Why Your Business Should Be Blogging

Author : , Date : October 2, 2014

why-your-business-should-write-articlesFrom Don – Today I’m excited to introduce you to my good friend, Kevin Duncan. Kevin is one the best bloggers out there and has built a phenomenal blog titled “Be A Better Blogger.” His experience in onlinem marketing shines through in his witty titles and content than any business can learn from. If you don’t know Kevin, be prepared to learn a lot today. Grab a pen, paper and start taking some notes because every article he writes has something to teach us.

Without further adieu, take it away Kevin!


If your business isn’t blogging, you’re deliberately handicapping yourself. You might as well be an athlete drinking expired milk before a big game, a guy wearing a fanny pack on a first date, or a movie producer casting Rosie O’Donnell as the lead in an action-adventure blockbuster. Can you still succeed? Sure, anything is possible. But you will have made success a million times more difficult than it needed to be.

Hello, my name is Kevin Duncan. If you’re a business owner thinking about blogging, keep reading because this article is for you. Don and I are going to show you how a business which isn’t utilizing blogging is ignoring possibly the greatest marketing asset available to it. In short, we’re going to convince you to stop hesitating and start blogging. Ready? Let’s go…


Solve a Problem, Reap the Rewards


7dcca52d04338002bb241ac17f71a126_f284Imagine you’re a guy about to ask a girl out for a date. As you’re approaching, a thief grabs her phone and runs away. Calm and cool, you extend your arm. The thief blindly runs into it, his feet go out from under him, and the phone flies into the air. You catch it, smile, and then hand it to the girl. What do you think are the chances she’ll say “yes” when you ask her out on a date? Pretty good, right?

After all, her initial impression of you is “guy who swooped in and helped me with a problem.”

This is what a good blog can do for your business. It doesn’t just help you make a good first impression, it helps you make a great first impression. A good business blog produces quality content which answers the questions and needs of its ideal customers. This means you’re able to help a prospective customer beforeyou’ve asked anything from him or her.

Think this will help your conversions?

Absolutely it will. Don’t be the random guy who walks up to a girl. Be the knight in shining armor.


Establish Your Company As An Authority


A funny thing happens when you consistently produce blog content which answers the questions and needs of your ideal customers: Those customers begin to see you as an authority.

Think a person is more likely to buy from you if they view you as an authority?

You bet.

A few years ago, when I was preparing to buy my first house, I searched for information on home inspections. I found a business blog which answered common questions for first-time home buyers. Questions related to common problem areas in a home, the kinds of things a good home inspector will inspect, how long a home inspection takes, etc. were asked and answered. The information was extremely helpful.

As luck would have it, this business was local. When my offer was accepted by the seller, which business do you think I contacted to perform my home inspection? The one with the helpful blog. The one which answered my questions. The one I considered an authority on home inspections.

A radio or television commercial won’t establish you as an authority. Neither will a billboard or newspaper ad.

But a blog dedicated to providing information and answering questions?

You better believe that will establish you as an authority.


A Blog Brings Traffic To Your Website

Every time your company writes a blog post, one more page is indexed on your website by Google, Bing, and the like. This means there is one more page on your website a visitor can discover.

It means there is one more page capable of generating a quality lead (more on that in a moment).

It means there is one more page visitors can share on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

In short, each blog post represents endless possibilities for your business. Speaking of social media, it is a lot easier to build a social media following when you’re producing blog content. After all, which is more likely to get shared: A 144-character Tweet packed with however much helpful information you can fit into 144 characters, or a blog post filled with great, helpful information?

The answer is hopefully obvious. And since each share on social media means more potential customers will discover your business and the services/products you offer, the upside to producing sharable content shouldn’t be ignored.


Generate Quality Leads


What’s a qualified lead worth to you and your business? I’m not just talking about random leads which may or may not be interested in the services or product your company offers.

I’m talking qualified, “this is the exact kind of thing I’m looking for” leads.

What are those worth to your business?

I imagine quite a bit.

As mentioned earlier, a good business blog produces content which answers the needs of its ideal customers. It’s generating content its ideal customer is actively searching for and hoping to find.

Think about that for a moment. Your ideal customer will find youif you produce the right kind of blog content. And if you end each of your blog posts with a strong call to action, your blog will be pointing quality leads directly to your sales page 24/7. That’s right: 24/7. When you’re sleeping, the blog posts you’ve written will be bringing in leads for your business courtesy of Google and Bing. When you’re eating dinner, your blog posts are answering the questions and needs of your ideal customers. When you’re sitting in a movie theater watching Rosie O’Donnell fight a ninja while muttering “oh the humanity” under your breath, your blog posts are helping your business succeed.

A good blog is a dedicated salesman working on your behalf twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. And it never takes a vacation.


Don’t Be Left Behind

I’ve hit you with a lot of anecdotal evidence. Here are some statistics. According to HubSpot:


  • Almost 40% of U.S. companies are using blogs for their marketing efforts
  • 92% of companies which blogged daily acquired a customer through their blog
  • There are 31% more bloggers today than there were three years ago
  • 46% of people read blogs more than once a day



And these numbers are trending up, not down. Each day your business isn’t blogging, you’re losing potential customers. Each day your business isn’t blogging, you’re falling a little more behind your competitors who, based on the above statistics, most likely are blogging. Each day your business isn’t blogging, you’re increasing the chances you will one day not be in business.

The good news? It’s not too late.

Don can help. I can help. There are many who can help. Are you ready?


Kevin Duncan was a professional website developer for the US Department of Defense before the government started scaling back its defense budget. That is when he began transitioning into freelance work: Freelance web development, freelance writing, and blogging. He has been blogging since 2005. Be A Better Blogger’s goal is to help bloggers of all experience levels (beginners, veterans and pros) improve their craft. Be it improving your writing skills, increasing site traffic, observing best website design practices, increasing revenue or tweaking SEO.


Connect with Kevin Today:



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Do you have a question or thought about blogging for business? If so please leave a comment below and Kevin and I will look forward to engaging with you! 

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51 thoughts on “Why Your Business Should Be Blogging

  1. Great post Kevin!!
    Thank you Don for inviting Kevin to guest post. Isn’t he an engaging writer?!!

    Kevin, I love your analogies and humor. From the very beginning of my internet marketing journey, back when I was burned out on coaching and thought selling “things” online and hiding behind a screen all day would be fun, I had a blog.

    Every internet marketing back then still taught that you had to have a home hub. Regardless of whether you were using fledgling social media, or article marketing, or banner ads, and of course SEO, you still had to have a center where it all connected and where you gave great information and support!

    Eight years later, much has changed on the internet, and yet your hub, your home, your blog is still as crucial and I feel even more so. If all marketing is about relationships (which it is), then no matter where you meet people online, at some point you will want to go deeper in the relationship than just a tweet or a status update. You’ll want to invite them to your home. Online your home is your blog.

    That is why it’s so crucial that your blog reflect YOU. Your reader should get a feel for your focus, your values, your essential energy, as soon as they land on your blog. Thus take the time to explore those things – and the same parameters with your company. Create structure and content to reflect your brand across all channels and your blog, so that when someone enters your home (your blog) they already know it’s yours!

    Great topic Kevin and Don!
    Happy Weekend.

    1. Hi Deborah,

      Kevin is a fantastic writer and I was blessed that he agreed to write this article. I have always enjoyed his unique writing style!

      I’m so glad you benefited from his article.

      ~ Don

    2. Hey Deborah,

      Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post (as well as my analogies and humor)! Don was very kind to grant me this opportunity to write for his audience.

      Absolutely! Your blog should reflect you, what you believe, what you do, etc. It’s a salesman. It’s a promoter. It bridges the information gap between what someone knows about you and what you WANT them to know about you.

      The ones who know this and use their blog to woo customers, like you and Don, have a leg up on the competition.

      Thanks for commenting, Deborah. Really appreciate it!

      – Kevin

  2. Hey Kevin & Don,

    Awesome details and data on business blog… 🙂
    As you know I have some weakness on DATA so I believe following details could add some value on this topic:
    Blogging Activities in Fortune500 environment:
    2008 – 16%
    2009 – 22%
    2010 – 23%
    2011 – 23%
    2012 – 28%
    2013 – 34%
    2014 – 31%

    So, still 69% of Fortune500 companies that is approx 345 companies do NOT have any blog in 2014… 🙂
    Another Shocking DATA:

    91 F500 companies do NOT have Facebook Fan Page and 100 F500 companies do NOT have corporate Twitter account… 🙂


    1. Hi Karmakar,

      Glad you enjoyed it! And thank you for the extra data. It’s mildly surprising blogging *dipped* from 2013 to 2014 (wonder why that could be?), but it’s not surprising to learn so many companies STILL aren’t utilizing blogging and social media. Some folks are just slow to adapt. 🙂

      Appreciate you stopping by and commenting, Karmakar!

      – Kevin

  3. Hi, Don and Kevin,

    I’m late to the party, but OH what a party it is!!! 🙂

    Awesome topic, and I’ve even thought when I do get my Ecommerce store up, I will definitely be supporting it with a blog. Without a doubt!

    Love that! Be the knight in shining armor! I couldn’t agree more!

    Your analogy of the home inspection site being helpful and then you hiring them to do your home inspection is a perfect example of the law of reciprocity in action.

    We may not realize consciously that we’re reciprocating, but we feel obliged to because of what we’ve already received from them. And it ’s just plain good manners to show appreciation if you’re received a good turn.

    Excellent point on the traffic being increased – it’s definitely a win-win when more content is put out.

    I think the anecdotes and stats are both so valuable to bring the points home, Kevin – well done. “Each day your business isn’t blogging, you’re losing potential customers.” <— That ain’t pulling an punches, that’s for sure! Powerful statement and the take away for today. Thanks for the reminder to be constantly “generating content my ideal customer is actively searching for and hoping defined.”

    Super article, and I’ll definitely be honored to share it. Thanks!!

    – Carol

    1. Hi Carol,

      Glad you enjoyed it! Yes, I’m certainly grateful to Don for inviting me over so we could have this party. Haha. It was a LOT of fun!

      I must give my wife credit for suggesting I add detailed stats to go along with my anecdotal evidence. You know me…I’m all about the anecdotes. But sometimes you need cold, hard facts!

      Really appreciate you taking the time to comment and share, Carol. Again, so glad you enjoyed it!

      – Kevin

    2. Hi Carol,

      The door is always open for you. Until you stop by the party hasn’t really started anyway! 🙂

      I really appreciate all of the awesome things you had to say. I really learned a lot from you through what you had to say, especially about reciprocation.

      I hope you have an awesome weekend!

      ~ Don

  4. Hi Kevin,

    Great post here on Don’s site. It really is important for businesses to have a blog on their site because the more information they provide, the more likely they’ll be looked at as the expert. I remember when I started my site, it was meant to be a static website for the business I operate … or at least one of the static sites.

    My intention was to sell reports, manuals, information products, etc. from the site but what I learned pretty quickly is that people weren’t going to purchase from me because they didn’t know me. I didn’t build a relationship with them.

    Long story short, even though I changed my focus, I started blogging because a blog is the thing that can really help you bring your blog to where you want it to me. And yes, every business, no matter what, needs to have a blog. If they want to separate themselves from their crowded market, let their unique voice be heard through their blog.

    Great points here, Kevin. Thanks Don, for having Kevin on.

    Hope both of you have an awesome week.


    1. Hey Andrew,

      Appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!

      I’m glad you switched gears and started blogging on your site. I know I for one really enjoy your posts! And you keep getting better and better, which bodes well for the future (beats the alternate, right? haha).

      Hope you have an awesome week, too, Andrew!

      – Kevin

  5. Hey Kevin and Don,

    When I thought about blogging about 5 years ago, I really didn’t understand the purpose and the benefit of blogging. I just saw it as a diary where you express yourself and concerns really LOL..

    Then that following year I read more about the benefits of blogging. It made sense to me but then again I was hesitant to start because who would listen to me? But my sponsor at the time pushed me so that’s when my blogging journey begin.

    One major thing I like about blogging is bringing about solutions and answering questions that’s been urking a lot of people who started online marketing. I get excited when I’m able to answer these questions and get even more excited when I shared something I just learned. When you consistently do this, then there will be a positive outcome from it.

    Blogging would be the smartest thing businesses can do. This is the purpose of businesses, and it helps to blog about your solutions or to answer questions to help the sales process along. Blogging not only helps to brand yourself but helps to show your concerns to your customers well being!

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great week!

    1. Hi Sherman,

      Thank you for taking a moment to share your story. That’s really powerful. Your comment was so well thought out that I am really impressed!

      I especially like that you shared your journey. It really is one of finding your own way, your own voice, style and audience. The fact that you hung in there says much about you!

      I hope you have an awesome week Sherman!

      ~ Don

    2. Hi Sherman,

      Good to see you here! I’m glad to hear your sponsor pushed you to get into blogging those many years ago. It’s worked well for you! 🙂

      I’ve been seeing you commenting more and more on the various things I’ve written, Sherman, and I wanted you to know I really appreciate. I love your insights.

      Hope you have a great week, too!

      – Kevin

  6. Hi Don/Kevin,
    Business blogging is real and profitable if done rightly. The reason most businesses never care about this strategy is probably because they don’t understand the VALUE and BENEFITS that would be accrued to them.

    Luckily, I see that the benefits of business blogging have been expounded on this post. Business owners should be encouraged to see the value/benefits associated with blogging. This will save lots of time and money while seeking for leads and traffic.

    The stats shared are awesome and give marketers new insights on why blogging should be a success!
    This cool post was found in kingged.com where I left this comment.

    1. Hi Sunday,

      Thanks for stopping by! I agree, most don’t understand and you can’t care about something you don’t value.

      Blogging can be really BIG for a company or business if done right. I appreciate your comment and I’m sure Kevin will be by soon.

      Thanks much,
      ~ Don

    2. Hi Sunday,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post and the stats I shared! Hopefully, as you said, business owners will read the post and see the value/benefits of blogging!

      Glad you found the post via kingged. Thank you for stopping by and leaving us your comment. Appreciate it!

      – Kevin

  7. Hello Kevin.

    You seem to be everywhere 🙂

    Hello Don, great choice of guest poster!

    I agree with everything you state here, and I especially like the analogy of the girl, the phone thief and the knight in shining armour.

    I’m going to draw on some experience I have from the subdomain blog I had attached to my eCommerce site. A few years ago (think it was 2009), I had an eCommerce store to compliment my eBay stores.

    I decided to start a blog which gave in depth info on the products I was selling (they were non branded, cheap tablet computers from China).

    On the blog, I would unbox, inspect and show demos of these tablets. Back then, iPads were a new (and very expensive) luxury. People wanted one, but didn’t want to drop £400+ on one. The tablets I was selling were around the £100 mark, so naturally people were keen to see the differences.

    A lot of my customers landed on the blog FIRST. Saw the mini reviews and helpful articles, then bought from me through me eCommerce set up.

    Which basically compliments what you have said here. If I didn’t have the blog, would I have had the success I had? Probably not.

    And I can see exactly why you chose the home inspection you did. They helped you, so naturally trust was built and you went ahead and purchased their service.

    Great advice here, and sharing this one out!

    1. Hi Richard,

      Thanks for leaving such an awesome comment on Kevin’s article! He is everywhere, isn’t he?

      That’s a great way to use a blog you outlined for ecommerce! I really appreciate you sharing. You really gave me a few ideas and things to think about.

      Thanks Richard. I hope you have an awesome week!

      ~ Don

    2. Hey Richard,

      Good to see you here!

      Haha. Yeah, I do seem to be popping up in random places these days. It’s been fun! When you have such successful, professional entrepreneurs like Don, Carol Amato, Daniel Scocco, etc. reach out to you, you know you’re doing something right. Hopefully I’ve been adequately rewarding their kind gestures with insightful, entertaining posts. 🙂

      Your eCommerce story is a perfect example of the benefits of a business blog. If I had been in the market for a tablet back then, I would have definitely been far more likely to buy from a site like yours than one which didn’t offer such in-depth info. Your blog offered full disclosure. It gave people peace of mind about the tablets. That’s awesome, and it’s super effective.

      Appreciate you stopping by and sharing your comment with Don and I, Richard. And thanks so much for the shares! Hope you’re having a great week.

      – Kevin

  8. Hey Kevin and Don,

    Its good to see you here Kevin.:)

    You just rocked this time. We all are bloggers and love blogging but many people think that why we blog? I mean its hard to make them understand because they don’t want to get it.

    The point you have raised here is amazing. Having a blog gives you more readers and for your company you can get more customers.

    I like the way you have emphasized about 144 characters of Twitter and all other social networking websites. Being social will increase your circle and grow your business.

    Thanks for sharing this article with us.:)

    I hope you both are enjoying this weekend.:)


    1. Hey Ravi,

      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the post! And I’m grateful for you coming over and leaving me a comment here (since you do it so regularly over at Be A Better Blogger, too).

      Wasn’t it nice of Don to invite me over and give me this opportunity? Great guy. 🙂

      Hope you had a good weekend, Ravi. And I hope your week is off to a great start!

      – Kevin

  9. Hi Kevin and Don,

    Smart points all around. Kelli and I talked about this the other day on one of our long trips into town in Savusavu – 90 minutes of walking a day about – because blogging is just that powerful.

    Running a helpful, informative blog with a big community supporting it makes people take notice. I view it as content central; videos, articles, reviews, eBooks and podcasts, all can be posted there quickly and easily. New visitors and readers can stop by and say, “Damn, this guy/gal knows their stuff!”, if you set your blog up right. Just patiently build that content base and your network, and good things will happen for you and your blog.

    Funny comparisons as always….especially the Rosie O’donnell reference.

    Our business becomes more attractive when we have a blog/resume to back it up. Establish your authority, develop your expertise and draw in prospects who know an expert when they see one. Run a blog.

    No doubt, my freelance, coaching, eBook sales and other business channels have grown because of my blog’s clout. Once you blog, intelligently, standing out becomes much easier because you have a Content Central spot that screams….YOU….and this’ll only grow your business that much more quickly.

    Thanks guys, fun read! Tweeting soon.

    Signing off from Savusavu, Fiji.


    1. Hi Ryan,

      As a newbie on the scene, I am experiencing exactly what you’re talking about. I never had a big blog before and in a short time I’m blessed to have this incredible, growing community that is getting noticed.

      Good things are happening and I’m really excited about the future. I have realized that the key to growth is to make it really clear that I know it’s not about me, it’s about my audience! Period!!!!

      Most of my business comes from my offline networking right and my blog validates and offers credentials to that audience. I am working on creating my online products… but the point is that the online and offline worlds can and should validate one another.

      As always, your comment is nothing short of relevant, helpful, and AWESOME! Thanks Ryan.

      I hope you had a great weekend. It sure look like you did!

      ~ Don

    2. Hey Ryan,

      Good to see you here! Thank you for leaving your comment. It was awesome of Don to invite me write for his readers (I’m sure you felt the same way regarding your guest post a couple weeks ago)!

      Glad you enjoyed the Rosie reference. Hopefully it doesn’t take people long to get the mental image of her fighting ninjas out of their heads. I still haven’t gotten it out of mine. Haha.

      Appreciate the comment, Ryan, and the Tweet. Hope you’re having a great week!

      – Kevin

  10. Hi Kevin, good to see you here at Don’s blog,

    You mentioned great point why a business should be blogging, we all want to make money so for that we need audience and blog plays vital role in driving traffic as well as conversion which in return give money.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Hey Suprahbhat,

      Thank you! It certainly was great being here on Don’s awesome site. I’m so glad he invited me.

      Glad you enjoyed the post, and thank you for taking the time to comment. Hope you have a great weekend!

      – Kevin

  11. What happened here? Love the new look! I can finally add Don’s blog on my Feedly woot!

    Back to the topic, this is a big part of what I do with my client work. Definitely helps a lot. Sometimes, it’s the only way to do content marketing for certain niches. 🙂

    Great work Kevin + Don!

    Have a great weekend guys!

    1. Hey Dennis,

      Yes, Don’s design changes are nice aren’t they? I give it a thumb’s up!

      Glad you enjoyed the post, Dennis! Appreciate you stopping by and leaving us your comment. Hope you have a great weekend, too!

      – Kevin

    2. Hi Dennis,

      I’m glad you like the changes. It appears that many wanted it so you know what happens when you love something but others don’t… you change it to meet their needs!

      I appreciate the kind words and your comments Dennis.

      I hope you have a great weekend!

      ~ Don

  12. Hi Kevin

    Good to see you here at Don’s blog after you being guest author at some other famous blogs of same level. You are rocking.

    I think the businesses which understand the power of blog in a website and already installed the one and regularly maintaining it are the ones which are far ahead of their competitors but obviously don’t want to share their winning strategy.

    A static website can attract more customers if its paid promotion is done. Dynamic website or blog is the only option where regular updates of contents are made, Google bots frequently visit them and eventually get higher page ranks and bring huge organic traffic.

    The only need is to make businesses realize what miracles they can do by adding a blog in their website and expand their outreach in their target market. But this task can be done more successfuly by showing them what benefits they can get. Who can do this better than personal bloggers who write more and more on any topic of value.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post of high value.

    1. Hey Mi Muba,

      Why thank you, my friend. Very kind of you to say!

      Yes, it’s great getting the opportunity to write on Don’s great site (especially after getting to write for other great sites such as Carol Amato and Daily Blog Tips). It’s nice to be welcomed. 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the post, Mi Muba. Thank you for your continued support. Hope you have a great weekend!

      – Kevin

    2. Hi Mi,

      Thank you for your support of Kevin! I thought his article was really well done. I’m grateful that he was open to contributing to my blog and I’m about as happy over it as it gets. A world famous blogger contributing on my site!!! That’s way cool!

      ~ Don

  13. Hi Kevin,

    Great to see you here on Don’s blog! My take on this is that our blog is our “home” and when people from social media to a search on Google or Bing want something, they will come to our blog for the proof of the pudding!

    Giving good content to our readers is always required. It’s funny, because I have received clients that have never ever commented on my blog. They will email me and say they are an avid reader of my blog. Hmmm When I talk to them, they go on and on like they have studied all of my posts. They are looking for a service and they checked me out through my blog.

    They see social proof there because of the conversations in the comment section. When I ask them why didn’t they comment, they usually say they were shopping and wanted to remain anonymous. So, that being said, bloggers must realize that more people go to our blogs than those comments we receive.

    If I go out on a marketing campaign, what is the first thing people that don’t know me do? They come over to my blog, see if the content is worthwhile, and also check out the conversations in the comment section.

    Yes, in today’s business world, we must have a blog! And every time it is shared, it does get noticed. It’s our proof that we know something about a certain niche and we can help our clients/customers.

    There is a lot of noise out there in internet land, so we must keep our blogs going!

    Thank you for your useful information that I will share with my friends,


    P.S. I just have to tell you that this introduction cracked me up! lol BRAVO great attention getter!

    1. Hey Donna,

      Thank you so much for your comment! It definitely sounds like your blog is a great asset to your business. And how could it not? I’ve visited your blog — it’s awesome!

      Haha. Yeah, my aim for the introductory paragraph was to 1) set up the post, but also 2) be so “out there” the reader has no choice but to see where I’m going with the post. 🙂

      Appreciate your great comment, Donna, and thank you so much for sharing the post on Google+ a few minutes ago. I appreciate it, and I know Don does, too!

      Hope you have a great weekend!

      – Kevin

    2. Hi Donna,

      Your comment is SPECTACULAR! Thank you for the great comment and for reading Kevin’s guest post. The man is the BOMB! In a good way of course just in case there is any confusion, lol…

      His writing style is so unique and I always enjoy reading his work and now others get the same blessing I do on his site over here.

      Thank you for commenting Donna! I hope you have a great weekend.

      ~ Don

  14. Hi Kevin, and welcome to Don’s blog 🙂

    Well, not exactly welcome, but yes, good to see you on the other side, this time as Don’s guest, and with a wonderful post – and just your style!

    You are right in all that you mentioned, your blog and business should be related and having a business without a blog nowadays isn’t what most people do, especially those who are working online.

    Yes, your blog showcases your work and brings traffic to your blog, either through the searches, social media, your friends, and comments. I know when I started writing, being a freelancer, I first created my portfolio blog – to showcase my work and the kind of writing I could do, and later created both my blogs and a site. So, blogging definitely helped me getting clients and traffic both, so it’s a win-win both ways I would say.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend, both of you 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Thank you for your comment. Kevin did a masterful job in his article and was a great contribution to my blog. I’m so delighted he agreed to write this article.

      I love how you have created a win-win… and your blog is one of the best self development comprehensive blogs I’ve seen to date. I visit your site at least 3 times a week.

      I hope you have an awesome weekend Harleena~

      ~ Don

    2. Hey Harleena,

      Thank you! I’m so glad Don invited me!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, this is definitely in my style… maybe that’s why it hasn’t received the number of comments Don’s posts usually receive? I might have scared his readers! 🙂

      Always appreciate your great comments and your shares, Harleena. Hope you have an AWESOME weekend!

      – Kevin

  15. Kevin,

    I was about to write an article a lot like this, but now I don’t have to! My freelance blogging company just finished a big block of posts for a health insurance company who wanted to establish credibility as a health-related resource and for SEO purposes as well. There are so many potential benefits businesses can enjoy from blogging, even if they outsource it!


    Has your site gotten a makeover? I’m digging the new colors!


    1. Hey Brittany,

      Great minds think alike I guess! Glad you liked it. 🙂

      Believe it or not, it was a coincidence my guest post here on Don’s site published the same day your great guest post published on mine! Haha. It’s funny how these things turn out. Great timing, though!

      And yes, I’m digging the new colors, too, Don. Great job!

      Hope you have an amazing weekend, Brittany!

      – Kevin

  16. Hey Don,

    I wanted to be the first to comment so I could thank you for extending the invitation to write for your readers! I really appreciate it, and I hope your readers benefit from it.

    It’s been a pleasure getting to know you these last couple of months. I’m glad to be able to call you friend, and that we’re able to support one another’s professional endeavors!

    Have a great Thursday!

    – Kevin

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for such an awesome guest post!!!! I can’t thank you enough for your friendship and positive contributions to my blog and ongoing development as a blogger.

      It has been a blast getting to know you and I’m excited about our futures. It’s a blast supporting you and I’m grateful to call you friend as well.

      ~ Don

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