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Why have Don keynote or speak at your event? Energy, Passion, Knowledge, Engagement. Don is exceptional at making the  online world relevant and understandable to a businesses marketing needs.

His keynote not only gets people engaging and thinking, but also doing.

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All keynotes and presentations are customized for the audience, so nothing feels “out of the can” or generic. Whether it’s a B2C, B2B, Marketing, Sales, Leadership or a mixed audience, the message is always on point and resonates. With that in mind, it always helps to have some guideline to use for conference programs and audiences beforehand. Here are a few potential topics:


Topic 1 – Marketing with a Message and Clarity to Cut Through the Noise and Clutter


With more content being created in one day online than all of human history through 2003, how can you compete and cut through the noise and clutter? The old ways of traditional internet marketing are dying a fast death.

In this presentation, Don  will engage with the audience and reveal to them how to be more relevant, clear and compelling so that they will break through all the noise and clutter on your behalf.


Topic 2 – Relevance, the New Customer Experience


In a number of studies since 2015, consumers are telling businesses that the #1 reason they don’t visit their websites, blogs, or watch their videos or pay attention to their social media posts is because of a lack of message.

In this presentation, Don will walk the audience through the process of how to become more relevant to their prospects and customers. Witty, funny at times, and highly engaging, this presentation will forever change the way a business interacts with its customers and prospects.


Topic 3 – Discover Your Real Passion and Transform Your Business Potential


Whether online or offline, your prospects and customers can feel your passion or lack of.

What is passion and why is important to your marketing and sales?

In this presentation, Don will uncover how to discover the problems you are passionate about solving so that you can position your business more relevantly and attract those who are able, willing and ready to buy from you.

He will show you how to position your own personal experiences to tap into your true passions that drive the results of your business and attract your customers who will come back over-and-over again.


Video Samples of recent presentations:

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2-time Super Bowl Champion, 4-time Pro Bowl Wide Receiver for the Washington Redskins:

I have been doing speaker management with numerous events for several years and Don Purdum is one of my favorite speakers with which to work. He is very easy to communicate with and he has a great respect for the deadlines he is given which makes my job so much easier. His speaking style and mannerisms with his audience and with people in general, comes across as very approachable and gives off such a sincerity that you really feel that he cares about you and your business.

As an event management professional, I would use Don again in a heartbeat and would highly recommend him.

~ Diana Wells, Event Management Specialist


Very Informative. I learned so much from Don! He’s dynamic, interesting, and fun.

~ Tim, Dallas Area Health Underwriters Attendee


Don helped our sales people really recognize some things they really needed to take a look at. He makes you look at things you wouldn’t look at within yourself and your processes. I recommend him to both personally and professionally.

~ Kim Lovett, Lovett PR & Marketing


Today’s seminar was really incredible! I learned so much today about where the Internet has been and where it’s going. Just awesome!

~ Lynn, Seminar Attendee



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