Lisa Irby

When I discovered Don, I was ready to expand my business and dive into a new niche. I also wanted to improve conversions and turn more website visitors into customers.

Don guided me through a methodical process that helped identify the people I want to target, and ensures the content I write connects with them.

I now have a clear understanding of the business I’m REALLY in and a blueprint for writing content that will attract people who are ready to buy.

This type of training should be mandatory for all business owners. What a great investment!

Thank you, Don


Lisa Irby Dallas, TX

Rabiah Sutton

I was fortunate enough to partner with Don to help my clients with their messaging  and to use his process to revise my company FWDthink’s message.

Don is masterful at getting you to rethink your “why”, what your purpose is and how you naturally use that purpose to solve problems.

It’s a special process that demonstrates Don’s purpose!

I suggest anyone running a business spend time with Don and Unveil the Web to discover Hidden treasures about yourself that will inform your company’s path forward.


Rabiah Sutton, Founder/CEO FWDthink Washington, DC

Sylvianne Nuccio

I hired Don Purdum because I wanted to grow my business as a life coach. He helped me figure out what business I am really in, what specific type of people I am helping, and what specific problems my potential clients may have.

I now can articulate exactly what business I am in and what type of people I am helping.

Don also helped me realize how broad I used to be in my blog posts, and how to be much more specific in my content, in order to attract the specific clients I want to attract.


Sylviane Nuccio

Brent Jones

You are the one person I have connected with over this past year who has had the biggest impact on my content strategy.

I don’t know if you kept up with my re-branding and relaunch, but almost everything I did… every line of copy I wrote, every blog topic planned, every piece of content, every video… all of it was based off your idea of creating one solution for one problem for one person.

And most importantly, staying true to what business I’m “really in”.

The only thing that’s rocket science is rocket science… and aside from the skill you display in repeating your message over and over and all over the place, it also happens to be a very simple message.

Your success is proof positive that taking that one simple message intended for one single person works!

Keep up the great work Don.


Brent Jones

Deborah Tutnauer

To be recognized as a leader in your field, and as the go-to company in your product arena, your marketing message must reach not only the ears, but the hearts and problems of your target audience. 21st Century marketing is different than the marketing of the past 100 years. Every day people are bombarded with digital and media messaging, create a din of voices that are easily ignored. Don Purdum clearly outlines how you and your message can stand out, be noticed, recognized and responded to. Don asks the questions that every business owner must now answer to move beyond mass marketing mantra of old and play in the new game of contextual marketing. Don will show you how to think about your business along with specific action oriented steps to take now. I highly recommend him to anyone who has a product or service and is passionate about making a difference for their customers and a solid income for themselves.


Deborah Tutnauer, Entrepreneur, Business Success Coach and Mentor Crested Butte, Colorado

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Brandon Schaefer

Don is an incredible resource that helps entrepreneurs, business executives, and companies, clearly define what business they’re in, what tangible values they provide to their customers, what problems they specifically solve for their customers, who their actual target markets are, and how their products or services are part of an overall solution for their customers. Don is the type of person that when you meet him for the first time, you feel like you’ve known him all of your life. Don always has his clients interest at heart, and he makes sure that every client walks away understanding what their clear purpose is, not only in business, but in life as well. The experiences that he shares, and the lessons that he teaches, are truly some of the best that you will ever hear in your lifetime. I highly recommend that entrepreneurs, business executives, and companies, that want to get clarity and purpose for their business, reach out to Don personally. There are few people that you meet in the world that will listen to you, inspire you, and provide direction to you, as good as Don will

Brandon Schaefer, CEO at MyVirtualSalesForce.com Philadelphia, PA

Kim George

Prior to working with Don I had I was absolutely clueless about crafting a message that met a specific need for a specific type of audience. Now (thanks to Don’s coaching program), I have a solid foundation and message that I am ready to share with the world. Thanks Don!


Kim George, Your Chic Geek

Tara Clapper

Don is the most encouraging and sincere person I’ve encountered in digital marketing. His suggestions are thoughtful and tactful – and he’s also a fantastic listener. Don’s personable and easy to talk to; he makes it easy to stay in touch and his one-on-one advice is specific and actionable. His guest blogs are polished and he was a fan favorite on our podcast.

Tara Clapper, Blog Editor at SEMrush.com Philadelphia, PA

Matthew Crofoot

Most people run full steam ahead in random directions when it comes to their business. It’s like throwing darts at a bunch of dartboards in the dark and then walking around with a flash light to see which ones hit. Don’s approach gets back to basics and focuses on developing a foundation to your business messaging. Digging deep to discover what business you are really in and what problems you are really solving for your customers can yield a lot more clarity. The process can be messy but when you are mining for diamonds you are going to get some coal dust on you. If you are struggling with what to say about your business or how to differentiate yourself from your competitors, then do yourself a favor and take the time to work with Don.

Matthew Crofoot, Cardshark.com Honolulu, Hawaii

Adrienne Smith

If you were to visit my blog for the first time I’m sure your impression would be like so many others. You would think I’m extremely successful due to the loyal community that I have built. I was in a way because of what I had achieved up to that point. I created a course around what my audience wanted that would help them learn how to build their own loyal community. Relationships are a huge part of growing your blog but there are so many other factors that go with this as well. I didn’t want to be known just as the “Engagement Superstar”, a title that was awarded to me several years ago. Although I’m very good at helping people with building relationships there is more to having a successful blog than just that. I wanted to work with a certain target audience but that’s not who I was attracting. Don helped me understand what I was doing wrong and how to make my message much more clear so that I would start attracting that particular crowd. Thanks to Don I’m on the right path, I can see the changes happening and am much more excited about my future.  


Adrienne Smith, Business Blogger Houston, TX

Maria Tarasuk

Twelve months ago, my husband and I had no idea how to even begin thinking about the role of social media in our non-profit. Don took us through a process of understanding what our real ministry was and who were our real clients. Thanks to his patience and knowledge, he helped us gain the focus we needed. Now we have a plan for building engagement with the people we serve, other ministries doing similar work, as well as our volunteers. He did more than just build a website for us, he taught us how to think differently about our ministry and the work that we do. We still have a lot to learn, but now we know not only what to do, but more importantly, why we need to do it.


Maria Tarasuk, CrossRoads Freedom Center Iamjamsville, MD

Roger Gauthier

Working with Don for the last 3 months has given me such clarity that our marketing efforts and message are being streamlined and focused. I have had to hold back because the clarity has given me such a new passion that I have all kinds of new creative content to begin sharing. Hire Don to work with you. The investment will return 1000 fold.


Roger Gauthier, Entrepreneurs Pit Stop Jacksonville, FL

Merle Fisher

Having someone walk along side me as I started my business was a huge benefit and I wouldn’t want to think of doing it over without that additional perspective. As a business coach, Don has challenged me to understand the problems I solve for my clients – a way of thinking about my business from an outside point of view, from my client’s point of view. This shift in how I think has led to increased clarity in many aspects of my business, but particularly in marketing. I’m certain I would not be where I am today without much of what Don has taught me.


Merle Fisher, Graphic Designer Lancaster, PA

Bob Price

I had been impressed by everything I read about and from you on-line; I am even more impressed by you in person. You have an incredible ability of putting someone at ease and getting at the heart of their needs. Your understanding of where I am in life and the challenges faced speaks of your own experiences and a unique ability to relate and offer direction. I sincerely look forward to finding ways to work with you and hope that I can also contribute to your success. Again, Thank You! I am certain that I will be in touch soon as we move forward through this journey of life. In Appreciation for Your Time and Knowledge! Thanks Don!


Bob Price Lancaster, PA

Joey Dalessio

I’ve worked with Don over a period of a few months and find him to be a breath of fresh air. He is insightful and a quick study. Don really is interested as well as interesting. His method of communication is engaging. He does not try to fit your thoughts into his box. Nor does he speak with a “my way of the highway” thought process. He thinks outside the box and inspires you to do so as well. I’ve found his energy and ability to move the conversation forward very helpful. Working with Don is mutually beneficial….he wants you to succeed not just get himself a check.


Joey Dalessio, Codelocks, Inc. Irvine, CA

Chuck Ware

As a first time business owner and having no website development skills, I can honestly say that Don Purdum with Unveil the Web has provided me the guidance and tools that I needed to assist in producing a website that conveys exactly what I wanted it to. Working with Don was a true partnership; he doesn’t just take an idea and come up with a website. He assigned homework on weekly basis, counseled me on what the goal was, as well as provided insight into what I am selling, who I am selling to, how to attract clients and how do I market myself. With Don’s extensive knowledge and training he is able to simplify what the point was of each assignment and the benefit. This entire process was new to me and working with Don helped give me a clear direction as well as an order to the whole process, and a time line of what needed to be completed so that the site could become a reality. Don has been great asset to me and a positive influence in helping me jump start my company through his expertise. Working with Don has been a perfect mentoring scenario, and his coaching and web development skills are outstanding. Don was patient, inquisitive, guiding, thought provoking and dug deep to get a true understanding of the industry and the people I wanted to reach. I now have a great website and learned so much along the way, thank you Don for all that you have done to provide the Warehouse Academy with a great web site. I strongly urged anyone who is looking to enhance their business, presence on the web or is starting a new to the business from the ground up; Don Purdum and Unveil the Web are the perfect solution.


Chuck Ware, Warehouse Academy Washington, DC

Yolanda Tueber

I’ve been working with Don for 2 solid months now, and in the short period I’ve had the privilege to work with him, the improvement to my organization has already been substantial. His approach of taking you to water but allowing you to decide if you’ll drink is not only effective but enlightening, every week we’ve worked together. I’ve been able to take specific tactics and tools shown to me by Don, directly improving my marketing, sales, production and administration. I can’t wait to see what month 3, 4 and 5 bring! Don – thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your mentorship with us.


Yolanda Tueber. Toober Group Washington, DC

Jon Martin

Don has been instrumental in helping me to see my business as my clients see it and helping me focus on the problems that I can solve for my clients, not the products or services that I sell


Jon Martin, Invoq Marketing Lancaster, PA

Wood County Electric Cooperative

In making our selection for a website developer, we reviewed the capabilities of many. We found that Unveil had the right mix of technical skills and capabilities, winning attitude and affordability that we were looking for. Accessibility during the design and development phase was of key importance to us, and we always felt like our business was important to their team.

Paige Eaton, Director of Communications, Wood County Electric Cooperative Quitman, TX

Deanna Wharwood

Don is an experienced business owner and is gifted in understanding websites, marketing and sales processes online. More importantly, he has an in-depth understanding of the psychology of online salesmanship. He creates top of the line websites that inspire and motivate site visitors to take action because he has created an innovative process where both he and his client learn as much about your business together as possible so that the website can communicate your uniqueness online. This process not only helps him build your website, it also helps business owners think through more clearly and concisely their business. His sites are easy for his clients to update on their own, and provides great support when you cannot. I highly recommend Unveil the Web.


Deanna Wharwood, Bulletproof Business Academy Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Brynne Reeher

We had the pleasure of bringing Don in to speak to the Paul Davis team on how to utilize the social media tool LinkedIn. Don did a great job connecting with the different audience members and personalities. I look forward to implementing a few of his tips and building a more powerful LinkedIn strategy for our company. Thanks for your insight Don!

Brynne Reeher, Paul Davis Restoration Lancaster, PA

Tim Kerin

Having Met Don this past year and immediately hired Don to redo my website. When you find someone that will; listen, create, implement, and follow-up when doing your website is important. Don did all that and more. Don has the experience in not only web design but knowing what the business owner is expecting and delivers it. Thank you Don for your continued support and friendship.


Tim Kerin, Learning Lessons in Business

Rachael Maddox

We have been in the horse racing industry for over 20 years and decided it was time to catch up with the times. As a result, we called Unveil for the design of our website. They were prompt in getting back to us and got started right away. At first I questioned the process, but it turned out to be very beneficial to our business and most of all, to the finished product. As a result we learned about ourselves and the industry we work in and were reminded about why we do what we do. Not only did they provide a nice product; they provided a great service with professionalism and patience. Since our site has been launched, we have received numerous contacts that have lead to additional business and business opportunities.


Rachael Maddox - Maddox Racing

Megan Blancho

Unveil designed an interactive website for our office and walked us through the process of adding blog content and website content. They are with you throughout the process assisting you with maintaining your website and helping you understand how to better interact with and attract potential clients.


Megan Blancho

Bob Pond

Don did a quick and dynamic job putting a website presentation page together for us. We have incorporated it as a dynamic tool in our growth strategy. Bringing a quiet 10 year proven technology to market in the engine maintenance/repair arena needs the energy that Don put into our presentation. This will enable us to reach more car owners who need engine repair on a tight budget. Thank you Don!


Bob Pond

Phillip Hatfield

I hired Don to design a website for me and he did a GREAT job! Don has a natural talent as well as the expertise. He will get your site up and working quickly and just take a loo at his site. One of the best websites ever! He Knows his stuff and will do you a GREAT job and exceed your expectations.  

Phillip Hatfield Zig Ziglar Corporation