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The Shift

Making the Fast Transition from Mass Marketing to Context Marketing

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Discover how to gain clarity and great a relevant, compelling, and inspiring message for your audience that converts.

After ten years of owning an online community website, online newspaper and having over a hundred web design and development clients; I’ve learned that the things we do offline in marketing are often forgotten online.

Many small business owners have built incredible businesses through networking and building relationships, yet when they come online they assume that just posting about themselves and what they do is good enough.

They discover very quickly that it is not and instead of asking why the internet isn’t working for them they dig deep into sites that teach them how to use social media websites and email marketing. But still it does not work because their problem is not the tool or the platform, it’s the lack of clarity around their business, who they serve, why they serve them, and why a prospect would choose to buy from them and become a customer.

The Shift is for those business owners and entrepreneurs who know that something is deeply wrong with their marketing but they are doing everything they are told to do to be successful, except for one thing… learning your business so well that you know what business you’re “really” in and learning to speak the language of those who are ready to buy from you.

Benefits of Reading the eBook

You will:

Learn how three hundred plus years of mass marketing have influenced your thinking.
Learn how to make the transition from mass marketing that doesn’t work online to learning how to think like those who are looking for and need your products and services.
The Warehouse Academy case study of how it all works together.
Learn how to assess what business you’re “really” in and what that means to those who will discover your website or follow you on any social media, email, or other form of communication.
Learn to identify how your prospects and customers view your business and your relevance to their problems and needs.
Learn practical steps to begin making the transition in both your mind and in your business to becoming a business of purpose.
Discover how to message your business in way that is powerful and inspiring, and resonates with those who are out there looking for your product or service.


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