Why Isn’t Your Online Presence Exploding?

Author : , Date : July 24, 2014


I just want to ask you one simple question: “Is your online presence exploding?”

Yesterday at my Core Networking group near Washington DC, I was asked what one question could a group member ask their clients or prospect to see if they might need my services.

It’s simple, is your online presence exploding?

Of course the room broke out in spontaneous discussion and it wasn’t easily forgotten. That’s how it’s done! Be memorable…


So let me ask you; is your web presence exploding?


This is a much bigger question than are you happy with your website? Or, who is your web designer? Etc.

I am willing to bet that the overwhelming majority think their website is either well done or at least adequate. But compared to what metric? In all likely hood it’s determined by the court of personal opinion; that being the personal opinion of the site owner or company; not the site visitors or your prospects who will never tell you the truth about your website or why they won’t engage with you online. They may not even be able to tell you, but they know they just cannot get themselves to do it.

Landing-planeI love aviation! I even took some lessons thirteen years ago and almost got my private pilots license. Based on that very limited training and experience, would I be a good pilot?

Well, I doubt you would want your life in my hands during final approach on a commercial jetliner, lol….

Anyone who knows me understands I’m an aviation enthusiasts, but that doesn’t make me a pilot.

Here is the point, everyone thinks their web presence is great until you begin to get to the real questions:


  • Is your site about you or is it about your site visitors, prospects and customers? If all it does is tell your site visitors what you do, you can guess who it’s really about.
  • Do you “really” answer the questions that solve their problems and give them a reason to buy from you? OR, does your content just tell them what you do without relating it to them? That a recipe that ultimately leaves a bad taste in their mouth.
  • Do you get enough visitors that engage you often, and over-and-over again? Those that do will built trust with you and want to buy from you – not that other discount guy or company competing soley on price.
  • Do they engage on your site through commenting on your high quality blog? Do you even have one?
  • Do quality people seek you out and connect with you on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc?
  • Do quality people comment, share, engage, re-tweet your posts or blog articles on social media?
  • Do you get more than five or ten people a day visiting your website?

Let’s get real for just a second. The majority of business websites and social media pages say nothing, mean nothing, and help no one. That is probably you if your web presence is not exploding!

Want to know the secret? There isn’t one. You have to learn your business, what problems you solve, who you solve them for, where they hang  out, and start creating amazing content and engage with them through sharing their content and having great conversations. By doing this, you are creating a community that will want to buy you and become raving fans of your business.

Right now, you don’t know what you don’t know. Just like I don’t know how to land a commercial jetliner full of passengers, you don’t have the training to know and understand the internet and how it works.

If you really want your web presence to explode, it’s time to try something new. If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting the results you’re getting. There is a better way than just cold calling, spamming people online, and running off your prospects.

If you want to know more, I’m delighted to give a free 30 – 60 minute coaching call. You will get at a minimum one idea that can start the process of change forever and make your online presence immediately better if you will do it. I promise!


If you have a question or comment, please leave one below 

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Don Purdum

Don Purdum

Don works with businesses to help them discover who their customers are and what business they are "really" in. He is an award-winning blogger and branding / marketing consultant.
Don Purdum
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90 thoughts on “Why Isn’t Your Online Presence Exploding?

  1. Hey Don guest what?

    I definitely couldn’t land that commercial jetliner either!LOL! But, I definitely will be sure and pay attention to what you’ve shared here!

    And I seriously doubt if that extremely capable pilot, could tell me anything about exploding my online presence!LOL!

    So there! Two completely different, but extremely qualified experts in their own right! When I want to know about landing a commercial airliner, I’ll be sure and contact the pilot!

    But sense my current problem is web related. I’ll place my attention here! Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Mark,

      If we had too we could sure try to land it if we had too, right? LOL…

      You bring up a great point. I have no real business telling an experienced, trained, licsend pilot how to land their plane. But,why do so many who have little to no experience think they can tell others how to build their online presence?

      And we wonder why so many out their are struggling. There is always an expert claiming to teach people something they just don’t know.

      Have a great weekend Mark!

      ~ Don

  2. Hi, Don! 🙂 I must say that you never failed your readers to learn and realize something valuable from your blog posts. Glad I’ve found this one.

    Anyway, your online presence is indeed important in achieving the success of your business. Your online presence helps you brand your business, helps you build your online credibility, helps you gain traffic and audience, and many more.

    These are just the few reasons why you should be concerned if your online presence is not exploding.

    As what I’ve learned here, perhaps your online presence doesn’t explode because you say nothing, you mean nothing and you help no one. Well, I agree with what you want to point out.

    Thanks for the post! 🙂


    I’ve found this post shared on Kingged.com*

  3. Don, you certainly have taught me a lot about web presence – I find myself asking – am i providing a solution for my client (for issues they know they have or will realize they have by the time i am done) or am i trying to sell them something…. you are awesome at what you do! Keep the info flowing!!! You may not be a pilot, but you can certainly navigate the system!!

    1. Hi Susan,

      You are so kind. I don’t know how I didn’t see this comment before now? But, alas I’m finally here, lol…

      It’s all about understanding and communicating with them at their level, isn’t it? I see a too many websites and sales professionals pushing sales with relating it to the problems or needs that customers have. They blow their credibility and hope for the sale.

      Somewhere along the way we turned websites into talking about us… that has to end as we enter into a new transformative time online where search engines are on the decline and engagement is on the upswing.

      I hope you enjoy your weekend!

      ~ Don

  4. Hi Don,

    Great information here.

    Questions 4, 5 and 7 I completely agree with those seriously affecting your online presence. It still amazes me how many people don’t follow question 4 when trying to sell something to people. You HAVE to build up trust before anyone will purchase from you.

    You have to be willing to try something new if your online presence is stagnant.

    That means guest posting.
    That means reading other more successful blogs and analyzing what they did to build their online presence.
    That means doing anything different.

    Many people, including myself, are or have been stuck in their ways of doing things a certain way – but you have to be willing to switch things up from time to time to see if you’ll get a different result.

    Anyway, excellent post here Don. Great job.

    Have a great rest of the weekend.

    – Andrew

  5. It’s really great that there are now people who act like coaches and are willing to conduct coaching calls online. My boyfriend has just started building his own group and coaches people for free. This he think will build up on his confidence.

  6. Hi Don,

    Super analogy and smart lesson overall. Your online presence explodes when you tell a darn neat story and relate it to the needs of your audience. As you persist, people will read your blog, they’ll become fans and in time, your presence will explode as these rabid fans spread the word for you.

    I like how you made the key point; you don’t know what you don’t know. I enjoy basketball but I never made it past the junior college level. I never knew what it took to get past that point, so I couldn’t offer advice to people about how to play major D1 college ball, or how to make it to the NBA.

    On the flip side, I just started Blogging From Paradise – my new blog – because I finally got super clear on my area especial, my area of expertise. I’ve circled the world – or at least hit up SE Asia lol – for 3 years straight, blogging, and funding my travels with my blogging proceeds. I retired to a life of island hopping through smart blogging…..voila! I know what it takes, have the proof, and sure enough, sharing my stories, and relating them to the needs of folks who want to retire to a life of island hopping through blogging, has allowed me to expand my online presence quickly.

    Excellent post Don, and I just love the powerful, supportive community you have here.

    Keep up the great work.


    1. Hi Ryan,

      I’ve just started following you in the last few weeks and learning what you’ve accomplished through blogging. It’s so impressive and inspiring!!!!!

      On over nine years of owning several businesses, I’ve learned the hard way one too many times. It’s simply true, you don’t know what you don’t know. Everyone should at a minimum have an experienced mentor because of this reality.

      I’m blessed to have had a business coach in the past that really helped me, and I’m even more blessed by mentor and friend who has been in business for twenty six years. He’s been through a lot and seen a lot. What an encouragement!

      The fact that you got very, very clear on your expertise no doubt has played a huge role in your success. I’m really enjoying following you on your journey and learning from you as you go. In addition, I will be sharing you with my growing audience so that they too can be blessed and encouraged by you.

      Thanks again for stopping by! I’m honored and grateful.


  7. I still think that it’s those that ” go the extra mile” who will “explode”. Great pep talk! It was much needed. 🙂

    1. Hi Kristen,

      That’s a great way to put it. You are absolutely right. If we only put ourselves out there and go the extra mile for our readers and followers, we will see growth!

      Thanks for sharing.
      ~ Don

  8. Hi Don,
    There is this popular saying that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting similar results”. This statement makes real sense when reading this post. There is the need to trying out something new when it comes to making online presence explode!

    Value creation and solving problems for people are fundamental steps needed to cause “explosion” for a website!

    I agree with your points. They are hands-on and should remind online marketers that there is something to do if their web presence is going to explode!

    I upvoted this post in kingged where it was shared for online marketers and bloggers.

    1. Hi Sunday,

      I love that quote, it’s actually one of my all time favorites. I can think of nothing that says it better! Can you?

      I agree with you on value and solving problems, obviosly because I preach it all the time. In addition, I think finding your voice and letting your personality out plays a big role as well. Too many people are trying to be someone they are not because they are not sure as a business who they are yet. The truth is that they are one and the same.

      Thanks as always for stopping by and sharing on Kingged.com.

      ~ Don

  9. I started my site because I had found a way to solve one of my problems. I need to remember to make it about solving my reader’s problems now. Thanks again for another great post.

    1. Hi Rachael,

      I really enjoy your site. My wife is a chef by trade and she is always looking for new ideas. That’s definitely one problem you solve… tired of the same old meals…

      Thanks so much for sharing!
      ~ Don

  10. Hey Don,

    Well let’s see! I don’t really think I’m exploding but I do get enough people’s attention that they want to find out more about me, add me to their friends list, email me for interviews and “blogger of the week” stuff and of course comment on my content.

    I’m thinking along the lines of what Carol shared that if things are continuing to improve then I would say yes but holding steady maybe not. Still I think I have enough of an online presence to make a little difference and I’m getting new consulting clients all the time. Yay!

    So you have your pilot’s license huh! But you admit that we probably wouldn’t want to be with you during a landing. You know, you’re probably right my friend. LOL!!!

    I do think that too many people are stagnant in their business and keep doing the same things with no new results mainly because they’re not sure what they should be doing. Well I hope they take advantage of that free call with you because I have a feeling they’re going to learn some things.

    Another great share Don and I know you’re here to help everyone understand how they can explode their business too. I would have loved to watch everyone look around at each other in that room when you said that.

    Hey, have a great weekend my friend.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      WHOA!!!! Hold it right there kind lady! No need for modesty here. Your story is AMAZING and the results you get day in and day out are phenomenal because you are!

      Now that that’s behind me, lol…

      The fact that you get so many comments, invites, interviews, etc says a lot. Compared to where 99% of us are at you are a superstar and role model for us.

      Unfortunately, I never got my pilot’s license. I actually went up on my final check ride with the FAA and I was so nervous for many personal reasons I failed the test. I actually ought to write about one day because it’s an interesting story.

      I’m a great pilot on flight simulators though, lol…

      If you could have been in the room you would have been on the floor several times. It’s now a standing joke among the group. Guess who is in their minds – a lot!!! lol…

      Thanks again for joining me. I’m honored and blessed!
      ~ Don

      1. Hey Don,

        Well, that’s been happening over the years now and they still keep coming. I wouldn’t say they are exploding though which was really the point I was trying to make. This year has actually slacked off a little from last year. Long story but I had a rough one from the summer on and then the beginning of this year was rough for me too. Now that I’m working on my product I don’t have as much time to devote to other things but I do my best to keep the relationships that I do have strong.

        Oh wow, well I’m surprised. I use to date someone a long time ago who was going for his pilot’s license. When he told me some of the things he had to know I totally freaked out. No way my friend, no way. Yeah, I would stick with the flight simulators myself.

        I believe that, absolutely! That’s too funny.

        Thanks Don for your kind reply I appreciate that. You have a good one and I’m honored and blessed as well.


        1. Hi Adrienne

          There are seasons for everything, right? You still layed an incredible foundation and you have an amazing, loyal following. So, in the end it always works out. It’s impressive what you are accomplishing.

          And, because you have taken the time to develop your community, your product should do really well. I can’t wait to learn what you have cooking for us!

          YEP – a lot of lessons learned through the flying experience. Running from God – not such a good idea. You would have thought I knew that after studying Jonah, lol…

          ~ Don

  11. Hi Don,

    Awesome title, saw the snippet on Kingged so had to check out the full article!

    Great question, but I think it depends on your definition of exploding – if exploding is defined as doubling traffic and engagement in one month, then my answer is “Yes!” If defined as a certain amount of traffic or comments and social sharing, not sure…

    Ha ha, love the concept of the “court of personal opinion” – yep, we’re all a little blind in the beginning.

    Like your analogy of enthusiast/pilot – really brings the point home!

    Great questions you’ve posed, Don and this definitely got the wheels turning in my brain to see how I can improve.

    I couldn’t agree more with what you said about there is no secret, just learning our business, what problems we’re trying to solve, and who our target audience is, engaging with them where they are, and sharing on social media and commenting.

    Agreed that it takes a community, for sure! Thanks so much for this, and I will share this so it will help others.

    – Carol Amato

    1. Hi Carol,

      What a treat! I always love seeing your comments!!!!

      Exploding means exploding!!!! Is your online presence “BLOWING UP!!!” I do mean on your traffic, comments, social media, new clients… It all works together. If you’re seeing great growth in one area, could we just call that a small explosion, or maybe fireworks that looks good but may or may not be cause for long-term celebration?

      Just a thought…

      It’s so true, there really isn’t a secret. It just sounds good to say there is one, doesn’t it? Nothing like a great marketing ploy.

      Building a community is really hard work, but I’m excited where all of this is headed and big things are in front of us all.

      Thanks again Carol.
      ~ Don

  12. The number one question bloggers always need to ask themselves. That’s one of the gauges if you have a great blog. You need to have an great social media presence.

    1. Hi Leirs,

      It really should be one of the top questions. Then, seek out the answer and work towards exploding across the web. Define a metric and work towards it.

      Thanks for sharing.
      ~ Don

  13. Hi Don,
    I found this post on shared on kingged.com and I thought it wise to add voice to it as well.

    Making your online presence known to me is all about knowing your audience and providing them with what they need. Continuous chaneling out of great posts filled with insights matters a lot.

    It is a great thing getting to know your love for aviation. I guess the blogging world would have missed the name Don when it came to it.

    This is Emmanuel with kabenlah.com and do have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Emmanuel,

      Thanks so much for visiting from Kingged.com. It’s a great blog directory and I’m really enjoying it there.

      I love your thought… to grow you really do have to know your audience deeply as they are the ones who will propel your growth when they become your raving fans.

      I really do love aviation and hope one day to get my license. It’s a lot of fun.

      ~ Don

  14. If you want something new, do something new. I’ve heard that before too. And I’ve used it in face-to-face advice too, with my kids. 🙂

  15. Wow. Fantastic post! Really made me think about my own posts. I try to help others using examples from my own life, but I’m really going to focus harder to make them more about my reader.

    Also love that you’re giving away free coaching calls! What a great idea! I may take you up on one!

    Great info, as always 🙂

    1. Hi Katrina,

      Thank you for the very kind words. I’m glad you were open enough to think about your posts and how your readers may or may not be receiving them. If you like, please do take me up on the offer!

      Thanks again.
      ~ Don

  16. This is spot on advice! Anybody can get a few views (even a few thousand), but if you don’t have something to offer long term then nobody will become a lifelong viewer. My traffic is not exploding lol. I have a lot to say and really need to personalize my site more!

  17. I wish I could figure this out and have someone do it for me but I dont make enough money yet. thanks for the tips

  18. I feel like I am getting the flow of traffic that I want, but I definitely want to increase the amount of engaging I do with my readers, and I want to make sure that I am best serving them. There is always room for improvement!

  19. These are some really great tips. My website is a spin off from my Youtube channel with actually did explode most of my early traffic was from youtube now most of it comes straight from Google.

  20. yeah, you won’t be flying me anywhere! LOL… I’m not sure if my online presense is exploding, but I have a few fans that like my stuff! Thankfully it’s more a hobby rather than business!

  21. WOW I am still trying to pull my explosion together. It is so true that you should always be exploding on your online presense or else you will only try to pick up the pieces from other explosion and you will never make your own boom.

  22. Great post as always! you vlogs are so interesting and entertaining to watch, and at the same time you give solid information!

  23. Thank you so much for all these great tips. I am truly loving your site and videos!! So informative for a novice such as myself.

  24. I need to get to exploding level! Until then, i think I’ll just interact more to get everyone eager for an explosion. 😉

  25. Those are some great tips. I love when companies interact with customers in their social media pages. I wish more companies did that.

  26. Hi Don. I expect to explode any day now – I’ve had some great people working in the background for a few months, and they’re almost ready to go. It’s exciting to be a home business owner, and I love online marketing. Thanks for this post.

    All the best,

    1. Hi Leslie,

      Thank you so much for stopping by. What a treat!!!! I love that you are “EXPECTING” it to happen. If we work hard, have a plan, a strategy, measurable goals, and then execute… shouldn’t we expect results?

      Thanks for making me think about this a little more!

      ~ Don

  27. Hey Don,

    “Is my online presence exploding” is a great question to ask. I’m not there quite yet, but if you look hard enough you can see smoke. And where’s smoke there will — hopefully…eventually — be fire (or explosions, in this case)!

    BTW: I’m following in your footsteps over at Enstine Muki’s blog this week. He featured me today. Talk about a tough act to follow. 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great day…

    1. Hi Kevin,

      That’s so exciting!!! I am so glad we connected so that we can grow together and encourage one another. How cool is that?

      I have to head over to his site. Can’t wait to read it!!!

      ~ Don

    1. Hi Bella,

      You’re so right, it’s not easy. But, if you can start connecting with influential people, start gaining some momentum, and work hard – it can be done!!! Look at me, I’m proof!

      ~ Don

  28. Thanks Don for posting this, great article and I agree that some sites aren’t exploring for the reason that they don’t know how to get people to traffic to their sites.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. I understand why people are frustrated. What I don’t understand is why they don’t learn how to get the help they need.

      Thanks again for sharing!
      ~ Don

  29. You have a great analogy between being an aviation enthusiast and not being a pilot. There is so much to learn when it comes to blogging and the web, that anyone who claims to be an expert still probably has a few things to learn!

    1. Hi Samantha,

      I’m so glad you liked that! I thought it made sense…. But to your point, you are so right.

      There is just a lot to learn. However, what you learn should be filtered and put through a process so that you can maximize it.

      Being an “expert” is so overrated. I would much prefer to be called an educator. I’m constantly learning new ideas, strategies, and online features.

      Thanks for sharing!
      ~ Don

  30. Good information, I will definitely take this all into consideration when thinking about my online efforts.

  31. This is one of the things that I have been working on as you are so right about the online presence. My website is a work in progress as I am just not revamping it with my ideal tribe in mind. Thanks for sharing this. Great questions.

    1. Hi Kim,

      I have exciting news for you! You’re website is always a work in progress. I have a number of changes to make to my menu to add multimedia for the podcast and videos. Plus Speaking and Media….

      There is always ways to improve our websites!!!

      Keep working on it, you won’t regret it.

      Thanks for commenting.
      ~ Don

  32. Thanks Don! I copied your post for future reference. Great questions! And look forward to hearing your one idea that can improve my blog!

    1. Hi Ken,

      I just saw your email and I’ll be in touch with you shortly. I look forward to chatting!!!! I’ll make sure you get a least one idea!

      I look forward to chatting with you soon,

  33. Dear Don,

    That is the case, isn’t it, that people don’t know what they don’t know. 🙂

    These were some great questions to ponder.

    I asked myself, “Do I get interaction with quality people?”



    I say, “yes, I do”.

    After all, I met you this way!

    But, of course, I’m sure I can do better.

    Thank you for the “food for thought”.

    Now, off to implement more improvements.



    1. Hi Kathy,

      It’s amazing every single day the things I learn. Sometimes, I even teach myself something new, lol…. It’s true.

      Interactions with quality people are so important! And, they are so hard to find. However, when you find them, and engage with them, and help them… guess what happens. They help you. But, you have to get through the low quality people sometimes to get to the ones you really want to engage with.

      I’m so honored we finally connected. What a blessing you are Kathy!

      ~ Don

      1. i am honored to connect with you, too.

        you are a blessing.


        the caps are not working when i post from my phone. lol

  34. Those 7 questions should be asked all the time.. and we all should be answering them! Always such great info on this blog!!

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