Content Hacking:

The Definitive Guide to Content Marketing and More Traffic

Content marketing is exploding and consumers love great content. Great content marketing creates trust and a bond over time between a business and their buying audiences that is powerful.

Seth Godin once said that people value connections over expertise. Great content marketing can create both!

If you’re looking to grow your business through content marketing (who isn’t, right?) then this guide is a must for you!


Content Marketing Today: How the Game has Changed…

There was a time when all a content marketer had to do was create content and the traffic and sales would come.

No longer, thanks to millions of posts created on a daily basis.

Content marketing today requires a serious skill both at the business and marketing level.


There are two primary reasons… the consumer is savvier and more educated and there is a lot of garbage content that is not meeting their needs or solving their problems.

Businesses are creating content about themselves instead of solving problems, meeting needs or fulfilling desires.

When you create content that speaks to one person, who has one problem/need/want/or desire your content will become an attraction magnet that builds trust, earns more traffic and social shares and ultimately helps you earn more sales.

The Ultimate List of the

Web’s Best Content Marketing Resources

From building the foundation of an incredible business to earning more traffic, this guide has you covered.



Chapter 1

Building the Foundation

If you’re going to succeed in content marketing, you must have a consistent message that you become known for and do it with specificity. These resources will help you discover what business you’re “Really” in. You’ll learn how to find clarity and build a relevant, compelling and interesting message that inspires your audience.  You’re goal is help your content consumers have a “OMG, How Did You Know…? moment.

The Ultimate Google Hack to Increasing Organic Traffic and Conversions

Increase Sales by Discovering the 80% Customers are Not Telling You

Using Psychology to Make Your Content Relevant

How to Find Your Unmistakable Voice in a Marketplace Full of Copycats

Align All Your Messaging With This Simple (& Fun) Tool


Chapter 2

Decide On Your Broad Topic

Now that you know what business you are “really” in, you should have a relevant list of specific problems you solve. From that list, you can develop your broad topic. Here are some other valuable resources to help you discover broad topic ideas.

5 Content Marketing Tactics for Picking Topics and Setting Goals

Can SEOs Stop Worrying About Keywords and Just Focus on Topics? - Whiteboard Friday

6 Ways to Find Blog Topics When You’re Stuck

4 Resources to Help You Brainstorm Ideas for Your Next Blog Post


Chapter 3

Validate Your Broad Topic

It’s good to have an idea or topic to talk about. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a topic that your audience wants. It’s extremely important that before you put any more time or work into your topic is in demand or if it will help you achieve your content marketing goals. You’ll learn how to validate your ideas through these articles and tools.

3 Simple Ways To Validate Your Content Ideas

Validate Your Business Idea With Digital Marketing

Simple Ways to Validate Your Content Ideas


Chapter 4

Research Your Keywords

Now that you’ve validated your topic, it’s time to dig deeper and find the medium strength keywords that you can use to dominate the rankings with and earn traffic from. Learn how to research valuable keywords to help you with your keyword research.

5 Ways to Evolve Keyword Research to Find Topics and Search Intent

The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

The Ultimate Keyword Sorting and Organization Spreadsheet

How to Expand Your Core Keyword List: Four Tools You've Never Used but Should



Chapter 5

Refining Keywords for Brilliant Headlines

No matter how great your content is, if your headline doesn’t provide emotion and value your content will not be consumed.  On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. Here are some amazing resources to help you create better headlines and get your content read, watched, or listened to.

7 Unique SEO Tools To Help You Write Killer Headlines

The Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Powerful Headlines

How to Write Magnetic Headlines

7 Tools To Help You Craft Headlines That Drive Clicks

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Irresistible Subheads



Chapter 6

Create Your Content

Knowing how create the right structure for your content is vital to your success. Not enough content and people won’t value it… too much and people will feel overwhelmed and never consume it, link to it or share it. Here are some fabulous resources to help you create content that converts.

How to Create Amazing Content with Staying Power that Delivers!

Writing a blog: creating a clear blog post structure

How to Structure a Longform Landing Page for Maximum Conversions

The Ultimate Science-Backed Method for Creating Content That Readers Love

58 Tips for Transforming Your Blog and Dazzling Your Readers

10 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress In 2016

The Simple Blog Tweak That Gets You More Social Shares Right Now


Chapter 7

Promote Your Content

You created the content, but that doesn’t mean the traffic will come. There is still some more to do to get the traffic to your content. The following resources are some of the best out there on how, where and when to promote your content. Sit back with a cup of Joe (or your favorite beverage) and learn how to promote your content and earn traffic.

The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing

Content Promotion Tools: The Ultimate List

10 Content Promotion Opportunities You Might Be Missing

How to Network Online and Efficiently Grow Your Business

How To Promote Your Content With ZERO Budget

The Definitive List of Content Promotion Techniques

The Missing Link in Your Content Promotion Strategy

7 Ways to Get 100s of Quality Backlinks to Your Website

The Definitive Guide To Growing Your Blog’s Audience 3x Faster

influencer Marketing Roadmap to Guide Your Next Campaign

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