Will Your Real Target Audience Please Stand Up? Mass Media vs. New Media Marketing

Author : , Date : October 20, 2014



Over the years businesses have changed their mindset around the need for having a website and having an online presence. Now that businesses are online and are competing for customers and clients the conversation has turned from web design to attracting an audience that is ready and willing to buy.

Unfortunately, far too many businesses they are still too concerned with how the websites looks instead of are they attracting the right audience?

Progress is a really good thing. But as we mature in our online experiences are we asking ourselves the right questions?

Are some of us still stuck between an old world and the one we live in or the one we are headed to?

Ever since businesses started adding websites to their marketing mix the number one question I’m almost universally asked is “how do we get people to see the website?” as opposed to “how do I connect with those who visit my website so they have a reason to buy?

Where did the need for massive traffic come from and what are the expectations that people have in regards to website traffic?

Today I’m going to answer these questions and take us on a brief history lesson in marketing and then I’m going to offer a few suggestions that will help you understand how you can better use the internet to gain market share, prospects and acquire new customers or clients.


Old School Mass Media Marketing


If you were around in the 1980’s and 1990’s in sales, you would see a world very different from the one that exists today.

In 1994 I had been out of the US Navy for nearly a year when I accepted a sales position with The New England Life and Investment Company. It was my first exposure to sales and it was an amazing experience.

In those days, mass marketing was the way you grew a business by bringing exposure and awareness to it. It was achieved primarily through:


  • TV
  • Radio
  • Billboards
  • Magazines
  • Direct Mail
  • Newspapers


These tools of mass media marketing have been around for a long time. Newspaper advertising alone has existed since the 1700’s.

old-advertisementIf you were going to reach an audience that might buy from you, you had to reach as many people as possible, and if you were going to reach people they had to become familiar with your branding. That meant you had to spend a lot of money consistently to get them to see you over and over again.

I don’t have any hard numbers and it was challenge on a Google search, so I’ll go on memory. In the 1990’s I remember reading in Harvard Business Review that it took on average 18 touches before someone was willing to buy. By 2005, I read it was over 40 touches.


It’s no wonder that it’s still ingrained in our marketing psyche that we have to reach hundreds of thousands or millions of people over-and-over just to get a sale.


In 2013, corporations spent untold billions of dollars in mass media advertising. According to Business Insider.com the following corporations spent the following on mass media:


  • Walmart = $690 million
  • Macy’s = $762 million
  • T-Mobile = $773 million
  • Geico = $921 million
  • Verizon = $1.43 billion


Back to my personal story, lol… Once the mass marketing did its job there was only one way to connect with people and that was to call them or get them into a store. The cold or warm call was the preferred method of booking sales meetings and if you sold merchandise well you had to get them there if they were going to buy since there was no internet.

Business schools and corporations literally had it down to a science. If your goal was to earn so much money, you were going to have to make 100 calls per day, book ten meetings, and plan for one sale. If you got one sale per week you could easily make $100,000 per year. That was a lot of money in 1994.

Sounds easy, right? Hardly!

90% of the people I would call were in no way qualified. They were just bought leads that the seller had picked up at a fair or some other event via a prospecting card. Who really knows where they got the leads. I even wondered if they just went through the phone book? I could have done that, lol.

It was all about the numbers and it didn’t matter who filled out a card or where we got the lead from so long as there was a name and a phone number.

It was long, hard, grueling, negative work. The reality was you were trying to get hung up on so many times in a row before you know someone would entertain you.


The challenge Today with Mass Media


If you’re a business owner and you’re 40 years old or older, your mind is inclined to mass marketing. It’s what you’ve known most of your life and it’s still how many corporations attempt to reach you.

Think about it, it wasn’t so long ago the internet didn’t really exist. Just ten years ago we didn’t have smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, content marketing, inbound marketing, search engine optimization, easy ways to create video, etc.

So, you naturally think because it’s how you’re conditioned, mass marketing is still the way to go.

Okay, maybe not completely. You’ve been to enough chamber lunches or workshops and heard about Google, social media and email, and that you may need a blog.

But that doesn’t mean you understand it. So there is now a new model that has slowly replaced the mass media marketing model but it hasn’t completely abandoned it. It’s incorporated the old with the new.


Old New School Marketing

The internet hasn’t rid the rid world of mass marketing. In fact it’s made it worse in many ways.

Talk to any business owner and there is one reason why they are even interested in having a website or being on social media;




Isn’t that what you want? You want the money from the billions of people searching on the internet for your products or services.

In addition to traditional mass media we’ve added to our online portfolio a company website, social media and email.


What has essentially happened is we transferred one way of mass marketing for another.


Instead of:


  • Direct mail we collect and send out as many email solicitations as possible
  • TV we plaster YouTube with our homemade video commercials
  • Radio we talk on podcasts
  • Billboards we have banner advertisements on other websites
  • Newspapers or magazines we guest blog


There really is nothing new under the sun. Just find me the cheapest, fastest, and best way to the money!

Now, there is nothing wrong with these forms of marketing. The question here is are you focusing on reaching as many people as you can hoping one is the golden nugget or are you being purposeful and intentional in finding the right target market that is ready to buy from you?

It’s tricky, I admit it. But, that’s where understanding the new school marketing comes into play.


Old School Thinking in a New School Economy


Since the crash of 2008 / 2009 the economy has changed and so has the mindset of consumers. But for small business owners conditioned by the old school mass media model not so much has really changed.

Sure, many are doing okay but they are not doing as well as they once did, and it’s becoming more expensive in either time or money to reach a mass audience.

are-you-marketing-in-the-year-you-liveAs I said in the article “Are You Marketing in the Year We Actually Live In? 3 Reasons Your Struggling to Earn New Business – Even if You Don’t Know It”; innovation is coming to every industry whether they are ready for it or not and that innovation will either cause you to struggle, close your business or thrive. That choice is going to be up to you ultimately.

Mobile websites and apps have brought a whole new level of experiences to marketing, much of which is out of the businesses control.

According to a recent study (click here) offline stores have seen a decrease on average of 36% declines of in-store purchases over digital purchases from 2012 – 2013.

Just look over the last few years at how Yelp has influenced restaurants to improve or risk losing business.

Netflix and music streaming apps like Spotify and Pandora are changing the way we access entertainment and when we access it.

Amazon has forever changed the way we read books.


Yet, our behavior as business owners in the way we market our products and services is not falling in line with how we like to be marketed to.


How many of you:


  • Spend your time watching the commercials on TV? (Outside of the Super Bowl of course, lol…)
  • Listen to the commercials on the radio?
  • Actually click on banner ads in online newspapers or websites?
  • Look at one page sales websites that go down a page forever as the company / person tries to sell you
  • something while really telling you nothing?
  • Read ten emails a day of solicitations from people you don’t know about stuff you don’t really want?
  • Spend your time on social media all excited by the ads you’re going to see today?


But why are we doing our own marketing the way we are it if that’s not even how we like to be marketed to?

It’s because we are conditioned to that “how it’s supposed to be done!”


What Did Google Teach Us?


If Google taught us anything, it’s that we can find what we are looking for when we want to find it. They started the trend of helping move marketing from mass media to targeted media.

Facebook and Twitter have fallen in line with Google.

These companies have so much data that you no longer have to reach the masses with your message for a really expensive price.

Instead, you can reach your tightly defined audience that is much more open and ready to buy from you than ever before.

You can:


  • Optimize your website, landing pages and blog articles for those you want to reach.
  • Create very target and specific Adwords pay-per-click campaigns on Google.
  • Create highly targeted and specific posts on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Connect and network with online influencers who have access to large audiences.


There is a lot you can do!

Here is another article I wrote titled “One Over the Top Idea To Help You Grow Your Business Online” that applies to any business that is either brick-and-mortar or exclusively online.



New School Marketing


Marketing is moving quickly from mass media to influence marketing that relies heavily on knowing and understanding your specific potential buyers.

Google, Facebook, Twitter and many more have digital information on us all so much that it makes it easier to know how to market to someone based on:


  • The websites you’ve visited
  • What you post on social media
  • What you actually buy (both because you’ve said it and / or done it)


But as a small business owner we have to realize what it is people are really buying from us and why they are buying.

They could buying:


  1. Ideas – people want access to ideas that can either make their businesses better in a business-to-business environment or consumers want ideas that will improve their lives, relationships or experiences.
  2. Better Quality of Life – people don’t just want more to have more these days, they want a better quality of life. Ever notice that the best commercials on TV center around entertainment, drinking or sex? People really want to enjoy their lives more than they want just stuff.
  3. They have a problem that needs to be solved. People have needs and they want solutions not products or services.


Marketing today is shifting and we have to learn to think like our prospects, customers and clients. What does this do for us?

It helps us:


  • Profile our prospects and customers so we know who to talk with.
  • Give them a reason to buy from us.
  • Give them a reason to keep coming back over-and-over again.
  • Give them a reason to refer us.
  • Make raving fans who become our best marketers for us.


That means we have to change the way we communicate through and use our websites, blogs, social media, email, and videos.

In the old and old new school mass media marketing models the emphasis is on the business and or product or service. It refers to features and benefits. It has to since there is no choice as mass media marketing is attempting to influence everyone.

However, in the new school marketing the emphasis is on the prospect, customer or client. We are an instrument or tool for them to use and that’s why the focus is on them and not on our businesses or products.

This has a profound impact on the way we as businesses and marketers influence our audiences and it really does get us back to remembering why we are in business.

Yes, money is important and profits ensure a stable growing environment that is great for our customers, employees, vendors and the communities we live and do business in.

But money is not the emphasis.

The money comes when we create company cultures that put people first through a clearly defined mission and purpose.

This is where small business can learn from some great corporations like Southwest Airlines, FedEx, UPS, Merck, Levi Strauss, Proctor & Gamble, Rubbermaid and Motorola. These companies  all share a people first culture that has enabled them to grow into amazing companies.


I love this commercial… think of how it talks to the small business owner. I won’t say my thoughts on it now let’s save it for the comments section. I would love to know how you feel and what you thought as you watched this commercial. How did it talk to you?


Transitioning from Old School to New School Marketing


Are you stuck in the old school paradigm of marketing? In your subconscious do you tend to navigate back to mass media and the belief that you have to reach everyone, even if you don’t have the money or you aren’t ready for the large audience?

I’m not here to tell you that mass marketing is dead nor is it always a bad thing!

I am here to tell you that you have to be smart about where you market and how you market, especially if you’re a small business that doesn’t have hundreds of millions of dollars in your marketing budget.

In order for new school marketing to work you have to really be on your game.

You have to:


  • Make it about the consumer and not about you or your products or services.
  • Know and understand what business you’re “really” in from the perspective of the consumer.
  • Know and understand exactly what problems you “really” solve from the perspective of the consumer.
  • Know who the “specific” consumer is, where they hang out, and how they like to be met.
  • Know how your products or services are “part” of their solution.
  • Know the context of your marketing.
  • Develop intentional strategies.
  • Develop measurable and specific goals.
  • Develop objectives and tasks to meet the goals and fulfill the strategies.


When you do it right, you have a massive competitive advantage at a cost that is much more reasonable than just pulling out the checkbook and throwing your messaging on a wall full of other messages.

That means you have to learn how to become a leader in your own company and for your prospects and customers. I don’t want to take a lot of time to go into leadership. I’ll let Yvonne Wilson do that. She has a great article titled How To Grow Yourself As a Leader Others Want to Follow.

Are you leader if no one is following? Are you purposely growing as a leader and do you have what it takes to grow your company to the next level?

New school marketing is going to challenge your leadership and it’s going to force you to think differently about your business in a way that will either be a catalyst for growth or decline.

I have one preface; sometimes the things that are holding you back have nothing to do with your marketing and it affects your leadership. It’s your mindset and your belief in yourself. In a recent article by Mandie Sanders, she shares how believing in yourself is critical to your success.

New school marketing requires that you really have a handle on your mindset and how you see yourself. I encourage you to check out her article.


Would you prefer your marketing look like this?




Or do you want your real target marketing audience to stand up and buy from you? If so, offer them clarity and a reason and they just might!


If you want to really learn how to maximize new school marketing and get ahead of your competition click here and learn more on the Begin Here page.


If you have a thought or comment, I would love to extend the conversation with you. Let’s chat below in the comments section.

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22 thoughts on “Will Your Real Target Audience Please Stand Up? Mass Media vs. New Media Marketing

  1. Hey Don,

    Great post. I want to play devil’s advocate for a moment.

    You mentioned that all those things you listed off in the “instead of” part of the post. I know you also mentioned, “There really is nothing new under the sun. Just find me the cheapest, fastest, and best way to the money!”

    With all of those things, wouldn’t the new ways become more saturated and because there would be less competition at say direct mail as opposed to sending out as many email solicitations as possible?

    You’re right. Marketing today is changing and we do have to learn to think like our prospects, customers and clients. Doing that will help bring us more success because we can start anticipating what it is they want or need.

    Really great post here, Don. And oh yes, I LOVE that commercial as well. First time I saw it I chuckled and kept on rewinding it and watching it. Can’t get enough of it.

    Hope you have an awesome weekend.

    – Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew,

      I love it when you play devil’s advocate! But, I have to agree with you. If in your marketing context it makes sense to take advantage of direct mail, then by all means you should do it!!!!

      I’m a big advocate of taking advantage of your branding in areas others are neglecting. People stopped doing direct mail because of the saturation. Now, there is no saturation because we all convinced we shouldn’t do it.

      Well, if it makes sense for your business right now is a great time!

      Awesome comment Andrew. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner as I was out of town for family and business over the last six days and couldn’t get to my blog.

      I hope you have an awesome finish to your week!

      ~ Don

  2. Hey Don,

    Oh my, how things have changed right! My Dad was a salesman Don and one weekend he made me go and work one of his booths at a trade show. He just told me to stand there, smile and write orders because the people were coming in to stock up their stores.

    Because he was in sales he would critique every single salesman we ever came in contact with which is why I never wanted to do that. He didn’t have a good thing to say about any of them and I know why too. They were all about the sale and they were vicious.

    But the way things were done back then definitely are not the way things are done today. Everything changes, it has to in order to evolve and keep up with where the world is heading. Now that technology is so prevalent, you have to be on top of things.

    I was taught it was a numbers game and the more people you got in front of then a percentage of them were always going to check you out. It’s hard to get in front of that many people and unless you do have a huge advertising budget it’s difficult. But what else I learned was most people were getting the traffic but it’s like you’ve said here, what are they doing with them once they reach their site!

    Most people aren’t branding themselves properly and they’re not giving me the impression that they are here for me. There is way too much competition out there for me to put up with any business these days that I don’t feel has my best interests at heart. They need to come into the 21st century of marketing if they intend to have any success.

    Great share as always and I appreciate you sharing your background with us too. Yep, I remember the days!


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Thank you for sharing your story. It’s interesting to me that as much as things change, many things stay the same.

      I have had experiences where online marketers, web designers, etc… critique and run down their competition. Many are working from a mental view of scarcity and are afraid instead of working to make their business better and taking care of defining who they are and what they do instead of comparing themselves and getting negative over it.

      As I said in the article, too may are still being taught it’s a numbers game. I just literally saw it on a webinar and I was very surprised at who it came from. Someone I respect but who has it wrong this time in my opinion.

      As always I appreciate your comment and you!

      I hope you have a great finish to your week Adrienne.

      ~ Don

  3. Hi Don,
    I like the way you showed those old ways of marketing to illustrate the world has drastically changed. I can remember marketing in the 80’s with snail mail from a list broker. I did rather well but what a process lol.

    New marketing strategies are more fun for me. I don’t rely on Google and won’t be Google’s mistress …I do make it to the top page sometimes but who the heck cares.

    I am my own Google! I don’t mean to be a snot nose kid on the block, but when one studies the amazing marketing strategies of today’s world, we get to target exactly who we want when doing an ad. I love that stuff!

    But we need to have an online presence that bands who we are. Our blogs, social media, all that engagement counts.

    I just love the new way, especially mobile marketing these days!

    Thanks for this awesome article and glad you mentioned Levi Strauss. Oh boy did I love studying them in the past!


    1. Hi Donna,

      LOL… I love it! You won’t be Google’s mistress? You don’t want to be in the harem with everyone else? ROFL… I don’t know why I find that word picture so funny?

      You are exactly right though, we are our own Google. As I’ve said in previous articles on the subject ( Are You Someone’s Google – http://www.unveiltheweb.com/articles/are-you-someones-google-strategy-grow-your-online-influence-and-business/) when we build a solid network we get to be proactive and Google becomes reactive to what we are doing. It’s a beautiful thing all the way around.

      Levi Strauss… they were a very marketing progressive company in the day. Thank you as always for the very kind words and for sharing!

      ~ Don

  4. Hi Don,

    Thinking in the new school seems to have overshadowed whatever residual benefits there is with old school media techniques. Google and technology has changed the way we advertise and it readily means we have to adapt.

    There is nothing new under the Sun except that strategies do evolve – even in targeting audience.

    I love the comprehensive comparison of mass media vs new mass media marketing. The Internet has made the latter formidable in helping to breach the gap between the reach of small businesses and large corporations!

    I also shared this comment in kingged.com

    1. Hi Sunday,

      What I love about New Marketing is that it levels the playing field. If done right, we can and will succeed against the big guys. We just have to play a little smarter and a lot savvier.

      Thanks for your comment!

      ~ Don

  5. Hey Don

    Those were the easy days of digital marketing when the business gurus just had to produced awesome ads and then make a media plan to create highest rate of return on their mass media campaign.

    But now competition has stiffened in both supply and demand side of online media. People want more and more though maximum media of internet. Suppliers also fully exploiting each medium of internet to amplify their message.

    So the problem of choice is the worst problem in new media marketing. How you can cover the maximum target audience it is the biggest challenge for every marketing in this digital era.

    Not only vast knowledge is required for this purpose equally one has to be fast updated on each new arrival because things change in a few week and one must have to be quite resilient to change.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this very informative post.

    1. Hi Mi,

      You bring up a really good point. Choices are only as good as the top two or three you are presented with. Beyond that there is paralysis of the mind.

      That’s why in US politics you only see two political parties and generally only two people on a ballet for any office.

      It’s interesting to observe at a grocery store where there are multiple options for a product. At some point a person either goes with a name brand they trust and will pay more money for or they will go with the cheapest brand. If there is more than that to choose from they and they don’t know what to buy, they go on price almost every single time.

      Great point you bring up Mi!

      ~ Don

  6. Hey Don,

    As I was reading I was thinking about how we entertain ourselves as far as music. Back in the 90s, I remember the transition from using Cassette Tapes to CDs. Why? Not because it was new technology, but because it was more convenient and geared towards towards the listener when it came to CDs. I remember I use to have to “play” with the cassette tapes a bit in order to find the song that I want. With CDs I could go directly to the song.

    How does this relate? Well Cassette Tapes is to mass media, as CDs is to target marketing. With mass media, you pretty much have to play that “guessing game” and go through a bunch of untargeted people in order to get the one person to make a purchase from you (Yes i use to call untargeted leads in Network Marketing myself)

    With target marketing, you find out what you’re idea customer would be. You Customize and focus your marketing towards the profile you created. This makes it a lot more convenient for you and the customers in all. With this in mind, this is why I love the new school of marketing!

    Thanks Don for pin pointing this! Have a great week!

    I found this post on kingged.com under the category internet marketing


    1. Hi Sherman,

      WOW! I love that illustration. It’s absolutely perfect and you’re so right. I would re-write this myself and say it back to you, except I can’t. It’s that well said!

      Thank you Sir!

      ~ Don

  7. Hi Don,

    I’m glad I finally made it here this evening. Another great piece you have here. What amazes me is that big companies that should have the best top notch advisers still believe in the old marketing way. I really don’t get that.

    I was amazed that the first printed advertisements dated back to the 1700’s. Wow that’s old, all right. I didn’t even imagined it could be that old. LOL.

    I remember buying leads once in my life and it was back in 2006, and there were so bad that I said never again. Buying leads is probably the worst waste of money you’ll ever do in marketing. Not worth it.

    I love new marketing. It makes so much more sense and that’s something I totally can understand and do. Things do change and marketing has changed for the better in my book.

    Thanks for another great post.

    1. Hi Sylviane,

      Well, the truth of the matter is when you’re able to spend $100+ million or even a billion, then it does make perfect sense and you can be almost assured of strong ROI.

      The problem is that for 90% of us out there we don’t have marketing budgets like that, lol…

      So, it does work but you have to have a strong and consistent marketing presence. We on the other hand. have to figure out how to reach those who are able and willing to buy from us. That means we have to be smarter about how and where we market.

      For us, new marketing is the key to our survival and growth. We have to transition from that middle method of Old New School into New School Marketing if we are to thrive.

      Thank you so much for your comment Sylviane!!!!

      I hope you’re having a great week.

      ~ Don

  8. Hi Don

    I like your story about marketing and mass media. The thing is many people still carry the mentality of mass media but like you have mentioned the tools we have today have enabled us to focus on our customer. This is a reminder not just for businesses but for bloggers.

    Thanks for reminding us what is most important in business

    1. Hi Awazie,

      It really is interesting to study our mindset as a culture to understand why we do the things we do. The tools we have today free us of so many things yet we still hold on to things that don’t take advantage of those tools.

      I hope you have an awesome day Awazie! Thank you for commenting on my site.

      ~ Don

  9. Hi Don,

    I totally do the quality of life thing on my blog. Retiring to a more freeing life – whether paradise is at home for you, in the States, or in Europe, or whether paradise is some exotic island in the South Pacific – is what I’m about at Blogging from Paradise. I promise freedom if you tune in, take notes, put the notes into action and listen to my story. New media marketing is selling an irresistible dream, not marketing to faceless, nameless numbers. The numbers game doesn’t work well unless you have millions or more to market to; even then, it’s impersonal and cold in many spots. The new media approach is heartfelt, warm, and inspires you to live your dreams. eBook #8 out yesterday Don, and like each one, I use one of my shots from an exotic locale as the cover, to sell that dream.

    Thanks! And looking so forward to your eBook. Tweeting from Fiji.


    1. Hi Ryan,

      I always appreciate it when you stop by. I love this quote in your comment: “New media marketing is selling an irresistible dream, not marketing to faceless, nameless numbers.”

      The unfortunate side of mass marketing is that it’s just that… “Mass” – it’s nameless, faceless topics that don’t relate to people.

      Living the dream! I love that about you and Kelli. You guys are a true inspiration to many.

      Ebook… well it’s coming in the near future. Outline is almost done and it’s off to find relatable stories from real people.

      I hope you’re having an awesome week!

      ~ Don

  10. Hi Don,

    Marketing is not so easy for starters. It takes years to learn.
    People try hard to get more traffic at their blog using old and new marketing things.
    Making their e-mail list is a boost up for their blog but how is it possible if they don’t use social media?
    Blogger should know more about media marketing at its best so that they can stand by in this blogosphere.
    You always bring something remarkable.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Enjoy your rest of the week.:)


    1. Hi Ravi,

      It sure isn’t, but some sure like to make it sound like it is don’t they?

      I’ve been at this for over ten years and just in the last year or two has it finally all started to come together for me. It’s really pretty incredible when I step back and think about it.

      So I want to validate your point, it really does take time.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate your perspective.

      Have a great week Ravi!

      ~ Don

  11. FINALLY, someone brought up the million dollar pixel site (yeah, im like a dinosaur, internet years-wise) – it was an amazing site idea back then, right Don? 😀

    Talking to the target market is the big point of all marketing efforts going forward. Hence the rise of new terms/lingo like inbound marketing and content marketing. They are effective and targets certain demographics so it’s really powerful when done right.

    I also love commercials like that. It gets the point across to the target they want, in this case, my psychographic segment LOL

    Great and informative post as always Don.

    1. Hi Dennis,

      LOL… wasn’t that crazy? Those guys got rich on a such an easy thing to do. Good for them!

      I agree, it is powerful when done right. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there talking about these ideas but they aren’t helping anyone. They only cause chaos and confusion with business owners who don’t understand any of this stuff until it’s really explained to them.

      I appreciate your comment Dennis and hope you have an awesome week. I’ll see you on your site soon!!

      ~ Don

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