I’ve done and try to extract keywords from it, so that I can implement keywords organically.

    Commenting on other sites is very enjoyable to me. I love to check out what others are doing, saying – I learn things along the way and meet some pretty special people, of which you are a main one. 🙂

    I use a lot of the tips you suggest, and really think building relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs is the best part of all. I’ve got friends that I would have never otherwise met, and I’m so grateful!

    Awesome content, and sharing with my friends. Thanks, Don!

    – Carol

    1. Hi Carol,

      If I learned one thing offline it’s that great relationships with influential people make great business opportunities.The key is connecting with the right people and believe me, I’ve had my share of the wrong ones, lol…

      The wrong ones suck the life out of you, are demanding and are only interested in pursuing their own agendas. In short, it’s a one way street.

      However, when you find those rare relationships with people that get it, WOW!!!!

      Now, the beauty of the online networking experience is that you can weed them out quicker and easier.

      Like we both said, it’s not that we aren’t doing SEO, it’s that we aren’t writing for SEO and we are not tailoring to a search engine.

      Isn’t that really how it should be? Especially in businesses like ours.

      Now, if you’re retail or need volume sales, there are lots of ways to get them with adwords and other strategies. But, in the circles I run and do business this is generally not the case.

      I really appreciate you and I’m grateful for the friendship we are developing.

      Have a great day and an awesome weekend Carol. Thank you for the kind words!

      ~ Don

  20. Hey Don,

    That my friend is how it’s done. Doesn’t seem so hard to me but then again, I love meeting new people.

    But seriously, it’s all about the connections you make whether you’re offline or online. It’s all about what you can do for the other person. Once they see you have information that can help them they’ll start hanging around more to continue learning from you until they get to the place that they just have to hire you to do the things they can’t or consult to help them in other areas.

    Online you can do this through blog commenting which is why to this day I still believe it’s a very powerful source. It’s what put me on the map because I was very consistent to get in front of enough people so that they would be curious enough about me to check me out. Once you start to make those connections it’s up to us to keep them going.

    It’s really pretty cool when people start emailing you because a friend of theirs recommended you or you get an email from a top influencer because they’re just seen you everywhere and want to get to know you better. It’s truly amazing Don.

    This is one of the reasons I don’t worry about SEO either because I am implementing what you’ve shared here and I am being found. But for me I much prefer the referrals because those are the people who are going to stick around more and check you out. That’s been my opinion so far and it works beautifully.

    I appreciate you sharing this and you definitely have come on the scene and made a huge impact. People are learning from you and we definitely appreciate it.

    Thank you Don for sharing this information and you have a wonderful weekend.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      I’ve always felt SEO ought to be a natural function that flows from what we are doing. Some disagree and I’m good with that and they may have some great facts to back it up. However, because it’s not natural how many times have wee seen where people are penalized on Google when they make updates?

      I really believe in your philosophy of blog commenting. I would prefer natural, organic, referred traffic from influencers such as yourself and others who are even more influentional.


      Because they can introduce us to others who trust them and are therefore much more open to engaging with us and buying us. People coming from Google are shopping… people coming as referrals are buyers.

      I really don’t need to reach the world, and neither do 99% of companies out there. If you grow to fast that can be worse than not growing fast enough.

      Adrienne, I sure appreciate your kind words. Coming from you that really means a lot to me. Thank you!!!!

      I hope you have an awesome weekend!

      ~ Don

  21. thanks for the complements don; I’ve learned quite a bit. one of the things I do need to work on is more face to face networking. I also need to find a better alternative for texting as a lot of the ride owners in the u k and europe are more likely to respond to a text or a call than to an email or face book post. and I’m finding and meeting a lot of the decision makers from the amusement parks and water parks through linked in which was a surprise because these same people jealously guard their contact information on their websites. as for the new site where i offer coaching I have a lot to learn. I’ve been fortunate to use the hour with ryan levesque i won two months ago along with offers from other mentors to try to figure out my niche message and target audience. and it seems to become successful as a coach I am going to have to get more comfortable with the idea of being the blind entrepreneur as that seems to be a natural hook offering to help use my lack of vision to help them find clarity or using the fact that if i can do this they don’t have any excuses. would appreciate any thoughts on this from you. thanks again. going to have quiet weekend with my laptop in for repairs. wish you a great one too, max

    1. You’re welcome Max!

      Networking has been HUGE for me. In fact, learning to do it right has taught me how to network online as well. The principles really are the same it’s just that the tools are different.

      I have a lot of ideas around messaging and developing a target audience, lol…

      Here is an article that will give you some insights I hope I wrote recently that covers some of the answers to your question: http://www.unveiltheweb.com/articles/what-real-reason-you-are-not-getting-traffic-your-website/

      Feel free to reach out after you read the other article if you feel I can help you.

      ~ Don

  22. Hi Don,

    You are so right. I couldn’t agree more with you. 🙂

    SEO is important but like you said it is part of the puzzle. There are 200 others to consider to be found on number one page of Google. Most of the ones that find me via Google doesn’t stay in my blog for long. Perhaps around 32 seconds is how long they will come to my blog and so my organic search has very high bounce rate. And so I don’t really care much to please about Google.

    In this book of “No SEO Forever” this author said the same thing what you just said. He said he was so sick and tired of Google changing everything, every time. And so he wrote the book, with the help of his wife editing it. Engage with others. Thru commenting. Create that intimate relationship (like what Rob Cubbon says) and don’t forget to build your Email List. Interact through social media. Etc., etc.

    Here’s what Harshajyoti Das said on his book “No SEO Forever”…

    “Blog commenting is very powerful, especially when you place high quality comments on relevant websites. I am not talking only from a SEO perspective. It does help with SEO, but you should focus on getting all that referral traffic to your site.”


    “Blog commenting will help you increase your domain and page authority. Evidently, authority does pass, even if a link has ‘no follow’ tags.”

    …and that is a good answer. If you solve the person’s problem, you have a follower for life. If you gain their trust you have double follower for life.

    Blogging is not much about you but “it’s about them”. If you’re blogging for personal reason, this might be different. But blogging your business is a whole new ball game.

    Aaaaahhhh…I do include other people’s quotes sometimes. But not all the time. It’s something I need to get into a habit of doing. Thanks for reminding me of this.

    Anyway, thank you for the mention, Don. You have been my biggest promoter lately. *big smile* I hope you have a great weekend.



    1. Hi Angela,

      I sure do appreciate your AWESOME comment! I would love to have you as a guest blogger on my site just based on this comment alone!

      For the type of business that you and I have, we will see shorter times on our site and higher bounce rates from Google. It’s very normal and many web designers and developers I know complain about it often.

      The truth is that when someone searches on Google they are looking for something very specific. If they don’t find what they are looking for… or they find what they are looking for… they are gone. They are very focused and specific so it shouldn’t surprise us about bounce rates from Google referrals.

      There are some things we can do like reference other articles within articles but generally speaking it’s normal.

      You nailed the goal in your quote: “If you solve the person’s problem, you have a follower for life. If you gain their trust you have double follower for life.”

      I love that!!!!!

      Thanks Angela for the awesome comment. I hope you have an amazing weekend!

      ~ Don

  23. Hello; for a long time now I have been using this approach. SEO was one of those things that I did the basic minimums for but said i would do more when there was money to hire someone to help with it. I’ve been writing quality posts, sharing other people’s work, leaving strong comments, etc. for my site where i sell amusement equipment most of the people in the industry still make most of their deals on a face to face basis. this is why i don’t beat myself up over not having more sales. I feel like I’ve done a lot with strictly online efforts. usually the person in a carnival or fun fair owning family that spends a lot of time online will be the wife daughter and sometimes the son. but the industry is male dominated with little influence from the younger generations when it comes to purchasing equipment. thanks to building relationships as you mentioned I have also been fortunate to be mentioned in several posts and receive opportunities to write guest posts and be interviewed for blog articles or podcasts. excellent advice here, thanks for sharing max

    1. Hi Maxwell,

      What you just did is what few businesses do when they enter the online arena. You know and you defined your audience. You know who they are, what they do and where they do it at.

      You also know your competition and what they are and are not doing.

      Those two things set you apart really fast in my mind. And, I love that you are implementing strategies to reach them… interviews, guest blog posts, podcasts… That’s awesome!

      I appreciate your kind words and I hope you have an awesome weekend Max!

      ~ Don

  24. Don,

    I’m with you. I don’t think about SEO all that much because it never seems to make much difference when I do.

    After reading Donna’s comment, I’m inspired to start thinking about my blog comments differently! She’s so great about sharing, I want to be more like that. You’re fantastic about sharing as well. How do you do it all efficiently and still have time to run your business?

    1. Hi Brittany,

      I do think about SEO. Like I said in the article, I don’t ignore it I just don’t emphasize it. It’s at the bottom of my list.

      I appreciate the kind words. How do I do it? Great question… I carve time into my calendar to make sure I read and learn from other great bloggers such as yourself. If a writer makes it easy to share then I do just that!

      As a business owner, I devote a minimum of 60% of my work week to marketing, promoting, networking and connecting with my audience. It’s my number 1 priority. I cannot grow my business without having an influence both online and offline.

      Hope that answers your question? If not, let me know and I’ll answer it to your satisfaction.

      ~ Don

  25. “I recently wrote why Google has lost 70% of indexed search”

    That’s not a very serious/accurate thing to say… I could explain the equation and its variables, like the fact that its a global statistic, and that global statistics need to be analysed with care and using data analysis avriables.

    Things like chinese and indian internet users and search platforms would only initiate the discussion.

    I think the point is, you need SEO as you need everything else. If someone believes that just SEO, or just linkbuilding works…. they wont succeed.

    1. Hi Joao,

      It’s an absolute fact that Google has been forced to deal with and it’s not at all localized to global search. In fact, I wrote an article last week that shows where they have problems (Here is the link: http://www.unveiltheweb.com/articles/transformational-changes-online-engagement-part-1-google/)

      Here is a quote:

      “New tools emerged to help me better find what I’m looking for without the hassle of searching forever through sites that were manipulating me to see their stuff that had nothing to do with what I was searching for. Here is a list of some of those new tools:

      Wikipedia: Information on a specific subject is all in one place

      Social Media – personal engagement and connections

      Match.com if I want a date

      Yelp for restaurant reviews

      Realtor.com if I need to buy a house

      Trip.com if I want to go somewhere

      The list goes on and on.

      There are a number of other studies from very prominent tech investors like Roger McNamee and some friends I have in large national SEO companies that are saying something very different.

      Please note in the article I specifically said that I do not ignore SEO, but I don’t worry about it either if I’m proactively building a community that helps to organically grow and foster it.

      Thanks for taking a few moments to comment. I hope you have an AWESOME weekend and I hope to see you again…

      ~ Don

  26. Hi Don,
    You are spot on when you talk about blog commenting. I cannot tell you how many people find my blog via a comment I made on a blog! I never really bothered with SEO, I wrote good content as best as I could and put my blog up there.

    When a comment comes in, I don’t answer it unless I click the CommentLuv, read their post…yes read their post, Comment on it and then share it on at least two social media platforms. I like to use my own words when introducing what I’ve read, especially on Google+ I sometimes even give a call to action when I’m sharing to invite people to that blog. So what happens? The blogger appreciates it and will return to my blog.

    Blogging and social media go hand in hand. We need to be active on social media by just liking something, but also commenting on the share. The whole point of social media is to be social, not only with our own stuff, but others!

    In essence, if we have the mindset of putting people first, they will be happy to reciprocate…most of the time lol.

    I did write a post a while ago about how Google was like my ex husband lol. It was a parody to my readers why they should forget about all this SEO stuff…all the changes…because you will never please Google. It’s like a bad marriage he he he.

    Focusing on our own direction, giving good content, commenting, giving credit where credit is due…i.e. being ethical is all that it takes!

    Loved your video…It was great to see you talking in this post.


    1. Hi Donna,

      I remember that article on how Google is like your ex husband. It was clever and I certainly got a chuckle. As I read it I wondered if it said more about Google or him? LOL…

      You nailed part of the problem for me. I’m not going to chase Google. I’m going to focus on building my tribe who I can become their Google.

      Already, some don’t get what I’m saying. I understand that Google works well for some and that SEO has done wonders for them. But, the day is coming that the game is going to change and most won’t be ready.

      Me, I don’t have to change what I’m doing because my strategies work for me.

      You’re awesome Donna. I hope you have an incredible day!

      ~ Don

      1. Hey Don,

        Building your own “Tribe” is the way to go! Yes, lots of folks got a big chuckle out of that post he he.

        Google is like the ocean and we are the little fish trying to stay alive. But, by working smartly, we can be the big fish in a little pond lol.

        This is why I created a membership site…There IS a method to my madness lol.


        1. I want in on your madness!!! LOL… I agree, take care of own business and then Google will take care of us… but I’m not depending upon it.

          You calling me a little fish? LOL.. Just when I thought I was a giant sperm whale, rofl…

  27. Hi Don,

    Yes, you know what you’re talking about. As soon as we made contact, I noticed how personal you were. So, yes, I would confirm that you ARE proactive.

    Google monopolized everything for so long, but those days are about to be totally over. I really like the concept of being proactive and make our own traffic, so to speak.

    You certainly have been mentioned and featured in a lot of places, and in turn we have the pleasure to be mentioned here. There’s always receiving where there is giving, right?

    Thank you for another excellent topic.

    1. Hi Sylviane,

      What a joy to see you here!!!! Yes, there is always receiving where there is giving. I couldn’t agree more.

      I actually believe that many don’t want to connect with others and they see Google as an easy way out, until the allure sucks them in, lol…

      Google didn’t just monopolize, but as I said in a previous article they also commoditized. That just made things worse in my opinion.


      However, moving forward into the future we have an opportunity to do a lot of good by building our communities and networking to meet the people who really need us.

      I appreciate you Sylviane and I hope you have an amazing weekend!!!

      ~ Don

  28. Hey Don,

    Great post.

    You know what’s interesting, I think alot of people are starting to look less and less at using Google to judge their success. You’re absolutely right, they do change all the time and if you try to change along with them, you’ll be forever lost and not really doing your audience justice.

    The part about understanding your audience is really good and it’s key. If you truly do understand your audience, you don’t have to rely heavily on Google or SEO stuff to succeed.

    With your 5 common SEO practices you do follow, I use 2, 4 and 5 mostly. And #2 is very important because if you can solve a persons problem or in your case a businesses problem, they’ll forever be grateful to you and be willing to spend more money with you down the road.

    All 5 tips are great for anyone starting out or even experienced bloggers/entrepreneurs to follow. Thanks for the shout out by the way. Hope you have yourself an awesome weekend.

    – Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew,

      They would be smart too. It’s good to use them and be a part of the search engine. I think it’s unhealthy in the changing world we are in to obsess over it.

      There was a time, I get it. But many have yet to move on and find the strategies and opportunities that exist to really catapult their businesses.

      If you don’t understand your audience anyway, SEO really doesn’t matter. It does you no good to talk to everyone for in doing so you’re really talking to no one. I was trained to write and speak to one person. It’s amazing that afterwards many will approach me and ask if I’m talking to them, lol…

      No, but I do identify and I do understand.

      I appreciate your comment and love it when you stop by. I’m always encouraged by your interaction. I find you to be a true thought leader and I appreciate the way you think!

      Have a great evening Andrew!

      ~ Don

    2. Andrew,
      You say that less and less people are using google to judge their success. It’s an opinion, but it’s a rather false one. In b2c websites its 100% false, in b2b i would say its 99% false. All it takes is looking at moz or hubspot studies that show you what major b2b companies are investing in… and why. Everything is important, but SEO still is essential, and to think that those 5 points will work… well.

      All major b2b websites out there, are successful in Google searches or do a lot of adwords. All of them. You can only be successful in Google if you study and apply good SEO practices, and its a huge mith that it takes a lot of time. 90% of those practices are related to basic principles like good content, truth, relations, good coding etc. But these principles will help your site always accross time.

      To believe that you don’t need google, just to understand your audience… is a pretty strong statement that needs to be proved. And all statistics so far tell a different story. Success over time needs good SEO.

      I understad the point and lesson of the post, but in the real world Google is essential. And natural or unatural linkbuilding and relations or networking will only get you to a certain point. But not to a point of great success. Any number you give me, i will get it 10 times more with some great SEO. The same as saying that only SEO matters, that is 100% wrong also.

      The rest.. well it reminds of the tales of lotions and potions that can cure anything. Very inspirational but deadly.

      Going social is easy, going social and google is hard. But the money is on hard.

      1. Hi Paul,

        I hear what you’re saying and I validate your opinion. But, there are a number of other studies from very prominent tech investors like Roger McNamee and some friends I have in large national SEO companies that are saying something very different.

        I also found an interesting report from The Independent (UK Newspaper) that says Google co-founder Larry Page has set up a ‘company within a company’ dubbed ‘Google 2.0’ that will look at the tech giant’s long-term future – presumably for when advertising revenue from search traffic (inevitably) dries up. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/google-20-will-build-airports-and-cities-says-report-9743962.html

        The one thing you said that struck me is what “major” b2b companies are doing. They have massive resources to pay for big SEO campaigns and Adword campaigns, etc. I don’t think you can compare those studies happening with large companies with small businesses who don’t have the resources, budgets, or simply don’t understand how it all works and then they don’t value it.

        Those are two very different worlds. I’ve been in this industry for ten years and the changes that have been happening are huge but nothing compared to what is coming.

        I would encourage you to read the article I wrote last week where I share how other sites have taken a huge chunk away from Google’s indexed search traffic. They know it’s happening and have already begun shifting their companies focus in the last few years. Again, all you have to do is follow the money. Here is the link:


        I will acknowledge this, even though they have lost 70% of the market in indexed search since 2009, that number of searches is still HUGE! So, like I said in the article I don’t ignore SEO, I just don’t put my focus there because when it all changes, I don’t have to.

        I really appreciate your comment Paul and I’m thankful you shared.

        ~ Don

      2. Hi Paul,

        Like Don, I understand your stance on this. Basically what I was saying is that Google changes so often that for people that try to focus solely on SEO it’ll be tough for them because they’ll forever be chasing that dangling carrot on a stick.

        And yes, what I said is an opinion and I’m not saying that Google isn’t essential of that we shouldn’t be using it but rather for people not to rely so heavily on it.

        You said “natural or un-natural link building and relations or networking will only get you to a certain point. But not to a point of great success.” Well, is there only one way to true success? And is that way only through Google?

        Are you then saying that you can’t be extremely successful if you build relationships and start getting endorsements to your blog posts from Kristi Hines, Darren Rowse, Chris Brogan and some other influential bloggers?

  29. Hey Don,

    You know what? I never really thought how well a business is doing judging from all the comments on someone’s blog. This should’ve been common sense. I guess I was just looking at the networking side of it.

    But yes, I know quite a few people that don’t worry about SEO as much. Why? Just like you, they network with others so well that they can as a result get the organic traffic through mentions on their blog and other places.

    A lot of people want to build a business and make a lot of money, but don’t really want to go through the process. It’s sometimes tedious, but you can definitely make it fun if what you’re doing is something your passionate about. When it comes to passion, you instantly take the action you want to get to your destination.

    I follow the same SEO practices as you. one thing I can improve on is the networking aspect, which right now I’m not so shabby at, but there’s always room for improvement! But following the 5 tips you mentioned is a great start. Especially for those that are just getting into the online marketing world!

    Thanks for sharing Don! Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Sherman,

      I can see and respect that completely. I see the blog comments as an extension of the ongoing conversation and networking. Sometimes though what seems like common sense really isn’t. It’s subjective so I know I don’t hold that against you one bit. I miss stuff all the time that I sit back and wonder “how did that happen?” LOL…

      You are so right about them no wanting to go through the process. It is work. But, as Ryan Biddulph has demonstrated it pays off over and over again if you just take the time to do it!!!!!

      You bring some awesome points!!!! Thanks for sharing your insights Sherman and blessing me!!!

      ~ Don

  30. Wow Don!!

    What a thorough, SMART article, and thanks so much for the screen shot, the links, AND the Chris Brogan endorsement mention!

    I dig how you mention your 5000 visitors last month in the same breath as links coming through other sites. So, so true. My most shared and high traffic posts are virtually always directed at featuring a handful of bloggers.

    Karma in action; when you feature others, they feature you. And when you have friends, you Google/SEO proof yourself because they ain’t going anywhere unless you change your values. They’re around forever.

    When you help to make others popular, they help make you popular. It’s so simple. It’s the law of life. Honest to goodness, even though I was a piddly little blogger at the time I helped Chris Brogan become more popular because my comments added social proof to his posts. Nope, he didn’t need it, of course, but it was a bit at a time, each 4 or 6 or 8 paragraph comment. He appreciated it…..

    ….so much so that we became friends. Then, I started a dialog through his newsletter.We formed the bond. Then, without me even asking him, BOTH times, he tweet endorsed me. Flooring. The power of helping others and building friendships is quite stunning.

    Thanks SO much Don, once again…you’re one smart cookie 😉

    Tweeting this out through Triberr.


    1. Hi Ryan,

      You have really become one of my favorite bloggers!!!! Your content is rich, educational and your format is fun. Of course why wouldn’t blogging from paradise be fun? Right?

      You are so right though, it’s all about making others look good. I love how you approached Chris Brogan. It’s a great example of how to do it. If you were at a conference and met him in person there is no way you would have ever met him in a way that he would remember you. Unless it was a negative experience and I know you’re not going for that.

      But, this is the power of the internet!!!!! Building community, friendships, and even partners. What an amazing tool.

      Great comment and I appreciate the kind words Ryan!

      ~ Don

  31. Dear Don,

    I don’t worry about SEO or getting traffic, either. 🙂 Great article and great points.

    What I think is particularly great (and I don’t think you mentioned it in the article) is how you ended up having a guest post on the Ultra Blog Challenge site.

    YOU were basically just being YOU on facebook and posted a post.

    I read it and thought it was awesome and asked if I could use it as a guest post and you agreed.

    That is exactly what happens to ME all the time!

    Thanks again,

    P.S. So very happy for your success and best wishes for much more!!!

    1. Hi Kathy,

      That was a really neat experience. Perhaps I should write more mini blog posts on social media? LOL…

      You’re right though, it was just me having an idea that I thought was a good one to share but too short to put on my blog.

      Thank you so much for being willing to share my thoughts with your growing audience!!!!

      I so appreciate your kind words. I am very much excited about the future and what it holds. Hang on tight because here we go.

      ~ Don

  32. Hi, Don,

    Two things: First, thanks for the mention. It was a pleasure to have interviewed you and my readers thoroughly enjoyed reading about you and your business successes.

    Second, this post is the basis of every web-based business! You gave so much great info in one post – someone could follow this template and create and maintain a successful business.

    Thanks for the great post!

    1. Hi Sue Anne,

      You’re very welcome. I so appreciate the opportunity you gave me to be featured on your blog. What a blessing!!!!!!

      I appreciate your kind words and I so appreciate your comment!

      ~ Don

  33. Hi Don

    Now I have adjusted with your habit of coming up with a monumental idea in your each blog post.

    Ours is an age of quality. The days of dog-eats-dog competition are over. Now the time for real lions has begun. Those will survive in the race who produce value and deliver value.

    Basic SEO will work but networking, interaction, customer care and right decision at right time will work more than that.

    Basic functioning of the engine of a vehicle is same as it was of the first vehicle invented but new models and range have complete overshadowed the basics and now it is the time of a product that is durable and good for all.

    Earlier there was big difference between online and offline publications. In former only numbers were important and the latter was working on rules of quality. Now both are being synchrnized gradually and that is why we can say both will be continuing to serve the people.

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful post and also for the mention

    Have a great weekend ahead.

    1. Hi Mi,

      You’re absolutely right! The principles have remained the same but some of the tools have essentially changed.

      I am a living example you mentioned in your comment. My online and offline worlds are becoming more integrated every day. I personally welcome and like it. I gain more business from those offline who come online and see my blog.

      Why? Because I try to eat what I offer everyone else.

      As always I appreciate your very kind words and insights. I love the way you put it when you shared the difference between dogs and lions. Great illustration and it’s so true!!!!

      I hope you have a great weekend as well Mi. I will be over to your site shortly.

      ~ Don

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